Chapter 44: Battle Against Mo Qingcheng

“Mo Qingcheng!” Mo Xuan and Mo Yu were both stunned.

Mo Wentian was going to fight against Mo Qingcheng in his first battle?

“Brother Wentian…” Mo Qingcheng grew somewhat absent-minded when she looked at the silhouette not far away from her.

‘Is he still a trash? He was able to snatch the Vermilion Fruits from countless genius’ hands and kill Qiu Family’s genius, Qiu Sanjin. Furthermore, he fought against Leaving Sword Realm cultivators when he was still in the Qi Condensation Realm. Who in the East Sword City would be able to achieve these deeds?’

“Qingcheng, once you get married into Lin Family, you will be the madam of Lin Family. When the time comes, you will be able to order this brat around!” Unknowingly, Mo Yizhan had appeared beside Mo Qingcheng as he spoke with a face filled with sneer.

“Lin Family?” Mo Qingcheng frowned. Unknowingly, when she saw the arrogant youngster opposite of her and heard of the Lin Family at the same time, traces of disgust arose within her heart.

‘Lin Family? Is my choice really correct!’

“Dad, I’m somewhat lethargic!” Mo Qingcheng returned back to the audience’s seat after replying indifferently.

Lin Family? Once she married into the Lin Family, the one who was going to benefit the most wasn’t her. Rather, it was Mo Yizhan. The Mo Family Patriarch would then be able to control East Sword City thoroughly.

Very quickly, the contest started. Mo Wentian sat in the audience’s seat while he submerged all of his attention into his body. Mo Wentian had completely ignored the exciting battles that were happening on the arena.

In the sword emperor’s eyes, the showdown happening on the arena was like a group of kids fighting!

Simply boring!

“I have only finished refining the 1st layer of the undying body and my strength had already exceeded 2500 kilograms!

Besides, where did the heaven and earth’s essence force from the brute sword come from?”

However, regardless of how he scanned the brute sword, it stayed still within his body, silently, without showing any sign of a reaction and causing him to be disappointed.

“I was only able to refine the 1st stage of the undying body with the help of the brute sword. Next time, I might have to rely on myself, if I still wish to continue refining it!”

Mo Wentian hissed out a long breath. The essence force from the brute sword had allowed him to barely step into the threshold of the undying body art. He still needs to rely on himself, if he wished to continue cultivating it.

Fortunately, Mo Wentian had the Devouring Heaven God Art on him. The Devouring Heaven God Art focused on plundering the heavens and earth. Mo Wentian’s physique could be strengthened quickly and all he needed to do was devoure a few abnormal beasts.

“Number 12!”

Finally, it was Mo Wentian’s turn. He stood up and walked to the arena unhurriedly.

“Mo Wentian’s opponent is Mo Qingcheng?”

“It’s only the first match and the Mo Family disciple were going to fight against each other. Such rotten luck!”

“There’s going to be a good show to watch soon!”


The surroundings of the arena instantly turned lively. However, the duo on the arena looked extremely calm. It was especially so for Mo Wentian. When he looked at Qingcheng, who was standing opposite to him, his eyes were incomparably unsympathetic.

“Fight!” Mo Yizhan yelled. However, the duo on the arena didn’t show any desire to make a move.

“Heard that the both of them had an engagement contract together. It’s unlikely for Mo Wentian to still lust for Mo Qingcheng right?”

“He still dares to lust over her? What a joke. I heard that Mo Qingcheng is already engaged to the Young Master of Lin Family. This Mo Wentian is just a clown!”

“Lin Family’s Young Master? Is it real…”


The audiences around the arena started to boom in discussions, when they saw the duo on the arena not moving. Meanwhile, Mo Yizhan didn’t put a stop to the discussions but smiled complacently when he heard of it.

Only Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Li looked at Mo Yizhan gloomily. Once Mo Qingcheng gets married to Lin Family’s Young Master, who would still dare to provoke the Mo Family in the East Sword City?

“I admit defeat!” Just when everyone started to grow somewhat impatient, a cold and crisp voice resonated out.

“Admit defeat?” Mo Wentian was stunned. Mo Yizhan and Lin Cheng who were in the audience seat had also started frowning. It was especially so for Lin Cheng as killing intent appeared in his eyes suddenly.

Judging from the situation, it wasn’t Mo Wentian, who couldn’t forget about her. Rather, it was Mo Qingcheng who still held feelings for Mo Wentian. If this were to be made known to everyone, it would cause a big stain to their Lin Family’s reputation. Furthermore, it was something the Lin Family would never tolerate.

“Uncle Mo, Qingcheng is somewhat unruly!” Lin Cheng looked at Mo Yizhan and commented coldly.

“Young Master Lin Cheng can rest assured. I will definitely discipline Qingcheng well!” Mo Yizhan cursed at Mo Wentian a few times. If it wasn’t because of Mo Wentian, Mo Qingcheng would never admit defeat. Now that Mo Qingcheng had admitted defeat herself, it would be a wonder, if there were no scandals being spread around!

“What is going on, Qingcheng?” Mo Yizhan stood up and yelled at Mo Qingcheng angrily.

“What’s going on?” Mo Qingcheng smiled coldly. Subsequently, she turned around and whispered to Mo Wentian: “Brother Wentian, thank you. You’re right. Qingcheng is not fit to be your woman!

However, Qingcheng would never submit to her destiny!”

She glanced at Mo Wentian resolutely before walking down the arena.

“She had really admitted her defeat!”

“What kind of charm does this Mo Wentian possess. He was actually able to cause the second young lady of the Mo Family to be dead set on him, even though he only possesses a 1st grade spiritual root!”

“Ridiculous. The Lin Family is never going to let this brat off!”


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Pairs of jealous eyes fell onto Mo Wentian from the audiences.

“Not going to submit to your destiny?” Mo Wentian muttered to himself on the arena. Subsequently, he grinned before disappearing from the arena in a flash.

On the audience’s seat, Lin Cheng and Mo Yizhan glared at Mo Wentian who was making his way over coldly.

“Mo Wentian, you are just a trash who only possesses a 1st grade spiritual root. Don’t think that just because you can defeat Mo Han, you would be able to contend against my Lin Family!

You are like an ant in front of my Lin Family. It would be an easy task for us, if we wish to kill you!” Lin Cheng stood up from his seat and spoke coldly.

“Wish to kill me?” Mo Wentian glanced at Lin Cheng with a sneer. Following which, he chuckled: “I’m willing to fulfill Young Master Lin Cheng’s wish, if Young Master Lin Cheng wishes to challenge me.”

“You…” The anger in Lin Cheng’s eyes soared. However, when he recalled what happened to Mo Han yesterday, he inhaled a long breath of air before sitting down. However, his eyes were extremely gloomy and cold and it only grew denser over time.

‘Mo Wentian has to die!’

Now that Mo Wentian dared to tease Mo Qingcheng, the Lin Family would never let him off, since it relates to their reputation.

“Uncle Mo, seems like Qingcheng can only be the mistress!”

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“Mistress?” Mo Yizhan complexion turned rigid. Instantly, the complexion of those Mo Family’s disciples around them had also turned extremely ugly as they glared at Mo Wentian. If it wasn’t because of Mo Wentian, how could such a misfortune happen…

‘Mistress?’ Mo Wentian laughed out coldly. ‘Does the Lin Family truly think that they control the whole world?’

“Patriarch, time to announce the result of the battle!” Mo Wentian went back to his seat after glancing at Mo Yizhan indifferently.

If Lin Family dares to provoke him, he would… obliterate the Lin Family! He was the sword emperor in his previous life. He had at least obliterated 800 families even if there weren’t 1000 of it. Therefore, Mo Wentian wouldn’t mind obliterating another family in this life!

“Mo Wentian’s victory!” Mo Yizhan glanced at Mo Wentian coldly. He realized he had made a wrong decision yesterday. He should have killed Mo Wentian yesterday. Keeping him alive would only bring them… an even more horrible consequences!

“Second round, drawing of lots!” The second round began immediately after. There were only two people from Mo family, who made it to the second round. One of them was Mo Xuan who was under the tutelage of the grand elderand the other was Mo Wentian!

“Number 3!” Mo Wentian held onto his lot and returned back to the audience’s seat.

“The first battle: Mo Xuan versus Yuan Chong!” The battle started instantly. Two silhouettes stood opposite of each other in the arena. One of them was Mo Family’s Mo Xuan while the other was Yuan Chong.

Mo Xuan was at the 7th layer of Qi Condensation Realm while Yuan Chong was at the 1st layer of Leaving Sword Realm. The disparity between them was simply too big. They need not watch the battle and could already guess the conclusion!

“Mo Xuan, I will take good care of you!” A smear of killing intent flashed in Yuan Chong’s eyes as he stared at Mo Xuan.

If it wasn’t because Mo Yu was protecting Mo Wentian, how could the Vermilion Fruit end up in Mo Wentian’s hands?

“Yuan Chong, I will do my best to fight against you!” Mo Xuan inhaled deeply. He knew that he would never be able to defeat Yuan Chong. However, he didn’t wish to admit defeat immediately.

“Battle starts!” Mo Yizhan yelled. The battle on the arena immediately commenced.

“Three Origin Sword Qi!” The moment the battle commenced, Yuan Chong immediately executed his sword qi.

“What a despicable person this Yuan Chong is? This Heavenly Origin Sword Technique was a pinnacle black rank sword technique. His cultivation was already higher than Mo Xuan. Yet, he still chose to use his sword qi!”

“This is going to get dangerous for Mo Xuan!”

“Yuan Chong intends to kill Mo Han with this move!”


Everyone started discussing about the battle. Meanwhile, the Mo Family’s disciples had their faces filled with anger as they glared at Yuan Chong.

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