Chapter 47: Consummate Sword Intent

“Such heavy sword. This sword should weigh at least 1000kg!”

“I think it’s more than 1000kg…”

“Isn’t Mo Wentian’s strength way too high?”


When the heavy sword was brought out, everyone turned excited immediately. The second the heavy sword appeared, they felt their blood turning hot as it surged within their body!

“This brat’s strength had increased again!” The corner of the old man’s mouth twitched. He had a deep understanding of this sword. It was intentionally prepared for Mo Wentian by Hu Mei and weighed exactly 1500kg!

“His Softness within Hardness technique should have reached the great achievement realm. Perhaps, it might be in the consummate realm already!”

“What a formidable talent!”

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The three Patriarchs narrowed their eyes intensely. It was at this moment, they realize how abnormal Mo Wentian was.

Concept. That was a sword concept they were talking about! To the sword cultivators, sword qi might be very powerful. However, Sword Concepts were of foremost importance to them because Sword Concepts were the key for them to step into the Sword Emperor Realm!

To Sword cultivations, Qi Condensation Realm converged their spiritual qi. The Leaving Sword Ream cultivated in sword essence force, allowing them to strike out their sword qi up to a meter. As for Four Constellation Realm Sword Masters, they would be able to comprehend 4 different constellation concepts.

When their sword was struck out, it would bring forth the suppression of a supreme mythological animal, making them extremely scary. As for what was above Sword Masters, it would be the Eight Desolated Realm. The heaven and earth would be eroded with eight desolations with the cultivator being the emperor, and such expert was aptly addressed as Sword Emperor!

If a sword cultivator wished to step into the Four Constellation Realm, they would have to comprehend four different constellation sword concept, and if they hoped to step into the Eight Desolated Realm, they would have to comprehend eight different desolation sword concept!

Regardless if it is the Hardness within Softness or Softness within Hardness, they were all elementary sword concepts, and to the sword cultivators such sword concepts were the most formidable.

For ordinary sword cultivators, they would need to reach the pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm before they would be able to comprehend sword concepts. However, Mo Wentian seemed to have broken apart this common sense. He was able to comprehend sword concepts when he was only in the Qi Condensation Realm!

Furthermore, his comprehension had already reached the consummate stage. With just another step, Mo Wentian would be able to comprehend a sword concept of his own.

“I must definitely kill this brat. Otherwise, once he had matured, the whole Mo Family would land into his hands!” The coldness within Mo Yizhan’s eyes grew bottomless. Yuan Tianmo and Qiu Li, who were beside him also had their eyes flickering in coldness. If a genius couldn’t be used by them, they might as well exterminate it.

“With such talents. He’s not any weaker than him…” The old man couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

“Him?” Radiance in Hu Mei eyes rose drastically. That person mentioned by the old man was a true abnormality. No one was comparable to him in the whole southern region!

“Brat, if you couldn’t exceed him, you will undoubtedly die. My Golden Talisman isn’t something any ordinary person can bear…” A smear of disturbance rose in Hu Mei eyes. She clenched her teeth as her eyes turned extremely indifferent.

“Sigh…” The old man behind Hu Mei couldn’t help but sigh when he heard her.


Meanwhile, on the arena.

Along with the emergence of Mo Wentian’s heavy sword, Yuan Chong’s Three Origin Sword Qi had been completely blocked off by Mo Wentian.

“Heavy sword?” Qiu Yuan glimpsed at Mo Wentian in mockery. Within the East Sword City, the heavy sword was equivalent to a worthless sword. Only formidable sword qi reign supremacy!

“Golden Flood Dragon Sword Technique!” A purple sword appeared in Qiu Yuan’s hand. The sword was a meter long and resembled a flood dragon. This sword technique was extremely weird. The moment the sword struck out, it was like a Flood Dragon had emerged from the sea and was extremely terrifying.

“Vigorous Sword Technique!” Mo Wentian smiled nonchalantly as he swept his heavy sword out. The vast and boundless might blocked off Qiu Yuan’s sword instantly.

“Clang Clang Clang…” Qiu Yuan retreated a few steps. Meanwhile, Mo Wentian still stood at his spot firmly.

“Brat, die!” It was at this moment, a 9th Layer Qi Condensation Realm Yuan Family’s disciple suddenly thrust his sword towards Mo Wentian’s back.

“Young Master Wentian, be careful!”



Cries of alarm echoed out from the whole of Mo Family.

“Looking for death!” Coldness flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes when he felt a sharp sword qi behind him.

“Slash for me!” He slashed down the heavy sword. But when the sword came down, the complexion of the Yuan Family’s disciple turned extremely pale. He clenched his teeth as he continued to push his sword into Mo Wentian’s chest.

“Kacha!” A sharp and crisp noise echoed out. The sword in the Yuan Family’s disciple hand had shattered.

“Just an ant and you still dream of shaking an elephant!” Mo Wentian slashed with his sword again after he mocked the assailant.

“Bam!” Along with the intense vibration, the youth was sent flying off like a bird before landing on the ground heavily.

“Pu…” He vomited a mouthful of blood before collapsing onto the ground.

“Mo Wentian!” Yuan Tianmo’s eyes were filled with coldness.

Five of them were supposed to kill Mo Wentian. But now, one of them had been killed instead.

“This is just the start!” Mo Wentian licked his bright red lips. These five have to die!

“Let’s charge together!” The remaining Qi Condensation Realm Swordsman yelled while trembling in fear. The Mo Wentian before them was simply too strong.

“Two ants. Die!” He struck out a thread of sword qi from his hand. When the sword qi swept past them, two figure fell down from the arena.

“This is sword qi!” Not only the Patriarchs but Hu Mei and all of the audiences beneath the arena had all stood up from shock. Sword qi, how is that even possible? Mo Wentian is only at the 8th layer of Qi Condensation Realm. How could he strike with a sword qi!

“This brat had really exceeded my expectations!” Traces of bright radiance rose in Hu Mei’s eyes. He was already able to condense sword qi in the Qi Condensation Realm. This had already broken apart the sword Dao regulations. At this moment, a smear of hope arose in Hu Mei’s heart!

“Old Mo. Regardless of what price you may have to pay, you have to protect him!” Hu Mei commented detachedly. Breaking the sword Dao regulations, how many years has it been since such an abnormality appeared in the Sword God Continent?

“Yes, Young Lady!” Old Mo eyes turned extremely solemn.

“How are you able to use sword qi?”

“This is impossible.”

Both Yuan Chong and Qiu Yuan stared at Mo Wentian despondently.

“There are still a lot of things you have no knowledge of. You should learn to open your eyes in the next life. There are some people you simply can’t afford to provoke no matter what!” After Mo Wentian had laughed, he suddenly lifted his Black Iron Heavy Sword above his head.

“Vigorous Sword Technique!”

“Force Separation!”

Mo Wentian advanced and his Black Iron Sword landed onto the ground ahead of him.

“Boom…” The whole arena shook and a fissure appeared in the middle of the arena.

“Bam bam…”

The two terrifying strengths suddenly broke the ground apart as it rammed onto Yuan Chong and Qiu Yuan directly. Both of them were sent flying out immediately.

“Pu pu…”

Their mouth was filled with blood as they stared at Mo Wentian in astonishment. Too strong. That strength should be comparable to a 5th layer Leaving Sword Realm!

“Die!” Mo Wentian laughed coldly. He appeared before Qiu Yuan in a flash as his palm struck Qiu Yuan’s chest.

“Didn’t you want me to suffer a fate worse than death? Then I shall let you experience it yourself!”

“Devouring Heaven God Art!”

“Ah…” A miserable shriek resonated out. Qiu Yuan stared at Mo Wentian in fear with his eyeballs bulging out and Qiu Yuan’s body started to wither rapidly.

“Yuan’er…” Qiu Li’s complexion turned unsightly. In a flash, he dashed towards the arena.

“Patriarch Qiu. This is an arena battle. Are you trying to break the rules?” Unknowingly, Old Mo had appeared before the arena.

“Hu Mo, you really want to protect this trash?” The coldness in Qiu Li’s eyes grew drastically. At that moment, Qiu Yuan’s shrieking had already come to a stop.

“Satisfying. Hahaha… Bam!” Mo Wentian threw Qiu Yuan’s corpse out from the arena and the withered corpse fell on the ground, causing all of those people surrounding it to retreat hastily.

“Mo Wentian, I swear that I will definitely kill you!” Qiu Li’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Your turn!” A smear of redness arose in Mo Wentian’s eyes. Inside that redness were traces of terrifying bloodthirst.

“I… I… I…” Yuan Chong trembled slightly. The Mo Wentian before him was simply a demon! If he were given another chance, he would never dare to go on the arena.




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Yuan Tianmo darted towards the arena frantically. However, he was blocked by Old Mo as well.

“Ah ah ah…” The screaming had caused everyone to shudder as two corpses were thrown out from the arena.

The person on the stage had his eyes filled with killing intent. It was as if he wanted to slaughter everyone beneath this heaven!

“Killed. All were killed…” Mo Yizhan muttered to himself. He was also trembling slightly. Remorse arose within Mo Yizhan’s heart when he faced Mo Wentian. If he didn’t oppose Mo Wentian…, ultimately…

“He has to die!” Killing intent soared within Mo Yizhan’s eyes. But in that moment, the killing intent within his eyes had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“Hahaha… Congratulations to Wentian for obtaining the Sword Son position. The Sword Son position was once again seized by my Mo Family. I shall continue to hold the city lord position temporarily!” Mo Yizhan’s clear voice resonated out.

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