Chapter 363: Fond Of Being So Intimate

After he switched the hand carrying the luggage, his right hand, which was beside Ye Jian, became free. With matchless proficiency and a casual raise of his right arm, his right hand grasped onto Ye Jian’s slender shoulders, “This time, I have to keep you on a closer watch. I almost missed picking you up not long ago, thank goodness there was a broadcasting station. If not, how was I supposed to find you? Moreover, how am I supposed to explain the situation to Uncle Chen?”

While Ye Jian maintained her line of sight in front of her, she glanced at the hand that was resting on her shoulder, while her thin brows furrowed together without leaving any wrinkles. His hand was slender; it was really attractive. It was like the only pair of hands that could play the piano in a golden hall.

But she knew how strong those pair of hands was while pulling a trigger, how slick its movements were.

“Uncle Chen said he was going to work in the provincial city, and he’ll come to look for me after school has started. Do you know where Uncle Chen is working?” Ye Jian furrowed her brows but did not shake off his hand. No matter how much she hated being intimate, she could do nothing but endure it!

A guest had come from a faraway place and was very happy. She was from the Yunnan province; at the very least, she still had to maintain the politeness and reservedness of the Yunnan people.

Ye Jian’s forbearing actions made the wolf, Xia Jinyuan, curl the edges of his lips upwards. Only by putting Uncle Chen out as an excuse could he make contact with her at such close proximity, and with such openness and exaggeration as well, so she could only resign to her fate.

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“Uncle Chen said to keep his workplace from you as a surprise. That’s why I can’t tell you now. Let’s go and get some breakfast.” There was a faint soapy smell from her, hiding a trace of her scent that only belonged to her, and it immediately became a sweet scent that permeated a person’s whole body, “You can only register at school after 9 o’clock. It’s still early now.”

It was barely past 6 o’clock. The sun still hadn’t chased away the chill that the night had left on the streets. Ye Jian, who walked while having her shoulder held by Xia Jinyuan the whole time, tightly pursed her lips together until they entered a porridge shop. When he let go of his hand, she finally let out a breath of relief in her heart.

She gently fanned herself with her hand, as if by doing that, she could chase away the minty scent that he had left on her body.

The breakfast store’s business wasn’t bad. Ye Jian chose a table near the glass wall and sat down. The tables near her were all parents accompanying their child to register at their schools. While having breakfast, the parents did not forget to lecture their children, asking them to act more bravely when they’re in school in one moment, and asking them to not act rashly in the next.

Ye Jian chuckled helplessly. She pitied parents all over the world. Sometimes, what they said even contradicted themselves.

A boy was annoyed by his parents nagging, so he dropped his spoon into the bowl, and retorted in a irritated tone, “Ma, can you at least let me eat my breakfast in peace? I’m already 16, not 6, you nag at me every day, and now, I’m even questioning whether I’m retarded!”

“Okay, I’ll stop, I’ll stop.” The mom listened and immediately obeyed his wishes, and she pushed half a salted duck egg forward, “Eat an egg, after you’ve finished it, you can head to register.”

Only parents will unconditionally tolerate their own kids … Ye Jian silently drooped her eyelids, and softly giggled. It was almost similar to Uncle Chen and Grandpa Gen. While they were strict towards her, they also unconditionally tolerated her.

Although she did not have any parents who could protect her, she was quite grateful that there were two amiable elders who were concerned about her.

Xia Jinyuan, who had just returned from the cashier, stood not far away. His gaze landed softly on Ye Jian sitting quietly alone, and the atmosphere was as tranquil as that in a painting. The gloominess in his deep pupils resembled the occasional glints of light that flashed by in the ocean depths, its ebbs and flows rendered others unable to see through him and guess what his current thoughts were.

After walking towards her and sitting across the table from her, his handsome, unfathomable eyes carried a faint smile. He looked at Ye Jian, laughing, “A serving of porridge, a salted duck egg, and a serving of breadsticks, this is the most plentiful breakfast I have had over the past year.”

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