Chapter 207 – Super battle

The ten disciples of Long Xiaotian had appeared.

Known as the “Sons of Heaven”, these ten people had unparalleled talents. In just three years, they ascended from Ascension realm up to the peak of Rebirth realm, some even breaking through to Void Piercing realm. This was unprecedented in the Tianyuan continent.

Their existence was like a sharp weapon.

When the sword is unsheathed, blood will be seen.

A son of the heavens pitched against Wutian young master. Wutian’s potential did not lose in the slightest to the Sky Beyond Sky disciple.

Qin Tian grinned and looked seriously towards the stage, thinking to himself, “It’s show time.”

He had a certain understanding of Wutian, the young master of Thousand Snake. Having an Absolute physical body, there’s no need to discuss his defense. It would be difficult to win against him, very difficult.

Zhaowu, being one of the ten disciples of Sky Beyond Sky, naturally would not be weak. Their fight would be intense, a splendid performance.

Qin Tian gave his full attention. After all, his task had started and to kill three of the Sky Beyond Sky disciples, he must first understand their strength.

Wutian revealed his long tongue as he licked his lips. With a soft smile on his face, his body twisted as if it was boneless. In the next second, he appeared on the steps outside of the enchanted world. He then looked at Zhaowu coldly as he stepped into the enchanted world.

Zhaowu walked down amidst the crowd step by step onto the stage, neither surprised nor disappointed. He showed no expression. After he entered the enchanted world, his aura changed dramatically. He released a powerful battle intent, knitting his brows as he pulled out his sword slowly, all while watching Wutian.

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The sword was dazzling white and immediately resonated with Zhaowu’s battle intent as it was unsheathed. Sending an ear-piercing sound, his sword intent was so immense that caused Wutian’s heart to skip a beat.

Not yet into the top hundred ranks and he had already encountered such a powerful opponent. Wutian’s luck was terrible.

However, he had broken through into the Void Piercing realm by relying on his father’s immortal strength. Facing the Sky Beyond Sky disciple, he felt no fear in his heart. He looked at Zhaowu and curled his finger in a beckoning gesture, smiling gently, “Come.”

A look of contempt emerged.

Zhaowu’s expression was blank. The blue veins on his arms suddenly bulged and with a light wave of the sword in his hand, the rank 9 peak Rebirth force violently burst outwards.

Immediately, the atmosphere within the enchanted world was suffocating.

Wutian smiled coldly, “Tianji Sect’s son of heaven. Laozi wants to see how you’ll still be a son of heaven when you’re lying on the ground.”

Without waiting for Zhaowu to strike, he rushed forward.

The young master of Thousand Snake clan was full of hatred towards Tianji Sect. As for the ten disciples that Long Xiaotian devoted himself to train, he hated them even more and could not wait to kill them.

Wutian had cultivated the arts of the Thousand Snake clan, so he took on the form of a snake. His speed was so fast that it was impossible to see clearly.

However, Zhaowu did not panic at all. He closed both eyes, feeling the fluctuations in the air.

“Go die.”

Wutian rushed out at an incredibly fast speed, a string of duplicate illusions following behind. As he roared, the phantom-like tail of the serpent swung out forcefully.

Even though it was an illusion, it may be impossible to escape from being entangled.

The binding ability of a snake was extremely powerful. Once entangled, it would be difficult to break free.

The illusion swept close and a slight sheen of sweat covered Zhaowu’s forehead when his eyes suddenly opened. He took one step forward and a “weng” sound resonating from the sword in his hand as the sword body swept in an arc, exuding a dazzling white aura. The aura, shaped in a semicircle, took on an incomparably sharp solid form.

The sword Qi burst outwards and Zhaowu’s figure followed closely behind. The tip of the sword dragged along the ground, sparks flew everywhere.

In an instant, he released a powerful murderous intent and shouted, “Burst…”

His entire figure leapt into the air. Holding the sword with both hands, he slashed downwards at Wutian’s head!

“Just by you?” Wutian sneered coldly and increased his speed, not retreating. It was unknown just when a golden serpent-shaped sword had appeared in his hand. Faced against Zhaowu’s earthshaking sword Qi, his Void Piercing force erupted.

Golden aura wrapped faintly around the sword, glittering momentarily before bursting out.


The two slashes collided, creating a thunderous clash.


Then came another dull clash.

Simultaneously, Wutian and Zhaowu retreated several feet and looked towards each other.

Wutian appeared fine whereas blood hung at the edge of Zhaowu’s mouth. In this battle, he lost by half a point.

“Absolute physical body?!”

Zhaowu stared at Wutian, opening his mouth to speak for the first time. Meanwhile, the sword in hand split into two, becoming dual wielding swords. His aura changed abruptly.


He spat lightly, the impact just then injured himself internally. The blood in his throat smelled pungent and he could not help but spit out blood. From this clash, he discovered that Wutian had an Absolute physical body.

However, shock only flashed across Zhaowu’s face.

With a sword in each hand, an earthy yellow aura rose up.

“Golden Hepta Qi!”

The master of the Southern Sun Pillar, Wuyue, suddenly stood up and wrinkled his brow as he released a huge, invisible aura.

[Note: Wuyue was previously written as Jian Wangwu]

At his shout, Shen Yan’s expression changed slightly, her eyes revealing a look of greed.

Qin Tian also stared earnestly, thinking in his heart, “This is the Golden Hepta Qi?”

The Golden Hepta Qi was the Qi within Sky Beyond Sky. It was rumoured to be extremely powerful and refining even half a gram of it would benefit one tremendously.

“Golden Hepta Qi?” Wutian was also startled, feeling a trace of danger.

Zhaowu smiled coldly, “Prepare to die.”

As his words fell, Zhaowu crossed the two swords and struck up a strange pose. With a faint voice, he muttered, “Extreme slaughter arts…”

“Extreme slaughter?”

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Anger arose in Wutian’s heart, to dare to look down upon him, “I’ll make you pay the price.”

At the same time, deep in the depths of Wutian’s Dantian, an immortal strength permeated his whole body and his pupils flashed a golden light. His round black pupils suddenly contracted, turning into a thin golden line.

The immortal strength was the power his father left inside him previously.

After the essence of the immortal strength had been condensed and permeated throughout his body, he would be almost invulnerable unless he encountered someone in the Saint realm.

However, Golden Hepta Qi could fatally suppress Thousand Snake clan.

Facing against the Golden Hepta Qi on Zhaowu’s sword, Wutian had no choice but to fight with all his strength.



They shouted simultaneously.

The two of them clashed once again, no tricks were involved.


The weapons collided and the enchantment barrier rippled faintly, wave surging upon wave.

Zhaowu wrinkled his brows. Golden Hepta Qi cultivated for 3 years had erupted all at once, yet Wutian simply sneered coldly. 

“So Golden Hepta Qi is nothing more than this. Let Laozi kill you…”

Both of them were powerful disciples.

Faced with such a powerful move, the entire crowd in the viewing platform were shocked. Their eyes were wide open, afraid of missing any details.


A dull blow sounded as a figure flew backwards and landed heavily on the ground, his whole body enveloped in an evil black aura. Immediately, it turned into a black mist that dissipated with a light breeze into nothingness.

Wutian laughed coldly, arrogant to the extreme!

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