Chapter 650: Flame God Chiyan (2)

At that time, Fire Qilin, the tiger cub, and Violent Lightning Beast gathered beside Long Yi. They scattered their cuteness for a little while and shifted their attention to that snow-white little lion. They looked like they had found a strange toy, and one unexpectedly swatted this little lion flying, then another jumped up and head-butted it. Poor little lion, it could only whimper and cry without any strength to resist.

“Eh, this lion … it should be the result of crossbreeding between the beast of Demon World and Divine World. Strange, how could it resemble …” Earth God Xuantian’s voice resounded in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

“Resemble what?” Long Yi enquired almost immediately.

“Hehe, nothing, boy. That female demon, however, is the princess of Demon World, the most beloved daughter of the Heavenly Demon King. If you had captured her, she would have certainly become a trump card against the Heavenly Demon King. Too bad…” Xuantian transformed into a fatty phantom and shook his head in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

The gaze of Long Yi flickered, and immediately after that, the corners of his mouth twitched in annoyance as he replied, “Damned fatty, why are you saying that just now? How come I didn’t see you helping at that crucial moment?”

“It was not that I didn’t want to help, rather it was impossible to help. There were several experts of the highest caliber below the Heavenly Demon King protecting her in secret. Thus, in our current state, even if we had appeared to help, we would just be useless,” answered Xuantian.

“Then, why didn’t they band together to kill me?” Long Yi asked in confusion.

“Hehe, boy, don’t underestimate yourself. You have all the seven spirit tablets now. Although you might not necessarily win the fight against them, it would not be difficult if you wanted to escape with your life. Moreover, their mission should have been to protect the princess. In any case, if something happened to the princess when they attacked you, then the Heavenly Demon King will not forgive them.” Xuantian explained to Long Yi, thereby clearing Long Yi’s doubts.

Long Yi nodded his head, accepting this explanation. If he wanted to escape with life, then it was easy. Didn’t he have that mysterious rock? If he hid himself inside it, then even the Heavenly Demon King in his peak might not be able to do anything in a short time.

After the tiger cub and other godbeasts finally got to come out, they were unwilling to return to the dark dimension space. As for Long Two, since his intelligence had increased a lot, he also naturally wanted to walk beside Long Yi.

Therefore, Long Yi along with three godbeasts and Long Two walked through the Illusory Forest, and via underground entrance, they entered the Kobold Kingdom.

Since the emissary of Fire God had come along with the familiar of Fire God, all kobolds respectfully welcomed them with greatest standards. Merely, Long Yi hastily left to see Fire God without staying with kobolds. He went straight toward the magma cave where Fire Qilin stayed in the past.

After arriving at the familiar place, Fire Qilin excitedly roared and directly plunged into the boiling hot magma, swimming back and forth in the magma like a stranded fish put back in water.

In the past, the heat wave of this magma had made Long Yi eat a lot of bitterness, but now, he was completely unaffected. Compared to the past, the current strength of Long Yi was incomparable. This kind of environment couldn’t even make him break a sweat.

Long Yi slowly entered the cave located below the magma, and soon, he found the secret room where the statue of Fire God was located.

The secret room was still fresh, and a faint fragrance was still lingering in the air. Merely, there was no trace of the Fire God’s statue.

“Xuantian, Moyun, can you sense Fire God Chiyan’s aura?” Long Yi asked, feeling surprised.

“This room has a lingering aura of Chiyan. She definitely stayed here, but I can’t sense anything else.” Moyun answered. Anxiety was visible in her tone.

“Could it be that she went to Blue Waves Continent?” Long Yi guessed.

“There is also that possibility, but we didn’t sense her aura when we were in Blue Waves Continent. Presumably, she is still afflicted with the divine curse,” theorized Moyun.

Long Yi looked around the secret room, looking for any trace. Moyun and Xuantian in his sea of consciousness were weighed down with anxiety. In that final battle, the divine curse, the trump card of the Heavenly Demon King, had seriously affected three Main Gods: Lightning God, Wind God, and Fire God. Among those three, Lightning God had vanished after leaving behind his inheritance and mark in Lightning God Shrine, and Wind God Mark was inherited by Mu Hanyan and later passed down to Long Yi. It might be assumed that Wind God also had the same bad end. Now, Fire God also had completely disappeared without any news, so how could they not worry about her?

At that time, Long Yi traced out the brocade quilt above the stone bed. He could still smell lingering fragrance on it. After feeling it for a short while, just when he turned around to leave, the Fire Spirit Tablet within his sea of consciousness suddenly jumped as if it was reacting to the thing under the quilt.

Long Yi lifted the brocade quilt and saw a groove that had the shape of spirit tablet on the stone bed. It was emitting scorching hot fluctuations of fire magic.

With a thought, the Fire Spirit Tablet flew out of his sea of consciousness and embedded into that groove. Consequently, he heard a cracking sound, but there was no movement. Long Yi was confused in his heart and reached out to grab that Fire Spirit Tablet. Suddenly, he felt heart-rending pain on his palm. He immediately retracted his hand and the pain gradually faded away. Upon closer look, he saw a flame-shaped mark on his right palm, and he could feel a kind of inexplicable connection with Fire Spirit Tablet.

“Fire God Mark?” Long Yi muttered, and he suddenly felt a kind of indescribable sadness. Nevertheless, because of Moyan and Xuantian, Fire God Mark was branded on Long Yi like this. They could, however, no longer feel the aura of Fire God Chiyan. Now, among the seven Main Gods, there was one less. How could this not make them sad?

At that time, Fire Spirit Tablet automatically entered into Long Yi’s sea of consciousness. But, there was a very tiny holy in that groove.

“Kakaka, big brother Xuantian, younger sister Moyun. After 100,000 years, we meet again!” A crisp and melodious voice resounded in this room. Burning hot red light shot out from that tiny hole, forming a fiery figure. She had beautiful eyes as well as hot figure; she was none other than Fire God Chiyan.

“Chiyan, don’t make a mistake, I am older than you, so you should call me big sister.” Moyun’s pleasant to listen voice resounded along with a tinge of cold aura. Just a moment ago, she was endlessly worried, but now, she refused to yield an inch in the issue of the form of address. It seemed that no matter whether a god or a human, a woman in the end was a woman.

“Enough, you two, where is the air of a Main God? We are currently in a critical situation that determines the survival of both Divine and Human World, but you two are still in the mood to bicker?” Xuantian put away his happy-go-lucky appearance and chastised. His words had an unquestionable authority.

Sure enough, both Moyun and Chiyan became silent. They knew that Xuantian usually liked to joke around and didn’t care about etiquette, but when he was serious, even Light God, the strongest among the seven Main Gods, wouldn’t dare to refute him.

Chiyan’s physical body was destroyed two years ago, but she survived in the form of consciousness, waiting for the people who needed her.

If one said that she didn’t dare to confirm the person she was waiting for was Long Yi in the past, then now, she was sure without doubt. She entered Long Yi’s body without demur like Xuantian and Moyun. Now, Long Yi housed the consciousness of three Main Gods in his body.


Demon World.

Siyan ferociously glared at the fierce looking Demon Generals. All of them were wearing pitch-black demonic armor, holding a high grade demonic weapon. They were the experts of Demon World who were only below the Heavenly Demon King. Among them, the leader was one of the three Demon Generals who took charge of the army of Demon World after the Heavenly Demon King was sealed. He was called Diluo, alias Bloody Demon. Even the unruly Siyan was somewhat afraid of him. This was also the reason why the Heavenly Demon King dispatched him to protect his daughter.

“Who wants to come with you all. Send me back! Even without your help, I would have escaped myself,” replied Siyan in a cold tone.

“We are just ordered by the Heavenly Demon King, so Princess, please don’t make things difficult for us.” One of the Demon General said.

“He doesn’t need to take care of me. You also don’t have to follow me.” Siyan snorted and prepared to leave.

A furry, sturdy arm blocked Siyan. He, however, was Blood Demon Diluo. He faintly told, “Your Highness the Princess, even if you hate His Majesty the Heavenly Demon King, you are also the Princess of Demon World. Your actions not just represent yourself, rather it concerns the rise and fall of the entire Demon World. Do you wish to drag all the people of Demon World to be buried with you?”

Siyan had no way to refute Diluo’s words. Merely, thinking how Long Yi had shamed her, she was unable to endure her fury. There had never been anyone that was able to remain intact after taking advantage of her. However, she had forgotten the fact that it was her who had gone to provoke Long Yi first.

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Night fell; the sky was covered with twinkling stars. It was a beautiful and quiet night.

Siyan sat alone on a rock at the summit of a mountain, looking at the vast heaven. She was lonely in her heart.

“Mother, Yan’er misses you.” Siyan muttered, looking at a pair of bright stars in the east. Her mother had said that they were the child star and mother star, and they represented all mothers and children in the world.

A wind blew over and Siyan shivered, then her eyes with glistening teardrops became ice-cold. She just allowed her to be weak for a moment. After her momentary weakness, she decided to become even stronger.

Bloody General Diluo watched the lonely figure of Siyan under the night sky and sighed softly. The fame of this Demon Princess in Demon World was not any inferior to her father. She could kill people as if she was an emotionless being. But, in his opinion, she was just a lonely and sad child. In the beginning … The family matters of the Heavenly Demon King was very complicated.

Diluo began to concentrate on his own cultivation. The family matters of the Heavenly Demon King was not something he could think causally.

After four hours, the sky was already a little bright. Diluo suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Siyan on the summit of a mountain. He discovered that Siyan still remained there. There was also no change in her aura, but he vaguely felt that something was wrong.

“Your Highness the Princess.” Diluo appeared beside Siyan and called out. But, he discovered that Siyan had her eyes tightly closed and stayed still as if she had fused with the rock.

Diluo’s eyelids twitched and he reached out to pat Siyan’s shoulder. But, his hand passed through her body without any resistance. This was clearly just a phantom.

“Damn, how can I forget that the princess has Body Congealing Pearl?” Diluo made a bitter smile. This Body Congealing Pearl was something he offered to the Heavenly Demon King, and the Heavenly Demon King had bestowed it to the princess at a later time. It was capable of transformation into a phantom that was no different from a real person. Even the aura and heartbeat would be the same. It was a rare treasure. He had never thought that he would be deceived by it.


After Long Yi found Fire God Chiyan, he didn’t remain in Illusory Forest. He went straight to the transfer point.

Now, with all seven spirit tablets and the consciousness of three Main Gods within him, Long Yi was a lot more confident. Looking at the current situation, since the Heavenly Demon King was still recovering his strength, it was very unlikely for him to attack Blue Waves Continent in a short term.

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“If we had known the space passage that led to Demon World, then we wouldn’t have been in such a passive position. Perhaps, we might have even killed the Heavenly Demon King, catching him unprepared.” Long Yi had some hopeless thoughts. He looked down upon the members of Divine World for not being able to even find out where the lair of their opponent was for such a long period of time.  

Just when the transfer point was in sight, Long Yi’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated and his beastly instincts let him sense the danger.

“Boom!” A violent explosion occurred behind Long Yi. Even the space itself was wrecked.

Long Yi dodged the direct brunt of the attack. Even like that, his defensive barrier twisted. If he was hit head-on, then that energy explosion might have destroyed his defensive barrier. That would be no laughing matter.

A graceful figure slowly emerged. She was gasping for breath; her hands and legs were trembling. The bloody radiance of her eyes were fluctuating violently as she gritted her teeth and glared at Long Yi. She truly had not expected that even though she had practically used all her energy to activate the Bloody Explosion Magic Bracelet she had stolen from the Heavenly Demon King’s palace, this fellow would unexpectedly dodge. She had left behind all her aura in the phantom at the distant mountain to come here. She was like air now, yet how could he still sense her?

“Hehe, it’s you, this Young Master was worried about where to find you again, but since you have delivered yourself to my doorstep, it couldn’t be better,” laughed Long Yi. He had already realized that this woman was like an arrow at the end of its flight now.

“I came to send you to hell. This Princess has many methods to kill you.” Siyan coldly snorted as a hint of insane hue flashed through her eyes. Then, in front of her, a pitch-black key like object appeared.

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