Chapter 47.1 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

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Chapter 47.1 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

Cheng Nuo leaned against Bai Rui’s chest, his brain still foggy. Suddenly, he realized something. ****! The warrior who had shot the ice arrows and almost sent him to the underworld was Bai Rui?! **** it! However, in the end, he didn’t die but was instead saved by Bai Rui. Surely Bai Rui wasn’t blaming himself?

He wanted to pat Bai Rui to comfort him but couldn’t lift his numb arms. He whispered softly, “You’re not to blame. If it weren’t for you, I would still be under Li Yue’s control. Thank you for saving me.”

Since he was lying in Bai Rui’s arms, he could clearly hear Bai Rui’s heartbeat that was becoming faster and louder. Looking up, he carefully examined Bai Rui’s profile. It was a young teenager’s face, pure and dazzling, but his expression was gloomy.

Bai Rui, noticing Cheng Nuo’s gaze, slowly lowered his head until their foreheads were almost touching.

As Cheng Nuo saw Bai Rui’s face coming closer and closer, he suddenly felt as though his chest had been hit by something. His brain stopped working.

The two of them were so close… Cheng Nuo was frozen for a while then finally reacted. Looking down until his lashed hid his eyes, Cheng Nuo blushed and said, “Bai Rui, I’m really alright. Thank you.”

After some time, Bai Rui whispered, “That’s good.”

Cheng Nuo was a little puzzled. Bai Rui is a male, after all, though he is good-looking. Why was it hard to look at him now? Suddenly, an image of a pair of sorrowful blue eyes appeared in Cheng Nuo’s brain. He immediately decided to rid himself of these silly thoughts. He said urgently, “This injury doesn’t matter. If Liu Guang finds out that I’m missing, he will definitely be worried… What kind of puppet control do curse do I still have on my body?”

The expression in Bai Rui’s face was cold as he quickly injected energy into Cheng Nuo’s body. He said, “The control strings are metallic in nature. You don’t need to worry. Liu Guang has fire energy. He should be able to get rid of it. Also, I have some spare clothes but can you change by yourself?”

Cheng Nuo looked down at the extravagantly gorgeous female clothing he was wearing and felt quite uncomfortable. “Then I must trouble you. Li Yue was looking for Li Shaoming to get the key to Linglong Pavilion… Have you heard of that place?”

Bai Rui’s eyes narrowed in anger. Although he had just recently been monitoring Li Shaoming, he knew about the elder’s unsavory habits and Cheng Nuo looked like this… He looked down at Cheng Nuo, his face a little red.

Taking out a clean set of clothes from his storage bag, he undressed Cheng Nuo, his movements a little stiff. He explained, “I’ve never been to Linglong Pavilion because it is in ​​Liao Ji City’s forbidden area…”

Cheng Nuo listened with half an ear because his whole body was rigid with tension. When Bai Rui wrapped Cheng Nuo in his arms and touched the back of his neck with his cool fingertips, both of them were shocked. Bai Rui’s scent was very light and pleasant. Cheng Nuo wondered whether he has used something special to wash his clothes. In this world, Cheng Nuo had only seen soap pods…

“No need to change the inner clothes…” Cheng Nuo stuttered. “I just need to change the outer clothes.”

Bai Rui held his breath and restrained himself, quickly dressing Cheng Nuo and carefully tying his belt. After putting on the clothes on Cheng Nuo, Bai Rui didn’t let him go. His fingers carefully rubbed the back of Cheng Nuo’s ears.

Bai Rui’s body temperature was not as cold as Li Yue’s but it did have a jade-like coolness, which was probably related to his ability. When those cool fingertips touched the back of his ears, Cheng Nuo felt a frisson of excitement. He shuddered and said uneasily, “What is it?”

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****! Why was he so nervous around Bai Rui? When Bai Rui came to save him, Cheng Nuo was overwhelmed with joy…

“I’m removing your wig,” Bai Rui explained as he explored Cheng Nuo’s hairline and removed the golden wig, throwing it aside to reveal soft, black hair. He couldn’t help but tidy up Cheng Nuo’s hair for him. Although Cheng Nuo looked good with long, blonde hair… Bai Rui couldn’t figure out why but he thought that Cheng Nuo’s real hair was most pleasing to the eye.

Cheng Nuo scolded himself silently for being so nervous that he couldn’t move his neck. The effect that the mature Bai Rui had on Cheng Nuo was just like Liu Guang. ****! There shouldn’t be any reason for his heart to start being so fast!

Once the clothes were all sorted out, Bai Rui hesitated slightly before picking up Cheng Nuo.

Cheng Nuo was shocked and hurriedly said, “You don’t need to carry me.”

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This princess carry was too embarrassing!

Bai Rui had one arm under Cheng Nuo’s knees and the other supported his back. In this peaceful forest, the only sounds were the calling of the birds and Bai Rui’s soft, regular footsteps, making his heart feel very tranquil.

“Since this person’s purpose was to get the key from Li Shaoming, why would you choose to pretend to be a female?” Bai Rui said. “Li Shaoming is not a gentleman. Wouldn’t it be too risky is he found out the truth?”

Cheng Nuo started to sweat. He wanted to have a good talk with Liu Guang and knew that he shouldn’t use deceptive words this time. He hesitated for a moment and then said, “Actually, based on social norms, I’m probably a female…”

Bai Rui almost stumbled and his back went stiff.

Cheng Nuo also felt embarrassed. He hadn’t intentionally hidden this. It’s just that his world and this world’s concept of males and females are too different, how could he be blamed?

“You… are you female?” Bai Rui stammered mechanically.

Cheng Nuo was so nervous that his hands were sweating. He faked a laugh and said, “It looks like it.”

“… Liu Guang already knows?” Bai Rui narrowed his eyes slightly as he remembered Liu Guang’s actions in the past. His heart filled with joy. No wonder…

Cheng Nuo nodded awkwardly then, realizing that Bai Rui couldn’t see it, smiled and said, “He knew… But I probably just don’t look like a female.”

Bai Rui took a deep breath and continued to move forward. In fact, Cheng Nuo’s gender wasn’t that important to him…

Cheng Nuo watched him regain his composure so quickly and was vaguely surprised. “Don’t you think it’s strange?”

“No. It’s good. It doesn’t make much difference to me,” Bai Rui said lightly.


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