Chapter 340: Presumptuous

On the other end of the call was a lady who was experienced and had a soft voice, wearing a suit that was luxurious. On her feet were a pair of black high heels that were 8 centimeters tall. She leaned on her desk and blandly replied, “Yes, I’ve checked. Ye Jian’s files and the rest weren’t changed, and her records are still in the province. As such, she’s currently on a leave of absence, she’s not in high school, and she did not repeat Grade 9. Hence, her files are kept because of the leave of absence.”

Leave of absence…

After Xia Jinyuan heard that, his tense nerves immediately relaxed.

Uncle Chen left Fu Jun Middle School, Old Uncle Gen left the village, the little fox took a leave of absence … If those events are summed up, it would form a very clear trail.

Two of the old revolutionaries had left without any action. From that, he could deduce one thing: both of them supported Ye Jian’s decision to take a leave of absence!

And now, they had all left Fu Jun town. No matter which angle he looked at it from, it seemed like the family of three generations had made an arrangement for a ‘vacation’.

A smile emerged at the corner of his thin lips. You’re quite a presumptuous one, even something like taking a leave of absence can be done right after you say so. Little fox, what else do you have up your sleeves?

With Uncle Chen’s abilities, if he was carrying a weapon, and bringing along the little fox, and adding Old Man Gen into the equation, no matter where the three of them went, there wouldn’t be a need to worry.

I bet that her leave of absence will only last for one year! After one year, my little fox would definitely return!

“Help me check something else, what’s the reason behind Ye Jian’s leave? Just find out about Ye Zifan, other people are irrelevant.” He would never believe that the whole thing happened because of something so simple like her being reported by someone because she helped someone cheat during exams. There was definitely someone else involved in this.

There wasn’t any other suspect; Ye Zifan was the only person.

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Apparently, the lady on the phone had quite a good relationship with Xia Jinyuan. Hearing that, she laughed, “I say, Mr. Xia, you’re quite concerned about this little girl. Aren’t you going to talk about it with your older sister?”

“Miss Xia, a highly successful woman like you isn’t quite suited for these topics. Gramps is still waiting for the day you bring our ‘brother-in-law’ back home,” Xia Jinyuan said lazily while starting his car. From his phone came the lady’s cold “Goodbye.”

He gently tossed his phone onto the front passenger seat, and with that, his car started rushing through the dense snow.

This time, he was driving at a speed much slower than before, not exceeding 30 miles per hour. He steadily drove out of Anyang city. As for the things Xia Jinyuan wanted to know, he was given all the information he needed before he had even left Anyang city.

Do you want to destroy the little fox’s future, Mayor Ye? Even the military has her files in our hands, do you think you can destroy it even if you want to? A little fox that the country wants to cultivate, on what grounds do you think you can destroy her?

However, what does the little fox intend to do? Was there a need for him to act?

Xia Jinyuan had not made up his mind even after he had driven out of Anyang City. It was actually also convenient for him if he wanted to act, but what he couldn’t make head or tails of was the little fox’s thought process, so he had to act cautiously.

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Perhaps he should think about it after getting in contact with the little fox. After getting to know how she was doing, he could better decide how to act.

After traveling a few hundred meters on the streets, he stopped his car on the side of the road. Without stopping the engine, he picked up his phone and entered in a string of digits. This string of digits was to find out where this family of three generations was currently located.

“Brother, help me check on two elderly men and a girl, I’ll let you know their names and age in a bit. Pictures? Yeah, I have them, but you’ll have to wait until I get my hands on a computer.” Following his clear but lazy voice, a man’s burst of joyful laughter could then be heard from the other end of the phone.

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