Chapter 92: Birthday Party (Part 2)

Upon entering the villa, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. saw the ancestors playing Super Mario with Cao Toufei. He didn’t bother to greet them, instead heading straight to his room. He was still thinking of Xia Tian. In the end, he picked up the phone and gave Gu Tian a call.

Soon, from the other end of the phone, Gu Tian’s voice could be heard. He sounded a little surprised; Su Qiubai taking the initiative to call him was completely unexpected.

“Grandpa Gu, I need a favor from you.”

After greeting him, Su Qiubai went straight to the point.

“Oh? What is it? Do tell me!”

Gu Tian didn’t hesitate at all. From all the previous events, he clearly understood that Su Qiubai’s abilities were like those of a monster. There were still many things that the Gu family could depend on him for in future.

Besides, Gu Tian still had some means of matching Su Qiubai with Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter., so he tended to regard Su Qiubai as more important.

“So, I have a friend called Xia Tian. A few years ago…”

Su Qiubai told Gu Tian everything Xia Xiaomo8Xia XiaomoFemale police officer had said. When he was done, Gu Tian frowned a little. Besides a limited number of troops, every other army in the entire Donghai City was basically under his jurisdiction. The happening was just out of his expectations!

That made Gu Tian furious. He immediately agreed to help Su Qiubai investigate the matter, and to obtain justice for Xia Tian!

Su Qiubai was relieved and grateful after hearing Gu Tian’s words. When he was about to hang up, Gu Tian unexpectedly had something else to say.

“Brother Su, tomorrow night is Cheng Ya’s birthday. She has just recovered from her serious illness, so we plan to hold a birthday party for her. At first, I was planning to personally invite you and those gentlemen, but now that you’ve called, I’ll just say it here. You must come!”

What the old man said did not leave anything out. He didn’t even give Su Qiubai time to consider the proposal. When Su Qiubai agreed and hung up the phone, he realized that Gu Tian wanted him to bring the ancestors along, who were playing Super Mario in the living room.

After his mind blanked for quite a while, Su Qiubai immediately wanted to call back.

I don’t have a problem if you invite me, but you want me to bring those gentlemen… It’s just too risky!

However, while holding the phone, he felt embarrassed because he had already agreed to the invitation. He couldn’t just take back his words now. Besides, Su Qiubai could tell that the actual reason Gu Tian invited the ancestors just so that he could strengthen his relationships with them. Bai Qi’s abilities at Liuyun Mountain that day must had shocked him!

But… do these ancestors care about building relationships with you?

Su Qiubai suddenly had a headache thinking about the birthday party the next day. However, he had already agreed to it, so he could only try his best to warn the ancestors not to speak too much. It’s just a round trip, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Having that thought, Su Qiubai went downstairs. He interrupted the Super Mario squad in the living room, and told them about Gu Tian’s invitation to Gu Chengya’s birthday party. The result was the same as he had anticipated; everyone was extremely excited!

They had travelled to the future world, and there were many things they had not seen before. Why wouldn’t they go out if they had the chance to do so?

If it wasn’t for Su Qiubai, who constantly threatened them that he wouldn’t send them back, those people presumably would have already taken a plane and flown high in the sky!

Looking at their appearance, especially Tie Muzhen18Tie MuzhenEmperor Genghis, Genghis Khan19Genghis KhanEmperor Genghis, Tie Muzhen and Cheng Yaojin14Cheng Yaojin Li Shimin16Li ShiminTang Taizong or Emperor Taizong/Tang Taizong/Emperor Taizong15Emperor TaizongLi Shimin or Tang Taizong's general, whose clothes had been torn by their muscles, the first thing that Su Qiubai thought of doing next was… Let’s go to the mall!


In a cottage of only 60 square meters, Xia Tian sat on the sofa, blankly staring out of the window. His wife had just taken Xin Er downstairs to buy some food. If it wasn’t for them mentioning the military during lunch, he had already long forgotten about his past military life.

Three years. It had been three years since he left the army.

In the past three years, he had called several former comrades-in-arms and the sergeant, but nobody could help him to fight for his justice.

The glory that once belonged to him, as well as his dreams, had been crushed for three years.

He no longer had any hope now. Although he lived his life like a dead soul in a living body, at least he was able to watch his daughter grow up peacefully…

Just as he was thinking about that, suddenly, his phone rang. When he heard his ringtone, he was stunned for a while. He hadn’t heard his phone ringing for some time. All his friends avoided him; how was there still someone calling him now?

With that thought, Xia Tian picked up the phone, and soon, a familiar voice sounded instantly from the other end.

“Xia Tian, someone from the top is investigating your case! And it seems like it’s someone powerful. All your files have been taken away!”

The caller was his former comrade-in-arms. In those three years of hard work, he had also become an officer. He had wanted to help Xia Tian in the past, but he didn’t have much power, so he gave up. Unexpectedly, he called Xia Tian today.

Xia Tian was totally stunned. Although he didn’t know why there would be someone investigating the case for him, that was the first time he had received such news in three years!

After confirming a few things, he hung up the phone, sitting on the sofa in disbelief.

The phone rang again after a few minutes.

“Hello, is this Xia Tian?”

No one would be able to understand how Xia Tian felt after hanging up the phone, especially when he heard the caller told him that he could return to the army. He felt as if he was in a dream.

He had dreamed about that scene multiple times in the past, but he had never expected that it would actually come true one day. That was an affirmation of him from the army. Finally, he could tell everyone… that he had been framed!

Just at that moment, his wife opened the door with her daughter in her arms. She instantly realized that her husband’s expression wasn’t quite right. Before she could even ask, she heard Xia Tian exclaim.

“Dear, I can go back to the army now!”

She was speechless and wide-eyed. Watching Xia Tian’s face, which had become much thinner, she cried…

Soon, the whole family knew of the news. Xia Tian’s parents hugged each other and cried. The old parents, who were indomitable all the time, could no longer suppress the sadness and feelings of being wronged in their hearts.

When Xia Xiaomo heard the news, she stayed in the bathroom for a long time before coming out. She was red-eyed but smiling.

This day had finally arrived!

However, she also felt quite confused. Why did this piece of good news suddenly arrive today?

While pondering, she recalled her conversation with Su Qiubai by the riverside. She was stunned for a while.

Isn’t he a mere taxi driver?

However, she immediately retracted her thoughts. This person doesn’t seem like a taxi driver at all!

Holding on to her phone, stunned, Xia Xiaomo suddenly didn’t know what to do.

Back to Xia Tian, after telling the whole family about the good news, he was already extremely excited to return to the army, but then… he remembered his untold secret.

All his excitement and happiness disappeared instantly while an uncontrollable fear crept up his spine.

He knew too well of the impact of this secret on the entire army, and even the whole country. Although it hadn’t been confirmed after so many years, he strongly believed that he was expelled from the army because of it.

In another words, allowing him to live in this world was already a kind gesture. So, could he really go back to the army? If he returned to the army, would those people notice him once again, and thus elicit worse consequences?!

If this had happened shortly after he had left the army, Xia Tian would surely choose to fight for his justice. But now, he was really scared! He had a family. I don’t want to endanger my wife, daughter and everyone in the family!

With that thought, Xia Tian had a dilemma!


Su Qiubai didn’t know his kind-hearted phone call would lead to irreparable consequences.

He just bought some clothes home for the uncles at that moment. Evidently, them being muscular really didn’t help. As they were going for a birthday party, they would wear grand clothes. However, there weren’t any ready-made suits that would fit them. In the end, they could only fit in basketball players’ clothes. Su Qiubai got a set of sportswear for every one of them!

To be honest, the emperors really gave a different feeling when they were in their sportswear. After trimming their beard and hair, they all looked bright and smart! Not only did Su Qiubai feel satisfied, but the ancestors were also pleased with themselves, staring at their own reflection in the mirror.

Furthermore, Cao Toufei was excited jumping around. He almost dyed Yuchi Gong11Yuchi GongYuchi Jingde12Yuchi JingdeYuchi Gong’s hair.

After the clothes were settled, since they were going to a birthday party, they obviously had to purchase gifts as well.

Su Qiubai hesitated for a long time because he didn’t know what to buy. He felt that it was too plain to buy anything for Gu Chengya as she could buy anything she wanted. So what else was she lacking?

He had a few rings from the ancestors, but these were more suitable on men. Plus, it didn’t seem right for him to give her a ring… Su Qiubai still couldn’t make up his mind after pondering for a long time. He looked up and saw the ancestors, who were going to play Super Mario. Then, he had an idea!


The next morning, the whole Gu family began busying themselves. That evening would be Gu Chengya’s birthday party. In addition, she had finally recovered from her illness, so Gu Tian decided to hold the party to make his granddaughter happy.

One must know that the Gu family was the most influential family in Donghai City! Besides, Gu Tian had several younger brothers, who were in unusually strong positions in the political and business fields. Gu Qianshan’s generation also held extremely important positions. As for Gu Chengya’s generation, they were even more talented!

That could be seen from Gu Chengya, who was familiar with things past and present.

Gu family had always maintained a low profile. Gu Chengya’s birthday party was the first time the Gu family of Donghai City opened its doors to welcome the guests!

Soon after the news was spread, both the influential families from Dong Hai and a few powerful families from far away Bei Du sent people to attend the party.

At Beidu Airport, a young man in a suit with several bodyguards came out together.

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“This is Dong Hai? Hehe… Gu Chengya, you’re mine!”

Standing at the entrance of the airport, he looked at the crowd on the streets and whispered.

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The young man was Fang Hongcai5Fang Hongcaikid from Bei Du, chasing Gu Chengya, the grandson of the Fang family in Bei Du. He came to attend Gu Chengya’s birthday party on behalf of his family. Of course, he was there to see how a talented lady in the legendary Dong Hai looked like.

Gu Chengya had been terminally ill in the past, so although many forces knew how incredibly talented the girl was, no one had ever thought about pursuing their future generations with her. After all, she could die anytime.

But now, it was different. Gu Chengya had recovered!

She was naturally talented, and the position of Gu Tian and the entire Gu family in the Dong Hai was even more impenetrable. If someone actually managed to marry Gu Chengya, everyone was crystal clear of the power and influence he would get!

That was the reason why Bei Du had sent so many young talents to Dong Hai. On the surface, they expressed their wishes, but in their hearts, their main target was to pursue Gu Chengya!

Gu Chengya didn’t know that her large number of pursuers had already arrived at Dong Hai. Since Gu Tian told her that Su Qiubai would come to her birthday party, she felt slightly different.

At first, she refused to have a party as she thought it was unnecessary, but now, she vaguely began to look forward to the evening!

In the course of a day, many guests came. The entire Donghai City became a lot livelier than usual.

In the evening, Su Qiubai was about to leave for the party.

Originally, Cao Toufei suggested to let the brothers of the Street Racers Gang send Su Qiubai and the emperors, but Su Qiubai felt that it was too flamboyant. He was bringing the ancestors with him, so the main principle of every action was to keep a low profile.

They would come home after having a meal with the Gu family. They wouldn’t talk much with people and wouldn’t quarrel.

They had no choice as those ancestors were no different from bombs. Therefore, Su Qiubai rented a small bus and drove towards the Gu family’s home with the ancestors.

About 6 o’clock in the evening, the guests had already arrived at the entrance of the Gu family’s house. Because the location of the courtyard was relatively far inwards, there were too many cars blocking the entrance.

Simply by taking a glance, all the cars were luxury cars worth over 1,000,000 Yuan, making those worth less than the value feel embarrassed to stop by. In fact, the queue was getting longer and longer. So Su Qiubai’s bus looked really out of place. The guests who spotted it were all wondering what it was doing there.

Although there were many cars, the situation was quite orderly as that was the main entrance to the Gu family’s house.

The bus finally stopped. Su Qiubai heaved a sigh of relief and told the ancestors to follow him and alight the bus. The bus, which had already gained much attention, now had even more eyes on it after it stopped in the courtyard.

What’s this?

Seeing the people in sportswear alighting from the bus gradually, the guests were dumbfounded.

Has there been a mistake?

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