Chapter 45: Fight

“Xuan’er!” Mo Yu’s complexion changed. Mo Xuan’s Divine Black Sword Technique was unable to withstand a single blow before Yuan Chong’s Heaven Origin Sword Technique.

“Patriarch…” Mo Yu’s gaze fell onto Mo Yizhan. Only Mo Yizhan had the ability to save Mo Xuan among everyone present. However, Mo Yizhan’s gaze was extremely tranquil.

“Clang!” A sharp and crisp noise rang out. Mo Xuan’s sword was broken apart immediately.

“Pu…” Mo Xuan retreated hastily after vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood.

“I admit defeat!” Mo Xuan shouted in fright while holding onto his broken sword.

“Want to admit defeat? Hahaha… Dream on!” Although Mo Xuan had already surrendered, there were still murderous desire in Yuan Chong’s eyes.

“Nine Origin Sword Qi!”

“Shua…” The sword qi streaked across the void, leaving behind a beam of sword light midair. This beam of sword light was extremely fast, to the point that it seemed extremely hard for Four Constellation Realm Sword Master to save him from this slash as well.

“No…” Mo Xuan roared angrily. His eyes were filled with unwillingness.

Mo Yizhan could certainly be able to rescue him if he had made a move himself. However, Mo Yizhan, who was at the audience’s seat showed extreme indifference.

“Patriarch…” Mo Yu couldn’t endure any longer as he knelt down.

He knew the reason why Mo Yizhan wasn’t willing to save Mo Xuan. It was because he had helped Mo Wentian numerous times.

“This brat is dead for sure!”




Everyone couldn’t help but shut their eyes. If a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master wasn’t going to save him, who would?


However, just when everyone thought that Mo Xuan would inevitably die, a silhouette appeared on the arena in a ghost-like manner. A clear noise resonated out when the sword light collided with the heavy sword.

“It’s Mo Wentian!” Mo Yu cried out in surprise. All the other Mo Family’s disciples had also yelled out delightedly.

“Young Master Wentian!” When Mo Xuan saw the youth before him, his face was filled with palpitation. If it wasn’t for Mo Wentian, he would have been dead by now!

“Brat, it’s you?” When Yuan Chong saw Mo Wentian, the killing intent in his eyes soared.

“This brat is really daring. He actually dared to rush up to the arena even before the battle had ended!” The coldness in Yuan Clan’s Patriarch eyes exploded.

“You get down!” Mo Wentian ignored Yuan Tianmo but spoke to Mo Xuan softly with a grin.

“Thanks!” Mo Xuan leapt down from the arena.

“Mo Yizhan, according to the Sword City’s rules, how are we supposed to punish those that interfered with the match?” Yuan Tianmo spoke to Mo Yizhan with a face filled with coldness.

“According to the Sword City’s regulations, if anyone was to interfere with the match before the battle had ended, he would have his cultivation crippled and is never allowed to step into the Sword City ever again!” The coldness in Mo Yizhan’s eyes flashed as he spoke nonchalantly.

To the current Mo Yizhan, he could only dream about retaining his City Lord position. Instead he only had one goal in mind right now and that was to kill Mo Wentian. If Mo Wentian continues to grow, he would only threaten his status as the Mo Family’s Patriarch.

“Patriarch, it was Yuan Chong who went overboard first. We mustn’t blame Mo Wentian…” Mo Yu pleaded for Mo Wentian.

“Elder Mo Yu, there was no restriction on killings in the arena. Even if Yuan Chong had killed Mo Xuan, it would only be due to his lack of skills. Since Mo Wentian had broken the rules, he can only accept the Sword City’s punishment!” Yuan Tianmo laughed coldly.

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“I…” Mo Yu was unable to rebuke.

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“Do you admit to your wrongs, Mo Wentian?” When Yuan Tianmo saw Mo Yu was being rendered speechless, he advanced and yelled aggressively.

“F*** with admitting mistakes!” It was at that moment, an egotistical voice resonated out.

“Mo Yizhan, didn’t you just wish for Mo Xuan to die, and hoping to eliminate Elder Mo Yu’s lineage? How are you, even fit to be my Mo Family’s Patriarch with such a narrow mind?!” The aura of Mo Wentian was extremely sharp while he stood on the arena.

“There’s also Yuan Tianmo. Hahaha… Don’t you wish to kill me? Your wish can only be left unfulfilled as it will be an easy task for me to kill this trash, Yuan Chong, if I wish to!

As for you, do you dare to make a move?” Mo Wentian’s eyes held a smear of mockery.

Do you dare to make a move? That nonchalant voice brought along a trace of an expert’s spirit.

Meanwhile, those audiences around the arena had gotten fired up. What an arrogant person, this Mo Wentian is. He actually dared to berate two Four Constellation Realm Sword Master!

“Patriarch really hopes to get rid of Grand Elder’s Lineage?”

“I think it is true. Otherwise, why didn’t he save Mo Xuan?”

“Isn’t this too despicable?”


The disciples from Mo Family had turned furious. They hated Mo Wentian because of his lack of talent as well as how he had thrown away their Mo Family’s reputation. But when they saw how Mo Wentian had saved Mo Xuan while the Mo Family’s Patriarch had actually wanted to get rid of Grand Elder’s Lineage…

This caused all of them to be extremely disappointed.

“Mo Wentian, why aren’t you getting your ass back down?!” Mo Yizhan eyes were filled with killing intent. He didn’t really expect Mo Wentian to be so arrogant.

“Hahaha… Get my ass back down?” Mo Wentian laughed coldly. Subsequently, he replied egotistically: “What’s so interesting about these matches? Why not all of you all gang on me together!”

Why not all of you all gang on me together? This voice sounded extremely confident. Meanwhile, everyone around the arena was rendered stupefied. Qiu Family’s and Yuan Family’s disciples were extremely furious.

“Good. My Mo Family’s disciples should act like Young Master Wentian!”

“That’s right. Only Young Master Wentian can help our Mo Family grow stronger!”

“Young Master Wentian is unrivalled!”

“Young Master Wentian is unrivalled!”


Cheers rang out from the Mo Family. When Mo Wentian saw those cheers, he grinned. At that moment, Mo Wentian had really gotten all of the Mo Family’s disciple’s recognition. Regardless was it his strength or boldness or even his character that gained their recognition?!

“You wish to challenge everyone present?” Mo Yizhan stood up. His complexion was extremely gloomy. What he was worried about had finally appeared!

“That’s right!” Mo Wentian replied indifferently.

“Good. Since you wish to do so, I shall satisfy your desire!” Mo Yizhan smiled coldly. Suddenly, he turned his head around and questioned Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Li: “What do you guys think?”

“Hahaha… Since Mo Family Patriarch had agreed to it, how could we possibly reject it?!”

“My Yuan Family also agrees to it!”


Both of them glimpsed at Mo Yizhan with a sneer. Subsequently, their murderous gaze fell onto Mo Wentian again.

“Patriarch, Wentian must have gone muddle-headed. I beg Patriarch to withdraw the order!”



The group of Mo Family’s disciples immediately turned extremely disappointed, when they heard Mo Yizhan’s order.

Mo Yizhan had caused them to be utterly disappointed with him!

“What an intelligent Mo Wentian!” Lin Cheng’s eyes were extremely gloomy. He wished to control the East Sword City with the help of Mo Yizhan. But now… He had no choice but to abandon Mo Yizhan. Even if Mo Wentian had been killed today, Mo Yizhan no longer held any prestige in the Mo Family.

“So what if he is smart. Since he dares to provoke my Lin Family, I will let you experience a fate waste than death!” Lin Cheng disappeared from the audience’s seat after laughing coldly.

“Wentian, quickly get back down. As long as you get back down, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to you!” Suddenly, Mo Yu’s voice echoed out.

“Get down?” Mo Wentian turned around and looked at Mo Yu. He saw a group of Mo Family’s disciples staring at him worriedly.

“This is the Mo Family I wanted!” The corner of his mouth induced a smear of a light smile. Subsequently, a terrifying might burst out from Mo Wentian.

“Fight!” Just an unenthusiastic word had caused everyone to have their blood racing!

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