Chapter 212 – Ten thousand combos, Zhou Wei dies!


“Task is 1/3 completed. Two more disciples of Long Xiaotian are required to be killed…”

The spear of the underworld god quickly sucked Zhao Changkong’s body dry until it became a dry corpse. The demonic armor on Qin Tian’s body echoed faintly. The blood essence from a rank 9 Rebirth realm was like a powerful pill, incomparably satisfying.

[Note: Demonic armor refers to Blood Demon War Armor]

The demonic armor was bright red in colour, as if it had just been drenched in blood.

Qin Tian felt its aura double in strength compared to before.

Thus, Zhao Changkong died like this.

No one had expected a result like this. For a rank 3 Ascension realm cultivator to kill someone at rank 9 Rebirth realm, was Qin Tian even human?

The square was silent as everyone stared at Qin Tian with wide eyes. They had dull, sluggish expressions as though they were looking at a monster.

Killing Zhao Changkong was no fluke at all.

Every single move of Zhao Changkong had been within Qin Tian’s calculations. Qin Tian had not missed a single detail in every match the 10 disciples from Sky Beyond Sky had participated in.

Qin Tian was well aware that the 10 disciples had terrifying strength. If he fought recklessly, he would definitely pay a heavy price. Even if he won, he would be affected in the following matches so he could only calculate step by step.

From his first sword strike, Zhao Changkong had fallen into Qin Tian’s trap.

The Song of Disorder threw him into chaos, the seven lore formation forced him to retreat, and the godly dark arts made him use the Golden Hepta Qi. In the end, he was trapped within the heaven domain enclosure and killed.

Qin Tian had calculated every step precisely and made no mistakes.

“Terrifying, too terrifying.”

Wuyue exhaled heavily and looked at Qin Tian, feeling extremely shocked. The series of actions Qin Tian took to kill Zhao Changkong replayed dozens of times in his mind until he finally figured out how Zhao Changkong had died.

“Zhao Changkong died unjustly.”

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“Qin Tian is truly amazing.”

”Wuyue did not hesitate to praise him and he revealed a large smile on his face. Finally, someone had stopped the momentum of the 10 disciples from Sky Beyond Sky. With a bright mood, he immediately said, “Guan Yue, Guan Yan, if you two are matched against Qin Tian, just give way and let him soar to the top.”

“Understood, master.” Shouted the two disciples behind Wuyue who had entered the top hundred ranks.

Meng Fanyi was excited. Zhao Changkong at rank 9 Rebirth realm had been killed by Qin Tian. That was too shocking.

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It was not until Qin Tian had walked back to Fierce Sun Pillar’s viewing platform that the square broke out in thunderous applause.

“Not bad, master has not misjudged you.” Shen Yan rose to greet him with a smile.

With a forceful smile, Qin Tian glanced coldly at Zhou Wei’s pale face out of the corner of his eye, he spat half consciously.

Zhou Wei was afraid.

At this time, he was feeling incomparably afraid. Even someone at rank 9 Rebirth realm was defeated by Qin Tian. How could he win?

He hoped that he would not be matched against Qin Tian in the next round, otherwise… He dared not think about what would happen.

After Qin Tian sat down, his body faintly trembled. Only he knew how dangerous it had been just then. If he had slipped up for even half a second, the one lying on the ground would be him.

His heart pounded rapidly while his chest expanded and contracted repeatedly.

He had remained calm on the stage, yet once he let loose, his entire body was sweating as if about to collapse.

On the stage, two disciples removed Zhao Changkong’s dead body and soon after, the judge announced the next match.

The competition continued.

A few hours later, the top 50 were finalised and the battle for the top 25 began.

It was worth mentioning that apart from Qin Tian at rank 3 Ascension realm entering the top 50 ranks, there was another insane competitor who charged into the top 50 with a rank 1 Ascension realm cultivation.

This person was Lai Bai with the incredible sword intent.

At the end of the previous round of matches, he overcame a rank 1 Rebirth realm cultivator. He was a disciple of Thousand Sun Pillar and also an expert with swords. Calm and composed, impervious to desires and passions. He was just like a meteorite not influenced even by eight strong gust of wind.

A new round of matches begun.

Before the round began, Shen Yan sought out Qin Tian and said a few words in regards to Zhou Wei. She pointed out that he was on Violent Sky Faction’s side and described his strengths.

The meaning behind her words was obvious. If the two of them were to fight, Shen Yan hoped that Qin Tian would concede defeat.

Qin Tian pretended to be surprised and listened with great interest, occasionally echoing with agreement. However, his heart was like a mirror. To have him concede, does Zhou Wei deserve it?

Towards the end, Shen Yan emphasised, “For Yan Xin and Yan Bing’s sake, I know you will make the right choice.”

Qin Tian smiled faintly and remained silent.

Shen Yan was only at rank 1 Void Piercing realm, which was not very high, yet she had strong observation skills. Qin Tian was only able to kill Zhao Changkong at rank 9 Rebirth realm because Zhao Changkong had carelessly fallen step by step into the Qin Tian’s trap.

Although the first match was like this, the next opponent will definitely not be fooled.

Qin Tian was very strong, however, Shen Yan deemed that Zhou Wei had a greater chance than him in entering the top 10 ranks since he was a member of Violent Sky Faction. At least 20 of the current 50 participants were from Violent Sky Faction.

With them opening the road, Zhou Wei was bound to enter the top 10 ranks.

Therefore, Shen Yan placed her bets on Zhou Wei, hoping that Qin Tian understood the situation and would concede defeat on the off chance that the two were matched against each other.

Qin Tian said nothing. He only wanted to use actions to express his intentions.

Shen Yan returned to her seat and nodded slightly towards Zhou Wei, the meaning of her action obvious.

Zhou Wei’s heart immediately relaxed and the pressure on his mind gradually reduced.

Shen Yan narrowed her eyes. She believed Qin Tian would obey her words. Qin Tian was a smart person, hence would naturally not go against her wishes.

Qin Tian sneered internally, secretly praying that he would be matched against Zhou Wei for the next round.

It may be that his prayers were heard. When his and Zhou Wei’s name appeared on the blackboard, Qin Tian almost jumped in excitement.

Enemies were destined to meet.

“You will die sooner or later.”

Qin Tian was inwardly ecstatic, although he looked depressed on the outside as he stepped slowly onto the stage.

When the judge read out Qin Tian’s name, Zhou Wei’s heart suddenly trembled. However, when he saw Qin Tian’s gloomy appearance, he became relieved and strode onto the stage. Entering the enchantment world before Qin Tian, he deliberately revealed an expression of disdain. Looking coldly at Qin Tian, he smiled, “Fighting with me, you’re still inexperienced.”

As Qin Tian approached the judge, Zhou Wei’s looked even more excited as he was certain that Qin Tian would definitely concede defeat.

Qin Tian whispered a few words to the judge, whose expression changed slightly. Glancing sideways at Zhou Wei who was looking proud of himself on the stage, he smiled bitterly inside.

After that, Qin Tian strode into the enchantment world.

Shen Yan suddenly stood up and shouted loudly, “Qin Tian, what are you trying to do?”

Qin Tian pretended to hear nothing, entering the enchantment world and turning his head to smile at Shen Yan. Then he immediately stared at Zhou Wei with a cold smile, “Want to know what I told the judge?”

Without waiting for Zhou Wei to ask, Qin Tian continued, “I said, I will not give you any chance to concede defeat…”

“Qin Tian, do not be arrogant. Do not think that by killing Zhao Changkong, you are invincible. Laozi has never been afraid of you.” Zhou Wei’s heart lurched. He let loose of his Qi and his aura surged.

If he wanted to obtain Fierce Sun Pillar, to make Yan Xin and Yan Bing cower before him and lick his feet, he must kill Qin Tian.

For the sake of all these, Zhou Wei furrowed his brows and decided to fight.

He threw away the best opportunity he had of conceding defeat and paid the price with his life.

“Very well.”

Qin Tian smiled faintly and turned his head to look at Yan Xin in the viewing platform. Clenching his fist, an overwhelmingly powerful aura exploded out of his body. “Rank 4 Berserk…” 


A beam of light soared into the sky and his attributes increased by thirty two fold. Qin Tian increased his speed to the maximum and violently lashed out.

“Qin Tian, you are seeking death.”

Zhou Wei suddenly swung the sword he was holding. Three phantom bodies appeared and all of them rushed towards Qin Tian.

As fast as lightning, the two of them clashed again and again.

The impact of Qin Tian’s pure power broke through Zhou Wei’s defense. Rebirth force surged madly in retaliation and Qin Tian retreated a few steps.

This time, Zhou Wei’s Rebirth force won by half a point, causing his self-confidence to sky rocket. He smiled coldly, “Merely thus.”

Qin Tian grinned fiercely and roared, “Rank 5 Berserk…”


With a loud bang, a violent magical storm erupted and his entire body shone with a bright light. His attributes increased by sixty four folds.

Zhou Wei broke out into a cold sweat. Qin Tian’s aura had changed. It was even more terrifying than before and his body could not help but tremble.

“What divine ability is this? To be able to double one’s strength.”

“He just said ‘Rank 5 Berserk’, could it be five times as powerful?”

“Too horrifying, this person will definitely accomplish great things in the future.”

…For a moment, almost everyone in the square was stunned by Qin Tian’s insane rank 5 Berserk.

However, only Qin Tian knew just how powerful this rank 5 Berserk was.

Sixty four times. It was powerful, extremely powerful.

With a speed faster than lightning, he did not wait for Zhou Wei to respond and attacked with the force like a gigantic tsunami. Zhou Wei had no time to defend and was swept up, hit hard in the chest and thrown into the air.

“I want to…”

Zhou Wei began to shout loudly while he was in mid-air that he wanted to admit defeat, however, Qin Tian’s fierce expression appeared before his eyes. Without hesitating, he punched.


“Two hit combo!”

Qin Tian shouted loudly as he punched.

Zhou Wei had not yet fallen, but Qin Tian was already waiting for him at the place where he would land. He leapt upwards and punched, breaking Zhou Wei’s immortal grade armor, “Three hit combo!”

Zhou Wei’s body was once again thrown into the air.

“Four hit combo!”

Qin Tian shouted again as his figure flashed and appeared in the air. His long legs were like whips as he trampled downwards heavily.


Having lost the protection of his immortal armor, Zhou Wei at rank 2 Rebirth realm could not withstand the power of the rank 5 Berserk. Once again, he was hit in the chest and blood burst out of his body.

Zhou Wei plummeted to the ground like a rocket.

However, Qin Tian was not finished yet. Clenching his fists and furrowing his brows, the remembrance of Yan Xin being humiliated made his suppressed anger erupt completely. His fingers and joints cracked as he widened his eyes, leaping towards the sky.

“Five hit combo…”

“Six hit combo…”

“Seven hit combo…”

…“109 hit combo…”

…“1321 hit combo…”

…“3851 hit combo…”

…“9999 hit combo…”

“10 000 hit combo, go die for Laozi!”


Zhou Wei crashed heavily onto the stage, his face unrecognizable. Not a piece of him was unharmed, his entire body mutilated. His eyes bulged out as he stared at Qin Tian and his torn, bloody mouth quivered.

“Still not dead?”

“Let Laozi send you to heaven!”

Qian Tian roared loudly, his right fist raised high with godly dark qi wrapped around it. “Die!”


Flesh and blood flew in all directions. Zhou Wei’s skull was smashed.

Qin Tian stood up and gazed around the square coldly with matchless overbearingness!!!

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