Chapter 641: Looking for the Earth God Spirit Tablet

The smoke completely dispersed, and the capital of Cyan Wind Empire that had practically turned into a pile of debris came into sight. This continental war for resources had reduced the population of the entire Blue Moon Continent to one-third. Nearly ten million soldiers and common people had fallen into eternal sleep.

Mu Qingming, the emperor of Cyan Wind Empire, had been severely injured. The Spirit Patriarch and the Dwarf Patriarch had also died in action. In addition, the already few members of Ent Race had decreased further. Now, there was not much left. One should know that the Ent Race had already become extinct in Blue Waves Continent. That means, these remaining several thousand ents of Blue Moon Continent were the only ents in existence in the world. If Long Yi had not arrived in the brink of time, the Ent Race might have disappeared in the long river of time and history.

Some strong imperial concubines of Mu Qingming had also died in action. As for his few sons, they were even more unfit for anything. After they surrendered, they were killed with maltreatment by Soul King. Thus, all matters were pushed upon Mu Hanyan.

At this moment, Long Yi, wearing a white robe with his hair casually tied on the back of his head, was standing at the summit of a mountain that was located just outside the imperial capital and was watching the ruins with blood flowing like a river below. Many soldiers and common people were bustling about for postwar cleanup and for dealing with corpses and injured people. This scene involuntarily reminded him of the large-scale war of Blue Waves Continent several years ago.  In that war, commoners had become destitute and homeless, many families were separated, and corpses piled up like a mountain and blood flowed like a river. Now, watching such a tragic scene in Blue Moon Continent again made him sigh endlessly.

“Young Master, some matters are destined. You don’t have to worry too much,” Xiao Yi spoke and quietly stood behind Long Yi. She had stayed within the Prophecy Pearl for eight years, and after she reappeared, she became all the more ethereal. Just her nearly transparent eyes were enough to count her as an attractive beauty.

“Xiao Yi, you are a Prophecy Master, so tell this Young Master, will this world be annihilated in the end?” Long Yi turned around and lifting the chin of Xiao Yi, he enquired.

“I don’t know; the end is too vague, but, as long as Young Master is here, it is impossible for the Heavenly Demon King to annihilate this world.” Xiao Yi looked straight into Long Yi’s eyes and answered. Her eyes were filled with love and longing.

“Is that so?” Long Yi muttered and looked somewhat absent-minded, recalling the circumstances of that time when a vast amount of energy was pouring into his body. At that time, when his body was about to explode, he suddenly comprehended the profound mystery of this universe and successfully absorbed all the energy around him. As a result, his AoTianJue had unexpectedly reached the peak of the eighth layer. With just one step, he would be able to break through and reach that legendary ninth layer. According to the legend, once he reached that ninth layer, he could casually move mountains, devour seas, destroy the heaven, and annihilate the earth with a snap of his fingers.

At that time, when the consciousness of Long Yi had returned to his body, he had immediately sensed majestic energy within his body. Moreover, the energy was condensed to a terrifying degree and stored in his every cell. Now, it could be said that his body had already reached the true level of being impervious to sword, fire, and water. He no longer needed to cover his body with an energy cover or magic barrier.

Just when he was overjoyed, he suddenly heard a familiar voice calling out to him. He immediately opened his eyes and saw Xiao Yi he had not seen for a long time. She was watching him with deep affection. For a moment, he thought that he was dreaming. Only after Xiao Yi repeatedly affirmed, Long Yi began to believe this was real. Finally, this girl, who had made him deeply worried for eight years, had indeed returned to his side.

In the past, when the Military Adviser injured the spirit of Xiao Yi, she had entered the Prophecy Pearl in the hope of recovering. She believed that she would return in a few months to two years, but she didn’t know that the space inside this Prophecy Pearl was peculiar. Xiao Yi’s Master had set up a secret array inside and instilled everything he had learned throughout his entire life to her. Only after successfully cultivating to great success would she be able to break out of this Prophecy Pearl.

Originally, with Xiao Yi’s talent, she was able to achieve great success in five years, merely, she didn’t know why but the majority of the energy of the Prophecy Pearl disappeared. Therefore, she didn’t have enough energy to leave the secret array. But, when Long Yi entered the space passage to travel to Blue Moon Continent, like heaven’s will, he was stuck in the energy barrier of Blue Moon Continent, causing vast amounts of energy present in the barrier to pour into his body. As a result, the Prophecy Pearl hanging on his neck was able to absorb sufficient energy to open up the secret array inside, thereby freeing Xiao Yi. It might be assumed that this was also the will of heaven.

“Where does light and dark end? Does my end lie there?” Long Yi recalled the prophecy Xiao Yi had given in a dream when he was in Nalan Empire and couldn’t help asking.

“It’s there wherever Young Master says it is,” Xiao Yi smiled thinly.

Long Yi was startled; he then smiled and kissed Xiao Yi’s lips. Yes, his end was in his own hands. Xiao Yi might be able to calculate some mysteries of heaven, but the so-called secrets of heaven were always obscure and unclear. Everything relied upon one’s own decisions.

After three days of cleanup, the capital of Cyan Moon Empire, this enormous battlefield, had been cleared. Rows of simple houses were built around the shrine for living. The representatives of all races and nations of Blue Waves Continent held the first conference here. Long Yi sat on the seat of honor and explained the severity of the current circumstances to the representatives of Blue Moon Continent and requested them to prepare for the war against the Heavenly Demon King.

Because the space energy barrier had disappeared, just an ordinary transmission magic array could link Blue Moon Continent and Blue Waves Continent. The dispute for resources was no longer necessary. Long Yi promised to let people of Blue Moon Continent immigrate to Blue Waves Continent and also provide resources to them, but Blue Moon Continent must be under Blue Waves Continent, becoming an autonomous region of Blue Waves Continent.

All the representatives of Blue Moon Continent agreed to the proposal of Long Yi in succession. Firstly, it was because their current circumstances didn’t allow them to refuse, and secondly, Long Yi was no different from the Main God in their eyes, and no one dared to reject the proposal of the Main God. It was the result of deep-rooted ideology for 100,000 years.

Thus, the chaos of Blue Moon Continent ended with the arrival of Long Yi.

Immediately after the end of the war, the leaders of several big races jointly announced to put out all flames of war. They dispatched millions of soldiers to all parts of the continent to maintain public order. Still, during this time, due to despair, many people had committed suicide, got robbed, raped, and so on. The entire Blue Moon Continent was already riddled with gaping wounds.

Like a piece of pitch-black curtain, night shrouded the entire world. Stars and constellations shone in the sky like pearls.

Starlight shone on the top of a mountain. One black and one white, two entangled bodies could be seen here.

“Young Master … Young Master…” Xiao Yi moaned while catering her slender waist to the sprint of Long Yi. Her hands were tightly hugging his neck.

“Xiao Yi, this Young Master missed you to death.” Long Yi grabbed a pair of Xiao Yi’s soft ** as his little brother deeply penetrated her deepest part.

Even after parting for eight years, they still shared a deep affection for each other. Their feelings hadn’t disappeared at all; instead, like the wine that got mellower the older it was, their affection had gotten stronger.

This fully-fledged lovemaking was not just a simple ** demand; it was a higher level of spiritual exchange.

After reaching **, the two quietly lied hugging each other under the starlight while enjoying this happiness they had not felt for a long time.

Xiao Yi asked about what had happened in these eight years bit by bit. She was separated from Long Yi for eight years. In these eight years, she had not participated in the life of Long Yi, but she wanted to know because the current Long Yi was not the Long Yi of eight years ago. Time had made him more mature and steady. So, immersing in the unique charm of her man, Xiao Yi hoped to accompany this man hereafter in the future, naturally, if there was a future.

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“Young Master, my big brother, is he fine?” Xiao Yi asked about her big brother.

“Of course, he is already the commander of Fierce Tiger Legion. In the unification of Blue Waves Continent, your big brother’s contributions cannot go unnoticed.” Long Yi caressed the smooth back of Xiao Yi and replied with a smile.

Xiao Yi then asked about the circumstances of Nangong Xiangyun and other sisters, and learning Nangong Xiangyun was already pregnant with Long Yi’s child, she was pleasantly surprised. At the same time, she also had a thought. Then, her little hand reached toward the high spirited thing between the legs of Long Yi and requested, “Young Master, Xiao Yi also wishes to have a baby.”

The heart of Long Yi heated up. Smacking the butt of Xiao Yi, he made her get on fours on the ground and stick her plump buttocks high up in the air. Now, her soul-stirring curves and smooth private parts were right in front of him.

“So beautiful…” Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and moved his waist forward.

“Boy, you are quite leisurely and carefree.” The voice of Dark God Moyun suddenly resounded in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi, extinguishing the fire of Long Yi.

Long Yi smiled bitterly. He wore his clothes and made Xiao Yi wear clothes as he helplessly replied in his sea of consciousness, “I say, big sister, do you have a hobby of peeping into other people’s intimate affairs? When I need your help, I cannot see even your shadow, but when I don’t need you, you wilfully appear and disturb my peace.”

“Hehe, who asked you stinking kid to be so perverted by doing this kind of matter in the open air. Furthermore, if it was not for this God, do you think you would have easily freed yourself from that energy barrier like that?” Moyun laughed.

“Why are you caring about what this Young Master is doing? Could it be that you, the Main God, also have amorous feelings for me? However, I don’t mind … Aiyo …” Just when Long Yi wanted to tease her, the Dark Spirit Tablet in his sea of consciousness spun in reverse, making him feel great pain.

“I am teaching you a small lesson. It seems you didn’t learn your lesson last time properly,” laughed Moyun with a hint of evil aura. Surely, if there were a next time again, then she would teach him an unforgettable lesson.

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Long Yi sweated profusely and stopped speaking.

“A moment ago, I sensed the aura of the Earth Spirit Tablet in the south-east direction. Whatever happens, you must obtain the Earth Spirit Tablet. Only after merging the seven spirit tablets into one will you have the capital to contend with the Heavenly Demon King,” spoke Moyun with a stern countenance.

“South-east direction? Although Blue Moon Continent is not that big, it is also not small. The range of south-east direction is too large and vague,” replied Long Yi with a frown.

“Go over there and search for it. As long as the curse of the Earth God doesn’t flare up, I can sense the aura of his spirit tablet. We can find it,” answered Moyun.

“Fine, then let me go to bid farewell to those two girls.” Long Yi replied and flew towards the foot of the mountain with Xiao Yi. The communication between Moyun and Long Yi was not kept intentionally kept a secret, so Xiao Yi also heard their conversation via the spirit link between her and Long Yi.

He had not seen Mu Hanyan for these past few days. Her father emperor had left this awful mess to her. There were many matters she needed to handle urgently, such as the reconstruction of the city, reassuring common people, consolidating army, and so on. Both trivial and vital matters had to be authorized by her. Fortunately, Mu Hanyan was capable. She handled these matters rapidly in perfect order.

“Big sister, eat something.” Mu Jingjing entered with a bowl of ginseng soup. These two sisters who used to hate each other bitterly were extremely close now.

Mu Hanyan rubbed her eyes, and after drinking two mouthfuls of ginseng soup, she replied, “Jingjing, you can go and rest, no need to accompany me.”

“Since big sister is not resting, how can I rest at ease?” Mu Jingjing replied with a smile.

“Both of you should rest well.” Long Yi and Xiao Yi appeared in the room, and looking at these two suffering sisters, he spoke so while feeling sorry.

Mu Hanyan rolled her eyes to Long Yi and handed over the ginseng soup to Long Yi.

Long Yi, however, scooped a spoonful of soup. After blowing it a few times, he placed it in front of Mu Hanyan’s mouth and told, “Drink it.”

Mu Hanyan smiled sweetly and obediently drank it, making Mu Jingjing at one side endlessly envious, thinking when she would also be able to enjoy the tenderness of Long Yi like her big sister. But, this was just her thought. There were already so many beauties around Long Yi. There was no place for her.

“Hanyan, in any case, I will order to transfer several people from Soaring Dragon City to help you tomorrow. You can leave trivial matters to them while handling only important matters. You are not allowed to refuse,” Long Yi spoke with a frown.

Mu Hanyan reached out his jade-like hand to caress the eyebrows of Long Yi and nodded her head like a married young woman.

After completely feeding the ginseng soup, Long Yi hugged Mu Hanyan for a while and asked her about the circumstances of the south-east region of Blue Moon Continent.

Watching the serious look of Long Yi, Mu Hanyan knew that this matter was important for him. Thus, spreading out a map of Blue Moon Continent, she answered, “The south-east region of Blue Moon Continent is the Pearl Mountains. It is the territory of Ent Race, and there are numerous magical beasts. Beyond the Pearl Mountains lies the Fragrance Plain, then the sea.”

Long Yi thought for a bit and felt that the possibility of the Earth God being in the Pearl Mountains was relatively high. The Earth God, shouldn’t he be in remote, thickly forested mountains? Long Yi thought like this.

After the sky turned bright, Long Yi and Xiao Yi rode Bai Yu and flew towards the Pearl Mountains in the south-east direction.

All along the way, he saw countless destitute and homeless commoners. Countless villages, cities, and towns had turned into a pile of debris. Some magical beasts that liked to eat rotten meat had left the mountains in crowds and were eating rotting corpses. In many places, because of many corpses, foul stench spread everywhere. Many undead creatures and plagues were running rampantly without check. Besides, since this continent had lost the energy barrier, the weather had gotten scorching.

Long Yi couldn’t bear this sight. He slowed down his pace, and every time he encountered such places, he purified undead creatures and plagues using Light Spirit Tablet, causing commoners to kowtow and admire Long Yi. Long Yi was already elegant and handsome, but his white robe increased his elegance. Moreover, his appearance when riding god beast Bai Yu was very eye-catching. Thus, his deeds rapidly spread, becoming the Savior in the hearts of various races of Blue Moon Continent. This was something he had not expected. After arriving in this strange world, Long Yi had never desired to become the Savior, but fate dragged him to this position.

Like this, after being delayed for ten days, Long Yi stepped on the edge of the Pearl Mountains. And looking up, he could see the green, high and low peaks of Pearl Mountains. He found this scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

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