Chapter 94: Come After Me

The Gu family’s backyard was actually a spacious hall. Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. only found out that the party would be held there after walking in.

He was amazed at the Gu family’s financial capabilities. Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter. hadn’t arrived yet, but there were already a lot of people in the hall. They were actually all young people. Simply at a glance, there were dozens of them, all neatly dressed and sitting together, chatting and occasionally glancing at the entrance.

Towards the east side of the hall, there was a big stage with a piano on it. There were several foreigners playing music he couldn’t understand, but the atmosphere was quite peaceful.

In a split second, Su Qiubai finally understood why there were so many young people.

They had to be the representatives sent by various families to pursue Gu Chengya, since there weren’t any more concerns about her health given that she had recovered from her illness.

Whoever managed to get together with Gu Chengya would definitely not bring any harm to their family. In fact, it would be the best thing to happen to the family.

So what appeared to simply be a birthday party turned out to be a blind date instead.

Su Qiubai helplessly shook his head. Anyway, he was there purely out of courtesy since Gu Tian had personally invited him. Su Qiubai had also just asked him for help earlier, so he couldn’t possibly reject Gu Tian’s invitation.

Finally, Su Qiubai found a secluded place in a corner. Someone actually gave him a cup of coffee as soon as he sat down.

He was taken aback, but since he had nothing to do at that moment, he sipped his coffee and listened to the music.

Although the coffee tasted terrible and the music was completely incomprehensible, he just let it be!

As long as he was comfortable, everything was fine.

However, just as Su Qiubai sat there alone for a few minutes, a plump boy who popped out of nowhere, slowly headed over to him while peeking around and finally sat down opposite him.

“Bro, you’re here for the blind date too?”

Su Qiubai smiled upon hearing those words. He didn’t expect someone to actually say this just as he had that feeling based on the atmosphere of the setting.

Su Qiubai shook his head and replied, “I’m here just for the party. You?”

While speaking, Su Qiubai took a glance at the kid, who looked as if he was about 18 years old. He looked rather childish with his baby face, but he spoke like an elder.

“Me too! Haha… I didn’t expect to find another person just here for the party! I’m Zhou Zile2Zhou Zileonly here for Gu Chengya’s party. What’s your name?”

“Su Qiubai.”

After a brief introduction, they began chatting.

Su Qiubai initially felt bored sitting alone. Zhou Zile also had a lot to say, but had no one to talk to, so the two actually chatted quite happily.

“I have no idea what my father was thinking, I’m only eighteen! He insisted that I join the party, and even said that Gu Chengya might fall for me… but even if she falls for me, I can’t be with her. I already have someone I like…”

While saying this, the little fat boy instantly had a conflicted expression on his face. Su Qiubai, on the other hand, had a confused expression.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about unhappy things. Did you know? I heard that even the Fang family and Yuan family of Bei Du sent people to the party!”

Suddenly, the little fat boy looked around and whispered this.

Su Qiubai took a sip of his coffee. He didn’t really care about it, so he just nodded.

“The Fang family and Yuan family are really crazy! You… Forget it, I don’t think you know. It’d be pointless to tell you. But you know the Xiao family, right? Xiao Xuan3 Xiao XuanXiao Yun’s older brother, knows about SQB but not here to trouble him has just returned home from abroad. I heard that he used to like Gu Chengya. Today’s definitely going to be interesting.”

Having said that, the little fat boy rubbed his hands together, excitement showing on his face.

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“Why is it interesting?”

Su Qiubai didn’t understand. Is there going to be a fight?

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“Of course, it’s going to be interesting. Gu Chengya is known to be the most talented girl in Dong Hai. Although this seems to be just a birthday party on the surface, it’s the most important moment to leave a good impression on the Gu family. So these people will definitely grab this chance at all cost. Isn’t that interesting?”

The little fat boy squinted at Su Qiubai and explained.

Su Qiubai smiled. In his opinion, there was really nothing to fight for. They weren’t living in the ancient time, so whoever Gu Chengya liked, that was the person she would marry. There was no need to turn this party into a matchmaking session.

“Brother, don’t worry. Even if we don’t have a chance, this kind of excitement is rare!”

Seeing Su Qiubai quietly sipping his coffee, the little fat boy suddenly slapped Su Qiubai’s shoulder. The coffee in Su Qiubai’s mouth almost choked him to death.

Peering at the fat boy’s innocent eyes, Su Qiubai could only open his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Oh yeah, who do you think Gu Chengya will invite for a dance tonight?”

Only ghosts knew what was in this little fat boy’s mind when he suddenly asked Su Qiubai this.

Su Qiubai rolled his eyes and replied smoothly, “She can dance with whoever she likes, as long as the person isn’t me.”

Su Qiubai grinned. What he said was true; he didn’t know how to dance at all. Besides, he had listened to the little fat boy talk for a long time, and he understood one thing: Whoever danced with Gu Chengya would definitely be in big trouble.

“Haha… you’re so daring, but I like it! Don’t worry, on behalf of the people, I can assure you that she’ll definitely not invite you. If she really invites you, she would be better off inviting me! After all, I’m slightly more handsome than you.”

Su Qiubai didn’t expect that this fat kid would actually laugh at his honesty.

He secretly shook his head; he really couldn’t understand these young people’s mindsets. Su Qiubai waved to a waiter in the distance for a refill.

Truthfully, many people throughout the hall had similar thoughts and guesses to Zhou Zile’s at this moment.

After all, Gu Chengya’s title as the most talented girl in Dong Hai was prominent, especially now that she had recovered from her illness. Everyone was curious about what kind of person she liked.

As time passed, everyone began to get nervous.

At first, Su Qiubai was waiting for the party to start. However, the security guard who brought him in earlier suddenly rushed towards him and whispered something to him.

After listening to him, Su Qiubai ran outside without hesitation.

The security guard said that the ancestors were causing trouble…

Actually, Su Qiubai didn’t understand what the guard meant. The reason why the guard ran to Su Qiubai to tell him this was actually because he was worried that something had happened to the ancestors, so he just said that they were causing trouble.

Su Qiubai surely didn’t know that that was what the guard meant.

He was worried that someone else was in trouble!

As for the things that might happen to the ancestors… Hehe, the gods definitely would not let anything happen to them, so it was quite unlikely for any trouble to happen.

At this moment, just outside the room where the ancestors were waiting, two men were glaring at each other.

Seeing Ying Zheng9Ying ZhengQin Shihuang10Qin ShihuangYing Zheng or Emperor Yingzheng or Emperor Yingzheng and the rest not bothering to acknowledge anyone, Yuan Pengqing was displeased standing opposite them!

What was the Yuan family’s identity in the whole of China? It was believed that many people knew them. Just now, Gu Tian had politely greeted Yuan Pengqin,g but these emperors actually told him to get lost.

Yuan Pengqing just couldn’t swallow his dissatisfaction. Particularly, when he had brought along a master of the Yuan family, it was really unreasonable for them to travel all the way here from Bei Du and accept the emperors’ attitude.

Guan Tian had arranged another room for the emperors to rest in just now, but the room was a little small. Then, through the window, he spotted the main house nearby, so he let them stay in there instead.

If the people in the main house had a higher status than the Yuan family, Yuan Pengqing wouldn’t make a fuss.

However, they were merely rough men in sportswear. Plus, he was doing them a favour when he pushed the door open and asked them to go to another room. Yet, the emperors actually told him to scram!

And that was how all this happened.

In fact, Yuan Pengqing only caused a scene because the Gu family wasn’t treating the Yuan family how he had expected them to.

He was here to pursue Gu Chengya. If he was comparable with other families at the beginning, then it would only be worse later!

Also, Yuan Pengqing wasn’t a fool. He understood that Gu Tian had only let these people stay in the main house because he felt that they were more important than the Yuan family.

This angered Yuan Pengqing. He knew a few families in China, and the ones that came from Bei Du were the Fang family and Yuan family, so he was certain that these people in sportswear were definitely not important!

Therefore, Yuan Pengqing actually deliberately started this conflict. He knew the Gu family was fond of him, so he wanted to show off his power!

After thinking that the news about the conflict had most probably reached Gu Tian, Yuan Pengqing sneered and was about to start a fight.

However, a voice suddenly sounded from a distance.

“Wait! It’s all a misunderstanding!”

The group of people turned and spotted Su Qiubai sprinting over.

Without much thought, he directly stood in front of Yuan Pengqing, stretched out his hands, and faced Ying Zheng and the rest.

“I’ve told you that these people are guests. Whoever dares to make a scene, don’t blame me for anything!”

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