Volume 3 Chapter 105: A Disturbing Night at Scripps Cemetery

At the eastern part of the campus of Olsylvia Academy was one of the forbidden grounds, the Scripps Cemetery. After Bella kept Sylvia properly, she continued her trip with Noreya and Elaine. Her familiar demon, Demon World Princess Diaz did not show her face so Elaine did not manage to see Bella’s familiar demon. She also did not know that Sylvia had already been “taken in” by Bella.

“Elaine, how do you know that the footprints are left by your sister, Isaman? The footprints have no name!”
“This question is the secret of my profession. If there is a chance, I will let you know!”
Elaine did not clarify Bella’s bewilderment. She was the only dormitory roommate who Bella hadn’t seen naked. At the present time, she could only be considered a normal friend and her body’s secret needed to be kept secret from Bella. Her profession was said to be named Puppet Master but Bella felt that her identity was not as simple as just a Puppet Master.
It was very shabby in the inside of Scripps Cemetery and it seemed that no one had offered sacrifices for a very long time. The deceased spirits here weren’t going to go through the reincarnation process. Based on the hidden secret of the Radiant Church, ten thousand years ago, the Twelve Demon Kings had intervened in the battle of the God World and the God World had lost thoroughly. The Twelve Gods, together with a group of High-Level Gods, had all either died in battle or were unaccounted for.
The Death God was a first-class God and had also died in the battle. Once the Death God and God of Life died, nobody managed the Reincarnation Passage. Currently the dead were not able to reincarnate and this had caused the whole human continent to have exceptionally many wandering spirits. The Radiant Church seized the opportunity to emerge. Luckily the new spirits were not managed by the God World, if not the Other World would have been finished ten thousand years ago.
On the graveyard floor, Bella had seen the footprints that Elaine mentioned. On the muddy ground, there was indeed a row of footprints that was left behind by a human. However, besides the human race’s footprint, there were also many mysterious footprints and they all seemed to look similar to the human race.
“Bella, this footprint is not left by a living person. It should be a dead person, probably an undead Demon Corpse.

Noreya looked at the footprint on the ground and realized that the footprint was incomplete. For instance, the footprint that was nearest to her, the owner of the footprint, the sole of the foot seemed to be partly gnawed off. Noreya, besides being an assassin, also had archer as a subclass and in her past life, her actual profession was a hunter.
“The corpse of an undead… This Scripps Cemetery should have a thousand years of history and if there really were traces of the undead, it would be a ten thousand year Corpse God. Bella, should we retreat first? Even the Catholic Cardinal of the Radiant Church would not dare to deal with a Corpse God”.
Elaine was slightly worried for the safety of her sister Isaman. Based on the point of view of the Interdimensional Traveler, she and Isaman are not considered sisters but Elaine also did not want to implicate Bella and Noreya, thus she could only suggest for them to retreat first.
According to the ability of the undead, those that had existed for a century would be known as a Zombie King, those that existed for a millennium would be a Zombie Demon, then those that had been surviving for ten millenium would be known as a Corpse God. Even in Bella’s Darkness Sacred Region, there weren’t any Corpse Gods. She did not expect that at the Scripps Cemetery, there would be Corpse God, and not just one of them!
These Corpse Gods had been awake all this time but they did not climb up to attack Bella and others. It was not because the sunlight restricted their actions, the Corpse King was not afraid of the sunlight, let alone the Corpse God. It was also not because Bella and others were not human and with special identities thus being unable to snatch away their very abnormal human bodies.
The Corpse Gods actually feared the Great Evil Slaying Sword which Bella had put in the storage rings she brought with her. This Great Evil Slaying Sword was a genuine product that was bought from Akmans, who was one of the male saviors, and the sword was actually one of the nemeses of evil. To be cut by the Great Evil Slaying Sword, even if it was a Corpse God, it would also die.

It was already considered strange that Bella, being both a Demon King and a Demon God, could carry and use weapons of the Savior. Elaine and Noreya, who were her companions, had also faced a similar situation whereby they had very evil auras but they were unknown entities who were able to carry equipment of the Savior.
Bella did not bring President Maria and the four Holy Maidens nor did she call Angel, who was proficient in spirit magic. Regarding this Scripps Cemetery adventure trip, they had miscalculated from the start; they didn’t bring the full set of professions (like in a game) with them so now they were trapped.     
“It does not matter, we shall continue to advance and follow Isaman’s footprint as we can’t leave her alone over here. She should have opened that door using a key!”
Bella decided to continue. It was still daytime, even if there was Corpse God climbing out, they would just cripple their own two legs. If she really couldn’t handle it, then she could summon that broken down Lolita, who was a Loli, and bomb this public cemetery. Ockham, who was one of the Ex-Twelve Demon Kings, had also been killed by Lolita. No matter how strong a Corpse God was, it could not win against the Twelve Demon Kings.
In the depths of the Scripps Cemetery, where the nameless stele was, Bella and her party had seen President Isaman, who was dressed in a pure white sacrificial apparel. Bella didn’t expect that President Isaman would be the priest and stared blankly for a while. The namelist of the St. Louis Church Academy elite priest members that she had gotten from President Maria did not have Isaman’s name.
The Radiant Church had stipulated that all high-level priests and above would be recorded in the file. It was obvious that Isaman did not register with the Radiant Church. It was estimated that she was not a normal priest. A person who was ranked first in the Olsylvia Academy Magic Profession students; Bella would not believe that she was just a priest even if she was beaten to death.

“President Isaman, what are you doing here, I remember that this place is a forbidden ground!”
“Oh, Duchess Bellina, why are you here when there is nothing happening and you are not part of the clergy?”
Isaman turned around and looked at Bella with a puzzled expression. The Scripps Cemetery had buried the human heroes that had died in the battle ten thousand years ago in Olsylvia City. After the heroes had died in the battle ten thousand years ago, because they could not reincarnate, their spirits had been hovering around here.
Following the elapsed time, the spirit of these former human heroes had become depraved. They were trapped in this Scripps Cemetery for ten thousand years and nobody had offered sacrifices to them; even a normal person would become crazy. The corpses that were left behind had basically changed into Corpse Gods. The reason they had not gone out to wreck the world was because they had no consciousness. They would only be based on the memory fragments and instincts before they died, and lingered around their original place.
Previously, Sylvia had met a certain corrupted hero spirit that was both a thief and an assassin. It had depended on its instinct and innate skill to effortlessly steal away Sylvia’s magic artifact. If she had not met Bella and the few “aliens” who had stopped it, it would have already gotten away.
These corrupted holy spirits were different from the Corpse God as their original corpse had already been destroyed in the last battle. They could only wait for a living person to turn up and then to wrest control of that person’s body. Because of an unknown reason, they were unable to attach themselves to the body of the Corpse Gods.
“Isaman, you are saying this place does not just have Corpse Gods but also holy spirits that have been corrupted. How did you know about this? Even President Maria and that others didn’t know about this matter so how could you have known…”
“Bellina, please don’t ask about that anymore; everybody has their own secrets. These corrupted holy spirits and the Corpse Gods, will temporarily not attack priests who are part of the clergy. I didn’t ask why you are alright, so why should you try to figure out my secret?”
Under the nameless monument, there were many bouquets spread over there and it looked like it was made of wildflowers that were picked from the mountain. Isaman put both her palms together and prayed in front of the monument. Her position was not very different from President Maria and those orthodox school clerics. There was no doubt about the identity of President Isaman being a priest.
Bella walked over to Isaman’s side and had quietly observed Isaman’s every movement. Elaine and Noreya were hidden in a distant place and observed secretly. Isaman was their nominal Student President so it would be troublesome if they were seen by her.
They were not like Bella who had belonged to the school next door. If Isaman had wanted to punish Bella, she would have pressure President Lucia to pressure and could not directly punish Bella. Because Bella was a student of Filomena Nobility Academy and fell under President Lucia’s management. She was the student president of Euphemia Imperial Academy and could not control Bella.
“Student Bellina… Why do you keep on looking at my face? Pay attention to your knight image! It’s currently a solemn prayer ceremony, can’t you be more dignified?”
Bella’s gaze towards Isaman finally made the student president unable to be calm. Bella’s eyes were too strong and invasive and she could not ignore it. If she wasn’t a girl, she would not care about her image and opened her mouth to rain curses.
“President Isaman, is there anything wrong with me looking at my female servant! The thought that after one month… I will…”

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“Duchess Bellina, that’s enough. The competition has not started yet! How do you know that you will win for sure? You must stop thinking about that kind of thing.”
Isaman’s reprimanding tone Bella was not as tough as before. She had known Bella’s strength was not at the level of a rookie from other channels and was at least a holy knight. The bet between them this time, she had estimated that it would be slightly suspenseful. If Bella was just a holy knight, she would have ways to win for sure.
She was just worried that Bella had concealed her strength like herself. That would not be easy to handle. Now Isaman started to regret the bet and if she lost, looking at Bella’s eyes, it would not be a good thing. If only there was a chance to change the wager of the gamble.
Bella did not care about Isaman’s thinking; she was purely admiring beautiful girls. She hadn’t had much chance to see Isaman so she should look a bit more if given a chance. As for her motive in coming over here, Bella had a change in her plans. She did not want to meddle in the Corpse God and corrupted holy spirits anymore.

The Radiant Church had clearly deliberately hidden this spot and should have already reached a common understanding with the school authorities of Olsylvia Academy and sealed the place up. Outside people could not know about these heroes’ corrupted holy spirits and if they knew, it would be hard to hide the secret that the God World had finished; the firm belief of the human race for ten thousand years would threaten to crumble.

“Bellina, what are you doing here exactly? I don’t think you’re here like me, to commemorate the deceased!”
“Of course not, I am here… am here to develop territory. This place doesn’t look very good so I will probably give up.”
Bella had not really given up, she just did not want to be the first person to start a war over here. She thought of a crucial point: the suppression of these deceased should be the job of the Saviors and it was unnecessary for her to snatch other people’s rice bowls. Why not arrange jobs for the few male saviors who were “neglecting their duties”?
Bella first used her method of hitting on girls, which had worked every time, to persuade President Isaman to leave and after that, she would discuss with Noreya and Elaine, who were hidden, to unintentionally leaked out this location. It was just in time to give the male saviors proper jobs.

That night Scripps Cemetery was not peaceful anymore. Scott, the God Knight, had just recovered from a serious injury and heard the news that this area had a great number of demonic beings which would be a good place to “kill the monsters”. He quickly brought his own incorporated troops, which consist of ten over brothers, and rushed over that very night.
Adelaide, the God Mage, and Akmans (God Chosen Holy Sword) was tricked by Bella into coming over here. The former had heard that Kriss’ favorite flower was planted over here and the latter had heard that the cemetery had hidden a large number of precious divine artifacts. In short, the three men saviors had brought men up to the peak of Mount Vernon. There would be a show to watch tonight.
Olsylvia Academy, by the first of the Six Major Academy Lakes, Virginia Lake. Duke Bellina’s personal apartment building, “Pure White Heaven”. Bella’s apartment building No. 1. Currently, it was about 8 pm at night and Bella stood on the balcony of the hidden room at the top of the building to survey the distant peak of Mount Vernon.

The peak of Mount Vernon was already a scene of flames and the school authorities of Olsylvia Academy seemed to be collectively blind. Towards everything that was happening at the peak of Mount Vernon, they had not dispatched people to explore on-site nor arranged people to seal off the road at the bottom of the mountain. It was not sure what they were actually thinking.
“I beg of you, Bella, please let go of me. I can give you lots of money and magical artifacts. The things that happened today…”
“Sylvia, please be my personal magician. I have already taken a fancy to you, are you still trying to run away…”
Bella lowered her head and kissed Sylvia’s beautiful cheek gently a few times. Both of Sylvia’s hands and legs were tied to her back with spider threads. Her whole body was naked as she was carried by Bella, who was taking liberties. Even if Bella was also a girl, she was also scared as she was not sure what the perverted girl would do next!”
“Bella, kidnapping a magician could be… please stop, can’t you let me… finish my words… to say…”
“Please be quiet, hmph, this is my territory, please do not struggle anymore.”
Bella kissed Sylvia’s little mouth again, her tongue skillfully prying open Sylvia’s lips and directly snatching away the beautiful girl’s first kiss which she had kept for over ten years. Sylvia’s blue eyes were complicated and Bella’s tongue “stirred” her till her awareness had short circuited.
Behind Bella, there was a big bed and Laceman, the Princess of the Golden Dragon Race, was lying on it at a crooked angle. She was using confused eyes to look at Bella and Sylvia flirting. Laceman thought of asking Bella to let go of her. She was currently in the same situation with Sylvia, both were tied up by spider threads and left over here. The only difference was that her little mouth was stifled by a certain little ball and she could not utter any word of protest.  
Bella’s familiar demon, Demon World Princess Diaz, was also sitting on the bed and helping Bella hold onto Princess Laceman. This room was specially made for Bella to do naughty things. Her dormitory roommates had not returned to the dormitory yet so she seized the moment to bully her “prey” which she had an interest in. The matter of Scripps Cemetery, she could wait till tomorrow to see the result.

“Sylvia, you wanted stronger power! I can help you increase your strength.”
“Bella, I would like to go back… I do not want power… Please wait, we can discuss things.”
“Where do you want to go back to? This will be your future home, I will make you fully understand this point later on!”
“Please do not mess around… I, I will listen to you.”
Just as Sylvia wanted to reject, she saw that Bella’s eyes looked fishy so she quickly begged for forgiveness. The haughtiness that Sylvia the magician had, was completely crushed by Bella. Now, she was only a “prey” that was controlled by Bella.
“Mistress, Natasha is looking for you. Do I ask her to wait for you in your dormitory?”
“Lola, please invite her up. I have a big room and hiding one or two people would be no problem. “
“Okay, got it.”
Although assassin Lola felt embarrassed at Bella’s more and more brazen “offense”, she still accepted the order and went over. When Sylvia heard that Natasha, the Disciplinary Committee’s Chief, was coming over, she seemed to have hopes of being rescued but obviously, she underestimated Bella’s method.
“Sylvia, did you think that Natasha is coming to save you! You’re overthinking. Diaz, come here and hide this girl. Also, please prepare the ceremonial artifact. Tonight, during the full moon, I would like to agree and sign a lifelong demonic contract with Sylvia.”
“Demonic contract! Bella, you are…”
Sylvia hadn’t finished asking when Bella used her hand to cover her mouth and handed Sylvia, with a face of alarm, over to Demon World Princess Diaz. Diaz skillfully blocked up Sylvia’s little mouth and carried her into the room.

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