Chapter 140: Looking For Trouble

Madame Chen was one who hated the most when people speak such words. In her heart, her son was the best and he would naturally become a major official.

The way others were talking about her son now was as if they were looking down on her son so how could she tolerate it?

Madame Chen slammed on the table heavily and glared at them before warning, “Didn’t I say to shut up? Qiao Tian Chang’s just a poor lad. Let my daughter marry him? Ha, dream on.”

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Madame Chen’s voice was loud. The others who were eating nearby almost puked when they heard her.

Qiao Tian Chang was a poor lad with no money? All those gold and silver jewelry cost a fortune, alright? And what about the betrothal gifts? All of that added up together should be worth about one or two hundred taels; and not counting the silver coins. If he was poor, then, what were they who couldn’t even afford food before Ning Meng Yao started her business?

Yang Zhu and the rest were initially eating happily, but their expressions turned ugly when they heard Madame Chen’s words.

“Madame Chen, do you have something against us?” This marriage was basically a reality thanks to him. Therefore, Madame Chen’s words were clearly meant to embarrass him.

Madame Chen’s body stiffened and she immediately shook head: “Village Chief, I… I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Then what do you mean by saying this at Qiao Tian Chang’s engagement banquet? If you don’t want to eat, then go back.” Yang Zhu was furious.

For the two who stood at the side, who wouldn’t agree that they were an ideal couple? Madame Chen making a scene was clearly a slap to his face.

Madame Chen’s expression was somewhat ugly as she glared at Yang Zhu. Her eyes were as if she couldn’t wait to kill Yang Zhu.

“Who do you think you are to tell me what to do? Am I wrong? Who knows where his money came from?” Madame Chen sneered as she turned to Qiao Tian Chang and said in ridicule: “Maybe he stole it.” 

Madame Chen was very mean. Initially, she thought other people would agree with her. However, those who worked in the winery looked at her weirdly: “Madame Chen, just because you’re an idiot, doesn’t mean others are the same as you. Tian Chang was a part of Meng Yao’s start up, where else do you think he got the money from? Of course, he earned it earnestly.”

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“That’s right. When Meng Yao was starting up the workshop, he helped a lot so Meng Yao gave him some of the shares. A few months had already passed, so obviously, he has money.” Only the workers in the sauce workshop knew the quantity they had produced in a day, and how much revenue was earned from the sales.

Madame Chen looked at Qiao Tian Chang in disbelief. She didn’t expect that. If she had known  earlier, she would definitely have allowed her daughter to date him. And she could have the sauce workshop to herself. The more Madame Chen thought about it, the more she regretted.

Qiao Tian Chang, on the other hand, didn’t give her the opportunity to regret. He walked towards her and looked at her with cold eyes: “If you’re here to cause trouble, then get out of my house.”

Madame Chen laughed: “So, Tian Chang. Now that you’re rich, you are looking down on others? My daughter’s not bad, much better than Ning Meng Yao. You see…”

Madame Chen’s words were without a doubt, ridiculous. The people around her looked at her in disbelief.

Did this woman hit her head and lost her mind? She actually dared to say such nonsense at such a time.

“I’m just a poor lad, but your daughter? Even if you gave her to me, I would not accept such a trash.” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Madame Chen’s smiley face, and said each word clearly.

His words were as if they were like a sharp knife, stabbing right into Madame Chen’s heart.

Everyone secretly laughed. Madame Chen was being disregarded.

“Tian Chang, my daughter is a beautiful young lady. In the future, she will also become an official’s younger sister. Marrying her will be more beneficial to you, compared to that Ning Meng Yao.” Madame Chen said disgustingly.

Her disdainful words and arrogance made everyone frown.

She dared to say such words. It was still unknown whether or not her son would be successful in the future, yet she dared to even say that her daughter would become the younger sister of the best scholar? Does she really think so highly of her son?

“A scholar? For someone like Yang Huai? If a waste like Yang Huai can become the best scholar, then the emperor must be blind.”

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