Chapter 145: Shi Lian Got Injured

Sang Wan smiled and said, “Just by listening to Shopkeeper Sun, each of them are excellent on their own. We’ll take whichever set Big Sister likes! After all, there’s a saying that ‘Happiness can’t be bought with money!’” 

“Young Mistress is right, as long as Eldest Missy likes it!” Shopkeeper Sun smiled and agreed as he tried to favor both sides. 

“Which set do I like?” Shi Yumei gave a sly smile, “What if I like all three sets? Will Sister Sang Wan be willing to buy all of them for me?” 

Sang Wan’s expression froze a little. Even Shi Lian raised her head in shock, but she quickly lowered her eyes again. 

Shopkeeper Sun was so ecstatic that he felt dizzy and almost could not stand up straight. 

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Three sets, three sets! If those three sets were really sold today, he would have a very sumptuous new year ahead!

The Drunk Hibiscus was priced at eighty thousand silvers. Lantian Pearl and Colourful Falling Leaves was at a hundred and twenty thousand silvers respectively. If all three sets were bought, he could give a discount of a few thousand silvers. At the minimum, he could sell them for three hundred thousand silvers in total! In light of the shop’s agreement, he could gain a commission of two percent, so that would be six thousand silvers!

“Eldest Missy has such good taste!” Shopkeeper Sun smiled and said, “These three sets are all the best in our shop! There is only one of each set in the world; you will definitely not find a second set elsewhere! They fit Eldest Missy’s status so perfectly!” 

“Sister-in-law, what do you think?” Shi Yumei smiled and asked. 

“That’s naturally fine,” Sang Wan smiled and said, “If Big Sister likes them, then we’ll take them all!” 

“Sister Sang Wan is so generous!” Shi Yumei smiled gleefully and said, “Just a single transaction is worth a few hundred thousand silvers!” 

“Big Sister, you jest,” Sang Wan smiled and said, “Why would I have so much money on myself? Shopkeeper Sun, please pass the bill onto the Shi family’s Young Master after this!” 

Shi Yumei turned queasy and said sarcastically, “Using my younger brother’s money to do you a favor, what a calculative person you are! So befitting of a literary family; very clever!” 

“Big Sister, your words aren’t right,” Sang Wan laughed, “Didn’t Big Sister like them? If Big Sister likes them, Lord will definitely have no objection!” 

If the money was from Sang Wan, Shi Yumei would not oppose; she had in mind to empty all of Sang Wan’s personal savings. But when Sang Wan mentioned using Shi Fengju’s money, Shi Yumei felt a little uneasy. Her heart would ache if she spent her brother’s money in such a way. 

Shi Yumei raised her head and said to Shopkeeper Sun, “Help me to wrap this Drunk Hibiscus, I want this set!” Looking at Sang Wan, she gave a slight smile and said, “Having managed our household for more than half a year, I’m sure Sister Sang Wan must at least have a sum of money, right? I only want this one set, don’t tell me that Sister Sang Wan can’t even afford to pay this little money? “ 

Having less than a hundred thousand silvers saved as her personal savings after managing the household for half a year, if word were to be spread by Shi Yumei, who knew what Wang Shi and the Second Shi family would think! If she had a huge sum of money, then all would be well. However, Sang Wan clearly did not but did not wish to be maligned without a reason. 

“The family’s own personal finance definitely has and lots of the money passes through my hand. Since Big Sister had already said it, then I’ll tell the accountant when I return to see if we can use the family’s personal finances instead.” Sang Wan acted as if she did not understand what Shi Yumei was saying. 

Shi Yumei’s expression underwent another change, but she did not have the face to state Sang Wan’s personal savings in front of strangers. As such, she merely snorted with a cold expression on her face and turned silent. 

When Sang Wan saw that Shi Yumei finally stopped, she smiled and turned to Shi Lian, “Third Sister, how about choosing one or two pieces as well? You’re already here, you can’t go back empty handed!” 

“There isn’t any need to. I don’t wear these often and I already have the ones given to me from gifts given to the family yearly and from Mother as well!” Shi Lian quickly refused politely with a smile. 

“Silly girl, your sister-in-law brought you out here, so why are you being overly polite? Quickly, pick one or two that you like!” Sang Wan smiled as she gazed towards her. 

Shopkeeper Sun also chimed in at the side, pushing the tray with the individual pieces towards Shi Lian. 

Shi Lian could not refuse and smiled as she thanked Sang Wan. After having a look, Shi Lian picked a gold ring embedded with a red ruby and smiled, “I’ll take this!” 

“I think this looks better, take this then!” Sang Wan smiled and picked up a bracelet with eighteen jade beads before placing it on Shi Lian’s hand, “It looks good. It’ll look even better when you wear it!” 

“Young Mistress has such a good taste! This is the highest-quality jade beads, their large pomegranate size is really hard to come by! This missy will look really good with it!” Shopkeeper Sun smiled and said. 

“Really? But this looks a little too expensive!” Which young girl does not like pretty jewellery? Shi Lian caressed the beads softly. They had a soft and cool texture with a gentle glimmer, she really liked it as well. However, she was a little worried. She always kept her own status in mind and did not dare to compare herself with Shi Yumei. 

“Not expensive, not expensive, this piece is only eight hundred silvers! It is well worth it! Especially since it looks so good on you!” Shopkeeper Sun added with a smile. 

“How can you say it’s not expensive when it actually is!” Shi Lian was caught by surprise. Just this small bracelet costs eight hundred silvers! She hurriedly tried to take it off.

However, Sang Wan held her hand lightly and stopped her. Smiling to Shopkeeper Sun, Sang Wan said, “We’ll take this as well!” 

“Sister-in-law, but——”

“What but? If you like it, then take it!” Sang Wan patted her hand lightly and they smiled at each other. 

“Thank you, Sister Sang Wan!” Shi Lian smiled and gave her thanks. 

“There’s no need to be so polite, we are a family!” And both of them laughed. 

“Sister Sang Wan isn’t choosing one or two yourself?” Shi Lian asked. But when she glanced at the tray again, nothing else seemed to be as precious as the ones Sang Wan was wearing. 

“I don’t need one!” Sang Wan smiled and said, after which she instructed Shopkeeper Sun to wrap the chosen items. 

Shopkeeper Sun smiled and agreed. He kept the jewelry which they did not choose and left after bidding them farewell. 

Shi Lian laughed and said, “That’s right, There isn’t one that Big Brother gifts to Sister Sang Wan that does not cost a sum!” 

“You brat, you’re making fun of me now, aren’t you!” 

“I’m just complimenting Big Brother for doting on Sister Sang Wan, I would never dare to make fun of you!” 

“Hmph!” Shi Yumei was furiously jealous as she watched their intimacy as they messed with each other. Feeling upset, she could not stand their behavior any longer and stomped off. 

Shi Yumei scolded in her heart: is Shi Lian, that damned brat still considered her sister? She was normally never close with anyone else but became so intimate with a woman who had just entered the household half a year ago. She sure knows how to pick the right one to fawn over in order to gain a support behind her! Don’t Mother and I treat her well? How dare she be so shrewd!

“Big Sister!” Shi Lian stood up in shock and was at a loss of what to do. 

Sang Wan got up calmly, and patted Shi Lian’s hand to let her know it was fine before they left the private room together as well. 

“Big Sister,” Sang Wan called out. “The things you want aren’t packed yet. We’ve to wait a while more!” 

Shi Yumei jerked her head and looked at Sang Wan before saying indifferently, “I don’t want to wait, so? Tell Shopkeeper Sun to bring it to our household!” 

Sang Wan did not get angry with her and simply smiled, “That’s fine too.” With that, she went to sign her name and informed the counter. 

When she turned back, Shi Yumei had already exited the shop. 

Sang Wan and Shi Lian both wore their veil hats, and they exited the shop with Liu Ya, Zhide and Cai Yun. 

When they arrived at the area where horses were drawn, Shi Yumei was already impatient and asked, “What took you so long! I think that you in-laws have a lot to talk about, have you both not spoken enough? Too bad I’ve dampened your mood!”

“Look at what you are saying, Big Sister!” Sang Wan smiled coolly and said, “Oh yes, Big Sister where else do you want to go?” 

Shi Yumei saw that Sang Wan did not have any trace of awkwardness and discomfort when faced with her apologetic expression. That made her even angrier. The world had always revolved around her; everyone would fawn over and want to be around her, since when had she felt such “ill treatment”? 

Even Gu Fangzi would have never dared to snatch her spotlight. 

Appreciation was one matter, but she would never allow anyone to ignore her! No matter who that person was!

Shi Yumei snorted, purposefully cutting in between them and bumped heavily against Shi Lian. She said coldly, “I don’t deserve such honor! You two shop on your own, I’ll go wherever I want to on my own in case I ended up spoiling your mood!” 

Sang Wan was about to speak but Shi Lian suddenly groaned loudly. She was bent over and grabbing her left leg as she cried. 

“Missy!” Cai Yun held her in shock. 

It turned out that Shi Lian had been bumped towards the horse carriage by Shi Yumei. The carriage shook a little and her left leg was unfortunately positioned at the side of the wheels. The horse pulling the carriage felt the vibration and moved a few steps forward, causing the weight of the carriage to heavily press on Shi Lian’s foot.

“What’s wrong!” Sang Wan was startled as well as she hurriedly supported Shi Lian. 

The Shi household’s carriage was made of the best handicraft and was larger than most others. It weighed around two hundred kilograms; how could it not be painful when it ran across the foot of a delicate lady like Shi Lian? 

Shi Lian was in so much pain that her tears came out and her face was pale and contorted. The unbearable pain made her chest hurt so much that she almost could not breath normally. She inhaled sharply and clung tightly onto Sang Wan’s arm as she shook her head. She wanted to speak, but no words came out. 

“Are you okay? Are you in a lot of pain!” Sang Wan creased her eyebrows slightly, and looked at the helpless driver at the side, “What are you doing watching over there, hurry up and find a doctor!” 

Shi Yumei stopped the driver and glanced indifferently at Shi Lian’s foot. Seeing that there was no blood, she snorted and said simply, “It was just a light bump, so stop with your pretentious act. Who are you acting that way for? Do you want me to apologize?” 

“Big Sister, how could you say that!” Sang Wan was infuriated. 

“I’m talking to my sister, go mind your own business!” Shi Yumei laughed coldly, “You guys can pretend all you want, but forgive this Eldest Missy for not indulging in your act! Driver, drive the carriage. I want to go Brocade Lane!” 

“That —— Eldest Missy!” The driver was put on the spot and looked helplessly at Sang Wan. One party was the spoilt and favored Eldest Missy, and the other would be the head of the household in the future. He could not offend either of them. 

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“What? Are you not going to listen to me anymore? Want me to fire you when we get back!” Shi Yumei was so angry that her brows were arched angularly. 

“Driver, please go ahead!” Sang Wan said coolly, “We will head back on our own later! Big Sister, I am really impressed with you,” Sang Wan smiled at Shi Yumei and said, “Why would you want to pull me along to shop with you out of the blue! Why the trouble?” Even though you dislike me, you still dragged me along to shop with you. Isn’t that just bringing discomfort to yourself?

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