Chapter 433: Intimidated By You!

The lightning rate with which she was improving caused the older soldiers to ramp up their efforts. If they were to be compared to a high schooler who didn’t even know how to drive a car, then if they managed to get into Zhongnanhai, they wouldn’t be satisfied with it.

However, some people were born to be worshipped. She made one mistake during her last life, and that caused the end of her life. Now Ye Jian was given a second chance to live again, like golden koi in a pond, which would morph into a dragon whenever it encounters a storm.

Ye Jian, whose back was drenched in sweat, raised her hand and wiped off the sweat that was about to drop into her eye. She received the record book a soldier had passed to her. After looking through all the details, there weren’t many emotions that could be seen on her face, only that her lips were pursed slightly tightly, “That’s not going to work, two minutes and forty-six seconds is a fail.”

“Little lass, if my memory serves me, tonight must be your first time flying across the broken bridge. You still say you’re a failure with that kind of results?” Political Commissar Yan always knew that the little lass in front of him, whose eyes shined like stars after every practice session, was harsh on herself, but he had never imagined that she was strict to such level.

Political Commissar Yan, who was afraid that she would go too far, immediately consoled her, “The actual time you have driven a car is only twelve days. Look here, you’ve managed to pass the subject drills in twelve days, and passed it in one go. Little lass Jian, being harsh on yourself is a good thing, but you can’t go overboard!”

“If you set your goals too high, there might be a day when you won’t be able to achieve them. Sometimes, that’s not a type of motivation; instead, it might demotivate you. Two minutes forty-six seconds, go and ask the instructor! If he says you’ve passed, then you’ve passed!”

Ye Jian watched the political commissar trying to persuade her so patiently as if he was afraid that she’d become an extremist. She couldn’t hold her laughter in, and it escaped out with a ‘pfft’. Her eyes arched into crescents, “Political commissar, please relax; I understand that.”

“I know, I know, but I feel like you know nothing. Let’s take a break, and if you continue your training, even I would be afraid of you.” If the soldiers were too outstanding, then the superiors felt pressured, as if they were scared to death that accidents would happen during training.

Ye Jian realized that he was worried about her, so she did not refuse and obediently followed after him to the sides for a break.

The instructor in charge of her jogged towards them and started answering the political commissar’s questions one by one.

“The speed of her improvement is rapid, and she also has good navigational awareness. She has an unyielding spirit that wasn’t afraid of death, so she tends to grasp the training quickly.” The instructor’s comments on Ye Jian were based on the fact that she was “unafraid of death”. Without fear of life and death, one can quickly go through the gates of life and death.

Even the male soldiers didn’t have her guts.

But Political Commissar Yan was afraid. Even small accidents definitely couldn’t occur to such a bright prospect. He warned with seriousness, “Please remember to prioritize safety above all else during training. She has a stubborn personality, but you mustn’t be stubborn with her.”

After scolding the instructor, his strict gaze swept past the two people. He bellowed, “Both of you, mark my words, we must show them our results, but don’t you dare lose your life! If you lose your life, then what use do we have for your results!”

The instructor was scolded alongside Ye Jian. By the time the political commissar had left, the instructor, who came from Xiangjiang province, laughed, “You little lass, when you get amped up, you also amp me up, and look what happened, both of us got scolded.”

“But the commissar is right, we need to show the results, but no matter how good our results are, if we lose our lives, then it’ll just be just a set of numbers.”

Ye Jian, who had implicated her instructor and caused him to get scolded alongside her, felt embarrassed, so she whispered, “How about this, in the future, when the political commissar and Regimental Commander Liu are here, we’ll ease up the training for a bit, then after they have left, we’ll push ourselves harder? What do you think?”

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“No! Ye Jian, I’m afraid of you, not even the Daredevil Shi Xiu would be as daring as you!” The instructor immediately declined her proposal.

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Although he said that, Ye Jian was the type of person who could easily inspire the fighting spirit of soldiers in the battlefield, so when she was doing her best, how could the rest of the male soldiers dare to be left behind?

If she were putting in her best efforts, they would also put in their best efforts, and everyone’s results would start showing a rising trend.

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