Chapter 46: One Vs Five

“Mo Wentian is really arrogant. Qiu and Yuan Family’s competitors are not something even Mo Han could be compared with. Among them, there is also Qiu Yuan who had reached the 4th layer of Leaving Sword Realm!”

“This brat will certainly die. I guess Yuan and Qiu Families would rip him alive!”


Everyone discussed among themselves. However, there were some who were cheering for Mo Wentian. This had always been the norm for sword cultivators! Holding a fort alone was mightier than doing it with thousands of people!

“I declare the fight begins!” Mo Yizhan glared at Mo Wentian coldly before yelling out loud. There was only one notion in his mind right now and that was to play Mo Wentian to his death. As long as Mo Wentian was still around, there would never be a day he would be at ease.

“Wait…” Just when Qiu and Yuan Family’s disciples were walking up to the arena, a light cry resonated out. A pathway was opened up at once when this voice echoed out. A golden chariot could be seen making its way over unhurriedly.

“Who wishes to kill Mo Wentian?!” A gorgeous figure alighted the chariot when the voice echoed out. The person who arrived was Hu Mei. Today, Hu Mei was dressed in a light blue gown. Her slender waist, together with her lovable posture had attracted everyone’s gaze.

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“It’s Young Lady Hu Mei!”

“Even the Ocean Skyline Pavilion had arrived. Don’t tell me the Ocean Skyline Pavilion wishes to protect Mo Wentian?!”

“Why is this brat so lucky? Young Lady Hu Mei didn’t even take notice of Lin Family’s Young Master. Furthermore, she wants to protect this brat!”


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A series of jealous gazes fell onto Mo Wentian’s body. If a gaze could kill someone, Mo Wentian would have died countless times over. Meanwhile, Mo Wentian couldn’t help but rub his nose. There was nothing going on between him and Hu Mei! However, Mo Wentian couldn’t help but feel touched when he saw Hu Mei walking over unhurriedly.

“Young Lady Hu Mei!” The Patriarchs from the three families immediately stood up.

“Patriarch Mo, if I haven’t misheard, your Mo Family disciple had already admitted defeat just now! Since he has admitted defeat, the battle in the arena should have ended by then, and Mo Wentian had saved your Mo Family’s disciple only after the battle had concluded. This shouldn’t be counted as violating the rules right?” Hu Mei smiled lightly while staring at Mo Yizhan.

“That’s right, Young Master Wentian didn’t violate any rules!”

“Let Young Master Wentian return!”


Cries could be heard from Mo Family. The group of Mo Family’s disciples were actually speaking up for Mo Wentian!

“Sure enough. This brat didn’t let me down!” Hu Mei couldn’t help but grin when she saw the scene. Her delicate face was like a blooming lotus. It was extremely breathtaking.

“Only such a woman is befitting for me!” A fervent gaze shot over from the crowd and that gaze originated from the withdrawn Lin Cheng. Lin Cheng stared at Hu Mei with his eyes filled with zealotry. Following which, he seemed to have recalled something as the jealousy within his eyes soared.

He was extremely clear of Hu Mei’s status. Even if it was him, he still wouldn’t dare to provoke her rashly. Yet, Hu Mei had actually sheltered Mo Wentian openly. How could he not be angered by this? What qualifications did Mo Wentian have when compared to him?

“Did not violate any rules?” Mo Yizhan face turned gloomy. Never did he expect Mo Wentian to be so powerful that even Hu Mei had come out to speak for him.

“Young Lady Hu Mei, This is my East Sword City’s arena. Since I had announced the start of the battle, it is impossible to retract it!” Mo Yizhan replied while clenching his teeth.

“You really want to kill Mo Wentian?” Hu Mei’s eyes turned cold. Subsequently, an old man suddenly walked out from the side of Hu Mei. It was the president of Ocean Skyline Pavilion within the East Sword City. A type of boundless suppression could be felt from the old man. Everyone could feel their heart shuddering when the suppression flowed out. Even Mo Yizhan who was a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master had also hesitated for a moment.

But in the next moment, Mo Yizhan turned resolute. His instincts told him that there will no longer be any chances for him to kill Mo Wentian if he couldn’t do so today!

“Please forgive me Young Lady Hu Mei!” Mo Yizhan’s eyes were extremely unsympathetic.

“Good. Very good!” Hu Mei’s eyes were filled with anger. Just when she was about to rebuke, a mockery could be heard echoing out: “Mei’er, if they wish to die, why bother saving them?”


“Save them?”

Everyone’s thought process blanked out for a moment. It seemed as if Hu Mei had come out not to save Mo Wentian. But rather… save Qiu and Yuan Family’s disciples!

“Young Master Wentian…” Hu Mei’s complexion changed slightly. Mo Wentian was only at the 8th layer of Qi Condensation Realm. Yet, the weakest among the Qiu and Yuan Family’s disciples were also at 8th layer of Qi Condensation Realm. Furthermore, Qiu Yuan and Yuan Chong was a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!

“Relax, I wouldn’t die!” It was at this moment, a voice rang out within Hu Mei’s mind.

“Voice transmission!” Hu Mei narrowed her eyes as she stared at Mo Wentian in a shock. Apparently, she seemed to have recalled something. Subsequently, she retreated a step back and spoke: “Since Patriarch Mo insists on it, let the battle begin then!”

“Since I’m already here, I shall watch the battle as well!” The smile on Hu Mei was extremely splendid.

“Watch the battle as well?” Mo Yizhan’s eyes were flickering in radiance. Hu Mei’s attitude caused him to feel bewildered. However, there might no longer be a chance for him to kill Mo Wentian if he wasn’t going to do it today! Thinking up to here, the killing intent within Mo Yizhan’s eyes rose drastically.

“Let the battle begin!” Mo Yizhan returned to his seat after yelling out.


On the arena.

Other than Yuan Chong and Qiu Yuan, there were another three disciples from the two families. Two of them were at the 9th layer while the remaining one is at the 8th layer of Qi Condensation Realm!

Five versus one.

Mo Wentian was in the same realm as the weakest among them. No matter how they see it, there was basically no chance that Mo Wentian would win. However, Mo Wentian was filled with a smile above the arena while Hu Mei looked extremely relaxed.

“Young Lady, this brat is only at the 8th layer of Qi Condensation Realm. Can he really fight off against the five of them?” The old man enquired while standing behind Hu Mei.

“Relax!” Hu Mei smiled confidently.

“Is he really going to be alright?” The old man was bewildered. An 8th layer Qi Condensation Realm martial artist could be counted as a genius if he could defeat a 9th layer Qi Condensation Realm martial artist. If Mo Wentian was able to defeat the five of them… Would Mo Wentian still be considered a human?

“Brat. You mustn’t blame it on me. It’s you who is courting death. I will slowly kill you. First, I would chop off your four limbs before crippling your dantian. I will let you experience a fate worse than death!”

“Brat, if you hand over the Vermilion Fruits, I can let you have a quick death!”

“Let’s cripple him first…”


The five of them had their eyes filled with cold intentions. But when they were facing Mo Wentian, they looked extremely indifferent.

“Just five ants!” This sentence was thrown out from Mo Wentian’s mouth.

Now that his cultivation had reached the 8th layer of Qi Condensation Realm, he would be able to utilize sword qi similar to a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman.

The might of the sword qi from the nine sword jade was sufficient to fight against a swordsman at the 3rd layer of Leaving Sword Realm. Now that he also has the undying body art assisting him, even Mo Wentian himself had no idea how strong he had actually become.

“Three Origin Sword Qi!” Yuan Chong was the first to make a move as a sword qi whizzed over.

“Heavy Sword, out!”


Profound energy spread out with Mo Wentian as its core.

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