Chapter 339: Mr. Xia Is Late

“There’s no need. I’m just waiting for someone, and it looks like school’s almost over.” Xia Jinyuan sat down; he even maintained his habitual sitting posture inside the army. His cap followed his hand and gently landed on his knee cap, maintaining his military posture, constantly reminding himself that he was a soldier, and he would definitely not disgrace the military when outside.

The more important thing is, this was also because of a trait from a physics perspective. When your hand is placed on your kneecap, your body will form a triangle, which is the most stable shape, so when you’re trying to get up, you can immediately stand up after putting strength into it.

Xia Jinyuan’s decision was to leave immediately after getting all the information he needed about what happened to Ye Jian.

The shop owner enthusiastically boiled some tea. When he sat down and saw Xia Jinyuan’s posture, he subconsciously also straightened his back, and in no time, they were idly chatting away.

“First City High isn’t too bad. This year, six of the students who took the college entrance exam managed to get into Huaqiao University and Guangxi University. Once their reputation soared, all the students out there began racking their brains to get in; each and every one of them wanted to get into First City High in the hopes of getting into one of those top universities.”

The shop owner was bored looking after his store alone. Since there was a fellow soldier here to keep him company, he then enthusiastically introduced First City High while sipping the hot tea.

Xia Jinyuan wanted to know what exactly had happened here with regards to Ye Jian, so naturally, he intentionally led the shop owner toward topics revolving around First City High.

After hearing that, he laughed, “It’s not like everyone wanted to study in First City High, right? I was looking for someone in the school just now, and I overheard two parents who were delivering clothes to the students said something about Ye Jian, something about her being…”

“Oh, Ye Jian, that little girl was a famous person not so long ago in our Anyang City.” Since they were getting along, and they were also talking about things that happened to others, the shop owner told the story about that day in detail, “… It’s really a pity, for that girl, such a pity. I also purposefully searched up an issue of People’s Daily from last year. She really was the little girl that won the gold medal in that Olympiad.”

“She was wronged by the school, so she left immediately after tearing apart her acceptance letter. What do you say? Why are the kids nowadays so bad-tempered? It’s not an easy feat to get into the school. Since the school isn’t going to erase her results and is still going to take her in, what’s so bad about being a guest student? Isn’t it the same if she just continued studying there in First City High?”

Tore apart her acceptance letter? Not erasing her results? Guest student?

Xia Jinyuan, who had grasped the main points, then asked what exactly had happened in detail. After listening to the full story, a chilly expression surfaced on his handsome face.

His little fox actually suffered such injustice! She had an unyielding character, so how could she be broken by a bucket of groundless accusations! She wouldn’t ever lower herself to become a guest student.

After finishing his cup of tea and obtaining the details of everything that had happened, Xia Jinyuan left the grocery store with a chilly look in his eyes. He took out a phone model that was currently popular in the capital; it was a phone model with a black and white screen. After a few beeps on the phone, he had finished pressing a string of numbers into it.

“Help me look up someone. Ye Jian, she just turned 16; check which school she’s currently studying in the province of Yunnan, and call me again in 10 minutes.”

After the phone call, Xia Jinyuan, who hadn’t slept for the past few nights, started resting. He was neither panicked nor flustered. He was very certain that it was impossible for his little fox to quit school.

If she wanted to enter a military school, then she had to be studying in some other school. Irrespective of whether it was senior high or junior high, as long as she was in a school, and her school registry and files were still present, then he could find her.

Before 10 minutes had passed, his phone started ringing. The person from the other end of the call said something, and Xia Jinyuan, who was previously resting his eyes with an emotionless face, suddenly had his eyes wide open. His voice was as cold as the snow outside, “You’ve checked all the schools in the province?”

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