Chapter 209 – Yan Xin in danger

While Yan Xin headed towards the stage, Zhou Wei already entered the enchantment barrier, unable to hold himself back as he waited for Yan Xin to arrive. His eyes bore a ferocious look, almost as though he was insane.

Qin Tian’s heart felt tight as he prepared himself, ready to rush into the arena at any moment.

Yan Xin’s expression was indifferent, cold like an iceberg. She was like this to any man except Qin Tian.

It was this very cold expression that put Zhou Wei in a bad mood. As soon as Yan Xin stepped through the enchantment barrier, Zhou Wei spoke scornfully, “Sl*t.”

Yan Xin’s expression changed slightly, but she was not swayed. Rebirth force radiated from her body. Holding a dazzling white sword, she entered into a fighting stance as she coldly stared at Zhou Wei.

“Slut, was that night pleasant?”

“Don’t you always have an ice cold appearance? Were you burning hot that night? I’ve heard that the colder your personality, the more sensual you become during ***. Even though Laozi did not taste anything, you will not be let off.”

“I’ll kill you first, then your younger sister. Finally, I will send Qin Tian to hell, how’s that? Aren’t I especially good?!”


Zhou Wei laughed coldly.

Yan Xin’s expression changed again. Without waiting for Zhou Wei to continue taunting, she thrust her sword forward and her whole body was like a fiery flash of light.

“Smelly whore, courting death.”

Zhou Wei cursed fiercely, feeling hatred in his heart.

He disappeared after climbing up the cliff, spending those days in anger and hatred. He eagerly looked forward to the Inner Disciple Competition. Even if he cannot kill Qin Tian, he had to mercilessly tear apart Yan Xin and Yan Bing.

Now his opportunity had come.

“Rank 1 Rebirth realm, yet you think you are worthy of being my opponent?”

Zhou Wei roared and his robe flapped, Qigong rushing out. Faced with Yan Xin’s sword, his mouth turned into a sneer and his eyes widened as he unsheathed his sword. Increasing his speed to the extreme, he charged forward head on.


The two swords collided and Zhou Wei looked fiercely at Yan Xin, laughing coldly, “I want to let Qin Tian watch you die, haha…”

As soon as he spoke, the qi in his body surged up. He fell back a few feet before instantly rushing forward.

Yan Xin was caught off guard. Shielding her chest with her sword, she swiftly retreated.

Seeing Yan Xin retreat, Zhou Wei sped up once again and waved his sword, releasing a slash of sword Qi.

Zhou Wei had remained in rank 2 Rebirth realm for several years. His cultivation of the Rebirth force had made progress. Facing Yan Xin at rank one Rebirth realm, he was extremely confident. However, he did not want to kill Yan Xin too quickly, he wanted to play slowly… Although Yan Xin was at a disadvantage, her heart remained calm.

Seeing Zhou Wei rush forward swiftly and violently, a trace of chilliness flashed in her eyes. She immediately stood her ground and shouted, “Thousand snow sword…”

Qi poured into the sword and quickly condensed into a thin layer of frost, the temperature around it dropping sharply.

Zhou Wei shivered all over and thought to himself, “Slut, wanting to perform a surprise attack on Laozi?”

Yan Xin’s body emitted a chill as she forcefully slashed her sword downwards.

Zhou Wei’s expression was dark. At this moment, he was already charging forward with all of his strength so it was impossible to stop. All he could do was charge at full force, using speed to breakthrough Yan Xin’s sword Qi.

“Sealed Soul Armor, come out…”

Zhou Wei shouted loudly and an immortal armor appeared, protecting his whole body.

“Ci ci…”

The incomparably cold sword Qi attacked the immortal armor. Zhou Wei’s face was dark and his chest felt painful, yet he maintained his speed. This pain was nothing compared to his rage.

The immortal armor cracked, but Zhou Wei endured and continued.


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Qin Tian moved abruptly, suddenly jumping off the viewing platform and rushed madly onto the stage!

Yan Xin also felt the danger, but for the sake of the 10 000 credits, she decided to fight… “Ten Thousand Swords Convergence…”

This was a vicious sword move!

If unsuccessful, the consequences were unimaginable.

Yan Xin had not expected Zhou Wei to actually use an immortal armor to block her Thousand snow sword’s sword Qi and continue his attack in full speed despite the heavy losses. If he came close, she would be no match for him.

A deep sound rang out as the surrounding air became an abyss of extreme cold. As strong winds picked up, Zhou Wei was further in pain.

“Smelly whore, a cornered dog will act in desperation indeed.”

Zhou Wei cursed loudly and continued forward cautiously. He knew the strength of the “Ten Thousand Swords Convergence”, but if he could overcome this move then Yan Xin would collapse on her own.

This move consumed quite a lot of Qigong and Zhou Wei knew that very clearly.

He blinked both eyes, unable to calm down from his anger. Looking at Yan Xin’s white cheeks, he thought about how Qin Tian rode her that night and the way she would have sounded. The more he dwelled in that thought, the anger in his heart rose further and he could not wait to kill her with a strike of his sword.

In the face of the incomparably strong sword Qi of the Ten Thousand Swords Convergence, Zhou Wei roared angrily, “Smelly whore, let Laozi kill you…”


A powerful golden light erupted from Zhou Wei’s body and formed into a strong air shield, holding down the Sword Qi directly. Zhou Wei’s expression fell into madness and he slashed his sword towards Yan Xin’s face.

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Ten Thousand Swords Convergence was Yan Xin’s most powerful move, consuming all of her Qigong. She had not expected that Zhou Wei would actually be able to resist it.

Facing Zhou Wei’s sword, Yan Xin’s feet wobbled and she fell to the ground.

At the same time, she avoided the sword.

She did not have much Qigong remaining, so it was now impossible for her to fight back.


Zhou Wei laughed wildly and walked forward step by step. “Slut, bet you never imagined a day like this. If you had submitted to me at the beginning, it wouldn’t have come to this.”

“Zhou Wei, I will not like you even if I’m dead, you insidious villain,” Yan Xin rose to her feet, clutching the sword hilt as she retreated.

“Judge, Yan Xin admits defeat, she admits defeat…”

Qin Tian called out anxiously as he reached the judge’s side.

The judge looked at Yan Xin inside the enchantment barrier, “She hasn’t admitted defeat.”

The enchantment barrier around the arena was only opened at the beginning or end of a match. It could not be opened during the match and no one could enter.

Qin Tian roared loudly at Yan Xin inside the enchantment barrier, “Yan Xin, admit defeat…”

Even if Qin Tian shouted until his throat became hoarse, Yan Xin would not be able to hear him from inside the enchantment barrier.

In order to be unaffected by the world outside, all sounds outside of the enchantment barrier were inaudible.

“Rank four Berserk…”


An intense beam of light suddenly bursts out of Qin Tian’s body.

The dazzling beam of light shot straight into the sky and a violent thunderstorm broke out in the thick layer of clouds. Then the clouds dispersed, clearing the skies.

“What powerful strength.”

In Sky Beyond Sky, a man with sharp eyebrows and a strong physique stood towering above, his aura overbearing. He looked at the beam of light that soared into the skies without the slightest frown and coldly stated, “What a powerful divine ability.”

“When did Tianji Sect have a disciple who comprehended a divine ability?”

Not far behind him, an old man with a hunched back walked up and said respectfully, “Reporting to sovereign, he is a disciple from the Fierce Sun Pillar, named Qin Tian.”

“Qin Tian?!” The man silently repeated this name to himself for a few times, then smiled, “Interesting.”

- my thoughts:
I never knew admitting defeat could be so difficult, no wonder many people die during this competition. [Except those that got killed in 1 hit]
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