Chapter 344: Fighter Aircrafts Flying Past In The Sky

There was no time for breaks; she had to complete everything in one go.

Ye Jian was concerned about Principal Chen’s physical condition. That was why she had proposed to do it alone just now.

“You want to try it out alone?” Principal Chen, who had just washed his face, smiled and looked at Ye Jian, who was as tenacious as vines growing on a cliff, using her stable tendrils to drill into the nooks and crevices of rocks each step along the way. He said with a benevolent gaze, “You’re thinking about getting through the night alone as well?”

Ye Jian immediately realized the hidden message behind his words. She playfully blinked her eyes and laughed optimistically, “I can’t have Uncle Chen accompanying me all the time, I have to learn how to face the darkness alone. I’ll bring a compass, and I definitely won’t lose my way home.”

“Deal, I’ll wait for you here with Old Uncle Gen.” Her bravery and persistence … It made Principal Chen feel that no matter how toilsome, how exhausting this was, it was all worth it.

Here, not only was Principal Chen training Ye Jian to become a globally ranked sniper, but he was also training her to become a commander that could immediately enter the special forces once she graduated from military school!

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Now, he was training Ye Jian to be a ground sniper. After they were done here, he would bring Ye Jian into the jungles as soon as he spotted the first signs of spring next year, and move on to the jungle training phase.

Darkness soon fell; the nightscape in the desert was purer than it was in Tibet.

The golden sand beneath her stretched far and wide, but the sky was filled with countless shimmering stars. Ye Jian took out her binoculars to look at the Milky Way. The boundless blue, magnificent scene unfolding before her made her feel like she was nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

The sky was as clear as a mirror’s surface; shooting stars could occasionally be spotted between the shimmering stars, leaving a wonderful view in the instant they disappeared.

After only a few minutes of admiring the night sky, Ye Jian then sneaked into the desert, and she started her endurance test.

The stars in the sky twinkled. Ye Jian, who was admiring the nightscape, had no idea that Xia Jinyuan was currently seated in the backseat of the aircraft, ready and preparing for launch, and with the command of his superiors, they soared into the night sky at a 60-degree angle, before they started cruising toward their final destination.

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Under the guidance of the command tower, he and four of his Elite Platoon comrades, along with five aviators in charge of piloting five of the newest fighter aircraft, started a series of drills and operations.

Bombing simulations, elevated thrusts, and swift nosedives – all of these required them to demonstrate it and complete it with their lives at stake.   

The booming fighter aircrafts loomed over her. Ye Jian, who was lying prone in the desert, heard the noise, and couldn’t help but look at the sky with her binoculars.

In her eyes, she could see a couple of fighters flying past her overhead at an amazing speed.

In Xia Jinyuan’s eyes, he knew that she was in this desert, but he had no idea which area he would encounter his little fox in.

The difference was that he was in the sky, while she was on the ground.

At the same time, in the same place, they were destined to meet and pass by each other.

She would hear the booming of the fighter aircraft. No matter which one it was, they all contained a trace of his figure before flying past her in the sky.

“We’ve passed Hotan river, completed defensive barrel rolls.” His voice couldn’t be transmitted into Ye Jian’s ears, but it transmitted loud and clear back to the tower’s command center. Flight tests were filled with unpredictable danger, yet he still managed to keep his calm; he was easy and unafraid of death.

That night, Ye Jian did not return, so Principal Chen and Old Uncle Gen had a sleepless night. They sat there till the sun rose from the east, and Ye Jian’s figure appeared on the horizon simultaneously with the sun. Her back against the sun, she trekked through the sand from a far distance away.

She saw two black dots standing up far away from her. They were her closest family; they were the elders she respected the most in her life.

However, she did not know that she had come across someone at some point last night.

After staying in the desert for four months, when February of the following year arrived, the family of three generations was now in a jungle of large proportions in the southern part of Jiangxi province.

This was a place told about in legends and was full of danger. Ye Jian had just begun a phase in her four-year plan that was originally intended to be carried out in her third year.

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