Chapter 147: Severely Injured

“Young Master, you’ve to hurry! Young Mistress and Third Missy are on the opposite street; Third Missy is injured! Young Mistress asked me to——” 

“Injured? What happened!” Shi Fengju creased his eyebrows and instructed quickly, “What are you waiting for? Lead the way!” 



“Brother Shi!” Zhuang Weixian smiled and went up to them. 

“Brother Zhuang!” Shi Fengju cupped his fists together and said apologetically, “There’s an emergency, I’m afraid I will not be able to make it for our appointment. Let’s have dinner another day.!” 

“No worries!” Zhuang Weixian smiled and said, “I’ve heard everything from your servant. Please go ahead! Your wife and Third Missy are more important!” 

Shi Fengju nodded and had Liu Ya lead the way. The shopkeeper had already instructed his subordinates to prepare the sedan chair and was about to follow after them. However, Zhuang Weixian smiled and said, “You should save yourselves the trouble. The Shi family’s young master has his own horse carriage. They would most likely send Third Missy straight to the doctor!” 

The shopkeeper touched his head and smiled foolishly at himself, “How silly of me!” He quickly went to see Shi Fengju off personally. Shi Fengju had already heard about the incident briefly from Liu Ya. After thanking the shopkeeper, he left with her. Zhan Huan quickly went to prepare the horse carriage.

“Young Master, are we still going upstairs or not?” Watching as Zhuang Weixian gazed at the exit with the smile on his face, Gao Wang went forward to ask. His master was supposed to meet with Young Master Shi. Who knew something urgent would happen?

Zhuang Weixian snapped, “Let’s go! Why are we not!” He went up after saying. 

Sang Wan, Shi Lian, Zhide and Cai Yun were waiting anxiously. All of a sudden, Cai Yun and Zhide exclaimed at the same time, “Young Master!” 

“Young Mistress, Young Master is here!” Zhide held Sang Wan joyfully and said. 

“It really is Big Brother! Liu Ya is so capable!” Liu Ya could not help smiling. 

Sang Wan was taken aback and forced a smile. 

“Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju hurried towards them and asked worriedly, “Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?” 

Sang Wan was slightly flustered. The person injured is your sister, not me! Did Liu Ya not tell you? What would your sister think from your behavior! 

“I’m fine! It is Third Sister whose foot is injured,” Sang Wan quickly shook her head and sent a chastising look to Liu Ya at the same time. The corner of Liu Ya’s lips went down in indignance.  I already told Young Master that Third Missy’s foot was injured. How would I know he would react in such a way!

Shi Fengju heaved a sigh of relief and turned towards Shi Lian, “Is it severe? Endure a little while more, we will go to see the doctor now.” 

“Okay. Thank you Big Brother and Sister Sang Wan!” Shi Lian smiled gratefully and was not bothered by Shi Fengju behavior. It was normal for her big brother to care more for his wife. It was not something for her to complain about. 

Shi Fengju smiled and asked, “Why are all of you here?” Baffled, he arched his eyebrows, “And—— where’s your horse carriage?” 

Both his wife and sister appeared here out of the blue. Liu Ya even had to go to a restaurant to borrow a sedan chair. This was all too strange. 

“Eldest Missy wanted our young mistress to accompany her to go shopping today! That’s why we’re here!” Liu Ya pointed to the Qiong Fang Tower nearby, “We were choosing some jewellery there just now!” 

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“Oh, then where is Big Sister? Is she still in Qiong Fang Tower?” Shi Fengju came to a realization, but became even more confused after that.

“Eldest Missy had already left!” Liu Ya said sorely. 

“Left?” Shi Fengju froze, and his expression turned unsightly. He seemed to have somewhat understood. That sister of mine, why is she still——

“That’s right, Eldest Missy——” 

“It was all my fault!” Shi Lian saw that Liu Ya was going to complain about Shi Yumei. Although It could not be considered a complaint, saying the truth would have the same effect as complaining. If Shi Yumei found out about it when she got back, then what awaited would be another wave of conflict. Because of Big Sister Yumei, Sister Sang Wan already had to suffer so much; Shi Lian did not want another conflict to start because of her. But seeing how Sang Wan seemed indifferent about Liu Ya speaking her mind, Shi Lian quickly cut in and smiled apologetically, “It was all because of my carelessness that ended up with the carriage running over my foot. Since Big Sister Yumei still had much to shop, I had to trouble Sister Sang Wan to stay behind and accompany me! I am in luck today, who knew that I would bump into Big Brother! I’ve troubled all of you!” 

After he heard her, he glanced once towards Sang Wan. Sang Wan remained silent and lowered her eyes. 

“You are my sister, this is no trouble,” Shi Fengju sighed quietly in his heart before saying, “Really, what important things did my big sister have to buy that she could just leave you here without a care! Let’s go get you to the doctor first; your foot has to receive treatment early!” 

Shi Lian nodded softly and said gently, “Big Brother, please don’t blame Big Sister Yumei, it was all my carelessness. I ended up dampening her mood and even involved Sister Sang Wan! Really—— if you blame Big Sister Yumei, I will feel worse!” 

Shi Fengju knew she only said so because she was afraid of the trouble. She would rather suffer silently than stir up trouble. He had a sudden thought that this girl was also his sister from the same father. Compared to Big Sister, they were entirely different. Shi Fenju suddenly felt a twinge of sadness swell within him!

“You shouldn’t be saying this anymore!” Sang Wan held her arm and said, “Listen to yourself, your words are getting more and more courteous! Seeing the doctor is more important now!” 

“Your sister-in-law is right! Don’t think too much about it anymore!” Shi Fengju smiled and said. 

Shi Lian saw how the two were not going to harp on the issue, letting the matter slide, and heaved a huge sigh of relief in her heart as she nodded with a smile. 

After a short while, Zhan Huan arrived on the horse carriage. The group went into the carriage and they headed straight for the doctor. 

Apparently, Shi Lian’s injury was not minor. She could not exert any strength on her injured foot and needed Cai Yun and Zhide to support her on both sides in order to board the carriage. Even so, it took her a while to settle herself inside. Shi Fengju creased his eyebrows even more tightly. Big Sister really crossed the line this time!

After seeing the doctor and getting the medication, the group returned together. Sang Wan instructed the servants to fetch Shi Lian from the second gate with a smaller sedan chair and also had a few burly maidservants carry Shi Lian into her room. 

Shi Fengju and her followed behind and watched over her as the servants lay her properly on the bed for her to get a good rest. After giving careful instructions to Cai Yun, the couple left together. 

Sang Wan went to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence and Shi Fengju followed after her. 

Sitting down in a room, Sang Wan felt her mental and physical strength were exhausted from her body. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Shi Lian fractured her toe bones. She would need to lie in bed for another two months before she could move as per normal. During the two months, it would be best for her not to leave her bedroom and get more rest. 

Shi Fengju also did not expect Shi Lian’s injury to be this serious. Seeing how Sang Wan remained silent, he smiled and said, “Later, arrange for two more servants to be by Third Sister’s side to take care of her. All the work in her house are taken care of by Cai Yun. I’m afraid she might not be able to handle everything with her master injured!” 

“I know,” Sang Wan sighed and said, “This is all my fault. If I had not insist on dragging her along, it would not have turned out this way!” 

Shi Fengju replied, “Don’t blame yourself, who would have thought of that! Next time, next time if Big Sister asks you out again, let me know. I will accompany you.”

Sang Wan rolled her eyes at him and thought: You left so early in the morning today. If I wanted to ask you to come along, I’d have to be able to find you first! Thinking about how she had to forgive Shi Yumei so simply, Sang Wan was uncomfortable. She said snappily, “Next time? I would rather risk letting Mother scold me than accompany her out again! Anyway, today in Qiong Fang Tower, your big sister bought a jewellery set that costs eighty thousand silvers. I had also picked a bracelet, which costs eight hundred silvers, for Third Sister. They’re all paid by credit so Shopkeeper Sun will be bringing the bill over to you in a few days time.” 

Shi Fengju acknowledged it without much thought and smiled, “The things in Qiong Fang Tower is quite good. Why didn’t you get anything for yourself?” 

“I don’t need one!” Sang Wan said while feeling slightly unhappy. Your big sister was already giving us an icy expression when I chose the bracelet for Third Sister. What would she think if I were to pick one for myself? Who knew what else she would say after that! 

“Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju sighed softly, and paused for a moment before adding with a bitter smile on his face, “Why do I feel like it’s always so hard for you to get along with her? Sang Wan, Sang Wan, to tell you the truth, I have never encountered something as difficult as this in all my life! I really don’t know what to do!” 

Sang Wan was stared at him and said bluntly, “Your family spoils your big sister too much! To the extent where she expects the entire world to revolve around her! In any case, she is never the one in the wrong, the fault always lies in others! Anything that doesn’t go her way would be someone else’s fault; she would vent her anger on others! Don’t glare at me like that, I will just speak my mind now! Let me tell you, Shi Fengju, no matter what I do, she will see me as a nuisance. In her eyes, I can never compare to your cousin in every aspect, so why should I have any misgivings?”

“I didn’t say anything, what’s with the tantrum!” Shi Fengju did not get angry and found it funny instead. He got closer to her and consoled gently, “Sang Wan, if you have any frustrations, throw them all at me. It’s okay to say these words to me behind closed doors, but please don’t say them in front of my mother or my big sister. I do not want my mother to feel sad. You saw how Brother-in-law Zhixian is. Their marriage was arranged by my mother. Even though she says nothing of it, I know that she must be full of regret today and feels accountable for my big sister. That’s why she indulges my big sister a little more. I do not want to be too critical and make her sad! If you don’t like her, then avoid and ignore her, even if it is just for me, put up with her a little, please?” 

Shi Fengju’s father was not very supportive of Shi Yumei’s marriage. However, Wang Shi was fond of Ren Zhixian at that time and was also satisfied with his family. As such, she insisted on the marriage. There was also a deeper meaning behind it. Wang Shi had some indignance since she did not have a say on her son’s marriage, so she should at least have a say over her daughter’s, right? No matter what her husband said, her mind remained stubborn. Without a choice, Shi Fengju’s father had to concede. 

Who knew that six to seven years later, her daughter would return without money and had to bring her husband to rely on her Shi family. Shi Fengju knew that his mother found it hard to accept, so as her son, how could he hurt his mother further? 

Sang Wan gulped and was immediately out of words. If not for Shi Fengju today, she and Shi Lian would be in an even more difficult situation. Throwing her temper at him now was unreasonable of her, but Shi Fengju remained patient with her. How would she dare to continue venting her resentment on him even if she still had any? 

Sang Wan looked away frantically to avoid his eyes while she said, “Should we still inform Mother about this? I’m alright, but I’m afraid that Third Sister——” 

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What if Shi Yumei went to Wang Shi and distorted the facts, or exaggerated what happened? What would become of Shi Lian? When that happened, she would no longer be able to help speak for Shi Lian at all. 

One was her eldest sister-in-law and the other was her younger sister-in-law who belong to another mother. By title, Shi Yumei was obviously closer to her so she couldn’t possibly help her younger sister-in-law criticize the faults of her eldest sister-in-law. 

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