Chapter 653: The secrets of Divine World

Very, very long time ago, Blue Waves Continent was still a wilderness. All the current intelligent creatures were still savages. Divine World was at its most flourishing and prosperous period. In that period, eight-winged angels were not rare at all. It was also not difficult to see ten-winged angels. Meanwhile, the seven Main Gods were even more powerful.

In that era, the twin brother of Dark God Dibisi, Dibiya, was very talented. He was unrivaled. With seven-attributed physique, his cultivation progressed rapidly; his strength surpassed the seven Main Gods. Although the seven Main Gods were the pillars of Divine World, there was also an Elder Union to check and balance. At that time, although Dibiya was already very strong, he was still just positioned as a First Tier God by the Elder Union.

The Dark God Dibisi acknowledged that he was inferior to his twin brother Dibiya in all aspects and wished to give his position to him. This led to the great disaster of the Divine World.

“Alexander, aren’t we brothers?” Dibiya, dressed in black, watched an eight-winged angel Alexander.

“Of course, we grew up together. Moreover, you are the beloved of my younger sister. We are more than blood-related brothers.” Alexander patted the shoulder of Dibiya and laughed.

“Since that is the case, no matter what happens, will you help me?” Dibiya asked.

“Do you need to ask? But, Dibiya, did you cause any trouble?” Alexander asked curiously.

“Hehe, don’t let your imagination run wild, I was just asking,” Dibiya replied with a smile and walked away with satisfaction.

Alexander watched the back view of Dibiya and was lost in thought. Recently, he always felt that something was wrong with Dibiya. Moreover, the undercurrents among the seven Main Gods were also surging. Was there any connection between these two?

Alexander quickly denied this thought. Although Dibiya was somewhat insolent, he truly had the qualification to be so. Moreover, he had a good and honest disposition. Alexander thought so. As the most trusted subordinate of Dark God Dibisi, he clearly understood that the relationship between the seven Main Gods was somewhat strange these days. Recently, Water God, Earth God, Light God, and Wind God were always targeting Dark God Dibisi as if they were suspicious of something.

The days of Divine World passed without any waves, but the relationship between seven Main Gods became tenser and tenser.

Alexander had always believed in Dibiya like this, until…

“Dibisi, I don’t quite understand. Recently, why are you always suppressing Dibiya like this?” In private, Alexander always addressed Dark God Dibisi by his name. He was very close to Dibisi and his brother.

Dibisi looked somewhat exhausted and sighed, “Alexander, I wish to hand over my position of Dark Main God to him, but his wild ambitions don’t stop there. He wishes to override the entire Divine World, so I have no choice but to do it. If I let him get authority, then the Divine World will turn upside down.”

Alexander was shocked. It was clear that Dibisi wasn’t deceiving him. Moreover, in the past, Dibisi had repeatedly requested the Elder Union of Divine World to let Dibiya have his position of Dark Main God. Merely, Elder Union had never agreed to it.

Not long afterward, the relationship between the seven Main Gods had worsened. They began to argue against each other. Among them, Dark God, Lightning God, and Fire God were on one side, and Light God, Water God, Wind God, and Earth God stood on the opposite side. The Elder Union was also divided into two fractions. They were in a state of mutual hostility.

Roughly, it was because, after the Demon World was discovered, Light God’s faction believed that Dark God was colluding with the savage and ferocious demons of Demon World, preparing to swallow the entire Divine World. They also had sufficient proof.

Finally, this situation intensified, but the fuse was the death of a Grand Elder’s granddaughter in the hands of the earth demon of Demon World. Almost the entire Divine World was involved, and both sides erupted in a large scale battle like never before with countless casualties.

Until one day, the younger sister of Alexander, the sweetheart of Dibiya, Fenni found Alexander.

“What did you say? The granddaughter of Grand Elder was led to Demon World by Dibiya?” Alexander was incomparably shocked.

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“Yes, big brother. Not only that, but I also heard that he planted false evidence of collusion between Dibisi and earth demons. Moreover, he has secretly trained a large army. Dibiya has completely changed, boo hoo…” Fenni wept bitter tears.

The expression of Alexander changed greatly and just when he was about to report this to Dark God. The fight resumed. This time, the two factions of Divine World invested all their strength. All First Tier Gods and super god beasts also joined the battle.

This kind of power was devastating. In this battlefield, Alexander lost consciousness and when he woke up again, the battle had already entered the climax. All seven Main Gods were severely injured and the remaining gods had either died or were severely injured.

At that time, Alexander exposed the plot of Dibiya, rendering the seven Main Gods speechless. In this battle, all experts of Divine World were either dead or wounded. One couldn’t see the end of the corpses.

“Dibiya, I will hack you to pieces!!” The surviving elders of Divine World shouted sadly and prostrated in front of the corpses of dead angels.

“Hahaha, I am here. It’s a pity, but you have no chance.” The arrogant laughter of Dibiya resounded. He led the army he had trained in secret to surround all the survivors. Beside him, there was his bound lover, Fanni.

“Dibiya, let go of Fanni!!” Alexander angrily roared.

Dibiya sighed upon seeing Alexander, “Alexander, do you remember what you promised me? You said that you will stand on my side no matter what I did, but both siblings are treacherous. Fanni kept on saying that she loves me but betrayed me at the critical moment.”

Dibiya strangled the neck of Fanni and warmly looking at her, he gently asked, “Why? Why did you betray me?”

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“Dibiya, you are a madman,” replied Fanni.

“Why? Why?” Dibiya still muttered. Suddenly, his hand flashed with seven-colored radiance and the divine core of Fanni was broken into pieces. Then, the beautiful eyes of Fanni instantly lost their divine splendor.

 Alexander angrily roared and charged, but Dibiya kicked him flying. He had long surpassed seven Main Gods, how can a mere eight-winged angel be his opponent?

The seven Main Gods quietly looked at each other and saw deep regret and determination in each other’s eyes. They then joined together and attacked Dibiya.

Unfortunately, the seven Main Gods were already seriously injured. Even with cooperation, they were in a disadvantageous position.

At that time, the seven Main Gods tacitly chose to explode themselves, wanting to perish together with Dibiya. Too bad, Dibiya was just seriously injured and didn’t die. This battlefield, however, sunk more than one hundred thousand meters down, becoming an abyss with nothing around.

Dibiya gathered the spirit tablets of seven Main Gods and established the God of Creation Hall in this abyss. He then imprisoned the divine sense of Alexander and made him guard the place over the years. Although he was imprisoned here, that grief that couldn’t be erased made his pure white wings turn into jet-black wings. He also didn’t know how many years had passed, but even without cultivating, a new pair of wings had sprouted on his back, thereby becoming a ten-winged fallen angel.

The ten-winged fallen angel calmly narrated, but his hands were tightly clenched. His voice was also incomparably bleak. Even after millions upon millions of years, that sadness had never disappeared.

“You are that Alexander?” Long Yi was shocked upon hearing this tale. Such a tragedy had actually happened in the Divine World. It seemed that both Demon World and Divine World were the sources of destruction.

The fallen angel nodded his head and looking at those remains of scattered angels, he remained silent for a long time.

Long Yi called out Fire God Chiyan, Earth God Xuantian, and Dark God Moyun residing in his heart, wanting to let them hear the past events of the Divine World, make them see these piles of bones and also let them know the true appearance of the so-called God of Creation they always believed in, but they never responded.

Although the fallen angel didn’t know what had happened afterward, Long Yi could guess it. Dibiya, who had gathered all seven spirit tablets of seven Main Gods, made new seven Main Gods according to his own wish. They were the current seven Main Gods, and they regarded Dibiya as their father god. Moreover, they believed that this universe was created by this God of Creation. Afterward, Dibiya became the supreme existence in the heart of Divine World’s people.

“Boy, I am already at the end of my life, I want to follow Dibisi and other Main Gods. Now that I know that Dibiya has also died, I already have no regrets. I cannot help you in the matters pertaining to the Heavenly Demon King. Since you have all seven spirit tablets, I will leave the matter of Divine World to you.” The fallen angel sighed.

“Alexander, I still cannot deal with that Heavenly Demon King. You are the last god of the ancient Divine World. You cannot die like this!” Long Yi hastily said. After hearing this fallen angel, his inflated confidence was hit hard. It turned out that he was at most an ant in front of these ancient gods and here he thought that he was already standing at the pinnacle of the world. But, regardless of anything, these ancient gods had already died and the current Heavenly Demon King was already the top-level existence. Being just over twenty, since he was already able to challenge the Heavenly Demon King, that was an incredible achievement. Besides, those ancient gods had already lived for millions upon millions of years, so their strength was piled up to the heavens, little by little.

Alexander bitterly smiled and shook his head. His divine sense would certainly die after escaping from imprisonment, and he could already sense his life waning away.

“Boy, I can only help you leave this abyss. Then, you should go to Sunset Peak located on the eastern side of the Divine World. Use that carved plate left behind by Dibiya to open the secret gate. There are things left behind by Dibiya. I hope you can raise the Divine World to its former glory by relying on those items,” spoke Alexander.

“But, I am not familiar with Divine World.” Long Yi bitterly said.

“It doesn’t matter, since you have all seven spirit tablets and five divine marks of Main Gods, even if you want to knead the entire Divine World, it wouldn’t be difficult,” Alexander said. Shortly afterward, he waved his hand and a graceful figure floated over from the ruins. This figure was none other than the unconscious Demon Princess Siyan.

“This woman’s body is filled with the blood of both Demon and Divine races. Moreover, Divine Race’s bloodline is very pure. I wonder who was so audacious to actually dare unite in wedlock with those demons. Do as you see fit with this woman. If you think she is more harm than good, then kill her.” Alexander coldly spoke.

“So she turned out to be a hybrid of a god and a demon. The Heavenly Demon King truly has some ability. I wonder which beauty of Divine World was seduced by him…” muttered Long Yi. He had already noticed the weirdness in the aura of this demon girl.

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