Volume 3 Chapter 120: Accidental Encounter at the McPherson Monastery

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Olsylvia Academy, North Campus, Filomena Nobility Academy’s Student Quarters, in the Secret Gardens of the McPherson Monastery, one of the Olsylvia Academy’s Nine Midnight Academy Forbidden Grounds.

Norris brought a group of members from the society of the Doors Of Truth and walked in. They were not disturbed by the illusion along the whole journey. Because they had entered after Noreya and Elaine had joined hands to destroy the mastermind behind the scenes of the dreamscape, they happened to avoid it.
The malicious spirits that were hovering around the surroundings of the McPherson Monastery had no trace of politeness towards Norris and the people who were the second batch of invaders. Previously, they had mounted a sneak attack on Cynthia and used the same method to infiltrate to the back of Norris and others to mount a sneak attack. Norris was a lot more prepared than Bella and the others.
He opened up the golden sacred writings in his hands. As the golden rays of light spread out, those deathly pale malicious spirits retreated in defeat one after another. The golden rays of lights lit up the surroundings of the whole McPherson Monastery. Where the golden rays passed, the spirits all disappeared.
“That object is cheating. What’s the treasure in his hands? He’s actually using it without restriction.”  
“It can’t be that the sacred writings was the church-defining treasure of the Radiant Church? He is only the Assistant Director of the Doors of Truth, he has no reason to take such a precious treasured tool.”
Bella, Noreya, Elaine, and others had hidden in the surrounding garden of the McPherson Monastery to observe surreptitiously with Cynthia lying in Bella’s arms. She watched Noreya and Elaine with a dull face, these two beautiful girls whose beauty were equally matched with her were so different from the rumors.
On the campus of Olsylvia Academy, Noreya was a naturally ugly girl and because Elaine was cursed, it was rumored that her looks were extremely ugly. After seeing them in person, Cynthia almost couldn’t accept it; her thoughts persistently short-circuited.
“Darling, don’t feel inferior anymore; I will treat everyone equally. Relax, your looks are not ugly and are about the same level as the others.”
“Bella… Can’t you be more honorable! Who is your darling? Can you let me wear clothes first, please? In the middle of the night, I am a little cold like this…”
“It is possible, but you must know that when you wear the clothes you will become mine! My clothes can only be worn by my girlfriends.”
Towards Bella’s condition, Cynthia simply shut her mouth. This witch was too overbearing, she only raised one condition and wanted her to give everything. She would not agree to this transaction! Bella was not anxious as she gambled on the fact that Cynthia could not persevere for too long.
“Elaine, yours and Noreya’s cloaks were damaged in the dreamscape, do both of you not have spare ones?”
“No, who knew that there would be a dreamscape over here. What’s to do? We can’t let them see us like this. How about, make them shut up forever?”
“Elaine… These types of words should be spoken by Noreya the assassin instead. Why are you more violent than her!”
Regarding Elaine’s suggestion, Bella dared not accept. One of the purposes of coming here was to convert McPherson Monastery into the territory of Rose Society but if they got rid of members of the Doors of Truth Society over here then this place would be sealed off again. Not only this but before they defeated their two main opponents which were the Golden Legend Society and Mask of Darkness Society, Bella’s Rose Society temporarily did not want to provoke the Doors of Truth Society.
“Sylvia, let me give you two choices. One is to play the role of my… women and act a show with me. Or I will hand you over to them. That handsome Assistant Director looks like an upright gentleman and would not have any crooked thoughts about you. You are the Holy Swordsman of the Radiant Church and handing you over to the Doors of Truth Society should be alright.”

“Bella, you are too hateful. I want to choose the third choice. Princess Noreya, Princess Elaine, this person’s a demon, do the both of you not have any opinions? Please quickly help me!”
“There is no third choice. Come, darling Cynthia, tell me your true thoughts.”
Although Bella had given Cynthia two choices, she had already helped Cynthia pick an answer. Bella carried Cynthia’s hands and was always carrying her tightly. Looking at her attitude, it was reckoned that even Bella herself would not believe the choice that she would hand Cynthia over to Norris and those people.
With regards to Cynthia’s appeal from her gaze, Princess Noreya and Princess Elaine looked at each other quickly then gave her an ambiguous and significant profound smile, turned their heads and ignored Cynthia. Not to mentioned Cynthia’s anger in her heart, Noreya and Elaine were obviously stronger compared to Bella who held her under duress, but they unexpectedly left her in the lurch. What big animosity they had towards her!
“Darling Cynthia, please do not struggle anymore. They are part of my family and very soon you and I would also be one family. I know you want to choose the first choice, such a smart decision.”
“Bella, you… If I have to choose… wu…”
Bella held out her hand to cover Cynthia’s little mouth; just now the shape of her mouth obviously mouthed the second choice. This girl was tough enough and was hard to deal with as compared to Lola the assassin a few months ago. Unexpectedly, she would rather be seen naked by Norris and the group of boys than stay at Bella’s side.
Unfortunately, Cynthia’s determination was ruined by Bella’s craftiness. Bella was more quick-witted than her, she directly rushed to make the decision for her before she had even spoken. This time, Cynthia was at her wit’s end as she met Bella, this witch.
“Who is over there? This voice seems to be…”
Sylvia’s last words were too loud and seemed like it was heard by Norris and the party of people who were lingering around. They rushed over in the direction of the garden. Seeing Norris and others who had rushed over, Bella did not hesitate too. She used her eyes to signal to Noreya and Elaine to hide first. Then she took out her concealed artifact, which she wanted to use, and rapidly got to work.

Norris, who was the Deputy Director of the Doors of Truth Society, and the batch of members who he led were from the same society. In the secret garden of McPherson Monastery, they found Bella, who was also Duchess Bellina. But, they did not manage to find Cynthia, who was the secretary of the Central Students’ Union and Bella’s other accomplice.
Bella was seated on a stone bench and her back was facing them. In Bella’s arms, she was holding a beautiful silver-haired girl in her arms. The beautiful silver-haired girl was wrapped up in a thick blanket, Bella was hugging and kissing her. When Bella heard footsteps, she turned around to look at Norris and them; the beautiful silver-haired girl turned and buried her face into Bella’s bosom, not daring to raise her head.
“Bellina… Duchess, what are you doing..”
“I am having sex with someone… Wrong, what are you looking at, can’t I have a date with my girlfriend! If you continue to watch, do you not want your eyes anymore?”
“Coughing… Excuse me, the person in your arms is….”
“Do you not know Princess Kriss! There are only a few beautiful silver-haired girls in the whole school. There is no need to envy me, please go back! I will not look into tonight’s matter.”
Norris looked at Bella and for a moment he was speechless. He was coming over to get information that could be used against Cynthia, not to catch the tryst between Duchess Bellina and a girl. Because in Olsylvia Academy, the school rules and regulations only restricted men and female from dating openly. There were no clear-cut rules towards male-male or female-female relationships that were overly intimate.

Therefore towards Bella and other girls acting intimately over here, even the people of the Olsylvia Academy’s Disciplinary Committee could only do nothing, not to mention Norris who was an outsider. The beautiful silver-haired girl had buried her in Bella’s bosom, but her shoulder and exquisite collarbone were exposed outside; this indicated that she was already naked as her bra straps couldn’t be seen.
“Duchess Bellina, is this really Princess Kriss? Did you see Cynthia, who is the secretary of the Central Students’ Union? I am looking for her.”
“No, get lost quickly. Really, don’t all of you have eyes! I’ve seen Secretary Cynthia before and she did not have such beautiful silver hair. This is my woman, Princess Kriss.
“How about the other people that had followed you here? For instance…”
“This student, are you foolish? Why would I bring others to be the backdrop when I go for a date? No means no and if you continue to ask I will not be polite anymore.”
Norris resisted the anger in his heart regarding the absurd actions of the students of Filomena Nobility Academy. He had no reason to criticize as Bella was a Duchess. To penalize her behavior of breaking into a forbidden area, he could only report it to President Lucia from the Students’ Union of Filomena Nobility Academy and she would handle it. He, as an outsider, had no reason to handle the improper relations between Duchess Bella and Princess Kriss.
The people that Norris had brought were all boys; They looked at their goddess, Princess Kriss, who was ranked top three in the Top Ten Academy Belles. She was actually “girl’s love” girl. Their hearts were all broken into pieces. This blow was even greater as compared to her being won over by boys.
If Princess Kriss was won over by boys, at the very least it could be proven that she was a normal girl and other boys would have the chance to be promoted. If she was won over by girls, it indicated that actually, Kriss did not like boys and the rest of the boys would not have any chance.
Bella carried Cynthia in her arms and watched Norris with a haughty gaze. Norris had a handsome appearance, treated people gently and he was also the Holy Priest. This was the second time he was humiliated in front of girls. This beautiful golden-haired blue-eyed female knight had not given any chance towards the handsome boys who had tried to hook up with her. At least she did not give any face to Norris.
The first person who did not give him face was Cynthia, who was the secretary of the Central Student Union, but at that time Norris had only seen Cynthia’s real face and not her original hair eye color. At that time, Cynthia also did not reveal the color of her eyes and hair color to Norris thus it was not counted as violating the agreement of the Holy Swordsman, which had been established since ancient times.
Therefore, the beautiful silver-haired girl, whose face was not seen properly, was carried by Bella in her bosom. Everyone had subconsciously treated her as Princess Kriss. Princess Kriss and Duchess Bellina had the scandal of having an intimate relationship. Many students in Olsylvia Academy who had status knew a little about it.
 Also, both Cynthia and Kriss belonged to the swordsmen profession. Professionals who had not seen both of their true identities before could not differentiate them in their disguise this time. Norris had used his Savior’s secret method to find out about the beautiful silver-haired girl in Bella’s arms. He found out that the commonly seen stature was of a swordsmen profession. This caused the last trace of doubt in his heart to disappear.

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Sylvia buried her face into Bella’s chest; her little mouth was already stuffed with a soft cloth. She could only lie in Bella’s arms and looked at her with a protesting look but she did not have any means. In consideration that she wanted to choose the second choice just now, Bella could only use this plan.
“Darling Cynthia, if you do not want to be on the headlines of the Olsylvia Academy campus weekly news tomorrow, then please be quiet. Do not think of any funny ideas and if you dare to shout, I would chop all these eyewitnesses into pieces!”
Bella looked down and said softly in Cynthia’s ear. After she finished, Bella even used her tongue to intimately licked Cynthia’s earlobe once. This area was one of Cynthia’s sensitive spots and by letting Bella played around, she nearly called out.

Why was this female demon so proficient, did she specially research how to bully girls as she had nothing to do every day! Cynthia wanted to shout loudly just now. She summoned her courage with great difficulty but with Bella’s lick, it had all disappeared.
“Sighing, Duchess Bellina, why are both of you here…”
“Oh my God, brother, are you working part-time at the Disciplinary Committee? You’re too professional. Let me trouble you to inform the Disciplinary Committee’s Chief, Natasha. Just say that I am secretly dating Kriss at McPherson Monastery and ask her to deliver clothes to us. Just now, Princess Kriss had played overboard and damaged her uniform.”
Norris, from Bella’s gaze could only see the arrogance of a normal nobility girl and not any sinister intentions. In the end, he put the doubt in his heart down and treated Bella as a lady from a normal big aristocratic family. He did not link her to her identity as a Demon King.
“Duchess Bellina, I didn’t mean to offend just now; please pardon our ignorance. Also, because of some reason McPherson Monastery was sealed and it’s one of the nine forbidden grounds of Olsylvia Academy. For both of you to have a date over here, it doesn’t seem to match both of your identities.”

“I understand, we’ll move to another place. All of you leave first; I will wait for Lisha to deliver the clothes to Kriss then I will leave. When you leave, remember to help me to inform Lisha. Since it’s so late, Natasha should be asleep so please do not disturb her.”
Looking at Norris and his people when they left, Bella had secretly relaxed in her heart. Luckily her acting was smart and she managed to trick Norris. Based on the Demon King’s intuition, Bella smelled the odor of a Savior from Norris the Priest. She had smelled this odor from the other three Savior guys and had a deep impression.
Norris’ strength should be stronger than Scott and the two other Savior guys at Scripps Cemetery on Mount Vernon’s peak. At the last moment, it should be Norris who had rescued the three Savior guys. The same golden rays of light which Bella had seen from the last few nights should be from the golden sacred writings in his hands.
“Bella, the malicious spirits in this garden were tidied up by the rays of light from the Sacred Writings in Norris’s hands. I have already found the road leading to McPherson Monastery.”
“Alright, let’s take a look together. Cynthia, stop looking at me. You are still the most beautiful in this appearance. Please do not worry as Kriss is also my people and she won’t mind nor investigate.”
Sylvia used her gaze to signal to Bella to loosen her grasp on her little mouth. Out of fun, Bella did not remove the cloth that was used to stuff into Cynthia’s little mouth. This Holy Swordsman had a firm belief and giving her the power to talk now was slightly inappropriate as Norris and the others had not walked far. If she shouted loudly for help then her previous performance would be exposed.
With Noreya the professional assassin leading the way, Bella and her group walked through the garden and reached the nearby of McPherson Monastery. As for Norris and others, it seemed that they had turned back halfway. They reached McPherson Monastery from another direction so they shouldn’t be here for Cynthia this time.

Along the way, Bella had seen thousands of dead corpses of ancient nuns and they were all lying horizontally on the garden outside the McPherson Monastery. The dead bodies had not decayed at all after a thousand years and they looked like living persons who were just asleep. These nuns appearance were not bad and they should be specially chosen.
  Just now the rays of light from the sacred writings which Norris had used had inadvertently helped Bella in clearing up the “creeps” at the periphery of the McPherson Monastery. This had also saved Bella’s some effort. If they were pestered by the nuns’ corpses, it was estimated that they would only reach the entrance of McPherson Monastery by sunrise.

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