Chapter 367: Avoiding His Edge

Ye Jian pondered about it and shook her head, “It’s not ‘enduring,’ I can’t ‘endure’ the things that I like and the things that I’m interested in. ‘Enjoy’ is a better word; I enjoyed the whole process.”

“You’ve also seen my training regime. I like everything that was arranged in there, that’s why I really enjoy the whole process.”

Such an exhausting training regime … He immediately realized that her training regiment was scheduled based on America’s Delta Force’s regiment, and he implicitly brought up that it was probably going to be challenging for a little girl to be able to endure the whole of it.

Uncle Chen replied while smiling, “We’ll know after we try.”

We’ll know after we try … In reality, Uncle Chen knew that the little fox in front of him would endure it and would have fun doing it.

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Only now, when he personally heard that she enjoyed the whole process did Xia Jinyuan know how tough she was. How could this little fox be simply defeated by Ye Zifan’s pitiful tricks?

And he still wanted to continue tampering the little fox’s test this year, like he was unafraid of cutting off his political future.

Xia Jinyuan drove all the way here, so he wasn’t in any rush to leave. He waited until the customers sitting nearby had left after finishing their breakfast. His gaze turned slightly serious from the original smile on his face, and he spoke without realizing it, “There’s someone behind Ye Zifan. Little Fox, try not to have a face-off with him in the future alone.”

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“But you don’t have to worry about that. Principal Cao of First Provincial High isn’t a simple person. After you’re in First Provincial High, he can’t do much to you.”

Ye Jian gently placed the salted eggshells on the table while her eyelids gently twitched. She gazed squarely at Xia Jinyuan, who had just revealed lots of information in a very casual tone. Her lips gently pursed together and she said in a low tone, “Captain Xia, do you know something that I don’t?”

Ye Jian’s keen senses caused Xia Jinyuan to deliberate internally before speaking out loud, “Before your exam, Ye Zifan contacted someone in the city’s Education Bureau, and after the test results were published, he also contacted the same person.”

“However, he’s quite a figure, he noticed in a few sentences that your tests weren’t something that he could meddle with, so he immediately gave up, while also giving that person working in the Education Bureau a few benefits.”

His gloomy, unfathomable eyes stared gently at the girl who did not know much about the world but had a very tough shell that protected her really well. Xia Jinyuan gently continued word by word, “That’s why, little lass, you have to avoid his edge. Before you have established yourself, please remember not to go head-on against him.”

“Because there’s someone behind him, is that it?” Ye Jian gently squinted her eyes; her casual demeanor seemed as if she had known a piece of key information beforehand. She giggled, “That’s why he’s able to climb the ranks so fast, it’s all because there’s someone supporting him. Is that so?”

Her keenness and expressions resulted in a slight change in Xia Jinyuan’s pupils. Her senses are keener than average, and she was able to see the key problem here and was able to casually come to the conclusion that there was someone behind Ye Zifan. Why did it feel like she had known about this before he told her about it?

Xia Jinyuan nodded his head with some uncertainty lingering in his heart. The handsome smile was long gone; replacing it was seriousness and coldness, “That’s right, it’s precisely because there’s someone behind him that you should definitely not fight him head-on.”

So he really has someone behind his back … Ye Jian lowered her gaze while her lips curved upwards, and the glint in her eyes started to dim slowly.

In her past life, Ye Zifan’s political career was, until the time of her death, smooth sailing, with him changing from a small mayor to a large province’s second-in-command. If there wasn’t anyone helping him, how would he be able to rise so quickly through the ranks?

How would Ye Ying be able to marry into the Gao family, becoming a young lady of the house herself?

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