Chapter 210 – Battling the First Boss

Rank 4 Berserk, increasing his attributes by 32 folds.

Qin Tian’s momentum changed abruptly, attracting countless gazes. The beam of light soaring skyward surprised them even more. Not many were aware that this move was a divine ability.

Divine ability transcended the existence of normal abilities, comprehended from the laws of the world. Even if he began cultivating inside his mother’s womb, how could he possibly comprehend a divine ability in twenty years?

“Truly extraordinary.”

“I had not thought that there would be another disciple in the younger generation besides Liu Shuanghan who comprehended a divine ability. This is truly rare, too rare.”

“Fierce Sun Pillar has great fortune, to unexpectedly have a disciple who learned a divine ability. That old woman, Shen Yan, must be secretly rejoicing.”

……Shen Yan was shocked. When she first saw Qin Tian, she knew he was not simple. It would be impossible to complete the ‘mysterious flame in the dark ocean’ task without any means. However, she had not expected that Qin Tian comprehended a divine ability.

When she saw Qin Tian display his divine ability, her eyes flashed zealously.

“What do you want to do?”

The judge also stared blankly, shocked by the beam of light.

Qin Tian stood outside the enchantment barrier, his hands placed lightly on it and shouted, “I will tear it…”

His voice was like a thunderbolt, instantly spreading to all corners of the square.

Tear apart the enchantment barrier?!


“Is his brain fried?”

“To tear the enchantment barrier with his strength? What a joke.”

The crowd burst into laughter as they looked at Qin Tian with contempt.

The enchantment barrier on the stage was generated by a half-god tool, incomparably powerful. It was something on par with a small sect protecting formation. Tear it apart? It was impossible even for experts at the peak of Void Piercing realm.

The judge could not help letting out a chuckle. In his opinion, Qin Tian definitely had a problem with his brain. Being at rank 3 Ascension realm, how could he possibly tear apart such an extremely strong enchantment barrier? Even with his divine ability, he was still at rank 3 Ascension realm. It was likely that he had not even mastered the ascension force. Wanting to tear the enchantment barrier was one huge joke.

“Smelly whore, your lover is coming to save you. Unfortunately, he would not be able to tear the enchantment barrier with his strength. Even if he rushes in, Laozi will just kill him.” Zhou Wei smiled coldly as he glanced at Qin Tian outside of the enchantment barrier. Then he swung his sleeve heavily in an arc and a strong wind burst forward.


With no strength left, Yan Xin was unable to defend against his blow and her whole body fell heavily to the ground. However, she instantly climbed back onto her feet. Just as she wanted to open her mouth to admit defeat, another powerful gust of wind hit her abdomen. The pain was unbearable, forcing her to swallow the words she wanted to say.

“Want to admit defeat?”

“Laozi has not played enough yet.”

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Then Zhou Wei showed a sinister smile, turning his head to look at Qin Tian. His eyes widened in insanity as he gave a backhanded slap.

Blood hung from the corner of Yan Xin’s mouth and her longsword trembled in her hand.

Outside the enchantment barrier.

The energy of the barrier was turbulent, like a flowing steel plate, requiring extremely powerful strength to tear apart.

32 fold strength flooded into his two hands. Suddenly, two fingers pierced inside the enchantment barrier. Blue veins bulge out all over his body as he furrowed his brows, “Ah…”

“Zi, zi, zi…”

Being subjected to an outside force, the enchantment barrier automatically released a defensive power to resist Qin Tian’s strength. Thunderbolts and lightning flashed all around the enchantment.

Qin Tian finally felt the power of the enchantment barrier. That powerful enchantment barrier had instantly bounced his strength back out. If he was not prepared, it was likely that his whole body would fly backwards.

The strength of rank 4 Berserk was simply not enough.

“Five…” Qin Tian wanted to increase his strength.

The judge immediately shouted, “Qin Tian, you still won’t stop? Wanting to tear the enchantment barrier with your rank 3 Ascension realm cultivation? Truly a joke.”

“Elder, Yan Xin has already lost all means to resist, so can’t you decide that it’s her defeat?” Qin Tian remained unmoving as he stared at the judge.

The judge glanced at Yan Xin inside the enchantment barrier, frowning slightly. Out of the corner of his eye, he looked at Liu Shuanghan who was not too far away.

Liu Shuanghan closed both his eyes, pretending not to see it. Understanding this, the judge said coldly, “The participant did not admit defeat, so the match will not end.”

Qin Tian’s heart sank, already realising that the judge was also from Violent Sky Faction.

From his understanding of Zhou Wei, he would surely kill Yan Xin.

It was useless to rely on the judge. He cast his eyes towards Shen Yan on the viewing platform. Seeing that she too turned a blind eye, his heart stung.

Since this was the case, Laozi will show you what power capable of tearing the enchantment barrier was like!

Qin Tian furrowed his brows and his bones crackled throughout his whole body. He looked coldly at the judge, then great power erupted within his Dantian as he shouted, “Rank five…”

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“Wait a moment.”

Murong Yuyue opened his eyes and his figure flashed across like a ghost. In the blink of an eye, he appeared next to the judge, “Yan Xin lost. Announce the result of the match.”

“Great elder, the participant has not admitted defeat. We must abide by the rules!” The judge immediately bowed his head, pretending to feel embarrassed.

“This is the sovereign’s order.” Murong Yuyue’s tone deepened slightly and the judge instantly felt a strong pressure upon his heart. A shiver ran up his spine and cold sweat covered his palms.

The sovereign Long Xiaotian’s order?

The judge immediately announced the result of the competition. “Zhou Wei, advances to the next round…”


Zhou Wei did not know why the judge suddenly announced it, but he had not played to his heart’s content yet. He felt annoyed and in desperation, let loose of his Qigong. With incomparable speed, sword Qi burst forth from his sword and directly slashed down at Yan Xin.

“Go die!”

Qin Tian burst into a fury and rushed onto the stage at the speed of lightning. The muscles on his right arm suddenly bulged. Facing the tremendous momentum of the sword’s aura, he roared inwardly, “Break…”


The blue veins were like centipedes entrenched in his arm. Fuelled by his anger, he thrust his fist forward violently. It struck the powerful sword aura, which shattered like cracking glass.

Meanwhile, the judge jumped onto the stage, fearing that Qin Tian would do something to Zhou Wei. Once again, he announced, “Zhou Wei, advances to the next round…”

“Are you okay?” Turning his head, Qin Tian picked up Yan Xin. Seeing her pale face and heavily wounded body, he could not help but clench his fists as he involuntarily released a murderous aura.

Yan Xin felt the chilling murderous aura emanating from Qin Tian’s body and immediately grasped his arm. Enduring the pain in her chest, she said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t be angry.”


Qin Tian took a deep breath and brought out the last Peiyuan Dan he had from his chest and held it up to Yan Xin’s mouth, “Eat it.”

Yan Xin swallowed the Peiyuan Dan. As soon as the medicine entered her mouth, she felt a powerful healing force that rapidly erased the pain. Looking at Qin Tian, her eyes flickered and tears flowed nonstop. “Sorry, husband, sorry, I should have listened to you and not made you worry.”

Qin Tian wiped away the tears from the corner of her eye and said gently, “Silly.”

Looking at Yan Xin’s tears, his heart ached inexplicably as though it was being stabbed by something sharp.

Picking up Yan Xin, he stepped down from the stage and headed back to the viewing platform. He walked up to Zhou Wei and leaned forward, “I will not give you a second chance to live. Wait for death.”

His voice was not loud, but Shen Yan could hear him clearly.

Qin Tian did this deliberately.

Shen Yan frowned slightly, looking at Qin Tian with a trace of wariness in her eyes.

Even though no words had been spoken, Qin Tian already understood Shen Yan’s stance.

Zhou Wei clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. Staring fiercely at Qin Tian, he breathed heavily and stated, “Laozi will not give you a second chance either.”

Returning to the viewing platform, Qin Tian put Yan Xin under Yan Bing’s care. After taking the Peiyuan Dan, her injuries were now under control and she would recover with a short rest.

“Husband, sister wanted to win this match, to win 10 000 merits so that we could exchange a white shadow robe for you, so…”

“So she did not listen to you. Don’t blame sister, okay?” Yan Bing did not dare to look into Qin Tian’s eyes, like a child who had made a mistake.

Qin Tian was moved. Looking at Yan Bing, he laughed, “Silly girl.”

After he said this, he immediately turned his head to the side and wiped away his tears.

The first round of matches ended.

There was not much suspense and not many highlights. The only thing that attracted attention was Qin Tian’s divine ability Berserk, which shocked everyone.

However, no one thought highly of Qin Tian. After all, he was only at rank 3 Ascension realm. No matter how powerful his divine ability was, he would not be able to oppose those in the Rebirth or Void Piercing realms. Hence, Qin Tian was excluded from the top 10 ranks.

“Qin Tian against Zhao Changkong…”

The judge stepped onto the stage and read aloud from the list on the blackboard.

“One of the 10 disciples from Sky Beyond Sky?”

“Zhao Changkong is at rank 9 Rebirth realm, Qin Tian is unlucky this time.”

“The gap between their strengths is too big, there’s no way Qin Tian will win.”

“The sovereign helped Qin Tian just then so who knows if Zhao Changkong will show mercy.”

“Haha, this will be a good show.”

…The crowd whispered, no one thinking highly of Qin Tian. However, they all looked forward to the appearance of Qin Tian’s divine ability again.

“Fanyi, you really think that Qin Tian will win?” The master of Southern Sun Pillar spoke gravely, his tone doubtful.

Meng Fanyi looked towards Qin Tian and replied earnestly, “Master, you see, Qin Tian will definitely not lose, at least not here.”

“It is simply impossible for a rank 3 Ascension realm cultivator to win over a rank 9 Rebirth realm cultivator,” said another disciple of the Southern Sun Pillar.

“It is indeed impossible,” Wuyue said lightly.

Meng Fanyi did not reply. He had complete faith that Qin Tian would win. “Eldest Brother Qin, release your true strength, let the whole Tianji Sect tremble…”

In another place.

Zhou Wei looked coldly at Qin Tian’s back, his expression disdainful as he said coldly, “Qin Tian, you must not die here. Laozi will kill you personally.”

At Heaven Sun Pillar viewing platform.

“Qin Tian, do not disappoint me, your life is mine…” Yang Han released a strong murderous intent as he clenched his fists, his eyes bloodshot.

Qin Tian stepped onto the stage, his expression full of joy as he smiled ecstatically, feeling very excited.

Indeed, how could he not be excited in the face of the glittering, gold BOSS?

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