Chapter 654: Fire God Capital (1)

The ten-winged fallen angel Alexander slowly stood up and gazed at Long Yi with great hope. Then, his entire body suddenly shone with black radiance, and he made a circle in the air with his hands, forcibly creating a space passage.

The corner of Long Yi’s lips twitched. He discovered that all the things he wanted to speak were stuck in his throat. He couldn’t say a word. From the gradually dimming pupils of Alexander, Long Yi knew that Alexander had used his last bit of strength to open this passage.

“Go, boy, don’t disappoint me,” Alexander smiled faintly as his figure faded.

“You can rest assured, I will do my absolute best to change everything,” replied Long Yi. Then, carrying the unconscious Siyan, he entered the space passage. Just before that space passage closed, he clearly saw a gratified and liberated look on the face of Alexander.

Divine World was many times vaster than Blue Waves Continent, but most places were desolate and uninhabited. They were just continuous mountain ranges and vast marsh grasslands as far as the eye could see.

Now, Long Yi was exploring the path of a damp marsh. Demon Princess Siyan was following behind him.

“Hey, bastard, you are yet to tell me what happened,” Siyan argued noisily from behind. If she could, she wanted to immediately stab him with her claw and dig out his heart.

When she awoke, she had noticed that the surroundings around them had completely changed. But, when she asked Long Yi about what had happened, who would have thought that Long Yi would just ignore her. With her nature, she wanted to kill Long Yi for sure, but since she knew that she couldn’t defeat him, she became silent.

But, when all was said and done, Siyan was brought up in Demon World. And in Demon World, no one had dared to ignore her. But, Long Yi just ignored her.

As the saying goes, women’s heart is the most difficult thing to speculate. Her inner curiosity was scratching her heart like a kitten. She could bear it at first, but she was unable to bear as time passed. She followed behind Long Yi and pestered him with questions. The more he ignored her, the more she pestered him.

“Shut your mouth! All say that a woman is equivalent to three hundred ducks, but you are equivalent to more than three thousand ducks.” Long Yi rolled his eyes and replied. Now, he didn’t have the extra energy to pay attention to her. There were living beings in this damned marsh, but he couldn’t see even a trace of the people of God Race.

“You are the duck; will you tell me or not?” Siyan furiously asked.

“I will not. Bite me,” Long Yi coldly snorted.

“You…” Siyan hatefully gritted her teeth. If possible, she truly wanted to pounce on this fellow and bite him to death, but with her disposition, it was absolutely impossible to do this kind of thing.

“Bastard, wait and see, don’t let yourself fall in this princess’s hands, otherwise … hmph…” Siyan cursed while glaring at Long Yi.

Merely, Long Yi just looked around, entirely ignoring her.

“Look at the sun in the sky, now we should be on the southern side of the Divine World. Damn it, how long should we walk until we see a living person?” Long Yi looking at the white sun in the sky and cursed.

At this moment, the sun was gradually moving westward. Although it had not sunk yet, its radiance had dimmed a lot. The sky was also becoming gloomy. This was the evening of Divine World.

Long Yi sat down beside a big tree, planning to rest for a while first.

The landscape of this damp marsh of Divine World was very tortuous. There were various kinds of strange flowers, plants, and trees. And from time to time, one could see good-looking god beasts running across, fighting and hunting. The law of the jungle was equally applicable in Divine World, too. It was the survival of the fittest.

Most of these god beasts were very powerful. Any one of them was above A-ranked magical beasts of Blue Waves Continent. But, perhaps, the aura emitted by Long Yi was too powerful, not a single god beast dared to provoke them.

Long Yi took out a roasted rabbit from his space ring along with a bottle of Hundred Flower Wine. Then, he began to eat and drink by himself, looking pleased.

And as usual, Siyan sat on the other side lost in her own thoughts. With her strength, she could easily go on for months without eating. But today, the sounds of Long Yi eating and drinking were especially harsh to her ears. Her mouth was also filled with saliva, and her stomach made sounds. After she ran to Blue Waves Continent from Demon World, she had fallen in love with the food of Blue Waves Continent. They were more than a hundred times better than the dishes of Demon World.

As the saying goes, it was easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to frugality. At this moment, smelling the fragrance of meat and wine, the worms inside Siyan’s stomach protested. She greatly regretted not preparing and saving some dishes in her space ring.

Long Yi’s senses were very sensitive. He had already sensed the unusual state of this demoness. He also knew that she wanted to eat but was too embarrassed to ask. He couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. Since this demoness harbored evil intentions towards him, he had to take advantage of this situation to the fullest and torment her.

“Hey, do you still have food? I will buy them with gold coins.” Siyan stamped her feet in utter discomfit, then walking over to Long Yi, she asked.

“Buy?” Long Yi bit off a mouthful of rabbit meat and looking over to Siyan, he enquired with a smile, “How much gold coins can you afford?”

Siyan took out a pouch from her space ring and after slamming it in front of Long Yi, she said, “This is all the gold coins I have, roughly a hundred.”

“A hundred? That’s not enough, I prepared this rabbit meat using my exclusive secret recipe, in addition, this young master personally roasted it. If you don’t have ten thousand gold coins, don’t even think about it. Furthermore, this is Hundred Flowers Wine, exclusive to the imperial family of Elf Clan. If you want to drink it, it will make it cheap, so it’s 20,000 gold coins. Altogether, it’s 30,000 gold coins.” Long Yi shook his head like a rattle drum and spoke with a stern countenance.

“30,000 gold coins! You might as well rob. In Blue Waves Continent, I can get a tableful of delicacies from land and sea with ten coins,” Siyan yelled.

“Hehe, that’s the price is in Blue Waves Continent, but now, we are in Divine World, so the price will naturally rise a little,” Long Yi replied with a bad smile.

“You … I just have this much,” Siyan coldly said.

“Then, do as you please,” Long Yi smiled and added, “But, you can also use other things to trade. For example, the thing you used to conceal your aura when you sneak attacked this young master at Illusory Forest.”

“Body Congealing Pearl? You can dream on,” Siyan turned around. She found that there was no common language with this shameless fellow.

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Oh, that thing is called Body Congealing Pearl! Long Yi muttered with a hint of a complacent smile.

After having drunk and eaten to his heart’s content, Long Yi closed his eyes and rested. At that time, he sensed that Little Three and others had a strong desire to come out from Dark Space Dimension, so he released them.

After Violent Lightning Beast, Fire Qilin, Little Three, and Long Two came out, they sensed the unusually dense magic elements of Divine World and became excited. They ran all around, playing with each other.

“Big brother, where is this?” Long Two sat beside Long Yi and set aside his bloody scythe.

“This is Divine World,” Long Yi replied.

“Divine World?” The empty eye sockets of Long Two shone with red light as if he was lost in thought.

“Hey, quickly return my little Xue’er!” Upon seeing Long Yi releasing his magic familiars, Siyan couldn’t help recalling Little Xue’er he had captured.

“Hehe, that’s my war trophy, you are welcome to try to snatch it from me,” Long Yi smiled.

Siyan clenched her claws and snorted. If she could beat him, then would she have let him be so arrogant in front of her? She would have already dug out his heart and stepped on it.

“Little demoness, the aura of your lion is somewhat strange, is it a hybrid?” Long Yi smiled, staring at Siyan. This was interesting, this demoness was the offspring of a demon and a god, and her pet also seemed to be so.

Siyan trembled and her white skin became red. No one knew whether it was because of anger or excitement. Soon after that, her eyes shone with pallid light as she coldly glared at Long Yi. One could see a hint of hatred in her eyes.

The eyelids of Long Yi twitched. The reaction of this demoness was very big, could it be that he jabbed at her sore spot?

At that time, little Three who was playing far away suddenly roared. It seemed to be telling Long Yi that it was being attacked.

Long Yi immediately got up and rushed over.

Long Yi climbed up a big tree and watched over the damp marsh not far away. Little Three had already transformed into its battle mode. One man and one woman with four wings as well as two wingless robust men of God Race were sieging Little Three. As for Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast, they, however, were watching the excitement from one side, and they occasionally spat out a few thunderbolts and Qilin Holy Fires to cause trouble.

“Ryan, we might be provoking a great calamity. It seems to be the light god beast under Main Light God.” The four-winged female angel hastily said while attacking.

“It doesn’t have to be, it is not so powerful. Moreover, even if we want to stop now, we cannot. We will be finished if we stop. Mixini, retreat first, we three will stop it. Quickly return to notify others.” One wingless robust man of God Race said.

“There are two more god beasts, I fear we might not be able to escape alive.” The four-winged man replied in despair.

The tiger cub was playing around with these four people. It was already far superior to its past self. It continuously used high-leveled light magic spells, making the four fall into an extremely awkward position. In addition, there were Violent Lightning Beast and Fire Qilin still watching at one side.

As a matter of fact, these four-winged angels could be regarded as the experts of Divine World. But, although Little Three had yet to reach its previous peak state, it could easily deal with these four-winged angels.

Angels were born with a pair of wings. In the midst of two-winged angels, there were quite a few sub ranks. Many two-winged angels could not enter the ranks of four wings throughout their life. Similarly, there were also sub-ranks in the midst of four-winged angels. They were on a completely different level from two-winged angels.

And these two four-winged angels had clearly advanced not long ago. Otherwise, Little Three wouldn’t be having such an easy time.

“Pinle, it doesn’t matter what kind of god beast it is.” Another wingless robust man yelled and a small rhombus-shaped red crystal appeared on his forehead. Suddenly, a raging flame sword appeared in his hand and countless fiery-red sword light flew towards Little Three with incomparable might. Under that incomparable might, even space distorted.

This man had clearly used a technique beyond his strength; its might was truly great. It was a suitable technique to use in desperate moments.

Upon seeing this, the remaining three also erupted with powerful momentum. Clearly, they also wanted to use their ultimate technique.

Long Yi frowned. If all four of them were to use their ultimate moves, then Little Three would suffer losses for sure. So, with a thought, he instructed Long Two. Long Yi roared and his Death Scythe drew an arc in the air, attacking these three people. The incomparably powerful death aura instantly made the movement of these three people sluggish. Their plan failed before it was carried out.

A holy light covered the body of Little Three, blocking those fiery sword lights. The holy light around its body fluctuated and broke. One could well imagine the power behind the desperate attack of this man.

After making this move, blood seeped out from the forehead of that man and he collapsed on the ground with a disappointed expression. Now, he didn’t have the strength to even stand up. After Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast sensed the threat, they also entered into their attack mode, and these three god beasts and strange skeleton glared at these four people of God Race like a prey.

“Heavens, an undead creature, when did undead creatures appear in Divine World?” That four-winged angel called Mixini cried out in alarm as she and the other two guarded the exhausted man. All of them were incomparably shocked upon seeing Long Two.

“Now.” The red light in the eye sockets of Long Two flickered and coldly said.

Those four angels fell into even greater shock and were dumbfounded. Speaking skeleton, could it be that they were dreaming? That has to be the case, how can an undead creature have consciousness?

Long Yi leisurely walked over and sizing up these four angels, he sighed. Finally, he met living people. He felt wonderful.

“Big brother, how should we deal with them?” Long Two turned over to Long Yi and asked.

“Let it be, Little Three is also not injured,” Long Yi said.

Just after he spoke, Long Two retracted his killing intent and stood behind Long Yi. As for the three god beasts, they reverted back to their shrunk version and intimately rubbed their head against the legs of Long Yi.

Only after a long time, these four angels came back to their senses and looking at Long Yi, they had a hint of admiration and fear.

“Eh … Friends, let’s introduce, I am Long Yi.” Outside of the divine senses of a few Main Gods, Long Yi had never dealt with the other people of God Race. Therefore, he didn’t know whether the etiquette of Divine World was similar to that of the Human World or not. However, no matter where it was, it was essential to introduce each other first when coming into contact.

“I am Mixini, this is my big brother Ryan. These two are our friends, Jiabilie and Duleisi.” The beautiful four-winged female angel enthusiastically introduced.

Duleisi (Durex)!? Long Yi was unable to smile. Although the memories of his previous world were already somewhat blurred, such a brand name instantly floated in his mind.

Duleisi was the name of that robust man who had released that desperate unique move. He recovered some of his strength and stood up while swaying. He was wearing a dark red armor and his muscles looked doughty, but there was a hint of caution in his eyes. He was crude outside but meticulous inside person.

“Friend, where are you from?” Duleisi asked alertly. He couldn’t see through the strength of Long Yi, but just looking at those three super god beasts around him as well as that conscious skeleton, he could well imagine how powerful he was.

“I came from a very remote place in the west. I also don’t know what that place was. And now, I am lost in this damp marsh. It truly feels very good to see you all.” Long Yi said with a smile. He wouldn’t easily speak out his real identity.

“Are these three super god beasts yours?” Mixini hastily asked. Among them, that tiger cub and Fire Qilin greatly resembled the divine familiars of Light God and Fire God.

“You can say that; I picked them up along the way. Now, they follow me, and I cannot get rid of them.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and spoke with a helpless expression.

Those four angels nearly fell to the ground upon hearing Long Yi. How could someone just pick up super god beasts? They had come to this Yunmeng marsh, wanting to catch a divine familiar. When they saw Little Three before it entered attack mode, they thought that it was just a B-ranked god beast, but who would have thought that it was a super god beast. If not for that, they wouldn’t have provoked it even if they were beaten to death.

“Then, what about this talking skeleton?” Mixini asked.

“Oh, this is also something I picked up, he insisted on worshipping me as his big brother, and since I am a soft-hearted man, seeing how pitiful he was, I reluctantly agreed,” Long Yi said looking innocent.

The four angels rolled their eyes in succession. Then, Jiabilie said, “Since this friend doesn’t want to speak, forget about it. We come from Fire God Capital near Yunmeng Marsh, we can take you out of here.”

“Fire God Capital?” Long Yi mulled over. He guessed that that place might have some relation with Fire God Chiyan.

At that time, Demon Princess Siyan had concealed her demonic aura and walked over. Clearly, her appearance had also changed. Her bewitching face had turned into an ordinary face. Long Yi’s gaze flickered but said nothing. He just introduced her as his companion and treated her as an invisible person. As for Siyan, so as to not expose her identity, she also remained silent, smoothly making everyone ignore her existence.

Therefore, Long Yi openly joined these four angels. From the talkative woman Mixini, he learned the basic situation of Divine World.

It turned out that Divine World was divided into seven major regions which were respectively commanded by seven Main Gods. Each region had several hundred cities. They were governed by First Tier, Second Tier, and Third Tier Gods under the Main Gods.

The Fire God Capital these four angels resided in was the central city of the region commanded by Fire God Chiyan. Now, it was under the command of First Tier God Alfate who was a six-winged angel. Mixini also told Long Yi that Alfate was the father of Ruan and her.

The Elder Union of Divine World mentioned by Alexander no longer existed. The seven Main Gods jointly controlled the entire Divine World, and the God of Creation was the supreme existence of Divine World. At the summit of the Sunset Peak, there was a Creation Shrine with three thousand shrine guards. All of them were at least equivalent to First Tier Gods. Other than the God of Creation, no one could command them, even the seven Main Gods were no exception. If they had made a move in the war of god and demon 100,000 years ago, then how could Divine World fall to this state…

Upon hearing the information of Sunset Peak, the ears of Long Yi stood erect as he inquired about the situation of Sunset peak while beating around the bush.

“Sunset Peak is located at the easternmost part of Divine World, at the center of the Floating Sea. Only from the summit of the Sunset Peak, we can see the full view of the sunset, there…”

“Mixini, don’t annoy Long Yi. Come with me, I have something to speak with you.” When Long Yi was listening with great interest, the big brother of Mixini interrupted and pulled her to one side.

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth twitched. This fellow was truly guarded against him. However, it was very likely that many people know about the matter of Sunset Peak. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to get information.

Just listening to Mixini, it was very likely that the things left behind by Dibiya were in that Creation Shrine of Sunset Peak. But, that place was guarded by three thousand shrine guards whose strength was equivalent to First Tier Gods. That was a very terrifying force. Although the difference between the strength of First Tier Gods and Main Gods was big, the quantity could make up some gap. Mixini said that had these three thousand shrine guards had entered the war of God and Demon 100,000 years ago, then perhaps, the end result of that war would have been different. With his current strength, if he wanted to escape from three thousand hall guards whose strength was equivalent to First Tier Gods, then it would be difficult. Even a Main God might not be their opponent and wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed.

At that time, Little Three used its thoughts to tell him that there was an A-ranked light god beast in the vicinity.

“Friends, do you all want to capture a light god beast?” Long Yi asked. He didn’t like to owe other people. Since these four people were helping him out, he would help them capture an A-ranked light god beast to repay the favor.

“Yes, Mixini wants a divine familiar, but the divine familiars of Fire God Capital are too low leveled, so we came to Yungmeng Marsh to try our luck,” answered Ryan. In Divine World, high ranked god beasts could found only by chance, not by a search. Even being able to capture a B-ranked god beast was a great fortune. None of them had a divine familiar. It was not that they didn’t want it, rather all the available god beasts were of low level which didn’t even enter their eyes. They wanted to carefully choose one because once the contract was made, it was for a lifetime.

“There is an A-ranked light god beast nearby…”

“Ah, really, then what are you waiting for? Long Yi, quickly lead us there.” Mixini, being an impatient person, immediately urged Long Yi while grabbing his hand upon hearing the term ‘A-ranked’ light god beast.

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“Mixini.” Ryan calmly called out, displaying his brotherly prestige.

Mixini just mumbled and let go of Long Yi’s hand. But she still looked at Long Yi with puppy eyes.

“A-ranked god beast, we cannot capture it with our strength, forget it,” Duleisi said.

“Hehe, my little fellows might be able to help a little,” Long Yi said with a smile.

“No need to trouble…” Duleisi still had misgivings regarding the identity of Long Yi and Siyan, so he was cautious. Moreover, he knew that there was no free lunch in this world.

“Think of it as a compensation for showing the way, retribution paid out in kind, so don’t refuse it,” Long Yi spoke.

“Since that is the case, many thanks.” Duleisi no longer insisted. Long Yi had a dense aura of Divine World, but that woman beside him who had not spoken a word was somewhat strange. He actually couldn’t sense any aura from her.

Then, under the lead of Little Three, they quickly went toward the southwest direction. Arriving in front of a marsh woods, Little Three stopped and told Long Yi that the light god beast was in the woods.

“Little Three, go and chat with it, see if it is willing to be this beautiful angel’s divine familiar. If it is unwilling, then you know what to do,” Long Yi said with a smile.

The complexion of those four people changed. The higher the rank of a god beast, the more proud it was. If it was asked whether it was willing to become familiar or not, who would be willing? Only after defeating it, one would be able to forcibly establish a spiritual contract.

The Little Three entered the woods. There were no crazy roars and battle as they had expected. It was too quiet.

After a long time, Little Three came out of the woods and a white fox was walking behind it.

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