Chapter 345: The Beauty of Regret

On the day Ye Jian entered Jiangxi province, a vehicle for agricultural use was speeding through Makit County’s narrow roads at 70mph. With a furious screech, it stopped right in front of a worn down bus station.

The door slammed shut heavily and urgently. Xia Jinyuan, who wore a shirt so covered in dust that its original color could not be identified, strode into the bus station that did not even have a front door.

“D*mnit, wait for me!” Han Zheng, who was one step behind, was choked by the dust that came flying from the shockwave of the slammed car door. He chased after his buddy while coughing, “Who are you going to ask? How are you going to find them? You don’t even have a picture of them on your phone!”

Fighter aircraft testing, once it began, it lasted for nearly two months. Every night when the fighter aircraft were powered down, Xia Jinyuan could always be seen standing on a vantage point, looking towards the direction of Hotan river.

There, after radars swept through the area, three red dots were transmitted onto the display screen, showing that there were people in the desert.

Just in case, the military had intentionally sent out scouts in secret. What they had revealed was shocking, to say the least.

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From that point onwards, the military stopped sending people their way. It was obvious that they knew the three people lingering in the desert weren’t criminals trying to pry into military intelligence.

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As for who those three people were, Xia Jinyuan knew that very well. As for Han Zheng, he only realized it five hours ago.

Xia Jinyuan, who had walked in large strides to the side of a bus station worker, started asking his questions and did not hear the words of Han Zheng. Although the exhaustion could be seen between his eyebrows, he was still diligently asking about Ye Jian’s whereabouts.

Based on what the radar had shown, Ye Jian, along with Uncle Chen and Old Uncle Gen, had left Hotan river towards Makit County fifteen days ago. It was estimated that the time taken for them to arrive at Makit County was around 10 days on foot.

Based on his calculations, when this family of three arrived in the county, they would rest for around a week. Unexpectedly, he was wrong.

Travelers who had left Hotan river would most likely rest up a week in Makit County, replenishing their energy before leaving. However, Ye Jian and the elders had left for their next destination after resting for only a day…

Xia Jinyuan’s fighter aircraft testing mission had finally ended after a couple of months, and he started asking around for the family of three’s whereabouts. Following the trail of clues, he had reached the bus station.

Actually, when he was driving here, Xia Jinyuan had known that the possibility of Ye Jian having already left Makit County was 99%, the other 1% was because the bus might have encountered some maintenance issues and was required to stop for a few more days.

Once Xia Jinyuan started asking, the bus station worker immediately knew who he was trying to inquire about. He laughed, “The one young woman and two senior citizens that you’re asking about, we have seen them. They left four days ago.”

“The little girl had fair and clear skin. She stood out like a sore thumb amidst a group of tanned travelers. There was a lady who purposefully asked the little girl what exactly it was that she had applied onto her face.”

As for the results, Xia Jinyuan actually knew that this would happen quite some time ago. He was just unwilling to give up and wanted to continue asking.

Outside, Han Zheng found out from another worker that Ye Jian had already left four days ago. He clicked his tongue secretly: Are these two actually fated, or not? The country’s land extends far and wide, and they actually managed to bump into each other while in the freaking desert!

They might be fated, but based on the current situation, it didn’t seem like it. An opportunity to meet up that came with great difficulty was lost just like that.

Chinese New Year had just passed by. The atmosphere of the New Year still lingered in the small county. Sounds of firecrackers could be heard every once in a while.

Xia Jinyuan bought two bottles of mineral water three times more expensive than the norm. He stood at the spot where Ye Jian had stood, and while drinking water, he sighed helplessly.

“Little Fox, your speed is quite fast. It caused me to be happy for a moment but sigh in the next. I’ll need you to pay me back for this the next time we meet.”

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