Chapter 652: Ten Winged Fallen Angel

Long Yi had heard that if the white wings of an angel had turned jet-black, then that angel was a fallen angel that had betrayed the Divine World.

The ten-winged fallen angel glanced at Long Yi and suddenly waved his hand. Then, the broken entrance gate closed with a bang.

Long Yi’s eyelids twitched and his body was stretched taut. He also became very alert and prepared himself to make a move at any time. But, he remained indifferent on the surface and questioned, “Who are you?”

“Who am I?” The voice of the ten-winged fallen angel was aged and hoarse. He frowned and thought deeply as if he were pondering over a very profound question.

“It has been so long. I have already forgotten who I am and why I exist long ago.” The ten-winged fallen angel shook his head and sighed. It appeared as if he wasn’t ill-intentioned against Long Yi.

Forgot? Long Yi hadn’t expected such an answer. But, just when he wanted to ask about those heaps of remains outside, the dark green eyes of this ten-winged fallen angel shone with killing intent as he slowly answered, “Although I have already forgotten a lot of things, I still know that anyone who intrudes this hall will die without exception.”

When the fallen angel had just spoken the word ‘die,’ Long Yi erupted with power. With the huge Lightning God Hammer in his hand, he charged towards the fallen angel.


A layer of extremely thin black energy barrier appeared around that fallen angel and Long Yi felt tingling pain in his right hand. He then subconsciously sensed danger and used Great Cosmos Shift, disappearing into thin air. Just after he disappeared, a hint of black light ripped the space where he was just a moment ago into shreds.

Long Yi reappeared 50 meters away. He was already wearing the silverish purple Lightning God Armor. He then coldly stared at the somewhat amazed fallen angel while thinking about the possible ways to get away from here. It was very obvious that he was not the opponent of this fallen angel. Just a moment ago, if he had dodged even a little slower, then he would have already suffered severe injuries.

“You surprise me a little, kid, but you still have to die.” The fallen angel said in his aged voice.

“Heh, heh, you are just a birdman, do you think you can kill me by yourself?” Long Yi smirked, trying to engage this fallen angel.

The fallen angel flew into a rage and spread open his ten wings. Suddenly, the atmosphere of this entire hall seemed to have solidified, making it harder to breathe.

With a roar and seven-colored radiance surrounding his body, Long Yi fearlessly charged forward and launched an attack again.

The fallen angel just raised his hand and bound Long Yi with ten black lights. As he saw it, the strength of Long Yi was basically insufficient to threaten him.

At that moment, the fallen angel sensed something. He suddenly turned around and shot his hand forward. Just this little clone technique was not enough to trick him.

But, just after he shot his hand forward, Long Yi in the front, however, snorted and rushed forward after instantly struggling free from the binding. Then, he grabbed that glittering carved plate at the center of this hall. It turned out that, at this critical moment of life and death, he actually had the thought to grab this treasure.

Long Yi’s trick was very simple: attack this fallen angel from the front while making his energy clone circle behind and launch a surprise attack. Logically, anyone would subconsciously deem that the frontal attack was secondary and the attack from behind was primary in such a situation.  Even this ten-winged fallen angel was no exception had been fooled.

Long Yi was certain that even if his sneak attack succeeded, he wouldn’t be able to severely injure this fallen angel, so he changed his objective to that golden carved plate.

The fallen angel was thoroughly engaged, and when he roared, this entire hall swayed, and terrifying death qi flooded the air.

However, Long Yi just smirked and before this fallen angel attacked, a white light flashed, and he was sucked into that mystical boulder.

When the fallen angel saw just this skull-like boulder in front of him, he roared and attacked this boulder like a madman.

As for Long Yi who had hidden inside this boulder, he could feel the violent tremors. Although the defense of this boulder was very high, this fallen angel was not inferior either. According to the intensity of his attacks, this boulder wouldn’t last long.

Still, Long Yi didn’t panic. He calmly observed those shining stars inside the boulder. What exactly was the meaning of these stars?

The fallen angel went crazy; his dark green eyes became blood red. In his eyes, there was nothing except this boulder where Long Yi had hidden. Destroying this thing in front of him was his only thought.

At that moment, a wisp of milky white mist seeped out from the cracks of this tattered hall and transformed into a child. Then, it ran away from this huge hall. When it arrived in front of the abyss cliff, it threw down a transmission scroll and a transmission array immediately appeared on the ground. Shortly afterward, this transmission array flashed and the mystical boulder where Long Yi had hidden appeared. Now, one could see a crack on it.

Long Yi emerged from it and took a deep breath. If he was a little late, then this boulder would have been broken and soon afterward, that insane fallen angel would have torn him to pieces.

Now, that huge hall far away was surrounded with dark qi and was on the verge of collapse. Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded and that tattered hall collapsed, turning into a pile of debris. Then, an air current shot out from the midst of that debris and turned into a cyclone, drawing countless remains in it. Only after a period of ten minutes did this terrifying cyclone dissipate and millions of broken skeletons rained down. It was a spectacular scene.

“That little demon girl didn’t meet with an accident, did she?” Long Yi finally recalled that the Demon Princess Siyan was still outside that hall. But, he only thought about it for a moment.

After the smoke and dust dissipated, he discovered that that ten-winged fallen angel had disappeared.

After a long time, Long Yi slowly walked toward the ruins of that huge hall. Thinking about how that ten-winged fallen angel seemed to have gone mad upon seeing that boulder, Long Yi guessed that the master of this boulder and he might have deep-seated hatred.

When Long Yi reached the ruins, he heard a bang sound and a figure soared towards the sky. But, immediately afterward, as if he didn’t have any energy to soar up, he fell to the ground and sat down. He was that insane ten-winged fallen angel.

Long Yi immediately retreated upon seeing he was still alive. After all, he would not be able to withstand the crazy attacks of this fallen angel.

“Boy, stop, I will not harm you.” The aged voice of the fallen angel resounded.

Having heard what was said, Long Yi stopped. But Long Yi still didn’t completely trust him. With the strength of this fallen angel, although he was like an arrow at the end of its flight now, if he wanted to, he might still be able to kill Long Yi.

Long Yi sized up this fallen angel. Now, his dark green eyes were filled with reminiscence as if he was recalling an unbearable past.

“Boy, what divine calendar year is now?” The fallen angel asked.

“Divine calendar? I don’t know, I came from Blue Waves Continent.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. Divine calendar might be the calendar era of Divine World.

“Blue Waves Continent? Is it that multi-racial world? However, it was not called Blue Waves Continent in the past,” spoke the fallen angel.

Afterward, Long Yi told him about Blue Waves Continent along with the god and demon war of 100,000 years ago.

The fallen angel remained silent for a long time and sighed, “I didn’t expect it to be so long, and Divine World has already declined to this point. Seven Main Gods were actually unable to defeat the insects of Demon World. If it was not for that fellow’s selfish interests, how could Divine World have fallen so low?”

“Do you still remember the matters of the past?” asked Long Yi.

The fallen angel nodded his head and sighed, “What’s the use of remembering? The fire of my life has already extinguished and I am about to vanish from this world.”

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Long Yi was startled. He had thought that with this fallen angel who had returned to normal, the matter of Heavenly Demon King would be resolved easily, but beyond his expectations, he was already an oil lamp without oil.

“Hahaha, never mind, never mind, my former brothers and friends have already turned into a pile of bones, so what is the use of me living alone in this world?” The fallen angel suddenly laughed wildly.

“Boy, tell me honestly, where did you obtain that boulder?” The fallen angel asked after laughing.

“In an underground cave of Blue Waves Continent.” Long Yi replied truthfully.

“Can you let me examine it?” The fallen angel asked.

Long Yi directly took out that skull-like boulder without thinking much.

The fallen angel held the boulder and examined it. His expression looked very complex. There was a hint of nostalgia, hatred, and inexplicable pain.

“Sure enough, it’s him … Ah, the God of Creation … Haha, in the end, you also became a pile of bones.” The fallen angel sighed and laughed heartily. But, his tone had a hint of incomparable loneliness.

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When Long Yi heard the name ‘God of Creation’, his ears involuntarily stood erect. Merely, the fallen angel didn’t speak more, but just smiled coldly. Long Yi wanted to ask, but he didn’t dare to interrupt the thoughts of this fallen angel. So, he just tried to guess the past events of the Divine World. It must be an extraordinary myth, merely the ending was very miserable.

The fallen angel laughed until tears flowed down his cheeks. His tears were unexpectedly crystal-clear like a human’s tears. But, when it fell onto the ground, along with a bang sound, it transformed into a gem emitting strange energy fluctuation. After thousands of years, a divine artifact grade dark magic weapon called Fallen Angel’s Tear appeared in the world. Allegedly, the tear of a ten-winged fallen angel was inlaid on that magic staff. It occupied the throne of the number one divine artifact all years around. Naturally, this is a part of a story that is to come.

“Boy, tell me everything about the god and demon war of 100,000 years ago and what happened afterward.” The fallen angel asked after he calmed down.

Long Yi told everything he knew about the god and demon war and what happened afterward. He also added some of his opinions in passing.

“I don’t understand, the Divine World was unexpectedly unable to find where Demon World is located, this is the greatest joke,” spoke Long Yi.

“Humph, Demon World originally was the space discovered by Divine World. Because of very dense dark qi and numerous magical beasts in it, it was named Demon World. But now, Divine World actually doesn’t know the location of Demon World? Ridiculous.” The fallen angel stood up in anger and spread out his wings, emitting terrifying momentum.

“Boy, do you want to hear a story?” The fallen angel restrained his momentum and sighed.

When Long Yi heard this fallen angel wanted to talk about the behind-the-scenes story of Divine World, he nodded vigorously.

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