Chapter 206 – Great purge?!

Cang Tianji had fallen. Having seized his position, Long Xiaotian became the only sovereign in the history of Tianji Sect without a sovereign emblem.

For some time, the forces in Tianji Sect were divided as they fought for the throne. Secretly, not many people were submissive to Long Xiaotian. The situation was turbulent. To the outside world, the sect was invulnerable and stable. But internally, the situation was chaotic..

The ten disciples of Sky Beyond Sky had cultivation considered as the best among the numerous disciples. After many years cultivating in Sky Beyond Sky, their physical bodies had been tempered by the Golden Hepta Qi and had almost reached the Absolute realm. Their appearance undoubtedly showed Long Xiaotian’s attitude.


Many pillar masters simply sneered coldly, inwardly planning ways to deal with it.

Of the eight pillar masters, only Nanguan Lie was smiling from ear to ear in a carefree mood.

He knew very clearly that Long Xiaotian wanted to purge.

Killing to treat the chaotic world!

This was the case with the current situation in Tianji Sect.

Liu Shuanghan’s instant kill that left not even a corpse behind was the fuse, making the situation even more uncontrollably chaotic.

This situation had no effect on Qin Tian. His goal was clear, as long as it was Violent Sky Faction, Wutian Faction or Long Xiaotian’s people, he should kill without mercy. There was no need to contemplate further.

As for whether killing Long Xiaotian’s disciples would affect the following plans, Qin Tian did not think about it much. The system would naturally not make errors, affecting his future opportunities.

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Facing 10% of the treasures in Cang Tianji’s ring, how could Qin Tian not be desperate?

The chaotic situation within Tianji Sect was already irreversible. To Qin Tian, this situation may be the ticket to enter Sky Beyond Sky directly.

However, he also had concerns in his heart. Would Tianji Sect that was like a massive tree tumble down in one night? One had to know that the internal conflict within the sect had never stopped and moreover, the Demon clan were casting covetous eyes on it. This Inner Disciple Hundred Strong Competition may turn into a massacre.

When this happened, Tianji Sect would be broken into shambles and even if he took control of it, he would only be drawing fire to himself.

Everyone was pushing at a wall that was about to collapse. If Tianji Sect dropped out as one of the 10 great sects, it would surely be eaten up.

“What a headache.”

Qin Tian sighed inwardly. If he wanted the treasures in the ring, he had to wield the sovereign emblem and become Tianji sect’s sovereign.

From Qin Tian’s analyses, he understood that battles on the stage were carried out one by one.

Liu Shuanghan’s killing become the catalyst. Entering the stage meant a struggle between life and death. There will not be any mercy shown.

Qin Tian watched with a cold smile, wondering how a sect like this could grow. It was no wonder that Long Xiaotian wanted to purge.

“Yan Xin against Xu Chengfeng…”

The host was expressionless as he loudly called out the lineup written on the blackboard.

“Sister, be careful,” Yan Bing said concernedly with a frown.

Qin Tian also stood up and gently said, “If the other side shows killing intent, you need not be merciful.”

Yan Xin nodded and walked off the viewing platform, heading onto the stage.

Among the disciples who were participating in the competition, the cultivation of rank 1 Rebirth realm was midstream, neither strong nor weak.

Yan Xin’s opponent was Xu Chengfeng, rank 9 Ascension realm.

Yan Xin was certain of her victory.

The two of them stood on the stage, clasped both hands together in greetings and the match began.

Being in the Rebirth realm, Yan Xin constantly suppressed Xu Chengfeng without using her full strength, yet also not going in for the kill. On the contrary, Xu Chengfeng was full of killing intent, except Yan Xin dissolved them one by one.

Qin Tian shook his head and smiled. The gap in strength was too big. If both parties were in the Rebirth realm, Yan Xin would definitely suffer losses.

Ultimately, Xu Chengfang had no choice but to bow down and admit defeat. However, his heart was filled with loathe towards her.

When Yan Xin returned to the viewing platform, Shen Yan smiled slightly, “Not bad.”

“Sister, you’re too cool. You flung that Xu whatever-feng around, so amusing, haha…” Yan Bing grinned.

Yan Xin looked at Qin Tian and said softly, “I couldn’t do it.”

Qin Tian smiled but did not reply.

At the end of the match, the host stepped onto the stage and called out, “Qin Tian against Wang Ye…”

“Heng heng…”

“What goes around, comes around.” Qin Tian smiled coldly, jumped down from the viewing platform and with a single leap, flew onto the stage, crossing the enchanted barrier.

Wang Ye couldn’t wait to enter the stage. He wore a cold smile on his face as he instantly released his baleful Yin aura. The temperature in the entire enchanted stage dropped sharply. He glared at Qin Tian, “Laozi had waited so long for this day.”

Wang Ye, rank 4 Ascension realm, one of the 12 supervisors in Violent Sky Faction. He had cultivated the Supreme Yin godly ability.

“Wang Ye, your younger brother had always been looking forward to your reunion with him. Today, I will grant his wish.” Qin Tian smiled slightly. Not a trace of aura could be found on him.

“Qin Tian!!!”

Wang Ye burned with rage, his younger brother had died in Qin Tian’s hands. Since that day, he had been looking forward to the arrival of the Inner Disciple Hundred Strong Competition so that he could kill Qin Tian in front of all the other inner disciples and comfort his brother’s spirit in the heavens.

Screaming angrily, his body was like an iceberg, bursting out with an extremely chilly aura. The air inside the enchantment world froze.

Both of his eyes were locked onto Qin Tian, the muscles at the corner of his eyes twitched slightly.

Suddenly, his brow wrinkled and he revealed a sly smile. He raised both hands slightly and heavily swept them in an arc… “Gege…gege…”

Thousands of sharp-edged ice swords threateningly condensed less than a foot away from Qin Tian.

These ice swords sealed off all of Qin Tian’s escape routes.

Yet, Qin Tian simply laughed coldly.



“Qin Tian, pay for my brother’s life with yours!”

Wang Ye’s Ascension force surged into the sky, instantly spreading to all corners of the enchantment barrier. Urged by the Ascension force, the thousands of ice swords suddenly multiplied. Like incomparably fast thorns, they were directed at Qin Tian.

At the same time, Wang Ye laughed maniacally.



Yan Xin and Yan Bing screamed simultaneously, their fists clenched and palms exuding cold sweat. Although they were fully confident in Qin Tian’s strength, they still could not help but worry.

Shen Yan’s expression sank. Glancing sideways and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a cold flash.

Just when the twin sisters wanted to rush down from the viewing platform, a loud bang occurred inside the enchantment world.

Faint movements could be seen on the 7-coloured light of the enchantment barrier.

Wang Ye was in dismal and his heart pulsed sharply. He stared at where the ice sword had struck, then rushed forward.


Everyone on and off the stage were shocked.

Rank 4 Ascension realm Wang Ye had an overwhelming advantage. No matter how strong Qin Tian was, he would not be a worthy opponent. However, right now inside the enchantment barrier, there was not even a shadow of Qin Tian’s figure. Could he have been bombarded into dust by the ice swords?


The power of the ice swords were not enough to bombard a person into powder. Wang Ye knew that very clearly in his heart, yet Qin Tian had disappeared. Where had he gone?

Suddenly, the pressure on his heart multiplied.

The incomparably powerful pressure almost suffocated him.

“No way… impossible… impossible…”

He shivered from head to toe as he stuttered repetitively. In his heart, Qin Tian should not have been able to escape this blow. Even if he did not die, serious injuries would be inevitable.

Except there was not even a shadow right now.


A sharp cry sounded and everyone in the crowd widened their eyes instantly, staring fixedly at Wang Ye’s back.

Currently, Qin Tian was sneering coldly as he stood behind Wang Ye.

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Seeing that Qin Tian was fine, Yan Bing wiped away the tears in her eyes and broke into laughter.

For a moment, cold sweat ran down Wang Ye’s forehead. His breathing quickened and his body kept on shaking.

“Die!” Qin Tian leaned forward and spoke softly into Wang Ye’s ear. Then he placed a palm on Wang Ye’s back and a powerful force suddenly burst forth… Everything happened at the speed of lightning and Wang Ye had no time to react.

With a palm on his back, his body felt like it had been drained of inner Qi as he remained frozen in place.

Right after, a powerful force rushed into his body and disturbed his inner Qi, blocking all the meridians. His body constantly swelled up and his face turned as red as fire. Rigidly, he turned his head to look at Qin Tian who had already jumped away. He said in anger, “Young master will not forgive you…”


Blood splattered, flesh flew in all directions. Wang Ye’s body exploded as he died.

“Congratulations to the player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing Wang Ye, gaining 550 000 experience, 120 000 Qigong and 13 000 survival…”

“Congratulations to the player ‘Qin Tian’ for levelling up. Current level is rank 4 Ascension realm…”

Qin Tian smiled coldly, his heart feeling refreshed. “Killing people is better than killing monsters.”

Then he stepped down from the stage and looked at Liu Shuanghan who was not far away. Liu Shuanghan was expressionless, feeling no anger at Wang Ye’s death.

“Who is that? One shot killing a rank 4 Ascension realm cultivator, even someone at rank 9 Ascension realm wouldn’t be able to do that, right?”

“When did the Fierce Sun Pillar have such a brilliant disciple?”

“He’s Qin Tian, the person who completed the super mission of getting the mysterious flame in the dark ocean.”

…When Qin Tian had completed the mission of getting the flame in the dark ocean, everyone only knew his name, “Qin Tian”. Nobody knowing his appearance.

Now they knew.

Qin Tian was like an evildoer, ascending from rank 3 to rank 4 Ascension realm with a one shot kill. Furthermore, his weirdly unpredictable body movements that were not even clearly visible made him extremely horrifying.

“Fanyi,  that’s the Qin Tian you mentioned?”

Southern Sun Pillar master, Jian Wangwu, narrowed his eyes and smiled faintly. He had not been able to clearly see Qin Tian’s movements just then. To actually achieve this level, it was truly rare.

“Master, he’s the one.” Meng Fanyi smiled happily. Wang Ye at rank 4 Ascension realm had been defeated in an instant. This was something very few Ascension realm disciples within Tianji Sect could achieve.

Wangwu smiled lightly and whispered, “Quite interesting.”

Qin Tian walked back to the Fierce Sun Pillar’s viewing platform where Zhou Wei gave him a cold look, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

He did not even glance back at Zhou Wei.

“Not bad. Another two wins will secure a place in the top hundred ranks.” Shen Yan stood up to greet him, a rare happy smile appearing on her face.

Qin Tian saluted, unswayed by her action.

The impression of Qin Tian’s instant kill was still lingering in the minds of the crowd when the host stepped onto the stage, loudly announcing the participants for the next match. “Wutian against Zhaowu…”


“One of the top ten disciples of Sky Beyond Sky?”

The crowd was exultant!!!

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