Chapter 368: The Little Fox Advancing Carefully

Grandpa Gen was also avoiding his edge. After migrating her registry out and becoming independent of Ye Zifan, he stopped all interactions with Ye Zifan. From that, one could deduce that Grandpa Gen also knew something about it.

Lastly, Uncle Chen left his school. How could that not be explained as him avoiding his edge?

Towards her, the two elders’ main focus when educating her was being ‘independent’ and ‘strong’. Only by being so could she travel further, to the peak where Ye Ying could not even fathom reaching, to the peak where nobody could ever threaten her again. Linking everything together, it had already told her: there was someone behind Ye Zifan.

She had to reach the stage where she had gained so much strength that even the person behind him, whoever they were, couldn’t even lift a finger against her!

Ye Zifan in politics, and she in the military … As soon as she managed to gain a foothold in the military, even if someone wanted to harm her, they had to think through it deeply.

After her internal guesses were confirmed by Xia Jinyuan’s words, Ye Jian felt much more relaxed instead. She raised her head and gave him a gentle smile, “I have never intended to go against him.”

“Last year, First City High’s actions made me realize that no matter how great my results are, staying in the school will also result in me living under his clutches in the end. That was why I simply tore apart my acceptance letter and left Anyang city as Ye Zifan’s influence mostly remained within the city. As for the rest of the province … From the moment I received the acceptance letter from First Provincial High, I knew that his tendrils had not extended to the province.”

“No matter how fast he climbs up the ranks, there’s no way he’s going to be promoted every other year, and I will leave Henan province before his influence reaches the South province.”

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Stopping there, Ye Jian slightly paused, and under Xia Jinyuan’s darkening gaze, she said leisurely and lightly, “I’m not going to go against him intentionally, but even then, I must let him know that I, Ye Jian, isn’t someone who can easily be bullied.”

“Based on Ye Zifan’s cautious and skeptical character, he’s currently wondering if I have someone behind my back as well. After assessing the facts, his actions in the open will become smaller and smaller, and his plans in the dark would have to be wary of the ‘person’ behind my back. Why will he definitely think that there’s someone behind my back? The reason is simple. I’m guessing that Xia Jinyuan has also guessed it by now.”

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Not only had he guessed it, but he could also already feel it. The little fox in front of him was worthy of its name. If she continued to grow in cunningness, then she might be able to ascend to the heavens.

Taking advantage of Ye Zifan’s skepticism, she showed her mighty power in front of him at every step, telling Ye Zifan one thing by quitting school: she did not even need to worry about whether she could attend school!

Of course, she was not worried. How would someone as intelligent as her stop herself from getting an education?

Even if in the eyes of others, she was trapped in a difficult situation and had no choice but to put her education on hold, the result was that she finished a training regime of the Special Forces in a year’s time before returning to school and retaking the test. She was using her own strengths to tell everyone that she, Ye Jian, was not someone who would take a loss as an answer.

As he thought about this, Xia Jinyuan lazily leaned back against his chair, and he asked with a smile, “And you’re not afraid that Ye Zifan will really tamper with your exam?”

“Three people can start a rumor, but it’s the crowd’s statement that sets it in stone. I’ve submitted my tests in advance and also solved problems in front of so many invigilators and school leaders. After the exam, the students from other schools also knew how well I performed. Psh, if Ye Zifan wants to tamper with my test results, and the person who promised to do that isn’t entirely stupid, as long as he does a bit of research, he will know that things won’t go his way.”

“Furthermore, when I returned, Principal Cao personally promised me that no matter how my results turned out, I would be able to attend First Provincial High. Director Li in Capital’s First Experimental High also wrote a letter for me last year. As long as I wish to return to that school, I can head straight to the capital, enroll, and attend the school with his recommendation letter.”

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