Volume 3 Chapter 104: The Unexpected Reward at Scripps Cemetery

Every academy had plenty of unknown legends. In this Other World’s academy, there were also such legends. According to the records in the <Olsylvia Academy’s Midnight Unbelievable Tales> which Bella had stolen from the St. Louis Church Academy’s Jim Library, the massive Olsylvia Academy had more than a dozen forbidden grounds.

These forbidden grounds had been sealed up and were not indicated on the academy’s map. None of the societies dared go near these forbidden grounds. Not even the church’s society, Doors of Truth, nor the paramilitary society, Iron Blood Cross, dared to get involved with these places. From today, Bella and the Rose Society were going to establish a new history and take control of these forbidden grounds.

The ones that came to look for Bella in the resting area were her dorm mates, Assassin Noreya and Puppet Master Elaine. Both of their true faces had yet to be exposed and they were much safer than Kriss, as she was just too popular and would inevitably attract others’ attention. Lisha and Ariel were seemingly afraid of such places so Bella didn’t try to force them.

When Bella thought about Lisha and Ariel’s hidden identity, she felt like laughing. These two lassies were obviously villain bosses and they were actually afraid of an academy legend? She was truly baffled by them and didn’t even know how they obtained their status as villain bosses.

“Bella. It is not night time yet. You sure you want to go?”

“Of course. I have tons of things to do at night and sleeping would be much better than spending the night in such places!”

“Then let’s depart! Noreya has already scouted the path.”

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After Bella informed Nina and the others that she was going to leave, she simply left the training grounds. Nina and the other original members of the Rose Society were concerned about Bella’s new plan for territory. But considering that Bella was already a Holy Knight, they felt that there shouldn’t be a problem and simply let Bella leave in advance. Nina and the others didn’t leave. They wanted to help Bella settle the aftermath of the ranking battles, as there would probably be people that would inquire about Bella’s whereabouts.

There were plenty of busybodies that wanted to follow Bella. Among them were many “high-level undercovers” that were from the News Club. Their baths infiltration operation last week hadn’t gotten the News Club closed down. Their “gentry spirit” had obtained approval from the majority from the male students. The students involved might have been severely punished, but none had been expelled by the academy.

But when they saw the “ugly woman” Noreya and that “cursed woman” Elaine, they chose to back off. They might want to hit on Duchess Bellina and rope in some relationships, but they decided to wait for the next time. This decision to wait caused them to miss an opportunity to see Noreya and Elaine’s true faces. By the time they knew of the duo’s true appearance, Bella would have already “subdued” them.

The male students might not dare, but that didn’t mean the same for the female students. Sylvia changed into a new set of the black mantle and exited the place from another entrance as she followed Bella and the others and left the training grounds. No one had noticed her departure as all the attention had been concentrated on Bella, greatly decreasing the amount of attention on Sylvia.

“Bella, I didn’t think that you would actually defeat Sylvia. She is from the empire of magic and she is the eldest young lady from one of the Aldridge Empire’s top five Arcana Aristocratic Families. She is also known as the Deep Blue Four Heads. Ariel told me that Sylvia specializes in ice attribute, wind attribute, and many other magic attributes. She isn’t actually that easy to deal with.”

“Elaine, stop praising Bella. This fellow must have done something despicable to force Sylvia to admit defeat.”

“Noreya, how can you suspect me? We have already done that at night… uh, can you first put your bow and arrow down? Everything can be negotiated. This is still within the academy and if you do this, things will be difficult for Natasha.”

“Noreya, can you let me know where you and Bella go at night?”

Sylvia was not far behind from the trio and she was a little baffled by Noreya and Elaine’s voice. These two lassies had pleasant voices and they didn’t sound like the voices that ugly girls would have. Could the rumors be false? Sylvia was now even more interested in Bella.

Sylvia always carried around a tracking artifact, the Concealment Gem, which was why Bella and the others didn’t realize they were being followed. Assassin Noreya had placed all her attention on Bella right now, but if she had been moving by herself, she would have been able to spot the traces of Sylvia’s tracking.

It was currently time for classes and there weren’t many students loitering about. Bella and her group successfully arrived at their destination, one of the nine Academy Forbidden Grounds of the Olsylvia Academy, the Scripps Cemetery. This was a nameless cemetery that had existed for ten thousand years and had been abandoned since the Olsylvia Academy had been established.

The legend of Scripps Cemetery wasn’t considered horrific. Previously, when the Manasvir Empire had arranged a cemetery keeper, he had seen many strange undead demonic beings in the cemetery. Originally, such undead beings could be purified in the Other World, but when the cemetery keeper said he saw multiple undead demonic beings, the Radiant Church actually chose to seal up the cemetery and did not purify those evil spirits. This made people suspect that there were some hidden secrets.

Bella had once inquired about this to President Maria and the four Holy Maidens, but they were also not clear about its secrets. The Radiant Church had plenty of secrets that they wouldn’t divulge to the Holy Maidens and those who weren’t the Pope’s successors. When Bella investigated the evil spirits that caused the Four Great Forbidden Books to be sealed up in Jim Library, they were actually all made up by the Radiant Church.

The eastern campus of Olsylvia Academy, the Olivia Wizard Academy, housed Scripps Cemetery. The 10,000-year-old cemetery, which had been silent for many years, was now welcoming its first new group of adventurers. The cemetery had been constructed on the peak of Mt. Vernon, which was the tallest mountain in Olsylvia City, but it was unclear why.

Wasn’t it better to change this great place into a tourist attraction? Bella and her group had arrived at the perimeter wall of the cemetery. When they stopped at that large, rust-spotted gate, they saw something surprising. The large cemetery gates, which were supposed to be sealed, were actually open. There was a lock hanging on the gates but it wasn’t locked.

“Bella, this lock hasn’t been damaged. It should have been opened with a key. From the looks of it, someone already went in first. We are not the first group of people here.”

“Don’t bother. We will go in and take a look too. Let’s see what kind of secrets are hidden in this cemetery!”

Noreya carefully felt the lock and determined that the gate was opened with a key. The Olsylvia Academy hadn’t arranged any cemetery keeper. They may have been too confident that this place didn’t require any guards.

It was still daytime and the entire cemetery had been illuminated by the sun’s rays, making it less sinister, but it was still cold and cheerless. Once someone entered the cemetery, the first thing that came into view was a huge tombstone and the words on it had been corroded by the forces of nature. There were plenty of tombstones that were missing, leaving behind solitary graves.

The Scripps Cemetery was a western-style cemetery. Bella didn’t think that it was horrifying but she saw something that she couldn’t understand. A western-style cemetery was a place where holy crosses were a common sight, but this cemetery didn’t have any. Perhaps, this cemetery hadn’t even been blessed by a priest. In Bella’s past life, this place would be an unholy land.

There would be the occasional chilling sound of wings in the cemetery which made Bella a little nervous. It was fortunate that they hadn’t visited this place at night. If Bella had to come with just the girls, she wouldn’t come even if someone beat her to death. Bella was feeling a little unworthy in her status as the Demon God and King because she was actually afraid of this cemetery.

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“Why would the three of them enter Scripps Cemetery, which has been sealed up for years? If a teacher found out about this, they would be in trouble. I have to go pull them out… Who are you?”

Just as Sylvia was about to interrupt and confront Bella and the others, she was blocked by a blurry black shadow behind her. The shadow looked like a human but its facial features were fuzzy and distorted. Sylvia was shocked by the presence of this terrifying demonic being during the daytime and nearly fell to the ground. She had seen departed spirits but not an evil spirit that looked so terrifying.

“Little girl, this old one shall take your body. I have been waiting here for tens of thousands of years. A human finally appeared today.”

“Don’t you come over… I…”

Sylvia’s beautiful face was dripping cold sweat. She had realized that her magic had been suddenly restricted and she didn’t even know when she had become unable to use her magic. A Mage that couldn’t use magic had a combat strength that was even weaker than a hired mercenary guard! At this moment, Sylvia subconsciously reached for the magic scroll on her body.

Once she reached for it, her expression grew even worse. All the magical tools that she had stored in her storage ring had mysteriously vanished. Even the Concealment Gem that she was wearing earlier had suddenly gone missing, exposing her tracks. She didn’t know how this had happened, but Sylvia believed that it was because of this horrific black shadow.

“Little girl, this old one used to be an Assassin and also a thief. Your Assassin class’s instructors are all like infants to me, let alone a Mage like this. Just surrender. I simply need a Human Race’s body!”

It was unknown where Sylvia got her courage from, but she immediately ran towards the Scripps Cemetery. When the black shadow noticed, it immediately chased after her in a flash. It was unknown what kind of attack the black shadow used, but once it reappeared after the flash, Sylvia fell to the ground. But she was still very conscious and knew that she had not died yet.

“Hey, hey, what are you running for, lass? Don’t go alert those people in the front. Stay behind; have a good chat with this old one.”

“Sorry to disturb; where did you come from? She is my classmate…”

“Uh, you dem… Damn it, I shouldn’t have said so much nonsense!”

Just as the black shadow was going to make a move on Sylvia, Bella appeared beside her, along with her companions, Noreya and Elaine. When Sylvia’s Concealment Gem had stopped working, Noreya had immediately noticed her existence. Fortunately, they found her in time, otherwise, Sylvia would have been abducted by this black shadow.

“Duchess Bellina, please help me…”

Before Sylvia could finish her statement, she fainted. The black shadow must have done something despicable like poison or something. Seeing how skillful the black shadow was, it must be an “old gentry”. Bella wasn’t afraid that Sylvia might have anything worrisome on her body, and walked forward to carry her.
(TL note: I don’t know if the word “gentry” has been explained. But in Chinese slang, this gentry actually means pervert)

“You old pervert… no, old man. Leave now. One look and I know that you are not a match for me. I see that you are an old generation gentry and not make things difficult for you. I will reluctantly take in this girl under me.”

“She is my prey. Don’t think that because you are not of the Human Race I don’t dare to make a move on you. I am…”

Before that black shadow could finish talking, Noreya threw a bunch of darts towards the black shadow, which struck at its heart position. Before that nameless black shadow could even counterattack, it had been dissipated by the darts.

“Don’t think that I will forget this. You shall receive what you deserve tonight.”

Elaine looked at the dissipating black shadows and sank into a deep thought. She felt that this black shadow wasn’t an evil spirit that was produced from a demonic being, as evil spirits wouldn’t have any holy presence. That black shadow had holy presence and should be a holy spirit. Holy spirits came from ancient heroes’ souls that were left behind. It was very different from an evil spirit.

At the outskirts of the Scripps Cemetery, Mage Sylvia finally regained her consciousness from her temporary unconsciousness. Once she woke up, she felt that her entire body was very cold and when she looked down, her beautiful face instantly flushed red. Her clothes had been stripped off her. Even her rings and accessories had been taken off. She was currently in a “truly empty” state.

Sylvia was even more nervous because her limbs were tied up with some mysterious spiderweb and she was currently immobilized. She was like a snow-white lamb that was getting ready to be slaughtered. If a man had tied her up in this current state, a horrific thing would probably happen next.

“Miss Sylvia, you have awakened huh? Don’t worry. That black shadow’s attack was poisonous and for your safety, I took the initiative to destroy all your clothes that had the poison.”

“Duchess Bellina, please untie me quickly. I have already recovered. Can you not use those terrifying eyes to look at me. Your hands shouldn’t touch me like that… Everything can be discussed, please don’t do this…”

Sylvia naturally didn’t believe the rumors about Bella and she knew that the mysterious black shadow’s attack hadn’t poisoned her, as it had merely knocked her out temporarily. Bella had stripped her naked and tied her up while her hands moved around Sylvia’s body dishonestly, meaning she was up to nothing good. Furthermore, Bella’s naturally blue and beautiful eyes had a wicked expression and were scanning her body, which made Sylvia very uncomfortable.

“Not good. Sylvia, you better tell me the truth. I am someone that likes to bully beautiful and virtuous girls. Didn’t I tell you that you are going to have a boyfriend soon? I am now going to fulfill my promise.”

“Duchess Bellina, if you do this, you will…”

“Alright, I will be more intimate with you when we return. You will first quietly stay in my familiar demon’s spatial zone first.”

Before Sylvia could say what she wanted to, her alluring little mouth had been gagged by Bella with a red cloth. This beautiful girl with an azure blue long hair had no choice but to resist Bella’s rudeness with angered eyes. She didn’t expect that Bella was actually a female pervert with a Holy Knight’s status. It was all because of Sylvia’s curiosity that she was in this state.

“Miss Sylvia, don’t use such captivating eyes to stare at me. I am a person that cannot resist a beautiful girl’s provocation. If you continue like this, I will not be able to control myself.”

Sylvia was frightened as one of Bella’s hands had moved upwards from her thigh. If she didn’t stop, Sylvia’s chastity was at risk.

Seeing how obedient Sylvia was, Bella didn’t continue to tease her. Bella then summoned her familiar demon, the Demon World Princess Diaz. With Diaz’s assistance, Bella put Sylvia into her familiar demon’s spatial zone. Assassin Noreya had been keeping a lookout from a distance. She might have looked at Bella’s every move with an expression of disdain but she didn’t go over to stop her.

Noreya had infiltrated the St. Louis Church Academy with Bella to “kidnap” President Maria and the Radiant Church’s four Holy Maidens, thus, she was already used to such scenes. It would actually be stranger if Bella was to release Sylvia!

“Noreya, thank you for helping me keep a lookout. When Elaine returns from her reconnaissance, you will treat it as if nothing happened, okay? Just say that I have released Sylvia and I will reward you when we return.”

“Bella, everything about you is great, except your hobby, which is too… Sylvia is the Eldest Young Lady from one of the Aldridge Empire’s top five Arcana Aristocratic Families. Aren’t you afraid that her family members will come to the academy…”

“You don’t have to bother about this problem. I have my ways to make Sylvia belong to me forever. My domain is also lacking a talented Mage. Didn’t I already make an appointment with Sylvia? It’s just that my method is a little strange.”

Noreya didn’t question Bella’s quibble anymore, as Elaine had already returned from her reconnaissance. Elaine and Noreya didn’t have much mutual trust yet; although they did cooperate for a short moment, it wasn’t at the stage that they could truly trust one another.

“Elaine, what is wrong? You don’t look good. Did you discover a strange place?”

“Bella, when I was in the passage between the cemetery, I discovered… my Elder Sister Isaman’s footprint. It looked like it was left there recently.”

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