Chapter 48: Mo Yizhan Makes a Move

“You are going to supersede it?” Everyone’s face was filled with mockery. A moment ago, he was still waiting for Mo Wentian’s death. But now, Mo Wentian had become the Mo Family’s sword son?

“Patriarch Mo, you had trained your skin really well!” Hu Mei mocked coldly.

“Hahaha… thank you, Young Lady Hu Mei. Today, my Mo Family had obtained the position of sword son. I shall not retain Young Lady Hu Mei any longer!” Mo Yizhan laughed out.

However, the coldness within his eyes only grew denser. He had to kill Mo Wentian. Otherwise, no one in the Mo Family would listen to him even though he was still their patriarch!

“Who said you are going to be the city lord!” It was at this moment, an apathetic voice suddenly rang out.

Everyone looked towards the arena and saw a smiling youth walking over unhurriedly. The youth’s eyes were full of smiles. That look caused the onlookers to feel that it was their misperception. How could that murderous-looking youth be the same youth before them?

“Congratulations, Young Master Wentian!” Hu Mei smiled lovably.

“Many thanks, Young Lady Hu Mei!” Mo Wentian retuned a gentle smile. Subsequently, he turned towards the old man behind Hu Mei and inquired: “Old Mo, Are you doing well?”

“Good, very good!” Old Mo chuckled.

“Young Master Wentian is unrivalled!”

“Young Master Wentian is unrivalled!”


A series of cries rang out from the Mo Family.

“Everyone, I’m not sure if you all are willing to listen to me for a moment!” Mo Wentian’s voice reverberated out after he inhaled in a long breath of air.

“Wentian, you can just be direct with what you wish to say!” Mo Yu grinned as he looked at Mo Wentian.

“Sure!” The radiance within Mo Wentian’s eyes rose drastically. Subsequently, his gaze fell onto Mo Yizhan: “Wentian humbly requests all the elders to get Patriarch Mo to step down from his position!”

“Get Patriarch Mo to step down?” Immediately the Mo Family quietened down. Meanwhile, Mo Yizhan’s complexion became extremely gloomy and cold.

“Mo Wentian, you are just my Mo Family’s disciple. What qualifications do you have to get me to step down?” Mo Yizhan glared at Mo Wentian and replied with a cold tone.

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“Of course, I don’t have the qualifications to get you to step down. However, according to the Mo Family house’s rules, you will have to step down as long as all the nine elders within the Mo Family agreed to it!” Mo Wentian replied in smiles.

“As long as all the nine elders agreed to it!” Mo Yizhan blanked out for a moment. Subsequently, he laughed out: “Hahaha… Mo Wentian, do you really think it’s possible for all nine elders to agree to abdicate me?

“Is it not possible?” There were traces of mysteriousness within Mo Wentian smile. He chuckled: “Patriarch does not need to be anxious. We will know the answer soon enough!”

“Elder Mo Yu, what is your opinion?” Mo Wentian inquired Mo Yu with a grin.

“I agree with Mo Wentian’s proposal!” Mo Yu agreed to it immediately. The moment Mo Yizhan had abandoned Mo Xuan, Mo Yu no longer supported Mo Yizhan.

“I agree as well!” The 2nd elder had also agreed to the motion.

“I oppose!” The 3rd elder’s voice echoed out all of a sudden.

“Hahaha… Mo Wentian, I’m still the Mo Family’s patriarch. Now that there’s an elder who had opposed the motion. I declare that Mo Wentian is expelled from the Mo Family from today onwards!” Mo Yizhan turned extremely complacent!

“There is no need for Patriarch to be so impatient. There are still elders who have yet to express their attitude towards this matter. Therefore, we can’t conclude this matter yet!” The smile in Mo Wentian’s eyes didn’t even decrease even though he saw how complacent Mo Yizhan had become. Oppose? That was something of non-existence!

“I oppose!”

“I oppose as well!”


The remaining elders all stood at Mo Yizhan’s side. Since the motion is going to be defeated anyway, it was natural for them to support Mo Yizhan. When the last elder finished showing his standing, everyone in the Mo Family shook their head. Mo Wentian was still too inexperienced, if he wished to fight against Mo Yizhan. So what if Mo Yizhan was selfish? The elders wouldn’t be bothered by it as long as they got the benefits they wanted.

“Are all the elders going to continue their opposition to the motion?” Mo Wentian stared at the elders who opposed the motion while traces of mysteriousness could be seen within his eyes.

Simultaneously, a voice resonated within the minds of those seven elders who had opposed the motion: “Elders, you don’t have to oppose it so quickly. I can see that all of you had reached the pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm. I’m willing to bestow every elder with a Four Constellation Pill if you support me!”

“A Four Constellation Pill for everyone?!” All seven elders’ vision fell onto Mo Wentian’s body. Their gazes were filled with doubts, zealotry and astonishment.

“Don’t tell me these elders would really agree to it?” The Mo Family’s disciples stared at Mo Wentian bewilderedly when they saw the elders’ complexion fluctuating irregularly.

Even the confidence within Mo Yizhan had slightly decreased. He continued coldly: “Now that the result is out, it is decided that I shall remain as the Mo Family’s Patriarch. Furthermore, I’m still the East Sword City’s sword son. As for you, you are no longer my Mo Family’s disciple from today onwards!”

“Patriarch, don’t be so impatient!” Mo Wentian waved his hand slightly.

His voice resonated in the mind those elders again: “I believe all of you have seen how close the Ocean Skyline Pavilion and I were. Furthermore, I’m also capable of voice transmission. I believe you all should know what this signifies right?

I’m able to easily put forward several Four Constellation Pills and with these Four Constellation Pill, all of you will be able to advance into the Four Constellation Realm. Of course, you all can continue opposing the motion if you don’t wish to advance into the Four Constellation Realm! However…” Mo Wentian voice paused for a moment.

However, the elders all understood what Mo Wentian meant. Who wouldn’t want to advance into the Four Constellation Realm? It was especially so for these elders who were in the pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm. As long as they had the Four Constellation pill, the chances of them advancing into the Four Constellation Realm would be extremely high. And once they advanced into the Four Constellation Realm, they wouldn’t have to listen to Mo Yizhan’s orders any longer.

“I agree!” It was at this moment, a dry and rough voice echoed out suddenly.

“Mo Ming, you dare to betray me?” Anger exploded out from Mo Yizhan’s eyes. But at the next moment, a few other voices had also rung out.

“I agree as well. Mo Yizhan had abandoned our Mo Family’s disciple, ignored our Mo Family disciple’s survival. He is no longer qualified to be the patriarch!”

“That’s right. I recommend Young Master Wentian to be the patriarch!”

“Right. Our Mo Family would certainly become even stronger if Young Master Wentian is to become our patriarch!”


Instantly, all those elders changed their mind. Each of them looked at Mo Wentian with an amiable smile. It was as if all of them acknowledge Mo Wentian being the patriarch.

“You all…” Mo Yizhan was truly infuriated. But at the next moment, Mo Yizhan’s desperate gaze fell onto the 3rd elder.

“Mo Liao…” Mo Yizhan’s voice was somewhat hoarse. If the 3rd elder were to agree to this motion as well, he would really be…

“I agree as well!” Mo Liao turned his head away. However, his voice still reverberated out.

“Even the 3rd elder had also agreed to it. Young Master Wentian is destined to become my Mo Family’s patriarch!”

“That’s right!”

“Goodbye, Patriarch!”


Suddenly, a group of them knelt in front of Mo Wentian.

“Hahaha…” It was at this moment, Mo Yizhan laughed out. Mo Yizhan’s eyes were incomparably frantic as he stared at Mo Wentian.

“Mo Wentian, you won! Unfortunately, you have to die today!

Green Dragon Sword Dipper!”

A ray of bright sharp radiance suddenly appeared from the void like an ancient dragon god. The sword dipper streaked across the sky as it attacked towards Mo Wentian.


“Young Master Wentian!”

“Mo Lao!”


A series of cries reverberated out. Unfortunately, Mo Yizhan was just way too close to Mo Wentian. It was impossible for Mo Wentian to even dodge it when the dipper qi assault was over!

“Break for me, 2nd-grade sword formation talisman!”

“Undying copper body!”

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“Buzz buzz buzz…”

The sword qi was very vicious and the 2nd-grade sword formation talisman was instantly broken apart by the sword dipper. The terrifying sword dipper then landed onto Mo Wentian’s body.


It was as if something had been ruptured as the terrifying sword dipper infiltrated into Mo Wentian’s body.


“Mo Lao, I want him to die…” Mo Wentian only felt himself landing into a warm embrace as an extremely ire voice echoed out.

At the next second, Mo Wentian’s vision turned dark as he fainted

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