Chapter 341: So That’s Where She Is

The man from the other side of the phone mentioned something, and it caused Xia Jinyuan’s slender brows to c*** upwards, “You have lots of nonsense to say, right? Goodbye.”

“Don’t! I’m scared of you! I was just babbling! Send it to me, I’ll search for what you need immediately!” The person on the other side of the call was flustered. He was just joking around! Who dared to reject Sir Xia?

He was a ruthless person. Although he looked gentle and refined, if someone got on his nerves … One year, he raided a gangster base alone, and after that, they still had to thank him for raiding them!

Xia Jinyuan chuckled, his handsome eyes gazing at the scenery, and blandly replied, “Thanks brother, it’s not too convenient for me to meet up with you right now. I’ll thank you properly after I return to the capital.”

“Alright, I’m counting on Sir Xia’s words. I’ll endure any difficulty for you!” So far, it was all just talking, and the man from the other side of the phone call accepted his request very quickly, his tone having a sense of familiarity. It was easy to assume that they had shared a good relationship.

With Sir Xia’s ability, if he wanted to check where Ye Jian and her family were at, it was indeed a piece of cake. Even if the internet hadn’t been fully developed in 1996, and buying tickets didn’t even have a real-name system, the time it took for him to find out what he wanted only took half a day.

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Around four o’clock in the afternoon, the snow in Anyang City became heavier. The snow was everywhere to the point that even the pedestrians weren’t able to see the road clearly.

Xia Jinyuan, who had just received the information, knew that although it was snowing heavily in Yunnan province, the sun was blazing hot in the place where his little fox was at currently.

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The three of them had gone to such a faraway land. As expected, the training arranged by one of the globally ranked snipers … was indeed a hellish one…

After leaving the highlands, they were now in the desert. The little fox’s perseverance was simply admirable.

With only a week off, it was quite unrealistic for him to go to the desert. Therefore, Xia Jinyuan returned to the capital to rest for about two days, and he called up all his pals who had helped him previously for a meal. On the fifth day of his week off, he returned to the Elite Platoon. 

“Wow! You actually returned in advance! If you knew this sooner, you should have given your extra days off to me!” When Han Zheng saw him appear in the base with his luggage in tow, he said with grief and lamentation, “I still feel like I haven’t rested enough, and I was forced to come back and report to duty. Also, why did you come back earlier than planned?”

Noticing that Xia Jinyuan’s face was devoid of emotion, Han Zheng looked more carefully at him before he furrowed his brows, “This ain’t right, didn’t you go after your little fox? Is your little fox is ignoring you? You guys broke up? Hahaha! Wait, you really broke up?”

From being puzzled to laughing gleefully about his troubles … It only took a few seconds.

“Since when was I in a relationship with an underage girl? Since there’s no pursuing, how can there be a breakup?” Xia Jinyuan, who was ignoring him, finally glared at him. He retorted, “Do you think I’m you? After returning to the capital, three of your girlfriends have broken up with you. Sir Han, stories of your small affairs have already been circulating around the capital.”

“What! Who sold me out, destroying my lifetime’s legendary reputation! What do you mean they broke up with me? I’m the one who didn’t want them around anymore!” Han Zheng’s face had gone extremely pale in anger, especially when he heard Xia Jinyuan’s laughter. His pride being ‘shattered’ caused him to act as if he had been struck by lightning. He jumped up to explain himself, “F*ck, it’s always me that dumps people! Since when have you seen me being dumped by a girl?”

Facing Han Zheng’s explanations, Xia Jinyuan only chuckled before moving on. He didn’t care about these small matters concerning his friend.

Before they returned to the dorm, J5, in his training wear, walked towards them, “You guys are back at the right time. Tonight, at 7 p.m., there is an important briefing. One of our higher ups is here, a VIP! The mission is of the level ‘Red Ace of Hearts’.”

‘Red Ace of Hearts’ represented a mission within the nation’s borders.

“Alright.” Xia Jinyuan glanced at his watch. There were still 46 minutes before it was seven o’clock. There was just enough remaining time to check the map.

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