Chapter 205: SSS Ranked Mission, Begin!

Qin Tian was attacked by a wave of headache.

He did not explain but stood there in silence.

Lin Yan and the rest secretly laughed. Although they’ve recently stepped into the inner court, they’ve heard rumors of the twin flowers. The older one being Yan Xin, a cold beauty, and the younger one being Yan Bing, who has a hot temper.

(Note: Lin Yan and the rest = 4 people)

“Big Brother Qin is amazing, to have gotten hold of them.”

“Of course, he is Big Brother Qin afterall.”

The 4 guys whispered to one another.

Hostility manifested as Yan Bing glared at Yi Qianhan.

Yi Qianhan’s cultivation may not be able to match Yan Bing, but her imposing manner was no weaker than Yan Bing’s.

“Yang Han!”

Suddenly, Lin Yan growled.

Yi Qianhan turned her head and killing intent emerged from the depths of her heart.

Yan Bing followed the gaze of Yi Qianhan and placed her sight on a Heaven Sun Pillar’s disciple. She muttered, “You have enmity with him?”

“Finally came out.”

Qin Tian smiled evilly.

Not far away, Yang Han was following behind Nanguan Lie. His face was expressionless and he gave off an extraordinary feeling. By his side was the infatuated Nanguan Yan who was holding onto his arm.

The current Yang Han was different from the past him. After entering Sky Above Sky, his cultivation speed increased explosively. He also gained the favor of a revered elder, becoming his last disciple. His cultivation had reached Rank 8 Ascension realm.

The expression on Qin TIan’s face startled Yan Xin. She gave Yan Han a look and memorized his appearance.

The square became lively once again.

“Heaven Sun Pillar has arrived, with a line-up stronger than in the past.”

“Who’s that new person?”

“Don’t you know, he is Heaven Sun Pillar Master Nanguan Lie’s son-in-law. A few months ago, he entered Sky Above Sky to cultivate and had improved greatly. It’s been said that he got the attention of a revered elder. He’s a popular candidate to reach the top 10.”

“Relying on women to rise up in rankings, Laozi hate these types of people. Is he still a man?”

“Haha……you’re just jealous.”

……After Heaven Sun Pillar got seated, Yang Han examined his surroundings, trying to find something. The moment he saw Qin Tian, rage filled him and killing intent flashed past his eyes.

Yang Clan’s eradication was deeply engraved in his mind as if it happened the day before.

The entire Yang Clan died in Qin Tian’s hands, the pain he suffered day and night taught him forbearance. Until he was sure, he would never act rashly. He might have tried to have Qin Tian killed using the Violent Sky Faction at that time, but seeing Qin Tian again relieved him. He secretly rejoiced over the loss by the trash of Violent Sky Faction, else he would not be able to personally exert revenge.

Rank 8 Ascension realm, wielding the Golden Hepta Body, making his strength many times greater than his peers. He also had a treasure tempered by the revered elder for many years, giving him the confidence to deal with Qin Tian.

“Qin Tian, I hope you won’t get eliminated too early.”

“You shall be the first, and your Qin Clan shall follow your footsteps……”

The hatred in Yang Han’s heart made Nanguan Yan shudder.

Nanguan Lie frowned but said nothing.

“I beg you, please kill him if possible. As long as you kill him, I am even willing to use my body as a reward.” Yi Qianhan spoke with utmost seriousness.

With her strength, wanting to kill Yang Han in this lifetime was simply impossible. However, for everyday Yang Han is alive, her hatred grew. She wanted him dead.

Yan Bing wanted to say something, but the loathing in Yi Qianhan’s eyes made her hesitate. Words unconsciously came out of her mouth, “Husband, please help.”


For saying such words, Yan Bing almost jumped up in shock.

Qin Tian smiled at Yi Qianhan, “Even if you don’t beg me, I’ll kill him.”

Soon after, the disciples from the 8 Pillars had gathered.

The square was shaped like an octagon, with each of the 8 pillars at their own separate corner. The remaining inner disciples surrounded the location. It was like a colosseum, just much bigger.

Of the 8 Pillars, Southern Sun Pillar is the strongest.

Sword King Wu comprehended sword intent – one sword slicing the world. He is also at the peak of the Void Piercing Realm, one step away from the Universe realm.

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Second is Heaven Sun Pillar. Nanguan Lie is the disciple Long Xiaotian took pride in. After becoming the sovereign, Heaven Sun Pillar was handed over to him to be managed. As it has Long Xiaotian’s support, it naturally possessed the most amount of resources.

Yang Han was able to enter Sky Above Sky to cultivate was also due to this relationship.

The remaining Pillars are Kun Sun Pillar, Thousand Sun Pillar, Earth Sun Pillar, Dragon Sun Pillar, Golden Sun Pillar, and Fierce Sun Pillar.

The 8 PIllars are like Tianji sect’s dam in a river. Other than Fierce Sun PIllar, the others had at least a thousand disciples.

Every year the 8 pillars can only send out 10 disciples each to join the Hundred Strong Inner Disciple competition. However, this would result in only 80 participants.

Other than the 8 Pillars, the next strongest are Violent Sky Faction and Wutian Faction.

Although Tianji sect never recognized them, Violent Sky Faction’s power grew so exponentially that the 8 Pillar masters were unable to not deal with it cautiously. As for Wutian Faction, Wutian young master’s strength attracted attention.

How great were both faction’s power? Perhaps only the two young masters knew.

Qin Tian did not know much about the power Violent Sky Faction held, but Wutian Faction’s power was already beyond his imagination – an army of rank 9 monsters along with an extremely terrifying existence.


From the center of the square, thick clouds scattered and the Sky Above Sky appeared.

It was like an island floating above the land, surrounded by Spirit Qi that was concentrated. Under the rays of sunlight, it felt like something that had descended from the Heavens, making the crowd move forward in awe.

Immediately after the clouds scattered, a white robe elder with white hair reaching his chest descended onto the stage.

Behind him were 10 disciples in white robes. Their faces were expressionless and had eyes shining with vigor.

The 10 of them were the first batch of disciples chosen by the sovereign personally to enter Sky Above Sky. In other words, Long Xiaotian’s personal army, with talent that could only be found one in a thousand people. Quite a number of them had already stepped into the Void Piercing realm.

[Note: The 10 disciples are also considered Sky Above Sky disciples]

They were the strongest among the inner disciples.

The crowd was startled. What was this display for? Everyone present had his question in their minds.

“Could it be that the sovereign had also sent disciples to join the competition?”

“Long Xiaotian, just what medicine were you eating recently?”

……Some people murmured to themselves as they gazed at the white robe elder. All these years, disciples from Sky Above Sky never participated in this competition, yet it seemed like this year will be different.

Long Xiaotian is interested in the Hundred Strong Inner Disciple Competition? Or does he have another motive?

That white robe old man is Murong Yuyue, a great elder of Tianji sect. Other than the sovereign, his authority was the greatest. “Once again, it is time for the yearly Hundred Strong Inner Disciple Competition. This year, we have many outstanding disciples, Tianji sect is fortunate……”

The long-winded speech, which was filled with nothing but nonsense was about the same as the previous years.

Some of the newly arrived disciples listened with interest, while some of the Pillar Masters and elders revealed an expression of impatience.

Although the position of great elder in Tianji sect is high, the position of a Pillar master isn’t low either.

Finally, Murong Yuyue ended his speech. He turned to face the 10 disciples that descended with him and declared, “Today, the sovereign has sent disciples to participate in the competition. Not only that, the rewards shall also be grander than before.”

“That’s indeed the case.”

“Long Xiangtian wants to take action?”

“Does he want to rely on those disciples to dwindle our power?”

The expression of some of the Pillar masters darkened as they noted down in their mind that Long Xiangtian was starting a purge.

However, Qin Tian’s eyes were blazing with passion.


The system prompted.

“The 1st phase of SSS task has started, kill at least 3 Long Xiangtian’s disciples.”

“Reward: 8 000 000 experience, 10% of the spatial ring can be used freely……”

At last, the super SSS task had started. Qin Tian trembled at the thought of the reward. Doesn’t it mean he would be able to use 10% of the pile of treasures in the spatial ring?

Qin Tian was excited.

The 10 disciples that descended from Sky Above Sky onto the stage were golden glittering BOSSes. Not only that, amidst the crowd were a number of red names dimly glowing. They are disciples in Violent Sky faction and Wutian faction.

“This is the 1st phase of the task.”

Qin Tian clenched his fists in excitement. However, those 10 disciples were in Void Piercing realm, if not the peak of Rebirth realm. Wanting to kill them requires preparation.

A plan formed in his mind.

Not long after, Murong Yuyue announced the beginning of the competition.

4 enchanting masters got onto the stage and placed a black cauldron on each of the 4 corners. Immediately, the stage radiated with light.

[Note: truthfully speaking, I’m not sure if 结界 should be enchant or formation]

Seeing the 7-coloured lights radiated, Qin Tian recalled about the sect protecting formation of Jingxin sect.

After the enchanted world was ready, the battle information appeared on a blackboard. Everyone focused their attention there.

“It will be a bitter fight, the glory of our Fierce Sun Pillar will be on your shoulders.” Shen Yan stood up and gave one final encouragement.

Knowing that Long Xiangtian had disciples participating, she felt frustrated, wanting to reach the top 10 would be extremely hard. Not being in the top 10 means not being able to get the Golden Hepta Qi, which is a huge blow to her.

Shen Yan moved towards Zhou Wei and whispered, “If you reach the top 10, Fierce Sun Pillar will support Violent Sky Faction.”

Startled, Zhou Wei stared at Shen Yan with his lips quivering, “ Master……”

“There’s no need to say anything.” Shen Yan smiled, “As long as you are one of the top 10 and helped me gather a bottle of Golden Hepta Qi, I will let go of my position as pillar master and you shall take over.”

Rumble……Zhou Wei’s mind was seemingly filled with explosions.

“Let go of the pillar master position……”

Seeing the serious expression of Shen Yan, he nodded rapidly, “Master, I will definitely do my best.”

“Master, let me discuss with young master first.”

Since she knew he was from Violent Sky Faction, he had no reason to hide it further.

“Qin Tian, once Laozi becomes the pillar master, your days will be numbered.”

As long as Violent Sky young master agreed to help, entering the top 10 would not be too difficult. Moreover, he had a Rebirth realm cultivation and was previously one of the top 10.

Seeing Zhou Wei leave, Shen Yan smiled mysteriously and walked towards Qin Tian. Giving Yan Xin and Yan Bing a glance, she spoke, “As long as you are one of the top 10 and help me gather a bottle of Golden Hepta Qi, I will treat the matter between you, Yan Xin and Yan Bing as if it never happened, and will never look into it.”

“E ?!”

Qin Tian was stunned. Without thinking too much, he nodded, “Disciple will do his best.”

Shen Yan laughed in satisfaction and returned to her seat.

She was anxious, as the Golden Hepta Qi was too important to her.

“Second Senior Brother, what did master say to you?” Yan Bing moved closer and asked.

First it was Zhou Wei, next was Qin Tian, master definitely gave some instructions.

“Nothing much.”

Meanwhile, he narrowed his eyes and stared at Shen Yan, “Just what secret are you hiding.”

Ever since they first met, Shen Yan gave Qin Tian a peculiar feeling. She appeared normal, standing aloof from worldly affairs. Yet in reality, she was a woman who had concealed herself deeply.

Qin Tian did not know about her plans, but the Golden Hepta Qi was important to her.

Although he did not hear what she instructed Zhou Wei, he was sure it was the same as his. Providing such a generous reward, the goal was the Golden Hepta Qi.

Secretly, he tried to guess but came out with no answers and could only leave it at the back of his mind.

The host walked onto the stage and announced. “Liu Shuanghan and Zhan Leifeng.”

Hearing those names being read out, the crowd was filled with compassion for Leifeng.

His first match was with Violent Sky young master, the previous champion.

Too miserable.

Liu Shuanghan strolled out of the crowd onto the stage expressionlessly, as if walking amidst a bunch of dead corpses. Coldly, he swept his eyes across, “All shall die.”

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His voice was not loud, but with his Void Piercing force contained within it, it traveled into the ears of everyone.


At the Elder’s corner, an elder stood up and glared at Liu Shuanghan in rage.

Many were angered, but dare not speak up. Violent Sky faction isn’t a faction many could treat with contempt, it would not be wise to provoke Liu Shuanghan.

Liu Shuanghan sneered.

His opponent, Leifeng stepped up bitterly. His body resembles a bull – muscles bulging. Wielding 2 huge hammers, he fixed his eyes on Liu Shuanghan, “Who lives and who dies hasn’t been determined yet!”

Leifeng was a Golden Sun Pillar disciple in the Rebirth realm. The 2 hammers on his hands were High-Grade Immortal tools.

Releasing a Ruthless aura, Liu Shuanghan sneered again, “Die!”

His figure vanished and a strong pressure acted upon the surroundings within the enchantment. Leifeng paled and guarded with both hammers in front of him, only to feel immense pain from his back.

Immediately after, his organs failed and light emerged from within. Leifeng stared at his body shattering in horror and screamed hysterically.


Death from exploding, shattering to dust. Not even bones were left behind.

Liu Shuanghan returned to his seat with a look of disdain.

The square quietened down.

Many were unable to react. Everything happened too quickly, too quickly that they had no time to prepare themselves.

“Liu Shuanghan!!!”

Golden Sun Pillar master bellowed, breaking the silence.

Disciples usually test the waters first before gradually increasing the power of their attacks when battling, minimizing injuries to its lowest. Yet Liu Shuanghan attacked strongly right at the beginning, and he did not even leave behind a corpse.

No wonder Golden Sun Pillar master would rage.

Liu Shuanghan smirked, “This is only the beginning.”


The crowd were startled. Doesn’t this mean that he would pave a way for himself with blood?

“Young master is indeed strong. Instant kill, haha……”

“Violent Sky Faction is going to rise……”

“Liu Shuanghan, you’re too arrogant.”

A few elders at the viewing platform laughed mysteriously.

“If you meet him, do not step onto the stage. Immediately admit defeat.” Qin Tian advised.

For snatching the Evil fruit of immortality, Liu Shuanghan was already resentful. Their meeting again here made his aura even more murderous.

It could be seen that he would not let any of his opponent live.

Liu Shuanghan exuded a strong killing intent and an even stronger radiance. In Qin Tian’s eyes, he was a BOSS, one that will explode out a gigantic haul.

“It’s been a while since I killed a BOSS……”

Qin Tian stared at Liu Shuanghan sinisterly.

In such a short while, so many people whom he needed to kill appeared, Qin Tian couldn’t help but feel exhilarated. It’s just like seeing a group of BOSSes in games. To him, these people radiating with golden light were experience points and equipment.

The Inner Sect Disciple Competition did not forbid killing, hence it was not against the sect law to kill.

The fuse had ignited.

Golden Sun Pillar master made an arrangement. As long as they are against a Violent Sky Faction disciple, kill without mercy. Leifeng’s death provoked every Golden Sun Pillar disciple.

By carrying on like this, the entire competition would be a great purge!!!

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