Chapter 93: Xiao Xuan’s Thought

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. also noticed the astonished gazes from the people around him. After all, everyone was decently dressed in suits and dresses. Yet, he brought a group of men in sportswear, so it was an awkward scene.

However, he had no choice. It was impossible to find any clothes that could fit those ancestors. Furthermore, they didn’t like to wear suits. They would have worn their dragon pattern embroidered robes instead if it wasn’t for Su Qiubai’s strong efforts in preventing them from doing so.

Without making a fuss over others’ gazes, Su Qiubai led the group of ancestors towards the main door. There were already people waiting in line. Everyone had to hand over their invitation cards before entering.

Gu family had some rather traditional regulations due to their long history. Although several people weren’t used to it, they still followed the rules.

The arrival of Su Qiubai and the group immediately attracted the attention of everyone at the door.

The emperors were reluctant to queue up, but after some persuasion, Su Qiubai managed to get them to queue behind the line.

Everything was going according to plan. The only hope for the day was that it would run smoothly, and for all to maintain a low profile. However, just as Su Qiubai and the ancestors queued behind the line, a security guard, who was standing at the door, suddenly ran over.

Everyone noticed that the guard was cold to everyone previously. Looking at his temperament, he definitely wasn’t a descendant of the Gu family. So, seeing him on the move now, the guests’ gazes also followed him. Finally, they saw him standing in front of Su Qiubai, and he even revealed a smile.

“Are you Mr. Su?”

His voice was soft, but loud enough for Su Qiubai to hear him clearly.

Su Qiubai nodded, even though he didn’t understand what was going on. The guard continued, “Mr. Su, please follow me. You don’t have to line up, just follow me to the front hall. Grandpa Gu is there waiting for you.”

The guard made an inviting gesture while saying this.

Su Qiubai initially wanted to refuse him, but some of the emperors had already gone forward after understanding what the guard meant. Therefore, Su Qiubai could only helplessly smile and follow them. He knew the ancestors were upset that they had to queue in line with others. Besides, it was good to be able to enter first. However, some guests began expressing their unhappiness just as they started moving.

“Why! Everyone is queueing up, why should they go in first?”

It was a voice of a young man. Everyone glanced in his direction and naturally understood why.

The young man was the Guan family’s grandson, Guan Taiping4Guan TaipingKid that had a conflict with SQB at Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.’s party. The Guan family was one of the four major families in Dong Hai; their power was comparable to the Xiao family.

The elders of the Guan family had already entered, but Guan Taiping was late for a few minutes, so he had to queue in line, which irritated him. Seeing the Gu family’s security guard not inviting him, but instead inviting the group of people in sportswear, he was extremely dissatisfied and hence spoke his mind.

Su Qiubai naturally remained quiet upon hearing his words. The reason was simply that he didn’t like to argue much with others. Besides, they were at the Gu family’s territory, so the Gu family generally would have people to talk to the young man.

 Sure enough, the look of the guard immediately turned cold.

Although there were indeed four major families in Dong Hai, it was only a rumor. The truth was that nobody dared to provoke the Gu family. After all, Gu Tian was still the most powerful one.

Therefore, even though the guard was just the head of security, and he also recognized Guan Taiping’s identity, he still unceremoniously replied, “Mr. Su is the guest invited by our family’s grandfather. If anyone has anything to say about this, you can just put down your invitation card and leave.”

His words embarrassed Guan Taiping. There were many people around, so that statement obviously embarrassed him. However, just as he was about to refute, his several bodyguards grabbed hold of him and pulled him back.

That was the front courtyard of the Gu family, so it wouldn’t benefit him at all if something happened. Finally, Guan Taiping swallowed back his dissatisfaction. He couldn’t do anything to the Gu family, so he glared fiercely at Su Qiubai.

It’s all because of this unknown person, who caused me embarrassment!

As for Su Qiubai, his expression went blank!

The heck… I have tolerated you, why are you glaring at me?

It was surely unnecessary to argue with that kid, so Su Qiubai just stayed quiet and followed the emperors into the courtyard.

Seeing them disappear into the courtyard, Guan Taiping’s eyes were filled with a poisonous hatred. He had never been so depraved in public.

“Guan Taiping, you’re too unpromising. Just because of an unknown person, you received a reprimand from the Gu family’s security guard…”

A voice sounded behind Guan Taiping. Looking back, he saw Xiao Xuan3 Xiao XuanXiao Yun’s older brother, knows about SQB but not here to trouble him of the Xiao family.

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Xiao Xuan was the eldest son of Xiao Xiuwen. He was also Xiao Yun’s brother. He had been abroad for many years, and there were rumours about him liking Gu Chengya before. But Xiao Xiuwen had disapproved of it. Hence, he decided to go abroad. No one expected him to return all of a sudden.

Guan Taiping just coldly snorted, then handed the invitation card over and stepped into the courtyard. He couldn’t provoke Xiao Xuan, and especially not the Gu family, so he could only blame Su Qiubai.

 After watching Guan Taiping enter, Xiao Xuan sneered.

Because of Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel.’s incident, the Xiao family, from the entire Dongkou Lane to the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den, had suffered a great loss. Xiao Yun had even fallen into a vegetative state.

Just because of this loss, the other families were desperately trying to take over Dongkou Lane. The Guan family was the craziest one.

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The main reason why Xiao Xuan had come back from overseas was actually to share the load of Xiao Xiuwen’s pressure.

As the eldest son of Xiao family, he certainly knew exactly who had caused the loss to his family. He could even remember Su Qiubai’s appearance better than that of his first love.

Besides, Xiao Xiuwen had personally told Xiao Xuan that the Xiao family had to avoid Su Qiubai at all cost. They couldn’t have any conflict with him!

The Xiao family couldn’t afford to offend Su Qiubai!

Xiao Xuan was shocked upon hearing those words from his father. He was too aware of his father’s character. He was once the man who no one could lay a finger on in Dongkou Lane! Yet, he actually said those words. That meant that Su Qiubai was really a horrendous person. Even my father is afraid of him!

He noted Xiao Xiuwen’s advice. But seeing Guan Taiping’s behavior earlier, it was obvious that he didn’t know that the ordinary-looking young man was Su Qiubai. With Guan Taiping’s simple brain, he would definitely cause trouble later……

Hehe, it wouldn’t make sense if the Xiao family is the only unlucky one. Since Guan Taiping took the initiative to provoke Su Qiubai, let’s just all be unlucky, isn’t that better?

With that thought, Xiao Xuan also handed over the invitation card and walked into the Gu family’s courtyard.

Su Qiubai had already followed the security guard to the front hall. He saw Grandpa Gu and several other people at first glance.

Seeing that they were chatting, Su Qiubai didn’t interrupt them. However, Gu Tian spotted Su Qiubai walking in and immediately stood up. He felt even more excited seeing the ancestors in sportswear behind Su Qiubai.

The others at the front hall were surprised to see Gu Tian’s behavior.

However, Gu Tian couldn’t care much about them at that moment. After exchanging greetings with Su Qiubai, he greeted the emperors one by one.

It seemed that Su Qiubai’s ideological work was effective. The ancestors all politely greeted Gu Tian and did not embarrass Gu Tian. Gu Tian had probably realized that they would be uncomfortable to stay there, so he invited them into another room.

After heading into the room, someone came over and invited Su Qiubai to the backyard, saying that Gu Chengya was waiting for him there, and that both were young people, so it would be more convenient for them to chat there.

Those were all Gu Tian’s arrangements. The purpose was to let Gu Chengya and Su Qiubai stay together for a while. However, the invitation made Su Qiubai embarrassed.

Today was Gu Chengya’s birthday. Obviously, he had to meet her, but those uncles couldn’t be following him all the time. He was really worried to leave them alone in the room.

Just as he was in a dilemma, the ancestors appeared to be very reasonable. They urged him to head over quickly while promising that they wouldn’t go anywhere. Finally, after hesitating for a while, Su Qiubai agreed and headed to the backyard.

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