Chapter 139: Village Chief, The Matchmaker

Ning Meng Yao playfully tapped her: “So what if I’m married?”

Yang Le Le thought about it. Indeed it was true that even if Ning Meng Yao got married, that didn’t mean that she couldn’t look for her anymore.

“Oh right, Yao Yao, I’m going to go back to doing embroidery.” Yang Le Le suddenly thought of a thing, she looked at Ning Meng Yao seriously.

All this while she had been thinking about whether she was going to just stay at home, and finally get married, or go travel outside before getting married. She preferred the latter.

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She learned a lot there and the master that taught her said one thing right: Why do women have to rely on men to survive?

Like Aunt Luo, she single-handedly managed the Embroidery House. Yao Yao too, before she met Brother Qiao, she was also one who had a huge business.

So why couldn’t Le Le do the same? She didn’t think about which step she could take, she just didn’t want to regret later.

“Are you sure?” Ning Meng Yao’s expression became serious.

“Yes, I’m sure. I’ve already discussed this matter with my parents, and they respect my opinion.” Yang Le Le said with a smile.

At this moment, she was very grateful to her parents, because they gave her endless tolerance, allowing her to do what she liked.

“Since they allow you to, then it’s fine with me. I’ll ask Qing Xuan to send you.”

After the two discussed, they sat at the side to barbecue; they roasted the meat and chatted. Qiao Tian Chang didn’t come to disturb them this time. He just chatted with Madame Yang.

The group stayed up until very late. On the second day, Qiao Tian Chang went to town to buy the things needed for the engagement.

Madame Yang and Yang Zhu also followed to observe.

When Madame Yang was accompanying him to buy things, she went to look for someone to count Ning Meng Yao’s and Qiao Tian Chang’s characters and days.

The result revealed that two days later would be a good day, appropriate to get married.

Qiao Tian Chang looked at the things he bought that were piled up at home and he smiled faintly.

Just two more days and they would be engaged.

On the early morning of May 7th, Qiao Tian Chang went to the village chief’s house and invited the two to his engagement. In these two days, all villagers also heard that Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang were both getting engaged, and that the chief was the matchmaker.

According to tradition, Qiao Tian Chang’s family was supposed to treat the guests, so everyone came over early to see how many gifts they had.

However, everyone became envious when they saw those gifts. To give such a beautiful betrothal gift, just what was he thinking?

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In addition to the betrothal gifts, Qiao Tian Chang also prepared a lot of animal fur, gold and silver jewelry. All of what Ning Meng Yao liked.

After that, they exchanged the betrothal proposal cards and more. Just like that, they were engaged. Madame Yang helped Qiao Tian Chang to invite the guests into the house. The chef who Qiao Tian Chang had found, had already prepared the dishes.

Yang Zhu called out loudly and everyone began to eat. There were a total of eleven dishes, and every one of it were either meat or vegetables.

People were envious of Ning Meng Yao. They also felt that Qiao Tian Chang’s family was rich. Those who hadn’t fell for him last time suddenly regretted it. One of them was Madame Chen.

Before when Yang Cui liked him, Madame Chen didn’t approve of their relationship. If she had agreed, wouldn’t this beautiful sight be theirs now, instead of Ning Meng Yao’s and Yang Zhu’s?

Although Ning Meng Yao had nothing to do with Madame Yang, everyone knew that their relationship was very good, otherwise Qiao Tian Chang wouldn’t ask the village chief to be their matchmaker.

Madame Chen ate and talked sourly about Ning Meng Yao, saying how Ning Meng Yao was engaged to the man her daughter rejected and there was nothing to be proud of.

She spoke happily but the people around weren’t happy. What did she mean about engaged to the man her daughter rejected? It was obvious that the man didn’t want her daughter.

Did she really think that no one knew about this.

“Eh, look at how many gifts Qiao Tian Chang is giving Ning Meng Yao. Just the number of gifts could make people jealous. Besides, how come what you said is different from what we heard? It seems like it was Qiao Tian Chang who rejected your daughter.” The person who spoke was a woman who disliked Madame Chen a lot.

Her unpleasant words made Madame Chen angry: “Shut up.”

“Oooh, such a show of power. I’m so scared.” The arrogance of the sentence sounded as if she wasn’t afraid.

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