Chapter 651: Divine World

Long Yi raised his brows. What was the use of that strange key without any energy fluctuation? In addition, the expression of this little demon girl also seemed somewhat wrong.

“Space Key, not good! Smelly kid, quickly seize it!” The anxious voice of Moyun resounded in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

Long Yi had absolute trust in Moyun. Therefore, without any hesitation, he immediately used Great Cosmos Shift to approach her, but a vast amount of gentle energy repelled him back.

“It’s too late, this Space Key can open the passage leading to Blue Waves Continent from Demon World. Of course, it can also open the passage leading to the infinite void. You should be happy that this princess is accompanying you.” Siyan spoke with a smile. Her smile was no longer ice-cold, it was rather brilliant like a blooming flower, but her eyes were filled with tears.

Suddenly, darkness engulfed the entire world. Long Yi immediately summoned the seven spirit tablets, but soon afterward, he disappeared without a trace.

Both Long Yi and Siyan disappeared into thin air as if they were absorbed into the infinite void. Bloody Demon Diluo and the other ten Demon Generals who had just arrived could only watch things happen helplessly. They were too late to stop this. Now, they feared that the Heavenly Demon King will become very furious, and perhaps, their lives would be in danger.

Demon World, Heavenly Demon Hall.

Upon hearing Diluo’s report, Heavenly Demon King, who was doing his best to recover his strength, immediately roared crazily. A bloody radiance covered the entire sky, and everything within the radius of two hundred li of this Heavenly Demon Hall turned into a pile of debris.

“Diluo, activate the Jade Blood Chilly Pond. This king will completely exterminate the entire Blue Waves Continent.” The Heavenly Demon King instructed with a sinister voice.

“Your Majesty, although Jade Blood Chilly Pond can quickly recover your strength, that will…” Diluo wanted to suggest the Heavenly Demon King revoke this command.

“You don’t need to say anything. This king wants to make both Divine World and Human World bury with Yan’er,” replied the Heavenly Demon King angrily.

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“This subordinate obeys your command.” Diluo knew that once the Heavenly Demon King made the decision, no one could change it.


Looking up, the sky was clear without a speck of impurity. It looked like a flawless, huge jade stone. Looking around, there was an expansive range of hills. There were also several springs. This place was just like a fairyland.

Long Yi blinked a few times as he sized up his surroundings. He then looked at that milky white sun in the sky with some doubts as he thought, your grandfather, did I cross worlds again? Clearly, this place was neither Earth nor Blue Waves Continent as those worlds didn’t have a white sun.

Long Yi groaned in his heart and was incomparably depressed. If he were truly in another world, then he would truly go crazy. What about his wives, his parents, and his people? In addition, there was also his unborn child.

“**** your old mother, d*mned heaven!” Long Yi knew that he wouldn’t go anywhere even if he pondered for a long time, so he just cursed and stood up. Other than the slight soreness, there was no other discomfort.

Not far away from him, the Demon Princess Siyan was lying unconsciously on the grassland.

Long Yi was filled with anger upon seeing this demon girl. He walked over and kicked her buttocks. This smelly woman had wrenched his family apart. If he didn’t nicely torment her, then he wouldn’t be able to clear up the hatred of his heart.

He kicked her a few times and felt that that tactile impression was not bad. At this moment, the figure of this demon woman was not covered. He could clearly see that her pair of Jade hares on her chest and her plump buttocks were of the best quality.

Long Yi calmed down and began to notice that magic elements were very dense in this place. Compared to Blue Waves Continent, it was more than ten times denser. It was the best place to cultivate.

“Moyun, Xuantian, Chiyan, come out to receive patrons!” Long Yi called out within his sea of consciousness. Usually, if he had called out like this, Moyun would have flipped out, but now, there was no response.

Long Yi muttered, what lousy Main Gods! At such a critical moment, even a shadow couldn’t be seen. Last time, when he was stuck within the energy barrier of Blue Moon Continent was also like this.

Long Yi dragged Siyan over to the side of a pond, and scooping a handful of spring water, he felt very refreshing.

Suddenly, Long Yi frowned. He condensed internal force on his right hand and hit the pond. Bang, a water column rose more than ten meters high.

“Something is wrong. Since this place is so marvelous, why is there no indication of the existence of any form of life?” Long Yi pondered. This place was surrounded by a range of hills. Green trees and colorful flowers grew everywhere. There were also clear springs around. But, he couldn’t sense even a hint of a living animal’s aura. There were no bird cries and twittering of insects; even an ant couldn’t be seen! Wasn’t this too strange?

One should know that it was impossible to form this kind of environment without the works of millions of years. It would be reasonable to say that life should have already appeared here, but this place was dead.

At that time, Siyan groaned and slowly opened her eyes. A vast grassland instantly reflected in her eyes and the gurgling sounds of flowing water filled her ears.

“Where is this?” Siyan exclaimed after she recovered some of her wits. Didn’t she drag this human into the infinite void? How come it was so different from what she had heard?

“Since you have woken up, don’t lie on the ground playing dead.” A familiar voice pierced through her eardrums.

Siyan reflexively jumped up. She turned over and saw Long Yi sitting under a tree beside a pond. Then, she saw his wicked smile suddenly transforming into amazement as his eyes shone.

“Hehe, little demon girl, do you want to devote yourself to me?” Long Yi enquired with a mischievous smile.

Siyan was startled for a moment, but soon after that, she noticed that his gaze was swimming around her chest, so she lowered her head to look. She immediately screamed and squatted down while hugging her chest.

At that time, when Long Yi had dragged her over to the pond like a dead dog, the chest protector of Siyan’s armor had loosened and slipped down. Her inner clothing was also opened widely, revealing her pure white bosom. In addition, due to the dragging, bits and pieces of mud and grass were stuck on them. Long Yi couldn’t help smiling upon seeing that appearance.

Siyan took out a fresh robe from her space ring and directly put it on as she hatefully gnashed her teeth. But at this moment, since she had used Body Congealing Pearl, and had then used most of her energy when making that surprise attack on Long Yi, she was basically not the opponent of Long Yi anymore. After wearing the robe, she also began to size up the surroundings, and when she saw the milky white sun in the sky, she was startled and exclaimed, “Brilliant Sun of Divine World, this is Divine World!”

Divine World! Long Yi suddenly stood up and was excited. If this was the Divine World, then that would be great. At least, he still had the opportunity to return to Blue Waves Continent. If he had arrived at yet another world, then he, however, wouldn’t any way out.

“Little demon girl, is this truly the Divine World?” Long Yi asked.

“Why should I tell you?” Siyan rolled her eyes and held her head high like a proud peacock. Want to know? Then, this princess will not tell you.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and stopped speaking. Just looking at the expression of this little demon girl, he could guess that this should be the Divine World.

In fact, Siyan also had never been to Divine World, and during the war of God and Demon 100,000 years ago, she was still small, but she had heard a lot about the matters of Divine World. Thus, just seeing the sun in the sky, she was certain that it was the brilliant sun of Divine World. Merely, she also had similar doubts as Long Yi. Why couldn’t she sense any living beings here?

“Little demon girl, what about your Space Key?” Long Yi asked with a smile. Since that Space Key could teleport them to Divine World, then it naturally should be able to teleport them back to Blue Waves Continent.

“Gone.” Siyan rolled her eyes. She knew what Long Yi was thinking, merely, although one could freely enter Human, Demon, and Divine Worlds with that Space Key, at that time, she dearly wished to drag Long Yi into the infinite void, so the energy required had already broken that space key into pieces. So, they couldn’t return via the Space Key.

Gone? Long Yi was somewhat disappointed. However, since this was Divine World and all seven spirit tablets of Main Gods were under his possession, as long as he could find the town of Divine World, it wouldn’t be difficult to return. Moreover, since this little demon girl was the princess of Demon World, if she were discovered, then she would end up in great trouble.

Thinking this, Long Yi took a glance at Siyan. Clearly, Siyan also wanted to go together with Long Yi causing her complexion to become unsightly. Although she was impulsive at that time and tried to perish together with Long Yi, Long Yi didn’t die and she was in this state. That deal was certainly not profitable for her.

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In any case, leaving this goddamned place was the most pressing matter of the moment. In this awful place without any living beings, anyone would go crazy if they stayed here for a long time.

Two people, one in the front and the other in the back, flew towards the same direction. Their speed was very fast. But, even after the brilliant sun in the sky moved from east to west and again from west to east, they didn’t notice any living beings all the way. In addition, Long Yi noticed that although this brilliant sun of Divine World moved, it never sunk into the horizon.

“This place is strange.” Long Yi flew over. Standing at the summit of a mountain, he watched the tallest mountain peak at the distance. That was their target, but even after flying for such a long period of time, that mountain peak still seemed far away from them as if they would near reach it in eternity.

“When we move, that mountain also seemed to be moving, let’s see how far it will go away from us.” Siya pondered for a while and spoke her thoughts.

Long Yi rubbed the beard stubbles on his chin. This feeling was just like chasing the moon. This could be understood as long as one understood some physics laws of his previous world. It was nothing but the rectilinear propagation of light, the issue of distance and visual sense. Could it be that they were now in the place with a kind of peculiar energy that could distort the propagation of light? If that was the case, then just with their visual sense, it was truly impossible to reach that place.

But, since their visual sense was unreliable, he just closed his eyes and used spirit power to move forward in a straight line.

Siyan clearly didn’t understand what was going on. But, Long Yi was in no mood to explain, so she could only follow him.

The two closed their eyes and flew forward in a straight line using their spirit power. In an extremely short period of time, they suddenly felt a powerful suction force, pulling them down.

Long Yi immediately opened his eyes and noticed that the scenery around them had changed. In addition, there was a bottomless abyss below them that was pulling them down. With the strength of Long Yi, he could easily struggle free from this suction force, but he was honestly curious about what was underneath and went along with the flow.

After an unknown period of time, the suction force weakened and Long Yi was vaguely able to see dilapidated buildings and heaps of bones piled up like a mountain at the bottom of this abyss.

“Could it be that this is also a battlefield of the great war of God and Demon?” Long Yi thought, but he quickly discovered that his guess was wrong and his mouth went wide open. He had experienced two lives, had gone through numerous life and death situations, and after reaching his current level, there were only a very few things that could shock him like this.

He saw that among the piles of bones, there were thousands of remains of eight-winged angels, and there was even no lack of ten-winged angels’ remains. One should know that the Light God, the strongest among seven Main Gods, was only eight-winged. Others remnants included the skeletons of Golden Dragon God, the corpses of Jade Blood Phoenixes, and there were also skeletons that were emitting sparkling light. He could see the remains of high-class gods everywhere, and spirit tablets were scattered everywhere throughout this abyss.

“This … What is going on here?” Long Yi had his eyes wide open for a while and remained dazed for a long time.

Siyan was also in a similar state. She knew that Demon World and Divine World had always been completely incompatible. Moreover, the highest level of angels she knew was also only eight-winged such as Light God who had already become the Main God. But here, she could see the remains of even ten-winged angels. What kind of existences were they? If such personages still existed in Divine World, then she feared that her father would have already died countless times.

The two people remained silent for a long time. They were greatly shocked by this scene.

They couldn’t even guess how old these remains were and what exactly had happened in Divine World that led to this kind of ending. Didn’t the seven Main Gods say that they were created by the God of Creation and were already the Main Gods of Divine World when they gained consciousness? If this was true, then how can the scene in front of them be explained? He could say that corpses that were qualified to lie here were existences, at the least, not inferior to the current seven Main Gods when they were alive.

After a long period of time, Long Yi finally came back to his senses from this great shock. He took a step forward and ran back and forth between these skeletons. Even though they had already died, the energy fluctuation of these skeletons was still incomparably powerful.

Long Yi walked to the front of a huge ten-winged angel skeleton and picked up a spirit tablet it was holding and discovered that it was the spirit tablet of a First Tier God.

F**k, Light God was only an eight-winged angel and was already the Main God, but this fella was a ten-winged angel and yet was only a First Tier God. It seemed the might of Main Gods of that time was too terrifying.

“Ai, if these bigshots of Divine World still existed, then my meager strength can only be deemed second-rate in front of them.” Long Yi sighed and muttered in disappointment.

Not far away, there was a more than a hundred-meter-tall broken hall. It looked very desolate in contrast to its surroundings filled with countless remains.

Long Yi walked towards that huge hall step by step. He carefully avoided stepping on the skeletons. After he reached the front of this huge hall, he looked up and couldn’t help feeling that he was tiny. Although this huge hall was broken, the majestic atmosphere still pressurized people.

Entering the more than 10-meter-tall entrance gate of this huge hall, the attention of Long Yi was drawn toward a glittering, circular, carved plate at the center of this hall.

Long Yi involuntarily walked over to this carved plate as if he was attracted by whatever thing that was there.

Suddenly, all the hairs of Long Yi stood erect and a chill ran down his spine. His scalp also tingled. It was like a hunter had locked onto his prey, and without a doubt, he was not the hunter.

Long Yi slowly turned around and saw a pair of dark green colored eyes had appeared in the left side shadow of this huge hall and a huge figure was approaching him.

In just a few steps, this figure had already arrived not far away from Long Yi and stood still. He stood around 20 meters tall and wore a dark thin armor. Just his might alone made Long Yi gasp for breath.

What shocked Long Yi even more was, on the back of this person, there unexpectedly were ten wings that were jet-black in color.

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