Chapter 655: Fire God Capital (2)

“Holy Light Fox!” The four angels exclaimed at the same time.

Among light god beasts, it was one of the most famous god beasts. Other than Holy Light Tiger of Light God, Holy Light Fox was one of the highest level light god beasts. It was also extremely cunning and intelligent. It possesses lightning-fast speed and was able to predict danger to a certain extent. Thus, among the same ranked god beasts, it had an innate advantage.

“This Holy Light Fox says that it is willing to be your familiar, but only for five years. After five years, you have to set it free.” Long Yi understood from the thoughts of Little Three and said to Mixini.

“I agree.” Mixini hastily nodded her head like a pecking chick. One should know that a high-ranked divine familiar greatly helped its master in cultivation. In five years, Mixini might be able to break through a bottleneck.

As a matter of fact, Long Yi had the strength to forcibly make this Holy Light Fox the divine familiar of Mixini forever. Clearly, this Holy Light Fox also understood this. The strong are respected everywhere. This was a universal truth. But, since Little Three pleaded for Holy Light Fox, Long Yi didn’t do so. In the present Divine World, there were only a few Holy Light Foxes, and once it became a contracted divine familiar, it wouldn’t be able to breed for a later generation unless its master found an opposite sex divine familiar of similar race and rank. For a high-ranked god beast, the possibility was next to nothing.

In front of the surprised Ryan, Jiabilie, and Duleisi, Mixini easily signed the five-year magic contract with Holy Light Fox. After five years, the contract will void automatically.

Looking at this smart and beautiful Holy Light Fox, Mixini was very proud of herself while imagining the surprised and envious expressions of everyone when she returned to Fire God Capital.

“Long Yi, thank you.” Mixini gratefully looked at Long Yi. In her excitement, she had forgotten the greatest helper for a moment. Now, her curiosity towards Long Yi was also rising to greater heights. This man was too mysterious. Not only did he possess three super god beasts, but he also possessed a powerful talking skeleton. She wondered how he accomplished this. One should know that Divine World didn’t have the right conditions to produce undead creatures. Could it be that he “picked up” this skeleton from that evil forbidden area of Divine World?

Long Yi readily accepted the gratitude of Mixini. As for Siyan who was concealing her aura, she nevertheless cursed Long Yi in her heart. This fellow simply was a social scum. He already had many beauties around him, but he was still hooking up with women everywhere.

Long Yi could feel the ferocious gaze of Siyan, but he was too lazy to pay attention to her. If he didn’t want to keep her to restrain the Heavenly Demon King, then he might have left her in that abyss and let her have eternal rest with that ancient god.

Afterward, the group began to advance toward Fire God Capital. Originally, upon seeing Mixini was able to easily make a contract with an A-ranked light god beast like that, the other three were also somewhat perturbed. Unfortunately, high-leveled god beasts truly couldn’t be found everywhere. Moreover, even if they came across one, it also needed to be suitable for their respective attributes. Thus, the other three gained nothing right until they left Yunmeng Marsh.

After exiting Yunmeng Marsh, one could see several flourishing villages of God Race.

Like humankind, God Race was also filled with social animals. They built cities and towns like humans. But, their towns and cities were much more beautiful and elegant. All the materials used to build structures contained magic energy. Just this point was something the countries of humans couldn’t compare. Long Yi put away Long Two back into Dark Dimension Space because undead creatures were not allowed in places illuminated by a brilliant sun. If Long Two appeared in such places, then it would give rise to a disturbance.

“These villages are very prosperous,” sighed Long Yi emotionally. Those several villages they had passed through were comparable to second-tier cities of humans. He felt relieved in his heart. Before he had come to Divine World, he had thought that Divine World was incomparably mysterious. As it now seems, Divine World was not far-fetched. Although God Race was far superior to humans no matter whether it was strength or longevity, their form of settlement was just like humans. God Race also needed the basic necessities of life. Of course, at a higher standard.

“Hehe, if this is prosperous, then wait until you see Fire God Capital, wouldn’t you faint then? Long Yi, which barren mountain did you come from?” Seeing the surprised expression of Long Yi, Mixini couldn’t help laughing.

“Compared to this place, my place was indeed a barren mountain.” Long Yi faintly smiled.

The group quickly flew towards Fire God Capital. All along the way, they saw many others flying in the sky. Only some were walking on the ground. For God Race, flying was as simple as running for the human race. But, in the Human World, if one wished to free oneself from gravity and fly in the sky, then they had to reach the Master Magician realm, and many people couldn’t reach the Master Magician realm throughout their whole life.

Looking from far away, Fire God Capital was like a ball of incomparably huge flame. It was grand. All buildings were fiery red in color, and that several hundred meters tall fiery red castle at the center of this city was just like a blazing flame. There was a fire divine dragon coiling around the top of this castle. It was the guardian of this Fire God Capital. All other structures were not tall, and there were flying people everywhere around the city wall. It was boisterous.

“What an imposing style, deserving to be Fire God Capital.” Long Yi gasped in admiration.

When this group arrived at the outskirts of Fire God Capital, several high ranked two-winged angel guards, each wearing a suit of armor, came and inquired about their identity. But, when they saw the person leading this group was the son and daughter of Alfate, the administrator of Fire God Capital, they respectfully saluted and let them go.

Mixini excitedly introduced the scenery of Fire God Capital along the way, and she was very pleased with the wonderment of Long Yi. In Yunmeng Marsh, he had shocked them, now it was his turn to be shocked.

The First-tier God Alfate lived in that humongous Fire God Fortress located at the center. That Fire God Fortress had a hundred floors. Alfate resided on the 50th floor. As for the floors above 50th, all of them were private floors of Fire God Chiyan. Even if she wasn’t there, anyone who tried to enter those floors would meet the joint attack of guards.

As soon as they entered the Fire God Fortress, Mixini took Holy Light Fox and ran towards the room where her father worked, wanting to show off her divine familiar.

As for Long Yi, he sized up the layout of this Fire God Fortress and was very surprised in his heart. This gigantic Fire God Fortress was entirely made up of best quality fire magic stones. The fire magic elements within it were simply inexhaustible. Even the decorations casually used to decorate inside were fire attributed items. If one of them appeared in Blue Waves Continent, then it might cause mayhem, but these things were just ordinary stuff in this Fire God Fortress.

“Hahaha, Long Yi, is it? Welcome to Fire God Capital!” A burst of laughter resounded as a middle-aged man wearing a fiery red robe walked over. His words and actions could easily make people have a good opinion of him, one would at least feel closer.

“I am merely an uninvited guest, hehe, Long Yi greets the city lord.” Long Yi responded with a smile.

Alfate was slightly startled and replied, “How can it be? I would also like to thank you for helping this stubborn daughter of mine capture this divine familiar.”

Long Yi politely accepted the gratitude. He felt the behavior of Alfate was pretty good, merely, it was slightly strange that he was a wingless person of the God Race. How come his son and daughter were winged angels? However, he quickly tossed aside this doubt. Perhaps, it was because the wife of Alfate was a winged angel.

At that time, Alfate noticed Demon Princess Siyan who had never spoken and his gaze slightly flickered. Soon after that, his gaze reverted back to normal and greeted her. Siyan also faintly greeted him back.

The anomaly of Alfate didn’t escape the eyes of Long Yi. Did he discern something? But, when Siyan used Body Congealing Pearl to conceal her aura, even he couldn’t find the slightest flaw. Could it be that the senses of Alfate were more powerful than his?

As the administrator of Fire God Capital, Alfate was very busy. He left in a rush after a little while.

And after returning to his study, Alfate pondered for a while and instructed to a guard, “Go and call Commander General Suge.”

Not long after, the commander wearing a heavy armor entered and respectfully answered, “City Lord, what instructions do you have?”

“Suge, dispatch Dark Flame Squad under you to pay close attention to the two newly-arrived guests. Especially that woman, I feel like I have seen her somewhere before,” instructed Alfate.

“Yes, city lord, are there any other instructions?” Suge enquired.

“The guest surnamed Long is not simple, even I couldn’t see through his strength. If you have a chance, send someone to test him. But, don’t let him have any suspicion. There is nothing else, go and make the arrangements.” Alfate waved his hand.

After Suge left, Alfate was lost in thought. That woman, where did he see her?

Ai, after the war of God and Demon 100,000 years ago, all seven Main Gods were inflicted with a divine curse and their whereabouts were unknown. With the absence of Fire God Chiyan at the top, some gods of Fire God Region were gradually going beyond their bounds. Over these few years, some actually dared to openly defy him, the one acting under the command of Fire God. If this were to go on, then the Fire God Region would fall apart in the near future. He feared that the other Main Gods’ regions were also suffering from a similar situation.

With Mixini acting as the guide, Long Yi wandered around Fire God Fortress first and then strolled around Fire God Capital. Siyan didn’t fear to expose her identity and went together with him, but Duleisi also followed after them. As if he was guarding against Long Yi, he covered up the words of Mixini. Whenever Mixini talked about something Long Yi wanted to hear, he would look for all sorts of excuses to interrupt, truly making him somewhat helpless.

The buildings of Fire God Capital were sky-high and the streets were very spacious, but no one was walking below on the street.

Long Yi walked aimlessly along the street, thinking about how he could send Duleisi away and learn the things he wanted from Mixini.

At that time, Long Yi suddenly looked up and saw a restaurant on the opposite side of the street.  Usually, no one went to this kind of restaurant because most of the people of God Race didn’t eat anything and absorbed energy contained inside the energy stone. They would only eat occasionally.

But, this restaurant had many people eating inside. It was a ten-floored building. It was somewhat famous in Fire God Capital.

Long Yi felt burning pain in his eyes and clearly noticed a mark which was exactly the same as his Fire God Mark on the wall. The Fire God Mark on his palm twitched. Merely, after he blinked, that mark, however, had disappeared.

“How about we go in and eat something?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Okay, I haven’t eaten roasted Eight-eyed Beast of this place for a long time,” Mixini immediately agreed.

The trio entered and a two-winged young girl enthusiastically welcomed them. This was the stage of Mixini. She ordered dishes for everyone since Long Yi didn’t know which dish tasted good in this place.

Rich and imposing Mixini ordered dozens of dishes.

After the dishes were served, Long Yi began to carefully taste the cooked dishes of God Race. They had some special foreign flavors, but they were not as good as the delicacies of Blue Waves Continent. It seemed that God Race was superior to the human race in strength, but in terms of food, the human race was superior to most races.

After quickly eating a few mouthfuls, Long Yi left the table after making an excuse. He walked to the corner of this restaurant and injected magic power into the Fire God Mark on his palm. Then, a kind of subtle fluctuation quickly spread out.

Merely after a few seconds, he saw a four-winged angel hastily rushing towards him. He looked very enthusiastic.

“I want you to find a way to send away those two people that came with me.” Long Yi faintly said, guessing this should be a hidden stronghold found by Fire God Chiyan.

That four-winged angel accepted his instruction and turned away.

After waiting for a while, Long Yi returned the same way he came and saw that Mixini and Duleisi were already missing.

“This guest, your two friends have asked me to pass on their words. They have something to do so they have left first, requesting you to return by yourself.” That two-winged young girl who had welcomed them informed Long Yi about their departure.

“Mmm, got it.” Long Yi nodded his head and returned to his seat.

Not long after, that four-winged angel hastily came over and softly spoke, “This guest, please go over there.”

Long Yi soon entered a secret room under the lead of that four-winged angel and sat on a chair made of fire magic crystal. Then, opening his palm, the flame-shaped mark on his right palm clearly appeared before the eyes of this four-winged angel.

“This subordinate, number eight of Heavenly Fire, pays respect to the new master,” the four-winged angel bowed. His family had been a part of the secret organization Heavenly Fire under Fire God Chiyan from generation to generation. But now, Fire God Mark had appeared on a stranger. This represented that he had already become the new Fire God, and Fire God Chiyan was fraught with grim possibilities.

“Rise, number eight, give me … this god a brief introduction of this organization Heavenly Fire first,” spoke Long Yi.

Number eight sat up and told about this secret organization established by Fire God Chiyan to Long Yi.

As it turned out, the seven regions of Divine World under the Main Gods were like empires of the human race in essence. Main Gods were the supreme leader, and different tier gods under them managed cities and towns. Although Divine World was not so complicated like the politics of humans, when all was said and done, the gods of God Races were not the kind of traditional real gods. They were also struggling for power. The size of their regions was so big that it was impossible for Main Gods to know everything that happened in their respective regions. So, they created secret organizations and hid them everywhere to gather intelligence and monitor others. Heavenly Fire was such an organization, somewhat similar to the Skynet Organization of Ximen Clan.

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“Well, I got it. Now, is there any problem in Fire God Region?” Long Yi asked.

“Replying to Master, because former master, Fire God Chiyan, disappeared for 100,000 years, some city lords have secretly banded together and openly defied the commands issued by Fire God Capital, saying they were now independent of Fire God Region. I request Master to immediately give orders to deal with them,” Number Eight said.

“What must be dealt with will be dealt with. Number Eight, sort out the list of names of those city lords and give it to me, but now, I have something else I want to ask you,” spoke Long Yi.

“Please instruct, Master.”

“How much do you know about the circumstances of Sunset Peak?” Long Yi asked.

The pupils of Number Eight shrunk and gradually spoke about the circumstances of Sunset Peak.

Sunset Peak. It was located at the easternmost part of Divine World, at the center of Floating Sea beset with crises. It was shrouded with a powerful barrier, and even a Main God couldn’t enter it forcibly.

Creation Shrine was located on it and three thousand shrine guards guarded this shrine. Allegedly, the avatar of God of Creation resides there. Moreover, there were many good treasures left behind by the God of Creation there. Merely, no one could enter.

To go to Sunset Peak from Fire God Capital, one had to pass through Earth God Region, Wind God Region and also the evil forbidden area of Divine World. It was very far away.

“Number Eight, you say, is City Lord of Fire God Capital, Alfate, trustworthy?” Long Yi asked.

“Replying to Master, Alfate is the most trusted person of former Master. Moreover, according to the observation of Heavenly Fire, he is loyal and devoted. Although he has also secretly established a secret organization, Dark Flame, it was only for investigating those disloyal city lords,” replied Number Eight.

Long Yi nodded his head. That was good news. Now, Fire God, Earth God, and Dark God within his body ceased to respond. But, since he had inherited the spirit tablet and the mark of Fire God, he should manage the Fire God Region. Naturally, he should also integrate the other six regions. Heavenly Demon King was drawing near, and before that, he ought to unify the powers of the entire God Race to resist the Demon World. Now that the ancient gods had died completely, peak state Heavenly Demon King was definitely the strongest of the three worlds.

Long Yi planned to reveal his true identity to Alfate and hand over the name list to him to deal with them. As long as the news of the return of Fire God spread out, it wouldn’t be difficult to consolidate Fire God Region.

When the white sun sank in the far west, the bustling Fire God Capital fell into a brief silence.

Long Yi returned to Fire God Fortress. He had already noticed that someone was tailing him. From the very beginning at Fire God Fortress, he knew that someone was observing him despite the other party changing the person who tailed and observed him. That two-winged young girl who had welcomed him in the restaurant was also one of them. Heavenly Fire already knew this. In view of this, Dark Flame created by Alfate was still far inferior to Heavenly Fire.


At that time, a stark naked Mixini along with another black-haired and mature beautiful woman of God Race were lying in the ultra-large bathing pool inside her lady’s chamber.

“Aunt Angela, how come you never come to see me? I was missing you to death.” Mixini retracted her wings and intimately leaned on the shoulder of this mature beauty.

“Silly girl, didn’t Aunt come to see you now?” Angela patted the head of Mixini, but her dark green eyes were somewhat blurred. A kind of impulse within her body had guided her here.

‘Aunt Angela, look!” With a thought of Mixini, Holy Light Fox instantly appeared beside the bathing pool.

“Holy Light Fox, girl, your luck is pretty good,” Angela laughed.

Afterward, Mixini talked about her experience in Yunmeng Marsh including her encounter with Long Yi. She hid nothing. In the end, she leaned on the shoulder of Angela and asked, “Aunt, you say, what kind of person is that fellow?”

“Hehe, how will Aunt know? Silly girl, don’t be too curious about a man. Be careful, otherwise, you will fall in love with him,” Angela smiled and warned.

“Pei, pei, pei, I will fall in love with him? He is just a hick who hasn’t seen the world,” Mixini snorted.

Angela just smiled and said nothing. In her heart, a little curiosity toward Long Yi was born, of course, just a little.


Alfate stood in front of the window of Fire God Fortress’s 50th floor and looked into the distance.

After a long time, his gaze suddenly flickered and he muttered, “Yes, that woman who came together with Long Yi resembled Angela a little.”

But, after thinking again, he felt completely different. This confused him.

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Angela was a mysterious woman in Divine World. According to the rumors, her strength was almost on par with Main Gods. However, in the God and Demon war 100,000 years ago, she had disappeared quietly, and later, when she emerged again, her prestige was very high.

“Your Excellency City Lord, Suge request an audience.” At that time, the voice of commander Suge came from outside the door.

Alfate temporarily put aside these thoughts and instructed Suge to enter.

“Did you discover any clues?” Alfate asked.

“Replying to city lord, that woman is staying in Fire God Fortress without going anywhere. There is nothing unusual. As for Long Yi, he went to stroll around with the eldest miss. And after eldest miss returned, he strolled around by himself for a while. There was no abnormality,” Suge replied.

“Hehehe, even if there was an abnormality, you wouldn’t discover it.” At that time, a lofty voice suddenly resounded in the room.

Alfate and Suge immediately became alert and shouted, “Who’s there?”

“City Lord, commander, no need to be so tense, it’s this Young Master.” Long Yi’s figure slowly condensed in the room and leisurely shrugged his shoulders.

“Who exactly are you? Why did you come to Fire God Capital?” Alfate loudly asked in a stern voice.

“I have already said, no need to be so tense, I have no ill intentions,” replied Long Yi.

“Since you have quietly sneaked here, it is hard to believe that you have no ill intentions,” Alfate said, fixedly staring Long Yi with his sharp eyes.

“I have something, once you see it, you will believe me for sure.” Long Yi showed a harmless smile and sat on the seat dedicated to Alfate.

Just when Alfate was about to signal Suge to summon guards, the glabella of Long Yi shone with fiery red light and an oval-shaped fiery red jade plate appeared in the sky and spun continuously.

“Fire God Spirit Tablet!” Alfate and Suge exclaimed. Taking a few steps back, they bowed at the same time.

“Hehe, if you still don’t believe, then take a look at this, how is it?” Long Yi leisurely spread open his right palm and the flame mark immediately shone, vaguely emitting a kind of blazing aura that made others tremble.

“This subordinate pays respect to Fire God.” Alfate and Suge bowed Long Yi without any hesitated.

Afterward, Long Yi and Alfate discussed how to deal with the disloyal city lords. Alfate said that as long as Fire God Spirit Tablet was used as the command plate and the news of the return of Fire God was spread out, it was easy to activate the armed forces directly under Fire God. When all was said and done, the prestige of Fire God was sufficient to make anyone surrender in Fire God Region.

“Fire God, this subordinate wants to ask, the former Fire God Chiyan, she … How is she?” Alfate nervously asked.

“Chiyan … This god can only say that she is fine for the time being,” replied Long Yi. Chiyan only existed in consciousness state within his body, but from the time he entered Divine World, she, Xuantian, and Moyun didn’t respond at all. He didn’t know whether it had something to do with the teleportation to Divine World. When all was said and done, that demoness Siyan wanted to drag him into the infinite void, but they awakened in Divine World.

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