Chapter 211 – Burst Forth, Youngster

Qin Tian was very excited.

That kind of excitement came because of the grade SSS task. The reward of that task was something he thought about all day and night, he dreamt about being able to take things out of the spatial ring.

Now, he was finally taking the first step.

The first phase of the mission had begun, to kill 3 disciples of Long Xiaotian.

Zhao Changkong, rank 9 Rebirth realm, was the 8th among the 10 disciples. Possessing the ‘Wandering Dragon Sword Skill’ passed down from Long Xiaotian, he had already cultivated it to the Dasheng realm. The sword was like a dragon and sword Qi resembled a rainbow, incomparably powerful.

[TL: 大乘境界 = Dasheng realm ? Anyone knows of a better suitable translation? Please help and thanks]

In his several matches, he had performed a one strike kill. Clean and neat, he had not spoken a single word from the beginning to the end.

Seeing Qin Tian’s smile, his eyes narrowed slightly in disgust. The corners of his mouth rose into a sneer as he brought out his sword.

As soon as the sword left the sheath, a dragon’s roar suddenly burst out of the sword body. Sword Qi aura surged forward in waves.

The sword Qi rushed out just from being pulled out of the sheath, clearly displaying Zhao Changkong’s terrifying strength.

“Dragon-shaped sword Qi!”

Qin Tian was stunned and stopped smiling, not daring to act carelessly. Rank 9 Rebirth realm was already an extreme challenge to him.

“Rank 4 Berserk!”

With a “weng” sound, a beam of incomparably bright light burst out and illuminated the entire enchantment barrier. With thirty two increase in attributes, Qin Tian shouted in his heart, “Song of Disorder…”

From the law of aura, the Song of Disorder appeared.

The dragon-shaped sword Qi suddenly twisted. Zhao Changkong frowned and he suddenly shouted, “Break…”

In his mind, the Song of Disorder attacked madly, throwing his rhythm into confusion.

However, the mental strength of a rank nine Rebirth realm was extremely powerful. Although Zhao Changkong was not skilled in mental defense, he was able to use the power of Rebirth force to suppress the rampaging aura in his body.

Even so, his speed became slightly slower.

Qin Tian had not intended to use ‘Song of Disorder’ to harm Zhao Changkong. It would be wonderful even if it could only interfere slightly.

Naturally, the Song of Disorder affected Zhao Changkong.

Zhao Changkong’s speed was slower by one beat. Although this beat passes by as fast as a blink of an eye, it was extremely crucial to Qin Tian.

The dragon-shaped sword Qi approached swiftly and fiercely, but Qin Tian did not panic. His Qigong surged out from his Dantian, “Seven lore formation, absolute kill.”

“Weng weng…”

Seven lore formation, second form, absolute kill.

Seven large black swords appeared immediately, suspended mid-air in a large circle. A strong and incomparable Qi linked the swords together.


Activated by this Inner Qi, the seven suspended giant swords formed a sword array and heavily fell.

Zhao Changkong furrowed his brows and looked towards the sky. If he attacked Qin Tian, his back would surely be hit hard.

Although he his cultivation was at the Rebirth realm, he still had doubts about facing seven giant swords that was striking down.

He made a prompt decision.

Zhao Changkong’s expression changed as he rushed to the other side, the dragon-shaped sword Qi instantly vanishing.


The seven giant swords plunged deep into the stage, down till the hilt.

“Such a powerful sword Qi.”

“What is this skill? It’s too strong.”

“Actually able to avoid Zhao Changkong’s first move, it seems like Qin Tian is not that simple.”

…At the Heaven Sun Pillar viewing platform.

Yang Han’s expression grew more and more fierce as he stared fixedly at Qin Tian, clenching his fists tighter and tighter. The ‘seven lore formation’ skill that Qin Tian had just used was obtained from his father, Yang Hong.

Unexpectedly, Qin Tian not only learned it but exerted an even more powerful force from it.

His heart burned with anger, the hatred turning him mad.

The first wave of Zhao Changkong’s attack was halted by the seven lore formation.

However, he did not give Qin Tian a chance to breathe, not that Qin Tian required any breathing space. Zhao Changkong attacking was within his calculations.

Zhao Changkong’s first few matches were all one shot kills. Qin Tian paid close attention to the matches that the 10 disciples from Sky Beyond Sky participated in. When the judge announced the names for this matches, he made innumerable deductions in his heart. His cultivation was only at rank 3 Ascension realm, so even if he won by going all out, he would have to pay a heavy price.

He still had two more disciples to kill. If he was severely injured in the first match, it would be extremely unfavourable for him during the next one.

Hence, Qin Tian was extra careful.

Zhao Changkong’s attack method was exactly as he had calculated. Smiling coldly as he waited for Zhao Changkong to charge, Qin Tian shouted, “Godly dark arts, devour…”

The dark Qi was like thousands of swords, directly sealing off all of Zhao Changkong’s retreat routes.

Zhao Changkong’s expression changed as a yellow aura wrapped his body. Glaring angrily, he shouted, “What can a rank 3 Ascension realm cultivator do to me?”

This was the first time Zhao Changkong had spoken, filled with anger.

Qin Tian smiled faintly and did not reply. The godly dark aura transformed into a thousand swords. In order to preserve his life, Zhao Changkong would inevitably use the Golden Hepta to protect his body.

“I predicted this already.”

The godly dark swords carrying an intense devouring power plummeted with a loud crash.

Zhao Changkong was stunned, sensing that the godly dark arts was not that simple. He immediately put all of his strength into defending himself with Rebirth force.

For a moment, the darkness surrounded him completely, every bit of light shrouded in darkness.

“Heaven domain enclosure!”

At the same time, Qin Tian released the high-grade immortal tool, ‘heaven domain enclosure’, to trap Zhao Changkong.

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For a moment, Zhao Changkong was unaware and simply thought that Qin Tian had enlarged his godly dark aura. Just when he wanted to slice apart the darkness with his sword, he suddenly found himself in the depths of a dark and empty space.

“Rank five Berserk…”


Qin Tian’s body shone brilliantly. By the time Zhao Changkong realised that this was a void, it was too late.

Sixty four times increase in attributes, twice as compared to before.

This was Qin Tian’s killing move.

The true killing move.

He condensed the godly dark power in his two hands, forming the lance of the underworld god and plunged it into Zhao Changkong’s chest.

In this heaven domain enclosure, Qin Tian was the master, he was everything.

With a speed faster than lightning, charging forward violently, it instantly pierced Zhao Changkong’s chest. Simultaneously, the heaven domain enclosure disappeared.

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Half of the Golden Hepta Qi had already been consumed in order to defend against the godly dark arts. As for Qin Tian’s lightning fast attack, Zhao Changkong had no time to prepare.

Everything happened in a flash and it was almost impossible for the naked eye to perceive what had just happened.

Zhao Changkong had ended just like that. The tens of thousands of disciples in the square all had the same shocked reaction, even the superior Long Xiaotian was stunned.

“Burst forth, youngster!”

Qin Tian laughed arrogantly. At this moment, the blood on the spear of the underworld god constantly poured into Qin Tian’s Blood Demon’s War Armor. It was wildly sucking in Zhao Changkong’s blood essence.

Half a minute passed, then a ‘ding’ sounded from the system.

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing ‘Zhao Changkong’, gaining 800 000 experience, 180 000 Qigong, 14 000 survival value…”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for obtaining 1 Hunyuan pearl…”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for obtaining the Wandering Dragon Sword Skill…”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for obtaining 18 Peiyuan Dan…”


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