Chapter 146: Another Accidental Encounter

Shi Yumei could hear the implications behind Sang Wan’s words and her head throbbed from anger the moment she saw the mockery in her eyes. She gave a scorn and climbed into the carriage without turning back. Why? She was aggravated and wanted to give Sang Wan some trouble. Who knew that this would only upset herself more instead!

With a last guilty gaze from the driver, the horse carriage quickly disappeared into the rowdy city.

“Eldest Missy really ——” 

“Liu Ya!” Sang Wan said sternly and glared at Liu Ya. Even if a master had faults , a master was still a master, and a servant was never in the position to criticize them. If word were to spread into Shi Yumei’s ear, Liu Ya would definitely suffer greatly. 

Liu Ya’s complaints stopped immediately and she lowered her head. 

“Sister Sang Wan, I’m sorry! It’s my fault for causing trouble for you——” Shi Lian’s eyes were red as she gave a bitter smile. 

“Don’t say that!” Sang Wan felt bad and patted Shi Lian’s hand lightly, “If not for me pulling you along, you wouldn’t have been injured! Does it hurt a lot? Can you still walk?” 

Shi Lian shook her head, “Sister Sang Wan shouldn’t say that, it has got nothing to do with Sister Sang Wan!” When she tried to move her leg, an excruciating pain struck her and her foot could not support her at all. With a muted cry, she fell heavily on Cai Yun and they almost fell onto the ground. She smiled wistfully, “Sister Sang Wan, I——” 

“Bear with it a little, we will get a carriage and bring you to see the doctor!” Sang Wan saw how her lips were bit so tightly that they almost bled and how there was a thin layer of sweat with stray strands of hair stuck on her forehead. 

“Sister Sang Wan, don’t worry about me, I can still bear with this.” Shi Lian felt so touched that her tears almost fell again. After her biological mother passed away, no one really cared for her other than Cai Yun. But now, she could see real concern on Sang Wan’s face. 

“Silly sister of mine! Don’t cry, don’t be afraid! Your sister-in-law is here!” How could Sang Wan know what Shi Lian was thinking? From the looks of the situation, Shi Lian must be afraid and in great pain. Quickly, she hugged her and pat her back gently. 

This street was in an uptown area. Almost everyone that shopped here would employ their own carriage. Those who rode rental carriages had no business being around here. Time passed and no rental carriages passed by. Sang Wan and the group waited for a long while but did not see any rental carriage. 

Seeing how Shi Lian’s foot looked a little more swollen than before, Sang Wan could not help but become a little more anxious. 

“Liu Ya, go to the nearby restaurant on the opposite side and ask if they have  sedan chairs for rent. Ask the owner to send a chair to carry Third Missy and we will have a seat inside the restaurant. Also, have the waiter find us a horse carriage.” Looking at the splendid Zhenwei Restaurant, Sang Wan instructed. 

Liu Ya quickly nodded, “Young Mistress, that’s a good idea!” She turned away and left for the restaurant. 

Liu Ya crossed the street hastily. Her footsteps were quick and she accidentally bumped into someone right at the entrance of the restaurant. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” Liu Ya quickly bowed and apologised profusely. 

“Do you have eyes, you brat! Who are you bumping into? Are you tired of living!” Before the man who was bumped could speak, the servant beside him had already scolded with a face full of contempt. 

Liu Ya was offended by his insults so she raised her head to talk back. But just before she could, she heard a surprising voice coming from over her head, “Eh, it’s you!” 

That came from the man she bumped into. 

Liu Ya took a few steps back and looked at him with eyes full of distrust. Her pupils suddenly contracted and she glared at him in despise as she hissed, “Oh, it’s you, pervert! Please keep your dog under control and don’t let him bark like mad!” 

“Who are you calling a dog!” The servant barked angrily. 

“You answered it yourself, so why ask me!” Liu Ya sneered. 

“You!” The servant pulled up his sleeves and rubbed his fists together. 

“Back down, don’t be impolite!” Zhuang Weixian scolded his servant and took a good look a Liu Ya before asking with a smile, “Why are you here?” 

The servant, Gao Wang, did not dare to disobey his master. He gave two grudging looks at Liu Ya before backing down. Liu Ya glared back at him challengingly before turning to Zhuang Weixian to say unhappily, “I go wherever I like and it’s none of your business!” After she finished, she headed directly to the counter that was by the side. 

Zhuang Weixian smiled and walked over slowly with his hands behind his back, standing at a place not far from her. 

Liu Ya could feel his presence so she turned around to give him a look of displeasure. However, the restaurant was a public place and she had no right to judge where others stood. Liu Ya did not want to create more trouble so she held herself back. She took out ten silvers and pushed it towards the counter discreetly before saying courteously, “Are there any available rooms in the restaurant? Can you book one for me?” 

Before the shopkeeper could speak, Zhuang Weixian gave a slight chuckle and continued watching with curiosity. 

The shopkeeper creased his eyebrows and he did not even glance at the note. He said indifferently, “There isn’t any left!” 

“Oh no!” Liu Ya panicked and thought, “Then, how about a table in the main hall! Pick a table at the corner!” 

“There isn’t any left!” The shopkeeper shook his head, and forced a smile as he guided kindly, “Missy,  turn left after you exit and make a right turn after two streets. There are many small shops there. Missy, should ask over there!” 

“That’s too far away!” Liu Ya shook her head, she looked across at the main hall and pointed, “Shopkeeper, there are clearly empty tables around, why can’t you book one for me?” 

“Missy,” Belonging in the service sector, the shopkeeper remained courteous. He maintained a gracious attitude and explained patiently to Liu Ya, “The cheapest dish from our restaurant is around five silvers. If a meal does not cost a hundred silvers, an entire table would range at least between seventy to eighty silvers! If this missy still wishes to book a table, you may still do so!” 

“That’s so expensive!” Liu Ya opened her eyes in shock and had a pained look on her face. The cheapest dish was five silvers. Her monthly salary was only three silvers!

The shopkeeper smiled and said as a matter of fact, “Missy, you should find another restaurant!” 


Liu Ya’s reaction caught the shopkeeper by surprise. Zhuang Weixian’s thick brows raised a little, and didn’t give it much thought. As a maidservant of the guest who was invited to his mother’s banquet, the household that this brat came from must not be poor. Would she not be able to afford a meal here? 

Liu Ya said, “Then that means that there are still rooms available, right? No matter the cost, please reserve a room for me. Also, our family’s missy has injured her foot. Please prepare a sedan and accompany me to the opposite street to fetch them!” 

“Missy,” The shopkeeper could not help but to take a second look at Liu Ya’s attire. A thin cotton-padded wear peppered with tiny green flower printings, her hairpin was embedded with tiny gemstones in the shape of small flowers and a skillfully crafted pink fabric begonia flower; she also wore a good-quality jade bangle on her left wrist.. 

She must be a head maidservant from a prestigious family. 

The shopkeeper was deeply relieved that he had treated the brat with courtesy just now. He asked inquisitively, “Well, it can be done. But according to the requirements, you’ll need to pay a deposit of a hundred silvers first.” 

“A hundred silvers? So much?” It was true that Liu Ya had a note with two hundred silvers on her, but that was Sang Wan’s meagre savings. Just handing it out made her heart ached! After a quick thought about it, Liu Ya asked with a smile, “Can I ask if the bills can be credited instead? Record it in your book, and then get the payment from our young master or headservant?” 

In any case, this trouble was caused by Shi Yumei, why should my young mistress spend the money and energy to help her resolve this trouble? If the household funds isn’t authorized to be used then Young Master should be the one paying for it instead! Liu Ya thought through it carefully! 

“Credit?” The shopkeeper gave her what appeared to be a smile as he glanced at her: Interesting. The shopkeeper asked, “Can I know which family in this city does missy belong to? And who might your young master be——” 

Liu Ya thought that the shopkeeper had agreed to her suggestion and said happily, “My young master is the Shi family’s young master! Just bill it to our Shi household!” 

“Shi household?” The shopkeeper asked hastily, “Which Shi household?” 

Liu Ya was stunned momentarily and spoke without thinking, “Is there more than one Shi household? It’s the Shi household situated on Qing Xi Street!” 

“Your young master is the Shi family’s young master, the richest family in all of Qingzhou?” The shopkeeper asked in shock. 

“That’s right!” Liu Ya smiled and said, “Mister, my young mistress and Third Missy are still waiting at the opposite street! Hurry and prepare a sedan chair! We’ve to hurry over!” 

“Eh, Missy, please give us a moment, we’ll follow you in a moment!” The shopkeeper nodded and quickly called his subordinates before giving them the instructions. 

“You are a Shi household’s maidservant?” Zhuang Weixian went forward in astonishment. 

“Oh, Young Master Zhuang, when did you arrive!” The shopkeeper came from behind and bowed respectfully. He smiled in embarrassment, “This old mister must’ve been blind for not attending to Young Master Zhuang. Please forgive me!” 

Zhuang Weixian purposely stood at the shopkeeper’s blindspot just now. He shook his hand to show that he did not mind. 

The shopkeeper smiled and invited him to the floor above, “The room that you’ve booked is the second room in the west side on the second floor. Everything is ready, please go ahead!” 

“No hurry, you don’t have to attend to me. It’s best to attend to this young lady here first! I will go up on my own later!” Zhuang Weixian smiled and gave a glimpse at Liu Ya. 

“Hehe, thank you Young Master Zhuang for your understanding!” The shopkeeper smiled at Liu Ya and said, “The sedan chair is almost ready. Missy, please wait a while more.” 

“Thank you so much, Shopkeeper!” Liu Ya smiled and nodded without throwing a glance back at Zhuang Weixian. 

 Zhuang Weixian felt a little hurt, and begun to feel indignant. In all his life, this had been the second time he was ignored by someone. Most importantly, the first person to ignore him was also this woman in front of him! Even a small maidservant from the Shi household was so arrogant? No, that couldn’t be. The other maidservants weren’t like this, at least Lan Xiang wasn’t like this! This little brat’s eyes must have grown on top of her head! 

“Are you really a maidservant from the Shi household?” Zhuang Weixian gave her an appraising look. 

“What does that have to do with you? Let me warn you, don’t talk incessantly to me, this missy here absolutely loathes strangers who randomly hits on people!” Liu Ya replied fiercely. 

“Wei wei wei, why do you speak like that!” Gao Wang was so angry that he almost jumped on Liu Ya. With a glare from Zhuang Weixian, he quickly backed down again. 

“So fierce! Has your master not taught you proper etiquette?” Zhuang Weixian smiled and asked. 

“That’s none of your business!” Liu Ya moved to the side impatiently and kept a distance from the man who had nothing better to do. 

Zhuang Weixian smiled and said, “Indeed, this has nothing to do with me. But look who’s here, now I’m sure you’ve business with him!” Zhuang Weixian smiled and pointed towards the entrance. 

There, Shi Fengju walked in with Zhan Huan from the outside. 

“Young Master!” Liu Ya said in surprise then she sprinted over to him, “Young Master!” 

Liu Ya was bursting with joy, her smile so brilliant when she finally she saw the head of the family and her support! 

“Liu Ya!” Shi Fengju said in surprise, “Why are you here?” He looked around and asked again, “Where’s your young mistress?” 

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