Chapter 49: Profiting From a Disaster

East Sword City. Inside the Mo Family.

Everyone in the Mo Family was filled with worries. It was especially so for Mo Yu and a few others. Their faces were filled with worries as they stared at the room in which Mo Wentian was undergoing treatment.

It has been three days since the end of the contest for the position of Sword Son. Three days ago, Mo Wentian had fought against five others and had managed to obtain the position of Sword Son. Furthermore, he used Four Constellation Pills to attract the seven elders who initially opposed him and convinced them to change sides.

Mo Yizhan to flew into a rage and made a move against Mo Wentian. The terrifying Green Dragon Dipper Qi released by him intruded into Mo Wentian’s body and injured him. Mo Wentian was unable to withstand the sudden attack, even after using a 2nd grade sword formation talisman. The dipper qi was able to split apart Mo Wentian’s innate copper physique and started destroying it.

“Young Lady Hu Mei is out!” A voice rang out at this moment, and all their gazes fell on the same silhouette. The beautiful lady’s complexion was somewhat pale and looked extremely tired.

“Young Lady!” Old Mo appeared beside Hu Mei.

“I’m fine!” Hu Mei shook her head slightly.

“Young Lady Hu Mei. Young Master Wentian, he…” A group of them looked at Hu Mei, their eyes filled with hope.

However, it was the innate sword dipper attack that had assaulted Mo Wentian. Even if it a Pinnacle Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman were to face against it, he would still inevitably die. Let alone Mo Wentian, who was only in the Qi Condensation Realm. It was already a miracle for Mo Wentian to last for three days!

“He could only rely on himself!” Hu Mei shook her head. Her eyes were filled with threatening cold air. ‘Mo Yizhan actually dared to make a move against Mo Wentian?’

“Young Lady, I have obtained news that Mo Yizhan had fled to Lin Family. The Central Sword City belongs to them, and although our Ocean Skyline Pavilion might have a very strong influence…” Old Mo hesitated. It was unknown if Mo Wentian was still alive or not. If they were to offend the Lin Family cause of him, it would be…

“He will definitely make it!” Hu Mei eyes were extremely resolute. Subsequently, she looked at Old Mo: “Pressure the Lin Family. If they don’t hand over Mo Yizhan, then they shouldn’t blame my Ocean Skyline Pavilion for being impolite!” Hu Mei eyes were extremely cold!

“Yes, Young Lady!” Old Mo exclaimed before turning around and disappearing. Hu Mei went back to the room in which Mo Wentian was being treated, when she saw that Old Mo had vanished.

Inside the room allocated for his treatment.

Mo Wentian was lying on a bed quietly, and a thumb-sized green dragon was rampaging inside his body crazily! If it wasn’t for his physique, which had reached the undying copper body, he would have perished under the Green Dragon Sword Dipper.

“Young Master, nothing must happen to you. Wu wu wu…” Mo Qingyu wept beside the bed.

“What a terrifying physique. His physique is already comparable to a 2nd rank demon beast…” Hu Mei was extremely shocked. If it was anyone else, they would have been killed by Mo Yizhan on the spot. However, Mo Wentian was still persevering. Furthermore, the green dragon within his body has started to weaken. If this continued, there might be a chance for Mo Wentian to survive past this ordeal.

“Brat, I shall bestow this saint pill to you!” Hu Mei took out a jade bottle from her pocket. When she opened the jade bottle, a dense fragrance assaulted the room.

Saint pill – a heaven rank pill!

It was a sacred object in healing. It was extremely priceless even among the Three Great Sword Sects. Furthermore, it seemed like there was more than one of it on Hu Mei!

“Young Lady, this saint pill was…” Unknowingly, Old Mo had appeared again as he stared at the saint pill on Hu Mei’s hand. He wanted to continue speaking but hesitated.

“Get out!” Hu Mei’s complexion turned cold when she stared at Old Mo.

“Young Lady!” Old Mo’s expression changed slightly. However, when he saw how resolute Hu Mei was, he could only sigh before disappearing from the room again.

Hu Mei poured the pill out and placed it on the corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth. When she felt the soft sensation, her face turned red. Subsequently, an essence force leaked out from her finger which forced the pill into Mo Wentian’s mouth.

“Boom…” When the saint pill entered Mo Wentian’s body, the injuries on him started to recover rapidly.

“Pain…” This was the only feeling Mo Wentian was able to feel at that moment. The instant the Green Dragon Dipper Qi approached, Mo Wentian circulated his undying body art. But even so, he still couldn’t block against it. The terrifying dipper qi rampaged around his body and 90 percent of his meridians had already been broken apart.

“S***!” Mo Wentian could only smile bitterly. He had never once calculated that Mo Yizhan would stake everything and kill him.

“This is…” As the Green Dragon Sword Dipper Qi continued to destroy his body, Mo Wentian discovered that his body was actually absorbing this Green Dragon Sword Dipper Qi as well. When it was being absorbed, Mo Wentian’s undying copper body was also advancing slowly. His injuries were also being healed in the process.

“Hahahaha… Unexpectedly, the undying body art is actually profiting from this. If I were to absorb all of this Green Dragon Sword Dipper, wouldn’t my undying copper body reach the pinnacle?

When the time comes, according to the introduction from the undying body art, my strength would reach a terrifying ten thousand kilograms!!” Mo Wentian was extremely excited.

Very quickly he calmed himself down, and resumed to circulate his undying body art. As the undying body art revolved, the Green Dragon Sword Dipper Qi became weaker over time. Just when Mo Wentian was about to awaken, a soft feeling could be felt. That feeling was brought along with a smear of sweetness.

At the next moment, an extremely dense medical efficacy spread out within Mo Wentian’s body rapidly.

“This is a saint pill!” Mo Wentian was shocked. Saint pill? That was a heaven ranked pill. Who would be able to take such an item out?

“It’s Hu Mei!” Mo Wentian inhaled a deep breath. Mo Wentian didn’t even need to guess because only Hu Mei would be able to put forth a saint pill.

“Thank you!” Mo Wentian thanked her inwardly. Subsequently, he continued to circulate his undying body art to absorb the medical efficacy.

“Buzz buzz buzz…”

Dense spiritual qi started to converge towards Mo Wentian’s room.

“This spiritual qi absorption rate is very fast…” The radiance in Hu Mei’s eyes rose drastically. How could Mo Wentian only possess a 1st grade spiritual root with such a quick spiritual qi absorption rate? Even the 9th grade spiritual root wouldn’t be this terrifying!

“This brat!” Hu Mei smiled tenderly before disappearing from the room. The next moment, a terrifying might emitted out from the room. That might was like a terrifying demon beast descending down on to the Mo Family.

“Howl…” At that moment, a faint tiger roar resonated out. A faintly discernible unique Heavenly Tiger appeared above Mo Wentian’s room.

“This is an image of White Tiger God!”

“My god, is Young Master Wentian advancing into the Four Constellation Realm?!”

“My Mo Family is going to rise!”

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Discussions rang out among Mo family members. Meanwhile, the corner of Hu Mei’s mouth twitched frantically.

“Is this even human?” He was only at the pinnacle of Qi Condensation Realm yet he had started to comprehend Four Constellation concepts. Although the White Tiger concept had yet to metamorphosis itself out, it was only a matter of time before Mo Wentian would fully comprehend this Four Constellation Concept!

“Bam bam bam…”

A second later, a frantic aura spread out from the room while Mo Wentian’s aura grew stronger.

“Pinnacle of Qi Condensation Realm!”

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“Pinnacle of Undying Copper body!”

All of a sudden, the aura disappeared as a positive silhouette walked out from the room unhurriedly.

Profiting from a disaster! Under the effects of the Green Dragon Sword Dipper and the saint pill, not only did Mo Wentian’s undying copper body reached the pinnacle, but his cultivation had also reached the pinnacle of Qi Condensation Realm.

Just a step more and Mo Wentian would become a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!

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