Chapter 365: Don’t Play With Fire

How could the wolf full of ideas let go of the fox in front of him so easily? While he was at Makit County, he did say that he would have to reap some ‘interest’ from her.

The reaping of ‘interest’ … had just commenced.

As expected, one couldn’t lower their guard when ‘playing’ with him. How could wiping off sweat be as easy as that!

Ye Jian glanced at her hand that was grabbed by him while smiling. Then, she met with his gaze with laughter in it. Riding on the momentum of the ‘battle,’ Ye Jian’s gaze scanned the clean paper towel before she slowly answered, “To do that, Captain Xia should first release my hand so that I can hold the paper towels properly.”

There were definitely some evil genes inside this man’s body as he always managed to catch her off guard.

She thought he would let go of her hand, but unexpectedly, he acted greedily, “You can take paper towels with just one hand, and you can also wipe off sweat with just one hand.”

“Do you think I’ll cooperate? Captain Xia!” Ye Jian also did not try to free her hand. A faint smile lingered at the corner of her lips, bland but leisurely, “If you don’t let go, then I’ll have to ask Captain Xia to wipe off your sweat yourself.”

From looking for her with the broadcast to appearing in front of her, this man with the atmosphere of a mountain had a face filled with lingering panic. Even after he tried to conceal it, the beads of sweat that slid down his neck and into the collar of his shirt were all telling her one thing: he was really worried when he was looking for her.

Based on just that, she did not refuse even though he asked for her to wipe off his sweat because she simply couldn’t reject him.

The improvement was larger than he had expected. If it was the little fox in the past, she would have shouted, “ Xia Jinyuan, if you don’t let go of my hand soon, I’ll get mad!” Then, those star-like pupils would stare at him, and the clear surface of her pupils would only reflect his silhouette in them.

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Now that they were in this situation, it had become more interesting. Whenever he pushed forward, she would accept the battle. It was like a duel between the spear and the shield, with neither of them gaining the upper hand.

Naturally, he had to let go of her hand. Originally, he hadn’t even planned on letting her wipe the sweat off his neck. Xia Jinyuan pulled out some paper towels and smiled lazily, with warmth on his handsome face, “The porridge is here. Fill your stomach first. As for the sweat, I can wipe it off myself.”

Ye Jian withdrew her hand and gently placed the paper towel that she was holding tightly, which was soaked in sweat, to the side.

Her hand was also naturally drawn back and hid under the table to hide her gently trembling fingers. Just now, when her fingertips accidentally brushed past his slightly damp forehead, it felt like it had been scorched by fire, and her wrist, which had just been grabbed by him, also felt like it was burning. She was beginning to feel anxious.

Once again, she had gone against Xia Jinyuan and had experienced a good ‘battle.’ She had no choice but to focus and gather up her energy, and use that energy to have a showdown against him.

Without a doubt, this type of ‘battle’ was quite enjoyable!

Wiping off the sweat was only a matter of seconds. Xia Jinyuan felt that he hadn’t had enough time to fully experience it, and the touch of her fingers was gone. Fortunately, he quick-wittedly grabbed onto her wrists and managed to feel the warmth of her skin at such a close range, also allowing him to ponder over the feeling of her delicate skin.

Also, when she was facing him, her helpless but unyielding eyes were so amusing.

The breakfast for the two of them was served. Xia Jinyuan, who stopped teasing her with unknown intentions, had already prepared the spoon for Ye Jian and passed to her. It was as if a wind had just blown past, not leaving any trace of what had happened a few moments before. He smiled very faintly, “We still have plenty of time. Now, let’s hear about your stories in the desert. What interesting stories do you have?”

He stopped doing things that would make her head hurt. Ye Jian scooped up some of the vegetable porridge with a sigh of relief. She lowered her gaze and stared at the shiny and translucent porridge, and also those crunchy green vegetables, and blandly said, “There weren’t any interesting things that happened in the desert. All of them were things that were extremely dangerous. Quicksand, venomous snakes, dehydration … I’ve faced all of those in just half a month.”

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