Chapter 642: The source of the spiritual spring

“Moyun, can you sense the aura of the Earth God’s spirit tablet? This Pearl Mountain is so big, so where are we going to find it?” Long Yi used his thoughts to ask.

“No,” Moyun replied with one word.

At that time, several ents walked out of this mountain forest. They respectfully bowed to Long Yi and invited him and Xiao Yi in as their guest.

The ents were a race born from worldly spiritual qi. They had evolved from spiritual trees. The branches were their hands, and the roots were their legs. They could freely move on the ground, unlike ordinary trees. Besides, they were powerful and could even command trees to attack and defend. When the ents reached five thousand years, they might be able to shed their tree body and turn into a humanoid.

Long Yi thought, since these ents lived here in Pearl Mountains for generations, they might know something about the Earth God. So, he cooperated with these ents and entered the mountain forest with Xiao Yi.

The Pearl Mountains was mostly wildwoods. Only this kind of wildwoods might give birth to ents, this kind of race. A strong ent placed Long Yi and Xiao Yi on his branch, letting them enjoy the scenery of Pearl Mountains while advancing.

The wildwoods had the style of wildwoods. Most of the trees were over 100 meters tall. Their branches and leaves blotted out the sky, so it was dark and damp inside the forest. The roots of the ancient trees were so big that even ten people together might not be able to wrap their arms around them. Those roots that broke out from the ground formed deep ridges, and poisonous insects and snakes were hiding in those deep ridges. It was dangerous everywhere.

According to these ents, many ferocious beasts lurked in the depths of this Pearl Mountains. Among them, there was no lack of S-ranked and above magical beasts. If Long Yi had heard this in the past, then he might have gotten extremely excited, but now, his level was different. Those S-ranked or above magical beasts didn’t pose any challenge to him. Now, the only matter that worried him was the Heavenly Demon King. He didn’t know when he would suddenly appear along with millions of demonic soldiers, so he wanted to gather all seven spirit tablets of Main Gods quickly.

After half a day, these dozen ents arrived at the freshwater lake inside the forest. Usually, ents were dispersed all over to guard this mountain forest. Only under the command of the patriarch would they gather at this lakeside.

“This lake is somewhat strange.” Moyun suddenly spoke in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi.

Upon hearing what was said, Long Yi sent out his spirit power to stealthily scan inside this lake. But, just when he wanted to go deeper, he sensed a large amount of spiritual qi gushing out, which actually dispersed his spirit power in an instant.

“Such a powerful spiritual qi, there is something heaven-defying and good below this lake,” Long Yi laughed inwardly. He wanted to immediately jump down and examine.

“Such a dense spiritual qi, can it be…” Moyun nevertheless muttered.

“Can it be what?” Long Yi asked.

“Nothing. Look, the patriarch of Ent Race has come.” Moyun mentioned casually and changed the subject.

The patriarch of Ent Race was nearly eight thousand years old. He had already shed off his tree appearance and had turned into a humanoid long ago. His head was full of green hair, and his green beard was so long that it touched the ground. His entire face was filled with wrinkles, and he held a magic staff made from a root.

“Venerable Lightning God, representing all living beings of Pearl Mountains, Ent Patriarch Mu Huai welcomes you.” Patriarch Mu Huai respectfully bowed. And at that moment, several young ents stepped forward and shook their branches as flowers bloomed, unexpectedly making a simple but elegant tree porch. Then, roots broke out from the ground, forming chairs and a table with various kinds of fruits of Pearl Mountains spread on it. It was very mystical.

“Patriarch Mu Huai is too polite. Today, I … This god is just passing by this place, looking for something.” Long Yi smiled and sat down, then he tossed the unknown fruit on the table into his mouth without any politeness.

After taking a bite, Long Yi stopped chewing with an amazed expression. This bright red fruit was fleshy, tender, and juicy. It was delicious. But, the matter that surprised him was the unexpected presence of abundant spiritual qi inside this fruit, and that spiritual qi resembled the spiritual qi in the lake.

“I wonder what Venerable Lightning God is looking for. If we, the Ent Race, can help, then we will absolutely not decline,” Mu Huai asked, ignoring the expression of Long Yi.

Long Yi put away his amazed expression and said, “This god is looking for the Earth God’s spirit tablet that was lost in Blue Moon Continent.”

“Earth God’s spirit tablet? This Mu Huai had never heard about Blue Moon Continent having it,” Mu Huai pondered for a bit and answered.

“Then, I wonder if Patriarch Mu Huai knows the place where the spiritual qi is the densest in Blue Moon Continent. Also, the place where Earth God’s spirit tablet is located will definitely give birth to strange flowers and fruits. And just now, when this god ate this fruit, I noticed that it contained dense spiritual qi. I wonder where you pick this fruit.” The eyes of Long Yi shone as he asked. But, he was thinking about the secrets of the lake in his heart. He dared to confirm that Earth God’s spirit tablet was not here. If it were here, then Moyun would have already noticed it.

Mu Huai was startled, and his gaze moved towards the lake. The surroundings of this lake, however, was the holy land of their Ent Race, and the water in this lake was their holy water. If anyone were injured, as long as they took root at this lakeside and absorbed the nourishment of this lake water, they would completely recover in a short time. Moreover, since the Ent Race was pure and virtuous in nature, they would feed this lakewater even to the injured magical beasts of this Pearl Mountains. After drinking this lakewater, those injured magical beasts would heal entirely in less than two days. Could it be that the lakewater had such effects because of the Earth God’s spirit tablet in it?

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Mu Huai led Long Yi and Xiao Yi to the other side of the lake. There were several trees here. One of the trees bore the bright red fruit Long Yi had eaten just now.

“Patriarch Mu Huai, can you let this god examine below this lake?” Long Yi asked.

Mu Huai thought for a bit and nodded his head in agreement. Both Lightning God and Earth God were among the seven Main Gods. If the Earth God’s spirit tablet was truly lost in this lake, and if Lightning God wants to retrieve this Earth God’s spirit tablet, they could do nothing about it.

Long Yi gave a meaningful glance to Xiao Yi and then dived into this lake.

The water of this lake was very clear, but strangely, no fish could be seen; even other aquatic organisms were absent.

Xiao Yi tightly hugged Long Yi. They were surrounded by an energy barrier which looked like an air bubble. She looked at the rippling clear lake water and imagined Long Yi and her floating leisurely in it, and romantic feelings sprouted in her heart for no reason. This was the aspect where men and women were completely different. Women were very emotional and easily prone to all sorts of happy imagination from a certain kind of scenery and words.

Long Yi, however, was swimming toward the source of the spiritual qi under the guidance of Moyun. This spiritual qi here was very peculiar. If he tried to attack or analyze it, it would automatically defend. However, if he just emitted his energy without any intention to harm, it would only assimilate his energy.

This lake was much deeper than he had imagined. Even after diving for several kilometers, he was still unable to see the bottom. It was like a deep sea. But, unlike the sea, he didn’t feel much water pressure here. The water pressure was much lower here compared to the sea.

Only after Long Yi and Xiao Yi dived more than ten thousand meters deep did they begin to see the bottom of the lake interspersed with all kinds of pebbles. There were also several hundred tiny springs, spurting out pure spring water. That spring water had dense spiritual qi. Presumably, they were the source of this water’s spiritual qi.

“Moyun, this might be the source. The spiritual qi of this lake originated from these spiritual springs,” Long Yi put forth his thoughts.

“Dig it,” resounded Moyun’s indifference voice.

“Dig?” Long Yi rolled his eyes. The veins of this underground spring were crisscrossing. Even if he dug year-round, he might not be able to find the source of these spring veins. Merely, even after confirming three times, Moyun didn’t reply at all. Moreover, listening to her tone, it seemed that something was wrong here.

Dig? Then dig. Long Yi condensed energy around his palm and chopped that spring at the center. And sensing the attack of Long Yi, the spiritual qi of that spring automatically defended, and his palm was just able to extract a little mud.

Long Yi tried his best to dig for a long time and dug a pit more than one meter deep. If he didn’t find any heaven-defying treasure below, then that certainly would be a big loss. Long Yi muttered in his heart.

Xiao Yi stood by Long Yi. She had already noticed the unusualness of the spiritual qi here. At this moment, watching Long Yi digging the spring with effort, a hint of peculiar light flashed through her nearly transparent eyes, and her silver hair also fluttered chaotically. Then, a blurred image appeared in front of her eyes. In that blurred image was a place filled with spiritual mist, and the tall back view of Long Yi could be seen vaguely in there. In front of Long Yi, there was a huge blurred thing, but when she wanted to see it clearly, her spirit suddenly became chaotic, and she vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Xiao Yi, what happened?” Seeing Xiao Yi vomiting a mouthful of blood without any reason, Long Yi was shocked.

“Young Master, don’t go, don’t…” Xiao Yi looked pale, and she grabbed the hand of Long Yi in panic but fainted before she finished speaking.

“Moyun, what exactly is going on here?” Long Yi roared in his sea of consciousness.

“She was trying to help you calculate. As a result, she suffered a spiritual backlash. After some rest and nourishment, she will be fine. Send her above first,” Moyun replied.

A hint of haze flashed through the eyes of Long Yi. Where does Xiao Yi not want him to go? What exactly did she see to become so frantic? In addition, why did he feel that something was wrong with Moyun?

While having various thoughts in his heart, Long Yi sent Xiao Yi to the lake surface, and after asking Patriarch Mu Huai to take care of her, he dived down again and dug deeper and deeper.

“Are you doubting me?” When Long Yi dug over ten meters, the faint voice of Moyun resounded.


“You don’t need to deny.”

“I do not deny it. Don’t you feel that your behavior has suddenly become very strange? It appears as if you want to urgently obtain or see the thing below.” Long Yi faintly said without stopping his hands.

Moyun remained silent for a good while and said, “If you doubt me, then you don’t need to dig.”

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“But the issue is I am also very curious about the thing buried below. It, after all, was able to make even Your Excellency Dark God lose self-control,” answered Long Yi sarcastically. He was clearly discontented with Moyun.

“Are you blaming me for not telling you? You will naturally understand after seeing it,” Moyun sighed and replied.

Long Yi palmed hatefully, and the bottom of the lake suddenly shook, causing that pit to collapse. Then, the several meter-wide spiritual spring instantly spurted out, engulfing him with its water.

After this spirit spring water spurted out, a powerful force pulled it underground again, and Long Yi, engulfed by this spring water, was also pulled underground. After that, this pit was instantly filled and leveled up, leaving behind only a tiny spring.

“Bang!” Long Yi fell and got dizzy. He shook his head and crawled up. Gazing at the scene in front of him, he was dumbfounded. This should be an underground cave. At one side, an underground brook was flowing. The entire space was filled with dense spiritual qi that had condensed into a spiritual mist, making this place hazy like an illusion.

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