Chapter 342: Piloting A Fighter Aircraft To See You

After putting away his luggage, Xia Jinyuan took out a map and looked at it in detail. What they used were military maps which were extremely detailed and precise.

His fingertips gently brushed across the map. He took out a pen and marked a few places that Ye Jian might have gone to.

“Oh, you’ve already been informed that quickly? Who told you about it?” G3 spoke from behind him. He took out a pen from the office desk and moved it across the map, “This will be an aviation mission. We will depart from E77°28′ ~ 79°05′, N38°25′~39°22′, Makit County; we will cross the Taklamakan Desert, and arrive at E86°45′~93°45′, N36°~41°23′, Ruoqiang County. As for the planes and models we’re flying, it’s highly classified!”

They chose the desert, similar to America’s Area 51. Other than being top secret, it was also … top secret.

Xia Jinyuan picked up the map. He slowly turned around to look at G3, his brows raised, “G3, here I was wondering why we were dragged to perform aviation training before we had left the highlands. So this was what was waiting for us.”

“Don’t look at me like that. I was only just informed about it. The Elite Platoon forever will be at the forefront. On the day that you joined, you should have already known that whatever happens, we’ll be ‘first’.” G3 chuckled, his hoarse voice was filled with pride, “Let’s start the briefing, we will leave in three days.”

The soldiers in the Elite Platoon were all-rounders. From fighter jets, tanks, to even maritime operations, they had to pass each and every one of those tests.

“Loyal to our country, surpass ourselves, challenge the limits, win our battles!” That was the slogan of the Elite Platoon!

At 7 p.m., the Elite Platoon’s two teams, A team and C team, had a meeting. It wasn’t in a meeting room outside; instead, they were in a meeting room underground. They turned on electromagnetic jamming, and they tracked unidentified signals to prevent the briefing content from being eavesdropped on.

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Xia Jinyuan’s gaze landed on the screen. He saw the red laser dot sweeping across the sky and the route that their fighter jets needed to follow. A faint smile could be seen on the edge of his lips.

He and his little fox … were quite the fated pair. Even if they were a thousand mountains and ten thousand rivers apart, they could still meet in the same spot.

Three days later, when Xia Jinyuan departed, Ye Jian was currently lying prone in the scorching sand with the sun blazing overhead. A sea of yellow sand was the only scenery she had seen in the past month. Besides the fluttering sand, she could occasionally see cacti in the desert.

She was currently located in the Taklamakan Desert. It was also currently the golden season if one wanted to cross the Taklamakan desert. But what she needed to do wasn’t to cross the desert; instead, she was here to train.

It was as what Principal Chen had said: he would bring her to hike highlands, cross deserts, tread plains, and trek jungles. Now, what they were currently undergoing was the desert training part. The time wasn’t fixed, and they could leave whenever they wanted to.

The golden beauty of poplar leaves wasn’t in Ye Jian’s eyes. What her eyes were looking for instead, in this golden world, was Principal Chen, who was hiding in plain sight, so that she could shoot him.

Sound of camels’ ringing bells sounded from the other side of the sand dune. Ye Jian surveyed ahead through her scope. She then saw a band of desert explorers carrying backpacks slowly walking towards her after climbing over the dune.

Hotan river. Their destination was the Hotan River, which was behind her.

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Hotan river was one of the three largest origins of China’s Tarim river. Its source began at the Kunlun mountain ranges and Karakoram mountain ranges. It flowed north into the Tarim Basin, crossed the Taklamakan Desert, and converged into the Tarim river.

Ye Jian started to wriggle her body in the sand. She did not stand up; as soon as she stood up to avoid those travelers, Principal Chen in hiding would definitely ‘shoot’ her without a second thought.

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