Chapter 366: Picturesque Qin Xiu

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She reminisced about the training in the desert as if it had just happened yesterday.

When she mentioned the desert, Xia Jinyuan also was reminded of the time when he spent seventy days on flight-testing. The engine malfunctioned twice while they were in the middle of it, almost ending his life right there in the desert. But listening to her talk about the desert, there was no danger in her stories, only joy.

“It was barren everywhere, with no signs of life. The vast and endless golden brown sand isolated you from the whole world. Only when I heard travelers passing by me did I realize that I still lived on Earth, and not somewhere in outer space.” Ye Jian shared those precious memories that would not fade even if she became older. She was extremely energetic and filled with vigor. Her pupils were like the sun, flourishing with vitality and dazzling brightness.

Sunlight gently spilled in from behind her back, and as if basked in holy light, she continued speaking with her brows dancing in delight, retelling her countless experiences in the desert.

The gentle sunshine spilling in through the window made not only time and space seem mesmerizing, but it also took the breath of those who were looking at her away.

“Deputy Qin, I apologize for making you wait.” Outside the glass window, a man in a suit and dress shoes jogged all the way over. He even had a necktie on this early in the morning. He stopped in front of a similarly dressed but extremely young man, who exuded a noble aura of elegance. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, this is my mistake. I did not arrive on time to receive you.” 

His breathless voice and hurried footsteps passed through the glass window clearly. Ye Jian, mid-sentence, turned her gaze outside, immediately seeing a man’s figure walking away from a building’s huge pillar.

His gaze landed on Ye Jian’s face, and he walked out from behind the pillar and started smiling as if to explain that he was just standing behind the pillar to avoid the sun.

That was a man with poetic grace written on his face, and also a man who had been nurtured well.

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His khaki slacks were straight without a crease, and his clean white dress shirt hugged onto his body. His orderly fashion without a single flaw matched his suit, and on his neck was a diagonally striped tie of the same color as his slacks. An elegance radiated from his formality; it made people feel that he was someone who had been brought up well with just a glance.

Ye Jian blanked out for a moment, not quite understanding why a stranger was trying to explain himself to her.

Outside, the man who was called “Deputy Qin” by the staff smiled, an aura of excellent etiquette radiating from his bones, “It’s nothing, my ailment of being directionally challenged is well known in our department. It’s my own fault, and it has nothing to do with you. So, where is the car parked?”

“Please follow me, the car is parked by the street.” The staff member heard his words, and even Ye Jian could feel that he had just let out a long sigh of relief in his heart.

Xia Jinyuan, on the other hand, was scanning the person up and down with his gaze. His depthless eyes squinted gently, and it seemed that he had just guessed the identity of that person.

He retracted his gaze faster than Ye Jian did. Seeing that her attention was still focused outside, his cool voice slowly floated towards her, “So, how long did you stay in the desert? It doesn’t seem to be too long, seeing you didn’t become as black as an African.”

She nonchalantly raised her head as if she had just seen the scenery accidentally. Ye Jian retracted her gaze and smiled at Xia Jinyuan, “About four months there, it didn’t feel too tiresome then, but now that I think about it, it was quite difficult, you know.”

“Deserts are harsh. You’re even able to endure four months there, not bad.” He did not mention that he had also gone to the desert. He went to the desert for his country, and it was confidential information of the grade Red Ace of Spades. They could not speak about it, even with their loved ones.

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