Chapter 208 – Killing all the way

Zhaowu died.

Murong Yuyue was shocked. Stroking his beard gently with his right hand, he squinted at Wutian who was still on the stage, unable to perceive what’s on his mind.

Each of the 10 Sky Beyond Sky disciples was a one in ten thousand genius. No one could have expected one of them to die in the first battle. This was a heavy blow to Sky Beyond Sky’s prestige.

Some were jealous, while others were overjoyed.

Zhaowu’s death lifted the spirits of many and they spoke mockingly, “The disciples of Sky Beyond Sky are nothing more than this.”

At this time, those who secretly refused to yield to Long Xiaotian laughed coldly. It could be said that Wutian had slapped Long Xiaotian in the face on their behalf, truly satisfying.

“Void Piercing realm.”


In a corner, Liu Shuanghan sneered coldly as he gazed at Wutian. There was an intense battle aura surrounding his body. If Wutian had not hinder him up previously in Thousand Snake Valley, he would have likely refined a physical body long ago and wouldn’t be at the mercy of another.

Not only was Violent Sky young master surprised, Qin Tian was also surprised.

In a mere few days, he had broken through to the Void Piercing realm. Coupled with a powerful physical body from the Thousand Snake clan, Qin Tian felt that Wutian was an extremely strong opponent.

It was likely that he would have to face him in the future.

With this, Qin Tian wrinkled his brows slightly and sighed heavily. The corner of his mouth curled up a little, forming a strangely cold smile on his face… The competition continued.

The judge stepped onto the stage and once again urge the participating disciples to show mercy. They were all fellow disciples, so there was no need to take it too far.

However, not a single person listened anymore. As soon as they entered the stage, it became a life or death fight.

“Zhao Chong against Guo Changhe…”

Another disciple from Sky Beyond Sky.

As soon as the judge read out the names, he felt a strong wind all of a sudden. In the blink of an eye, a shadow descended and a figure appeared, standing proudly on the platform with eyes like a hawk. His body faintly radiated a violent murderous aura.

Startled, the judge immediately left the stage.

As for Guo Changhe, he was at rank 9 Ascension realm and is a disciple of Southern Sun Pillar’s master, Wuyue. Having trained the Sunset Sword arts to the peak and comprehended the essence of the Sunset Sword, he was extremely powerful.

The sword in Guo Changhe’s hand trembled as he stepped onto the arena.

The moment he opened his eyes, an extraordinary sword intent flew straight towards him. Caught off guard, the sword completely annihilated his mind.


Not a single drop of blood was drawn.

The corner of Zhao Chong’s mouth raised up and he stepped out of the enchanted world in contempt.

The audience were shocked. Why did he exit the stage without fighting?

No one saw him take out his sword at all, could it be that Zhao Chong admitted defeat?

That was absolutely impossible. The 10 disciples of Sky Beyond Sky were arrogant, how could they relinquish their ego and admit defeat?

Up on the viewing platform, Wuyue’s face was pale and his heart suddenly dropped as he asked himself, “Would I be able to defend against the mystery of that sword?”

His throat convulsed and cold sweat oozed from his palms.


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Just when everyone was feeling confused, with even the judge unsure of how to act, Guo Changhe’s body fell heavily onto the ground, dead.

Widening both eyes, Wuyue stared in the direction that Zhao Chong had left. That sword was truly unstoppable.

In the square, there was an uproar in the viewing platform.

Those who were originally rejoicing over the fact that Wutian killed Zhaowu were now depressed. Guo Changhe, a rank nine Ascension realm cultivator, died just like that. Even they could not understand how Zhao Chong had attacked.

The mystery contained in that sword was indiscernible, unless seen by a powerful man who greatly comprehended sword intent.

The contempt on Zhao Chong’s face seemed to be saying, ‘This is what a disciple of Sky Beyond Sky is like. Who could compete against us?’

Killed in a strike. This was the strength of Sky Beyond Sky disciples!

“The 10 great disciples are truly marvelous, I couldn’t even see the attack.”

“There’s no doubt that they would take the top 10 ranks.”

“Looks like the sovereign’s victory is inevitable.”

…The inner disciples were in an uproar as they discussed.

“10 great disciples?” Liu Shuanghan spoke coldly, looking at the nine remaining disciples of Sky Beyond Sky with a savage smile, “Those in my way, die!”

“Long Xiaotian, seems like you really are ready for a great purge,” Wuyue thought and could not help but clench his fists.

Wuyue was a trusted follower of the late sovereign, Cang Tianji. He had always been dissatisfied with Long Xiaotian’s forceful seizure of the leadership position. He even suspected that Cang Tianji had been murdered by Long Xiaotian, yet he did not dare to apprehend him as there was no evidence.

Now that Long Xiaotian had the support of a revered elder, he was able to enter Sky Beyond Sky and cultivate the Golden Hepta Qi. His strength had improved by leaps and bounds, quickly becoming someone Wuyue was unable to contend with. Perhaps the time has come for Southern Sun Pillar to be cleaned.

Wuyue was slightly worried and immediately ordered all who were pitted against a disciple from Sky Beyond Sky to aim for the kill.

“Southern Sun Pillar will not have anymore good days.” The master of the Golden Sun Pillar smiled lightly. Then he spoke to the disciples behind him, “Kill all from Southern Sun Pillar!”

The disciples were stunned and they nodded immediately.

Golden Sun Pillar was the weakest, but the Pillar master knew how to curry favor. He clearly knew in his heart that no matter how strong Southern Sun Pillar was, they would not be able to oppose Long Xiaotian. If he could add brilliance to the Long Xiaotian’s present splendor, he would definitely be able to gain some benefits in the future.

For several consecutive fights, a disciple was killed.

In an instant, the Inner Disciple Competition had become a slaughter ground. 

The competition continued.

…” Liu Shuanghan wins, advance to the next round…”

As for his opponent, he was dead, his body turned to ash and his soul dissipated.

…”Wutian wins, advance to the next round…”

His opponent died.

…”Qin Tian wins, advance to the next round…”

His opponent was a disciple from Violent Sky Faction, now dead, giving him 600 000 experience… 

…“Zhao Chongsheng, advance to the next round…”

His opponent was dead too, killed from a single sword strike.

…”Zhaoqing Shenli, advance to the next round…”

His opponent was also dead.

…After several rounds, more than a dozen people had died and the whole square was filled with an atmosphere of death. A few disciples finally realized that the Inner Disciple Competition this time was a little different.

Several elders of the Tianji Sect had dark expressions. Each time someone died, some of them were secretly sad. These were the elites of Tianji Sect who would have undoubtedly become the backbone of the sect, yet they died on the stage just like that.

If this continued, they feared that Tianji Sect’s power would be greatly reduced as there would not be enough talented youths to take over the older generation. It was likely that the sect would be pushed out of the top ten great sects within a hundred years.

While some elders watched with a heartache, others enjoyed it as it was a matter that did not concern themselves. They had the attitude of someone watching a play, even going as far as applauding and cheering when they saw someone die.

“Zhou Wei, Qin Tian, Yan Xin and Yan Bing, the four of you have all advanced to the top hundred. You only need to win another three battles and you’ll be in the top ten, go for it.” Shen Yan had an excited expression, unable to conceal her joy.

Four of her ten disciples had advanced to the top hundred. She had not expected such a good result.

Since Fierce Sun Pillar had always remained neutral, no one tried to kill them. Only one of the six defeated disciples had been slightly injured, the rest were unharmed.

Shen Yan’s excitement made Qin Tian even more uneasy. He felt that Shen Yan was overly anxious to obtain the Golden Hepta Qi.

After careful observation from the past few battles, Golden Hepta Qi was indeed powerful, but what use would it have for Shen Yan? Was she trying to increase her strength by obtaining the Golden Hepta Qi?

Or maybe to refine?

If that’s the case, then what kind of tool did she want to refine?

Shen Yan’s feelings was slowly being unmasked, which made Qin Tian analyse her. Yet ultimately, he did not want to understand why Shen Yan was so enthusiastic.

Next was the battle of the top hundred disciples, all were incredibly strong. Amongst them, there was one other person in the Ascension realm apart from Qin Tian who was at rank 3, Lai Bai.

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His cultivation was only at rank 1 and he was not affiliated with any faction or pillar, joining the competition simply as an inner disciple. His swordsmanship was very unique. Qin Tian had paid attention to his few matches and discovered that his understanding of the sword arts was beyond imagination. Even Wuyue, the sword king, had stood up to watch his matches carefully. He was secretly surprised as he had familiarised himself with sword intent for hundreds of years, yet had never before come across such a unique sword intent.

Lai Bai appeared to be less than 20 years old, giving off an indifferent vibe. 

He and Qin Tian were the greatest dark horses by far.

“Yan Xin, Yan Bing, admit defeat immediately during the next match,” Qin Tian spoke as lightly as a mosquito.

“Why?” Yan Bing was stunned. After entering the top hundred, winning a match granted 10 000 merits. One more win after that would give 100 000 merits, which could be exchanged for quite a few good things. Having already come this far, there was no reason to discontinue fighting.

Yan Xin also looked at Qin Tian, feeling somewhat puzzled.

Qin Tian hesitated for a moment, “I’m worried that something will happen to you two.”

“Husband, rest assured, I’m very powerful.” Yan Bing raised her small fist, clenching it tightly. Having broken through to the Rebirth realm, they were full of confidence. In addition, they became even more excited after advancing into the top hundred.

Looking at their ecstatic expressions, Qin Tian knew that it was impossible to persuade them to give up. Still, he could not help but worry.

Zhou Wei glanced out of the corner of his eye at Yan Xin who was not far behind him. A chilling spark flashed in his eyes as he thought inwardly, “Slut.”

With the top hundred disciples finalised, another list was announced. It was not long before the judge stepped into the stage and spoke in a loud voice, “Zhou Wei against Yan Xin…”


His worries had materialised. Qin Tian immediately looked at Yan Xin, “Admit defeat.”

Yan Xin looked at Qin Tian with a smile on her face, “Relax, I will protect myself.”

“Sister, show Zhou Wei your strength,” Yan Bing said slightly angrily.

Yan Xin walked down from the viewing platform and passed by Shen Yan, who did not say a word.

Qin Tian felt even more worried.

Zhou Wei was at rank 2 Rebirth realm, whereas Yan Xin was at rank 1 Rebirth realm. Although the gap in their strengths was not very large, it was still difficult for Yan Xin to win against Zhou Wei.

The reason as to why Yan Xin had disregarded Qin Tian’s objection was because she wanted to give Qin Tian a gift, something that she had already discussed with Yan Bing. A white shadow robe, classified as a high-grade immortal tool that required 100 000 merit points to redeem.

Qin Tian was unaware of this.

As long as they won one more match, their merits would total 100 000 points.

They currently had 90 000 merits. Just one more win and they could redeem the white shadow robe for their husband. In their hearts, Qin Tian would be even more handsome after wearing it.

If Qin Tian told her to admit defeat after winning this match, she would definitely admit defeat.

“Sister, you must win against Zhou Wei. Release all the resentment from these past few years. The best thing would be to kill him.” Yan Bing looked towards Yan Xin on the stage, her hands clasped together as she prayed in her heart…

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