Chapter 92: Birthday Party (Part 1)

Everyone choked on their own words!

Xia Tian and his wife were the first to rush into the ward. The rest followed suit.

Xin Er had been in coma since she was sick; that was her first time talking since then!

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. grinned as he stepped towards the young doctor.

“There’s a saying: If a taxi driver doesn’t know how to treat a patient, then he’s definitely not a good driver!”

With that, Su Qiubai completely ignored him, turning to look at Liu Tianming.

“Dean Liu, thank you!”

Liu Tianming was also shocked at Xin Er’s condition. He felt even more awkward upon hearing Su Qiubai’s words.

“You’re welcome……”

He answered that even though he still didn’t understand why Su Qiubai had thanked him. He could only assume that Su Qiubai was talking about Xin Er’s hospitalization arrangement.

Su Qiubai didn’t explain himself further either.

In fact, he thanked Liu Tianming because he was the one who requested for him to treat Xia Xiaomo8Xia XiaomoFemale police officer ’s niece. Otherwise, who knew when he would be able to find the energy crystal?

Subsequently, Su Qiubai casually exchanged a few words with Liu Tianming before entering the ward. Only a few dazed nurses and doctors remained in the corridor, having yet to come to their senses.

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In the ward, Xia Tian and the rest of the family looked at the little girl actively jumping up and down on the bed; they felt as if they were dreaming.

Just a few minutes ago, she was still unconscious, but she was miraculously back to normal now. In fact, it seemed like nothing had happened at all!

Xin Er’s grandparents cried in excitement. Xia Tian and his wife were so ecstatic that tears began rolling down their cheeks. Xia Xiaomo was probably the calmest one, but that was just her personality. She was actually very relieved and glad.

Inadvertently turning around, she spotted Su Qiubai standing at a corner with a smile.

Truthfully, that man wasn’t handsome, but his charisma made others feel warm and calm, especially his clear eyes. Her heart fluttered with a feeling that she had never experienced before.

Su Qiubai didn’t know what thoughts were in Xia Xiaomo’s mind. He happily watched the family. There was also an inexplicable sense of satisfaction in his heart.

Many people had asked him why he liked to help others regardless of the situation. He had never explained it.

There really wasn’t any complicated reason. Rather, he just felt comforted after helping others.

Although Liu Tianming was really curious to find out how Su Qiubai had cured Xin Er, he didn’t ask as that would just get his own secret involved in the matter. So, it was necessary for him to be slightly reserved as well.

Xian Tian and family were grateful to Su Qiubai. No matter how Su Qiubai declined it, Xin Er’s grandparents still insisted on inviting him for a meal.

It was difficult for Su Qiubai to refuse the elderly’s request. Since he had nothing to do after all, he ended up agreeing to the invitation.

Xia Xiaomo somehow felt inexplicably ecstatic when she heard Su Qiubai agree to the invitation. Although she didn’t admit it, the feeling surely wasn’t fake.

Soon, the family began to prepare for her discharge. Xin Er wasn’t even ill anyway. She had just accidentally swallowed the energy crystal.

In addition, the hospital didn’t have any machines to detect the unknown energy crystal. That was why she was in a coma. She would naturally be alright after Su Qiubai removed it from her body. .

 The family didn’t go far after leaving the hospital, stopping at a nearby restaurant.

That was the second time Su Qiubai had a meal with Xia Xiaomo. Whether it was intentional or not, they were once again sitting together.

Everyone was cheerfully chatting during the meal. Even the usually quiet Xia Xiaomo was behaving differently that day.

Su Qiubai also felt comfortable to be with the family. He had previously thought that Xia Xiaomo was a strange lady. Why would she choose to be a policewoman?

Unexpectedly, her parents were actually soldiers. She was influenced by her family, which was why she had wanted to be a policewoman since she was young.

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That was indeed somewhat out of Su Qiubai’s expectations. Soldiers would always be worthy of others’ respect. They built up the country and kept it in peace with their selfless dedication and unrepentant youth.

Therefore, Su Qiubai naturally toasted a glass of wine to the two old people. When he sat back down, he noticed Xia Tian’s expression seemed like something wasn’t right.

A question immediately popped up in his mind.

Why did a man like Xia Tian not fulfill the wishes of his parents, and instead, their daughter’s the one who became a policewoman?

Of course, it would be embarrassing for him to ask such a question. It was the family’s affair, so it would definitely be even more inconvenient for them to talk about it. Therefore, Su Qiubai just stayed quiet even though he felt bewildered.

After the meal, Xia Tian brought the parents and the child home.

As for Xia Xiaomo, the parents insisted on her sending Su Qiubai home, telling her that it wouldn’t be safe for him to drive after drinking wine.

Xia Xiaomo unhappily shot a glare at her parents. Do you think that I don’t understand what you really mean?

Are you saying that I’m old, so you want to quickly marry me off?

Thinking of the word “marriage”, Xia Xiaomo sneaked a glimpse at Su Qiubai, who didn’t show any unusual expression. She was relieved, but also somewhat disappointed.

Soon, everyone left, leaving only Su Qiubai and Xia Xiaomo.

“Erm… Let me send you home. Don’t drive after you drink,” Xia Xiaomo said softly while looking at Su Qiubai.

“Don’t worry about me. Where are you going? I’ll send you there.”

Su Qiubai really didn’t drink much. He felt good after having a meal. After all, he had solved the energy crystal problem. He could finally relax now. 

 “I’m a policewoman. If you dare to drive, I’ll send you straight to the police station,” Xia Xiaomo gave Su Qiubai a serious look as she said sternly. 

Without saying much more, Su Qiubai smiled and sat in the passenger seat.

Xia Xiaomo started her car. Her original intention was to send Su Qiubai back to the villa, but he suddenly wanted to have a walk when the car passed by a river.

He had wanted to visit that big river in Dong Hai when he was in Qinghe City. However, he had never had a chance to do so because he was in a hurry all the time. He suddenly had the idea to visit the place since all the problems had been resolved.

After parking the car, the two of them walked to the riverside. The wind was blowing lightly. Su Qiubai felt refreshed. He felt good to see the distant mountains from where he stood.

“When I was younger, I used to come here with my brother. It has been a long time since I last enjoyed the scenery here.”

Xia Xiaomo was also in a good mood, so she started chatting with Su Qiubai.

“You lived by the riverside?”

“No, not here, but it’s not too far away from here. Dong Hai wasn’t prosperous at that time, and there weren’t many high-rise buildings. There were courtyards everywhere. After school, groups of children would rush to the riverside. And the game we loved playing the most was Policemen Catching Bandits…”

Xia Xiaomo smiled while reminiscing about her childhood. Childhood memories always made people feel contented. Su Qiubai grinned as he quietly listened.

“I remember very clearly that my brother was always the policeman and he would lead a small group of little kids. The older ones were bandits. We would play by the riverside until nightfall…”

Hearing Xia Xiaomo’s words, Su Qiubai recalled Xia Tian’s appearance. He looked strong and seemed full of moral justice, exactly like a policeman should be.

But then, Su Qiubai recalled Xia Tian’s expression during the meal. He was gloomy and even…  helpless!

“He was always the best among the kids of the same age as him. Since young, he had wanted to protect the motherland. He was also the best student in school. After graduating from university, he directly applied to join the army…”

Xia Xiaomo’s facial expression was a proud one when she spoke of her brother. It was obvious that she had always tried to catch up with her brother during her childhood.

Su Qiubai remained silent as he listened in seriously. Because of Xia Xiaomo’s words, he was even more curious about what had happened to Xia Tian.

“My brother dreamed of dedicating his whole life to this country. His loyalty was uncomparable, but he was framed and fell into his current state… And he’ll never have another chance…”

Having said that, the usual calm Xia Xiaomo seemed to have thought of something and suddenly became furious!

Su Qiubai had never seen such an expression on her face. What followed the anger was sadness and helplessness.

“He was framed?”

Su Qiubai immediately caught the most important words.

“Yes, someone set him up! That’s why he was expelled from the squad and was utterly devastated!”

Xia Xiaomo was somewhat triggered while looking at Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai could completely feel the anger from the lady who was sitting next to him.

However, on second thought, if the situation was really as Xia Xiaomo had described it to be, where a man who originally had a bright future lost everything because he was framed, anyone would be instantly angered upon hearing about it!

Afterwards, Xia Xiaomo decided to tell Su Qiubai the whole story from the beginning. Perhaps it was because she had brought up this matter, and thought of her brother’s current situation.

Simply put, when Xia Tian’s team was working on a mission, the enemy actually knew their actions beforehand, thus causing the death of all his teammates except him.

Xia Tian, who was already downcast, soon heard that someone had actually accused him of leaking out secrets.

In fact, the army directly fired him without giving him a chance to explain himself.

So Xia Tian had been extremely unwilling to accept this in the following few years. There were many instances where he wanted to fight for his own justice, but he couldn’t find anyone who would support him!

Consequently, the strong-willed and passionate man gradually faded away due to reality, and became a man of waste in people’s eyes, who was only able to take care of his child at home everyday.

Speaking till the end, Xia Xiaomo’s eyes reddened. Next to her, Su Qiubai’s anger was stuck in his chest and it was simply impossible to let it out.

The two of them stayed in silence after this was all said.

“I’m sorry… for telling you all this.”

Xia Xiaomo apologized after realizing that her emotions were slightly out of control.

Su Qiubai hesitated for a while, not knowing how to comfort her. After some thought, he looked up and asked, “Does your brother know who set him up?”

Xia Xiaomo was taken aback for a moment before shaking her head.

“I don’t know. My brother’s whole story is really strange. In fact, he secretly told me that he was fired because he knew a big secret… but when I asked him what it was, he didn’t want to tell me about it. He said if the secret was exposed, it would endanger our family…”

Xia Xiaomo frowned slightly as she said this.

Her words also made Su Qiubai slightly bewildered. What big secret could possibly result in him being expelled from the army?

He even believed that if he were to leak out the secret, he would put his whole family in danger…

Su Qiubai’s instincts told him the matter wasn’t very simple, but since Xia Tian didn’t tell anyone the secret, nobody knew what had happened!

The brother’s past story spoiled both their moods and ruined the great atmosphere, so they didn’t stay further, planning to head home after getting into the car.

It had been some time and the effect of the wine he had drunk earlier had long faded, so Su Qiubai sent Xia Xiaomo to the police station, before returning to the villa.

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