Chapter 649: Flame God Chiyan (1)

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A strange aura instantly filled the surroundings and crackling sounds resounded.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. Releasing his internal force, he replied with a smirk, “The Heavenly Demon King truly is a coward. He hid himself, not daring to come out and has sent a woman to court death.”

The bloody radiance in Siyan’s eyes become denser. She could hate her father, but she absolutely wouldn’t allow other people to badmouth about him.

“Drop dead…” Siyan coldly shouted and moved like lightning.

Then, within a radius of 100 meters, afterimages of Siyan appeared everywhere, but one could feel her true aura from every one of them. It was impossible to differentiate the real from the fakes.

In a battle between two strong experts, especially when the difference between their strength was not that big, just defending would simply lead oneself to the dead end. One should look for the opponent’s true attack, dodge or guard, and counterattack. Although Long Yi could hide inside that mysterious rock and guard, that was not his style. If he retreated and holed up in the face of an attack, then he wasn’t worthy of his current god-like reputation. Besides, he didn’t need to take extreme measures against this woman of Demon World. At least from the aura she displayed, it seemed that her strength was far inferior to him.

Long Yi glanced around and calmly stood at the same place. He even placed his hands behind him and his eyelids were drooping as if he were pondering something.

“Preposterous, you actually dare to look down upon me like this,” sneered Siyan. She gently raised her jade hands and ten black lights quietly shot towards Long Yi from behind two afterimages.

“Whoosh!” As if a bolt of lightning streaking across the sky, those ten black lights pierced through Long Yi’s heart.

But, Siyan didn’t feel any impact even though her claw had pierced through Long Yi, let alone digging out his heart.

 “Clang!” A metal colliding sound resounded and the afterimages disappeared. The bloody eyes of Siyan were filled with dense killing intent as she glared at the smiling Long Yi who was now in front of her. Her jade hands with ten sharp black nails were caught by Long Yi. She was unable to retract her hands no matter how much force she exerted.

“You want to kill me, but you’re too unskilled.” Long Yi spoke with a smile. On the surface, he looked leisurely, but he was honestly startled and was sweating profusely in his heart. The fighting style of this woman was very strange. When those sharp claws attacked him, he unexpectedly felt that he wouldn’t be able to dodge them as if these claws would pierce his heart regardless of how he dodged.

At that instant, he had completely retracted his aura. Leaving behind his illusory phantom, he dodged and then countered this woman. Everything had happened in less than a second. But, for top-notch experts like them, one second was more than enough to attack and defend several times.

A hint of strange expression flashed through Siyan’s face and let Long Yi clamped down her hands.

Then, a white shadow quietly fluttered behind Long Yi and a sharp claw approached the neck of Long Yi from behind.

Suddenly, blood-red radiance flashed and that white shadow was sent flying back. Now, there was a skeleton wearing heavy bone armor and holding a blood-red scythe beside Long Yi.

“Long Two, good job.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Big brother, should I kill this beast?” With a red light flickering in his hollow eye sockets, Long Two enquired. Now, his speech had unexpectedly become a lot more fluent. Although there was still a hint of mechanical feel, compared to the past, it was as far apart as heaven and earth. In addition, from his speech, one could see that his intelligence had clearly improved a lot.

“Take good care of it. As for me, I will nicely play with this little sister that came from the Demon World. Otherwise, everyone will truly consider my Blue Waves Continent a ball of clay that can be kneaded into any shape as they please.” Long Yi replied with a sinister smile.

Siyan was surprised upon seeing a powerful undead speaking in human language. When did undead creatures start to have intelligence? However, before she could think much about it, a powerful momentum surrounded her, making her feel fear she had not felt for a long time.

Long Yi was still grabbing the hands of Siyan. He released his imposing momentum and injected the aura of that mysterious rock into her. Upon seeing the change in the expression of this woman of Demon World, he understood that the effect was clearly extraordinary.

Siyan felt ill at ease and her heartbeat accelerated. But then, she strangely freed her hands away from the grasp of Long Yi and disappeared leaving behind only afterimages around.

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Her figure flashed a few times, but Siyan became all the more startled in her heart. Her Specter Clone Technique didn’t emit any aura, but this human was unexpectedly able to closely follow her. He would arrive wherever she went; he was not confused by her afterimages at all. This truly startled her. Although he was not as powerful as her father, Heavenly Demon King, he was just a youngster in his twenties. Just on the basis of the terrifying growth potential, surpassing her father Heavenly Demon King was only a matter of time. At that time, he would be able to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another in these three worlds.

“At all events, I absolutely cannot let him live.” Siyan thought while gritting her teeth. Although she hated the Heavenly Demon King to the extreme, when all was said and done, she was still his daughter and was also the Princess of Demon World. So she decided not to let this kind of heaven-defying freak exist in this world. Besides, he was the enemy of Demon World. Merely, her strength alone was not enough to kill him, so it seemed that she needed to take another winding path.

One fled, while the other chased! It appeared as if Long Yi was playing cat and mouse with Siyan, but in fact, he knew the bitter truth. The Specter Clone Technique of this Demon Princess was indeed amazing. Just chasing after her was taking all his effort, so it would be very hard to stop her. As a result, he could only wait for her to relax a little and then launch an attack.

 The scenery around them rapidly changed, but Long Yi noticed a pattern in this chase. He secretly released Violent Lightning Beast, Fire Qilin, and tiger cub from the Dark Dimension Space and arranged them in locations where Siyan might pass to intercept her.

Just when Siyan was thinking of the method to kill Long Yi, a flame suddenly appeared in front of her, and she plunged into Qilin Holy Fire of Fire Qilin. Qilin Holy Fire could instantly vaporize stones and metals. Its might was considerably high. Upon facing this sudden attack, the Specter Clone Technique of Siyan was interrupted, so she had no choice but to defend herself.

“Little beauty, take this Young Master’s Tendon Separating Bone Grinding Palm.” Long Yi laughed heartily and the hands of Long Yi touched every place of Siyan’s body at lightning speed.

 Siyan suddenly felt one side of her body getting paralyzed. While astonished, she released her origin magic power and dodged Long Yi’s palm.


Siyan screamed in pain and fell back, covering her chest. As it turned out, although she had dodged Long Yi’s fatal attack, his palm had crushed the chest protector of her demonic armor, and her ** was revealed for an instant, making her feel ice-cold air.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, but soon after that, he had a smirk. He had clearly seen that snow white ** with small bright red buds. The figure of this Demon Princess was truly not that great, but that size and that shape…

Long Yi shook off those distracting thoughts and pressed forward. He clearly knew the wise saying, it was always easier to take other’s life when he was sick.

But, at that time, a powerful energy rippled in the air. The space around him distorted and numerous tall trees instantly turned into ashes.

The eyebrows of Long Yi shot up as he cursed in his heart. He then used Great Cosmos Shift for instant movement, but Siyan had already disappeared without a trace.

“It seems several experts of Demon World had come.” Long Yi clasped his hands behind his back and looked pensive, watching the place where Siyan had disappeared.

It seems the identity of this woman of Demon World called Siyan was not ordinary. Those experts of Demon World seemed to have come especially to guard her. It was very unlikely for Heavenly Demon King, this old monster who had lived for an unknown number of years, to send a woman who was weaker than him. It might be assumed that that woman had ran over on her own. In addition, seeing how she didn’t have consciousness of the outside world, could it be that she was the daughter of the Heavenly Demon King?

Long Yi naturally didn’t know that his guess was correct, merely, he didn’t have any basis. Under such circumstances, he naturally wouldn’t think much. He walked over to the place where Long Two had stayed behind and saw that Long Two had used forbidden dark magic to firmly restrict that little lion, forcibly cutting off the connection between it and its master.

“Long Two, you are getting smarter.” Long Yi patted Long Two’s shoulder with a smile.

Long Two also smiled, but this shocked Long Yi. Long two actually smiled. Although this smile was honestly not worthy of flattery, it was great progress. Now, the manifestation of his feelings was no longer limited to the fluctuation of his aura.

Many thoughts appeared in Long Yi’s mind. Long Two was getting stronger and stronger, and his intelligence was also getting higher and higher. The process of humanization was becoming obvious with every passing day. Long Yi didn’t know what he would become in the future.

Long Yi was a little worried about his future prospects. Long Two had grown up beside him. From the time he subconsciously moved to the time he gained spiritual wisdom, every step of maturity had Long Yi’s mark. So, he never worried about Long Two betraying him.

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