Chapter 364: Wipe My Sweat Off, Little Fox

“How about I tell you about the breakfast I have been having between February and May?” Ye Jian drew a paper towel and passed it to him, “You look like you’re hot. You’re even sweating.” Tiny beads of sweat covered his temples.

Xia Jinyuan did not take it; instead, he leaned his body forward and smirked at her, “On the grounds that I’ve worked hard to receive you, it should be okay for you to wipe off my sweat, right?”

He really liked to tease her whenever he could!

He guessed that she wouldn’t dare to, but he couldn’t help but try it out. Seeing her hand which was holding the paper towel stiffen up, Xia Jinyuan smiled with squinted eyes. This type of man, with such a handsome face, blended with a soldier’s awe-inspiring manner as well as with the flavor of worldly affairs.

So lively, and also so elegant.

“Sigh, I’ll do it myself.” Xia Jinyuan knew when to stop, and he raised his eyebrows. He extended his hand to snatch the paper towel from Ye Jian while muttering, “Even wiping off sweat is…”

His vision flickered, and the paper towel that he should have touched was now softly pressed on his forehead, and it was dabbing on his forehead … She really wanted to help him wipe off his sweat while he was completely caught off guard.

“It’s just wiping off sweat. I spent my summer in the boot camp, and I was just in time for their sparring I’ve wiped so many soldiers’ sweat then.” Ye Jian intentionally blocked his view with her forearm, blocking the ridicule in his eyes that she couldn’t stand, and blandly continued, “This is an effortless task, Captain Xia can just ask for it next time.” 

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Does he want to continue teasing her until she felt uncomfortable? Then, she had to let him know that he couldn’t always assume that she had no idea how to counterattack! Ye Jian smiled cunningly while wiping off his sweat and saw his expression stiffen from her unexpected behavior, causing her smile to become more sly.

Xia Jinyuan, even you have your off days!

Xia Jinyuan, who didn’t expect himself to be teased in return by Ye Jian, started laughing. His deep and low laughter was like the plucking of chords, the sweet music of metals and stones, “Not bad, you’ve improved.”

Ye Jian wiped his clear forehead with gentle motions from left to right. Knowing the meanings behind his words, her lips curved upwards and she smiled leisurely, “Having improved is normal. Last October, I went to the desert and had my first taste of raw snake meat, and I even spent the New Year in the desert. Captain Xia, if I didn’t improve, Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen will be disappointed.”

Her voice was really clear, without a hint of impurity, but the words that came out of her mouth always made him feel helpless.

The improvement he meant was that she had braved his occasional teasing, but Ye Jian downplayed it and changed it towards her own improvement, and attributed it to the two elders nurturing her.

Look at that, when the little fox acts, it’ll always be so interesting.

“Okay, Captain Xia, please accept my gratitude.” After wiping off his sweat, Ye Jian naturally took back her hand, but Xia Jinyuan’s movements were quicker and suddenly held onto her wrists. His slender brows raised upwards and he smiled, “Although soldiers have to act swiftly and decisively, they also have to cover all their bases and focus on the meticulous details.”

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While he was speaking, Ye Jian’s gaze changed ever so slightly. She looked at him, her gaze filled with vigilance, but she did not pull back her wrists.

Although she dared to fight against him, no matter how cunning a smart yet naive little fox was, she would still suffer losses because of her naivety. Xia Jinyuan neither used too little nor too much strength, but just enough to clamp on her wrists tightly. A faint smile flickered in his gloomy eyes, “Little Fox, there is still sweat on my neck, you haven’t wiped it off.”

The little fox would suffer because of her naivety about the relationships between a man and a woman, but still, the one taking advantage of her was himself. If it were someone else who dared to do the same, he would definitely slice off their claws!

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