Chapter 91: I Was Never A Doctor

Finally, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. gritted his teeth and lifted his head.

I’ll head to the hospital first!

As long as the energy crystal is nearby, I can definitely find it, and there’s still time to complete the task!

Having that thought in mind, Su Qiubai started his car once again.

As he drove towards the hospital, something completely unexpected happened.

“Discovered the energy crystal. Distance: 1,500 meters.”

“Discovered the energy crystal. Distance: 1,000 meters.”


Su Qiubai parked his car at the hospital’s carpark, feeling dumbfounded.

Obviously, what I’m looking for is in the hospital!

Who knew that such a coincidental thing could occur in this world?

Therefore, without any hesitation, he entered the hospital and looked for the ward number that Xia Xiaomo8Xia XiaomoFemale police officer had told him.

If Su Qiubai was happy earlier finding out that the energy crystal was in the hospital, he was definitely shocked right now.

He was following the directions given by Xia Xiaomao, but why was the navigation system prompting him that he was getting closer to the energy crystal?

It felt like… the address given by Xia Xiaomo was the position of the energy crystal!

Exiting the elevator on the right floor, Su Qiubai spotted Liu Tianming, several doctors and nurses, and Xia Xiaomo’s family in one glance.

All of them stood up in unison upon Su Qiubai’s arrival.

Everyone was observing the godly doctor that the Dean had mentioned. There were some doctors who were slightly upset. Why were they unable to discover the root cause of the illness, yet according to the Dean, this man could cure it?

Xia Tian and the family were also suspicious. Xia Xiaomo had said that the person was a taxi driver, and it seemed that… he was indeed a mere taxi driver!

Perhaps only Liu Tianming and Xia Xiaomo had hope in Su Qiubai.

So, after seeing him head over, the two of them walked two steps towards him.

Just as they were about to speak, Su Qiubai gestured them to stay quiet, “Is the patient in there?”

Liu Tianming thought that Su Qiubai’s gaze was a bit strange, but he still nodded as he pointed towards the ward.

Then, without spaking to anyone, Su Qiubai had already entered the ward.

When he saw the little red-faced girl on the bed, the system prompted him another message.

“Discovered the energy crystal. Do you want to collect it?”

Relieved, Su Qiubai finally understood that his guess was correct: the energy crystal was inside the body of Xia Xiaomo’s niece.

Just as he was about to choose to collect it, he suddenly wondered if his action would affect the little girl, so he spent a few growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system to ask the system. After getting an answer, he made up his mind.

The doctors and Xia Xiaomo’s family waited in doubt outside the ward. Through the glass window, they watched Su Qiubai standing still two meters or so away from the bed, and felt even more bewildered.

Is this person really a doctor? Why isn’t he looking at the test report? He didn’t talk to anyone and just headed directly into the ward?

Is he a liar?

The few people outside the ward had similar thoughts. But considering that Liu Tianming was the one who recommended Su Qiubai, everyone just stayed quiet.

In just a few seconds, Su Qiubai had already completed the collection of the crystal. Seeing the little girl’s face slowly returning to normal, he turned and walked out.

“Brother Su, how is she?”

Su Qiubai felt weird that Liu Tianming, a man in his 60s, addressed him as “Brother”, but since there were many people around, he didn’t have time to bother about that.

However, as he was about to speak, a young man about the same age as him spoke first.

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“I wonder what did this godly doctor saw just now? I’ve met many people who tend to pretend that they know something when they actually don’t. Do you know what’s the patient’s blood pressure and heart rate? And which organ is diseased, causing the patient to be in this condition…”

The young doctor spoke so much in a single breath.

Liu Tianming immediately understood that the young doctor was trying to compete with Su Qiubai. Although he felt a little embarrassed, it was normal to have that kind of discussion among doctors.

Several other doctors next to him vaguely smiled. They had finally found a place to vent their dissatisfaction, which had been lingering in them for a long time.

After the young doctor was done speaking, a hint of smugness shone in his eyes. When he first saw Su Qiubai, he was already upset because the man was about his age.

Why did Liu Tianming call him a godly doctor?! And even ask all of us to wait for him this early in the morning?

And when he arrived, he didn’t even bother to acknowledge our presence. Instead, he asked all of us to keep quiet! Who is he to look down on us!

Su Qiubai listened to his questions with a dazed expression.

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“Do you have a mental condition? Why should I know all that?”

Su Qiubai angrily replied. He felt a little upset. We barely know each other, are you happy making my life difficult?

His words stunned the young doctor. Never in his life had anyone spoken to him that way!

The young doctor was the youngest MD in that hospital. Everyone treated him with respect. Even Dean Liu had personally said that he was the future hope of the medical community in Dong Hai.

Fortunately, Su Qiubai didn’t hear that sentence about him being the future hope of the medical community. Otherwise, he would directly tell the young doctor that Murong Deye and several other professional doctors looked up to him, Su Qiubai, as their Master!

Although the Master thing was exaggerating… he was still the Master!

“You… How dare you say that! Are you even a doctor?”

After some time, the young doctor angrily pointed at Su Qiubai and shouted in a trembling voice.

“Why can’t I? Besides, who said that I am a doctor? I’m a taxi driver!”

Rolling his eyes, Su Qiubai felt even more upset.

You suddenly questioned me, and even want me to speak respectfully to you … You’re thinking too much, young man!

Everyone else was speechless seeing the two rebuke each other. However, Su Qiubai claiming that he was a taxi driver at the end made everyone’s expressions darken instantly.

It seemed that there was no way that man could treat Xin Er.

The atmosphere sunk in a moment. Xia Xiaomo helplessly massaged her forehead.

“Haha, why are you here if you’re not a doctor? Do you know how to treat a patient? Just go back to your taxi!”

The little doctor felt that he had finally grabbed the opportunity to pick on Su Qiubai further, so his words also became sharper. In the end, he even hinted at Su Qiubai to leave.

Liu Tianming couldn’t listen anymore. After all, he had invited Su Qiubai to come. Even if he couldn’t treat the illness, he shouldn’t be treated that way.

With a glare at the young doctor, he was just about to help Su Qiubai.

However…. “Who said I can’t treat the patient!”

Su Qiubai twitched his lips and said it directly.

The entire corridor became quiet. Then, everyone got excited. Xia Xiaomo and her family stared at Su Qiubai with their eyes wide open and filled with hope.

The young doctor initially planned to keep quiet after the glare from Liu Tianming, but as soon as he heard the taxi driver brag, he couldn’t hold back his temper. “You can treat her illness? Go ahead and do it then!”

Su Qiubai stared at the young doctor with a serious expression and said blankly, “I’ve already treated her.”

As soon as those words came out from his mouth, the hallway was once again silent.

Xia Xiaomo and the rest of the family were astounded, but they immediately doubted it. Su Qiubai was there for less than ten minutes, and as the young doctor had mentioned earlier, he didn’t even look at the test report or ask any questions.

Everyone had also seen clearly through the window that Su Qiubai didn’t even touch Xin Er in the ward. He just stood in there for about a minute before coming out.

The patient is cured… just like that?

Although Liu Tianming was quiet, he had a similar expression. He really believed in Su Qiubai’s ability, but that was obviously just bragging!

Looking at Su Qiubai’s face, the young doctor was stupefied, as if ten thousand horses had just trampled over his heart.

The heck… At least make some sense when you try to brag?

Already cured? When did you even treat her? You just stood still by the bed and watched the patient. And you dare to say that you’ve treated her illness?

Do you think you’re the Jade Emperor, or the Queen?

[TLN: These two are powerful emperor/goddess in legends.]

Just when everyone’s doubts and suspicions were about to explode from their mouths, a little girl’s voice suddenly sounded from the ward.

“Daddy, Mommy…”

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